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Titles begin with P

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(Genre abbreviations:
f/n: Fiction or novel
s: Short story
e: Essay
p: Poem
d/c: Play, drama or comedy
n: Nonfiction)

"Party Cries" In Ireland (s) by Mark-Twain
"Passer Le Temps" (p) by Hattie-Howard
"Peter The Dominican": A Painting By Giovanni Bellini (e) by Max-Beerbohm
"Pigs Is Pigs" (s) by Ellis-Parker-Butler
"Poor Honest Men" (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
"Posson Jone'" (s) by George-Washington-Cable
"Premiers Amours" (p) by Austin-Dobson
'Poleon Dore, A Tale Of The Saint Maurice (p) by William-Henry-Drummond
- Pico Della Mirandola (e) by Walter-Pater
- Poetry Of Michelangelo, The (e) by Walter-Pater
Jerome, Poor Man: A Novel, A (f/n) by Mary E-Wilkins-Freeman
P'laski's Tunament (s) by Thomas-Nelson-Page
P.'s Correspondence (s) by Nathaniel-Hawthorne
Pa And The Monthly Bills (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Pa Did It (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Pablo De Sarasate (p) by Eric-Mackay
Pace Of Youth, The (s) by Stephen-Crane
Pachmann And The Piano (e) by Arthur-Symons
Pacing Mustang, The (s) by Ernest-Thompson-Seton
Pack of Ragamuffins, The (s) by Jacob-& Wilhelm-Grimm
Pack Of Stoats. Birds, A (e) by Richard-Jefferies
Pack-Horse And The Carrier, The (p) by John-Gay
Pack-Saddle, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Paddy Finn (f/n) by William-H. G.-Kingston
Paddy Malone In Australia (p) by Banjo-Paterson
Paddy's Letter, 1857 (p) by Banjo-Paterson
Paddy's Metamorphosis (p) by Thomas-Moore
Paderewski (p) by Harry-Graham
Paderewski (e) by Arthur-Symons
Padre Ignacio, or The Song of Temptation (s) by Owen-Wister
Padre in France, A (n) by George-A.-Birmingham
Paean, A (p) by Edgar-Allan-Poe
Paean (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Paean Of Peace, The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Paeans (p) by Virna-Sheard
Paestum (p) by W.-M.-MacKeracher
Paez, The Llanero Chief, And The War For Freedom (s) by Charles-Morris
Pagan Fancies (p) by R.-C.-Lehmann
Pagan In St. Paul's Cathedral, A (e) by E. Pauline-Johnson
Pagan Madonna, The (f/n) by Harold-MacGrath
Pagan of the Hills, A (f/n) by Charles-Neville-Buck
Pagan Of The South, A (s) by Gilbert-Parker
Pagan Oracles, The (e) by Thomas-De Quincey
Pagan Prayer, A (p) by Virna-Sheard
Pagan Reverie, A (p) by Frances-Fuller-Victor
Pagan Seal-Wife (Orkney Folk-Lore), The (s) by Eugene-Field
Paganini (n) by Elbert-Hubbard
Page, The (p) by Joseph-Victor-Scheffel
Page and the Miller's Daughter, The (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
Page From The Book Of Folly, A (s) by Richard-Garnett
Page's Geese (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Page-Boy And The Silver Goblet, The (s) by Elizabeth-W.-Grierson
Pageant, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Pageant Of Summer, The (e) by Richard-Jefferies
Pageants Of The Sea (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
Pages From an Old Volume of Life (e) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Pagett, M. P. (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Pagoda Slave, The (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
Pagrams, The (s) by Barry-Pain
Paid In Advance (p) by Everard-Jack-Appleton
Pain (p) by George-William-Russell
Pain (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Pain (p) by Sara-Teasdale
Pain (s) by Rupert-Hughes
Pain And Time Strive Not (p) by William-Morris
Pain Ends In Pleasure (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Pain Of Youth, The (e) by Hamilton-Wright-Mabie
Pain's Purpose (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Paine's "St. Peter" (e) by John-Fiske
Painful Case, A (s) by James-Joyce
Painful Fall Of A Great Reputation, The (s) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Painful History, A (p) by Hannah-S.-Battersby
Painful Plough, The (p) by Anonymous -Poetry-s author-
Pains Of Fastidious Egotism, The (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Pains of Sleep, The (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Paint-Kings, The (p) by Washington-Allston
Painted Ceiling, The (p) by Amy-Lowell
Painted Cup, The (p) by William-Cullen-Bryant
Painter, The (s) by William-John-Hopkins
Painter, The (s) by A.-A.-Milne
Painter And The Wood-Carver, The (s) by Charles-John-Tibbitts
Painter On Silk, The (p) by Amy-Lowell
Painter's Holiday, A (p) by Bliss-Carman
Pair of Blue Eyes, A (f/n) by Thomas-Hardy
Pair Of Hands; An Old Maid's Ghost-Story, A (s) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Pair Of Patient Lovers, A (s) by William-Dean-Howells
Pair Of Pigs, A (e) by Dallas-Lore-Sharp
Pair of Silk Stockings, A (s) by Kate-Chopin
Pakia (s) by Louis-Becke
Palace, The (p) by Charles-Stuart-Calverley
Palace Beautiful: A Story for Girls, The (f/n) by L.-T.-Meade
Palace Of Art, The (p) by Alfred-Lord-Tennyson
Palace Of Kublai Khan, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Palace Of Pan, The (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Palaces Of The Sidhe, The (p) by George-William-Russell
Palaeontology And The Doctrine Of Evolution (e) by Thomas-Henry-Huxley
Pale Dancer, The (p) by William-Rose-Benet
Pale Faced Lightning, The (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Pale Operator, The (p) by Morris-Rosenfeld
Paleface And Redskin: A Comedy-Story For Girls And Boys (s) by F.-Anstey
Palestine (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Palestine (p) by Lola-Ridge
Palimpsest Of Twilight (p) by D.-H.-Lawrence
Palimpsest: A Deceitful Portrait (p) by Conrad-Aiken
Palinode (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Palinode (p) by Thomas-Bailey-Aldrich
Palinode. I-16, A (p) by Helen-Leah-Reed
Palinodia (p) by Charles-Kingsley
Palinodia To The Marquis Gino Capponi (p) by Giacomo-Leopardi
Palladium (p) by Matthew-Arnold
Pallid Wreath, The (p) by Walt-Whitman
Palm and the Pine, The (p) by Sidney-Lanier
Palm Sunday (p) by John-Keble
Palm Sunday In Wales (p) by J.-C.-Manning
Palm Trees By The Sea (p) by Laurence-Hope
Palm-Tree, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Palma (p) by Frances-Fuller-Victor
Palmer [Three Years Old] (p) by Mrs. J.-C.-Yule
Palo Santo (p) by Frances-Fuller-Victor
Palomydes (p) by Austin-Dobson
Pamela Giraud: A Play in Five Acts (d/c) by Honore-de-Balzac
Pampered Lapdog And The Misguided Ass, The (p) by Guy-Wetmore-Carryl
Pamphlets (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Pan (s) by Jeanie-Lang
Pan (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Pan (s) by James-Huneker
Pan (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
Pan And Fortune (p) by John-Gay
Pan In The Catskills (p) by Bliss-Carman
Pan Learns Music (p) by Henry-Van Dyke
Pan Liveth (p) by Eugene-Field
Pan [Sonnet], A (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Pan's Pipes (e) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Pan's Wand (s) by Richard-Garnett
Pan, Echo, And The Satyr (p) by Percy-Bysshe-Shelley
Pan--Double Villanelle (p) by Oscar-Wilde
Panama And The Knights-Errant Of Colonization (s) by Cyrus-Townsend-Brady
Panama, Balboa And A Forgotten Romance (s) by Cyrus-Townsend-Brady
Pancake, The (s) by P.-Chr.-Asbjornsen
Pandean Pipedreams (p) by Bert-Leston-Taylor
Pandemic (s) by Jesse-F.-Bone
Pandora (s) by Henry-James
Panegyric On The Dean In The Person Of A Lady In The North, A (p) by Jonathan-Swift
Panegyric To Sir Lewis Pemberton, A (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Pang more sharp than all, The (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Panhandle And The Ghosts (s) by L.-P.-Jacks
Panic (p) by Aldous-Huxley
Panic Fears (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Panics (e) by Edwin-Lawrence-Godkin
Panneau, Le (p) by Oscar-Wilde
Pannikin Poet, The (p) by Banjo-Paterson
Panorama, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Pansies (p) by R.-C.-Lehmann
Pansies (s) by Louisa-May-Alcott
Pansy's Pansy (s) by Mary-Louisa-Molesworth
Panthea (p) by Oscar-Wilde
Panthera (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Pantisocracy (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Pantomime (p) by Arthur-Symons
Pantomime "Super" To His Mask, The (p) by W.-S.-Gilbert
Pantomime Of Life, The (s) by Charles-Dickens
Pantomimical Characters, The (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Panwpatti Rani (s) by Anonymous
Paolo And Francesca (p) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Paolo To Francesca (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Paolo's Awakening (s) by Jacob-A.-Riis
Pap's Old Sayin', The (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Papa Poodle (p) by Juliana-Horatia-Ewing
Papa's Watchfulness (p) by Elizabeth-Turner
Papal Woman (e) by E.-Lynn-Linton
Paper Boats (p) by Rabindranath-Tagore
Paper Windmill, The (p) by Amy-Lowell
Paper-Knife Pleasures (e) by William-Davenport-Adams
Paper-Wars Of The Civil Wars, The (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Paperarelloo (s) by Andrew-Lang
Paphian Venus, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Parable, A (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
Parable, A (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Parable, A (p) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
Parable (2), A (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Parable From Liebig, A (p) by Charles-Kingsley
Parable Of Girlhood, A (s) by Margaret-White-Eggleston
Parable Of The Bread-Fruit Tree (s) by James-Anthony-Froude
Parable Of The Laborers In The Vineyard, The (s) by Hannah-More
Parable Of The Old Men And The Young (p) by Wilfred-Owen
Parables (p) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Parables And Riddles (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Parables In Household Things (s) by Elizabeth-Rundle-Charles
Paraclete (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Parade-Song Of The Camp-Animals (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Paradise (p) by Christina-Georgina-Rossetti
Paradise (p) by Edward-Powys-Mathers
Paradise Lost (p) by John-Milton
Paradise of Children, The (s) by Nathaniel-Hawthorne
Paradise Of Choice, The (e) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Paradise Of Tears (translation From German Of N. Mueller), The (p) by William-Cullen-Bryant
Paradise Of Thieves, The (s) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Paradise Re-Entered (p) by D.-H.-Lawrence
Paradise Regaind (p) by John-Milton
Paradise Sold By The Yard (s) by Allan-Ramsay
Paradox, The (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Paradox, A (p) by Richard-Lovelace
Paradox, The (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Paradox, A (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Paradox On Art, A (e) by Arthur-Symons
Parallel, The (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Parallel, A (p) by Dhan-Gopal-Mukerji
Parallel, The (p) by Thomas-Moore
Parallel, A (e) by Max-Beerbohm
Paralysis (p) by Rupert-Brooke
Paranaeticall, Or Advisive Verse To His Friend, Mr John Wicks, A (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Paraphrase - Isaiah XL (p) by Susanna-Moodie
Paraphrase - Psalm XLIV (p) by Susanna-Moodie
Paraphrase By Chaucer, A (p) by Eugene-Field
Paraphrase Of Heine, A (p) by Eugene-Field
Paraphrase Of Proverbs, Chap. VI. Verses 6-11 (p) by Samuel-Johnson
Paraphrase Of The First Psalm (p) by Robert-Burns
Paraphrase [How Happens It, My Cruel Miss], A (p) by Eugene-Field
Paraphrase [Our Father who art in heaven...], A (p) by Eugene-Field
Paraphrase, Circa 1715, A (p) by Eugene-Field
Paraphrase, Ostensibly By Dr. I. W., A (p) by Eugene-Field
Parasceve, Or Preparation, The (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Parasite, The (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
Parasite, The (p) by Theodosia-Garrison
Parasol, The (p) by Helen-Leah-Reed
Parcae; Or, Three Dainty Destinies: The Armilet, The (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Pardners (s) by Rex-Beach
Pardon (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Pardon Of Becky Day, The (s) by John-Fox
Pardon, Oh, Pardon, That My Soul Should Make (p) by Elizabeth-Barrett-Browning
Pardoned Out (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Pardons [epigram] (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Parent And Child (p) by Thomas-Burke
Parent Reprimanded, A (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Parent's Assistant, The (e) by Austin-Dobson
Parentage (p) by Alice-Meynell
Parental Advice (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Parental Recollections (p) by Charles-Lamb
Parenticide Club, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Parents And Children (s) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Parents Of The Learned Child, The (p) by Hilaire-Belloc
Pariah, A (s) by Henry-Seton-Merriman
Pariah, The (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
Pariah Planet (f/n) by Murray-Leinster
Pariah, Or The Outcast (d/c) by August-Strindberg
Paris (p) by Alan-Seeger
Paris (e) by Israel-Zangwill
Paris And Cenone (s) by James-Baldwin
Paris And Diomedes--Iliad, XI, 378 (p) by George-Meredith
Paris And Helen (s) by James-Baldwin
Paris And Music (e) by Romain-Rolland
Paris Day By Day: A Familiar Epistle (p) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Paris In Spring (p) by Sara-Teasdale
Paris Notes (s) by Mark-Twain
Paris Of Our Grandparents, The (e) by Eliot-Gregory
Paris's Second Judgement (p) by Richard-Lovelace
Parisians, The (f/n) by Edward-Bulwer-Lytton
Park, The (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
Park Row And Fleet Street (e) by Heywood-Broun
Parker Adderson, Philosopher (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Parker And Marvell (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Parkhurst Boat-Race, The (s) by Talbot-Baines-Reed
Parkhurst Paper-Chase, The (s) by Talbot-Baines-Reed
Parkhurst Versus Westfield (s) by Talbot-Baines-Reed
Parley The Porter. An Allegory (s) by Hannah-More
Parliament Hill In The Evening (p) by D.-H.-Lawrence
Parliament Of Paris, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Parliament Of Roses To Julia, The (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Parliamentary Oscillators (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Parliamentary Sketch, A (s) by Charles-Dickens
Parlor-Car, The (d/c) by William-Dean-Howells
Parlour Orator, The (s) by Charles-Dickens
Parmenides (n) by Plato
Parnassus (e) by Eliot-Gregory
Parnassus on Wheels (f/n) by Christopher-Morley
Parnell And Kitty O'shea (n) by Elbert-Hubbard
Parodies (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Parody, A (p) by W.-M.-MacKeracher
Parody, A (p) by George-Pope-Morris
Parody Of A Celebrated Letter (p) by Thomas-Moore
Parody Of A Translation From The Medea Of Euripides (p) by Samuel-Johnson
Parody On "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Parody On "Reign, Master Jesus, Reign!" (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Parody On A Character Of Dean Smedley (p) by Jonathan-Swift
Parody On The Golden Days Of Good Queen Bess (p) by Sir-John-Carr
Parody On The Speech Of Dr. Benjamin Pratt (p) by Jonathan-Swift
Parpon The Dwarf (s) by Gilbert-Parker
Parricide, A (s) by Guy-De-Maupassant
Parricide Of The Wissahickon (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Parrot, The (s) by Gouverneur-Morris
Parrot, The (s) by Guy-De-Maupassant
Parrot, The (p) by Ruth-McEnery-Stuart
Parrot And The Parson, The (s) by W.H.D.-Rouse
Parrot Judge, The (s) by W.H.D.-Rouse
Parsee Woman, The (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
Parsnip Stew, A (s) by Mary E-Wilkins-Freeman
Parson At The Hockey Match, The (p) by W.-M.-MacKeracher
Parson Jack's Fortune (s) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Parson Of Jackman's Gulch, The (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
Parson Poets (e) by William-Davenport-Adams
Parson Turell's Legacy; Or, The President's Old Arm-chair (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Parson's Case, The (p) by Jonathan-Swift
Parson's Daughter, The (p) by Joseph-Crosby-Lincoln
Parson's Daughter Of Oxney Colne, The (s) by Anthony-Trollope
Parson's Son, The (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Parson's Wife, The (e) by Richard-Jefferies
Parsonage, The (s) by Alexander-Lange-Kielland
Part Of A Ghazal (p) by Edward-Powys-Mathers
Part of Philip Freneau's poem on The British Prison Ships (p) by Philip-Freneau
Parted (p) by Alice-Meynell
Parted [De breeze is blowin' 'cross de bay] (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Parted [She wrapped her soul in a lace of lies] (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Parthenon By Way Of Papendrecht, The (s) by Francis-Hopkinson-Smith
Parthenope To Ulysses (p) by Charles-Hamilton-Musgrove
Parthian Glance, A (p) by Thomas-Hood
Partial Man, A (e) by John-Earle
Parting, The (p) by Maurice-Hewlett
Parting, A (p) by Adelaide-Anne-Procter
Parting (p) by William-Johnson-Cory
Parting (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Parting, The (p) by Don-Marquis
Parting (p) by Charlotte-Bronte
Parting (p) by Abram-Joseph-Ryan
Parting, A (p) by W.-M.-MacKeracher
Parting, A (p) by Edith-Nesbit
Parting, The (p) by Jean-Blewett
Parting (p) by George-William-Russell
Parting (p) by Edward-Thomas
Parting, The (p) by Fanny-Kemble
Parting (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Parting, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Parting And The Coming Guest, The (p) by Henry-Van Dyke
Parting Before The Battle, The (p) by Thomas-Moore
Parting Friends (p) by Walt-Whitman
Parting Guest, The (s) by A.-A.-Milne
Parting Health: To J. L. Motley, A (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Parting Hymn (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Parting Hymn, A (p) by Mrs. J.-C.-Yule
Parting Kiss, The (p) by Robert-Burns
Parting Of The Ways, The (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Parting of The Ways, The (s) by Lucy-Maud-Montgomery
Parting Of Ways, The (p) by George-William-Russell
Parting Song, The (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Parting Song (p) by James-Avis-Bartley
Parting Soul And Her Guardian Angel, The (p) by Rosanna-Eleanor-Leprohon
Parting Speech Of The Celestial Messenger To The Poet, The (p) by Charles-Lamb
Parting Ways, The (p) by Frank-Oliver-Call
Parting Word, The (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Partisan's Protest, A (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Partner, The (s) by Joseph-Conrad
Partners (s) by Alice-Brown
Partners (p) by Alice-Duer-Miller
Partnership In Fame (p) by Robert-F.-Murray
Partnership Of Rabbit And Elephant, And What Came Of It, The (s) by Henry-M.-Stanley
Partnership of the Thief and the Liar, The (s) by Andrew-Lang
Partridge, The (p) by John-Burroughs
Partridge, The (p) by Eugene-Field
Partridge, The (s) by Charles-G.-Leland
Partridge And The Cocks, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Partridge And The Fowler, The (s) by Aesop -author of Aesop-s Fables-
Partridge Witch, The (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Party, The (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Party, The (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Party Dress, The (p) by Mary-Carolyn-Davies
Party Fight And Funeral, The (f/n) by William-Carleton
Party From Gibbet Island, The (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Party Manager And The Gentleman, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Party Over There, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Party Strife (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Parvenu (p) by Vachel-Lindsay
Pascal (e) by Walter-Pater
Pascal (e) by John-Cowper-Powys
Pasha And The Dervish, The (p) by Victor-Hugo
Pasha Bailey Ben (p) by W.-S.-Gilbert
Pasha, The Son Of Selim (s) by Sewell-Ford
Pashaw And The Merchant, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Pasque Florida (s) by Robert-W.-Chambers
Pasquin And Marforio (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Pasquin; A Dramatic Satire On The Times (d/c) by Henry-Fielding
Pass (p) by Edmund-Vance-Cooke
Pass Christian (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Pass Of The Sierra, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Pass Of Thermopylae, The (s) by Charlotte-M.-Yonge
Passaconaway (s) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Passaconaway's Ride To Heaven (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Passage, The (p) by Jean-Blewett
Passage (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
Passage In The Life Of Mr. John Oakhurst, A (s) by Bret-Harte
Passage In The Life Of Mr. Watkins Tottle, A (s) by Charles-Dickens
Passage In The Secret History Of An Irish Countess (s) by Joseph-Sheridan-Le Fanu
Passage Of The Apennines (p) by Percy-Bysshe-Shelley
Passage Of The Red Sea, The (s) by Henry-Murger
Passage To India (p) by Walt-Whitman
Passage-Birds, The (p) by Walter-R.-Cassels
Passages from a Relinquised Work (s) by Nathaniel-Hawthorne
Passages From A Young Wife's Diary (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
Passages From The American Notebooks (n) by Nathaniel-Hawthorne
Passages From the English Notebooks (n) by Nathaniel-Hawthorne
Passages From the French and Italian Notebooks (n) by Nathaniel-Hawthorne
Passages From The Life Of A Fern (s) by Elizabeth-Rundle-Charles
Passages Of The Poem, Or Connected Therewith (p) by Percy-Bysshe-Shelley
Passer Mortuus Est (p) by Edna-St Vincent-Millay
Passer-By, The (p) by Isabel-Ecclestone-Mackay
Passer-by, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Passes Of Caudium, The (s) by Alfred-John-Church
Passing, The (p) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
Passing, The (p) by Gilbert-Parker
Passing And Glassing (p) by Christina-Georgina-Rossetti
Passing Around The Fodder! (a Dinner Sketch) (s) by Falconbridge
Passing Away (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
Passing Away (p) by Henry-Kendall
Passing Away (p) by Abram-Joseph-Ryan
Passing Away Of The Editor, The (e) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Passing Bell, A (p) by D.-H.-Lawrence
Passing By Helicon (p) by Frances-Fuller-Victor
Passing Glory, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Passing Of "Boss" Shepherd, The (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Passing Of A Heart, The (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Passing Of Abraham Shivers, The (s) by John-Fox
Passing Of Arthur, The (s) by Molly-K.-Bellew
Passing of Arthur, The (p) by Alfred-Lord-Tennyson
Passing of Black Eagle, The (s) by O-Henry
Passing Of Cock-Eye Blacklock, The (s) by Frank-Norris
Passing Of Enriquez, The (s) by Bret-Harte
Passing Of Grandison, The (s) by Charles-W.-Chesnutt
Passing Of Gundagai, The (p) by Banjo-Paterson
Passing Of John Ringo, The (s) by Frederick-R.-Bechdolt
Passing Of Loku, The (s) by John-Maurice-Miller
Passing of Marcus O'Brien, The (s) by Jack-London
Passing Of Mrs. Grundy, The (e) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Passing Of Peg-Leg, The (s) by Andy-Adams
Passing Of Sister Barsett, The (s) by Sarah-Orne-Jewett
Passing Of The Beautiful, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Passing Of The Birds, The (e) by Bradford-Torrey
Passing Of The Black Whelps, The (e) by Charles-G. D.-Roberts
Passing of the Frontier, The (n) by Emerson-Hough
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Passing Of The Poet, The (e) by Stephen-Leacock
Passing Of The Queen, The (p) by John-Oxenham
Passing Of The Stage Sundial, The (e) by Walter-Prichard-Eaton
Passing of the Third Floor Back (s) by Jerome-K-Jerome
Passing Of The Year, The (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Passing Of The Year, The (p) by Frances-Fuller-Victor
Passing Race, The (p) by Charles-Hamilton-Musgrove
Passing Show, The (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Passing The Buck (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Passing-Bell, An Impression, The (p) by James-Allan-Mackereth
Passion, The (p) by John-Milton
Passion (p) by Archibald-Lampman
Passion (p) by Charlotte-Bronte
Passion (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Passion And Love (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Passion For Perfection, The (e) by Henry-Frederick-Cope
Passion In The Desert, A (s) by Honore-de-Balzac
Passion Play, The (p) by Charles-Hamilton-Musgrove
Passion-Flower, The (p) by Rachel-Annand-Taylor
Passional Karma, A (s) by Lafcadio-Hearn
Passional Note, The (p) by Bert-Leston-Taylor
Passionate Boy, The (s) by M. -Arnaud--Berquin
Passionate Paragraphs (s) by Stephen-Leacock
Passionate Pilgrim (f/n) by Henry-James
Passionate Pilgrim, The (p) by William-Shakespeare
Passionate Printer To His Love, The (p) by Austin-Dobson
Passionate Professor, The (p) by Bert-Leston-Taylor
Passionate Reader To His Poet, The (p) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Passionate Shepherd To His Love, The (p) by Christopher-Marlowe
Passions Of A Child, The (p) by Max-Eastman
Passive Resistance (e) by Fossey-John Cobb-Hearnshaw
Passover Guest, The (s) by Shalom-Rabinovitz
Passport To Paradise, A (s) by Myra-Kelly
Past, The (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
Past, The (p) by Henry-Timrod
Past, The (e) by Maurice-Maeterlinck
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Past, The (p) by Percy-Bysshe-Shelley
Past, The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Past, The (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Past And Future Of The Irish Question, The (e) by James-Bryce
Past and Present (n) by Thomas-Carlyle
Past And Present (p) by Adelaide-Anne-Procter
Past And The Present, The (s) by George-Bird-Grinnell
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Past Condition Of Organic Nature, The (e) by Thomas-Henry-Huxley
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Past One At Rooney's (s) by O-Henry
Past Theatrical Season, The (e) by P-G-Wodehouse
Past Was Goodly Once, And Yet, When All Is Said, The (p) by William-Ernest-Henley
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Pastiche (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Pastime (p) by Christina-Georgina-Rossetti
Pastor Cum [Translation from Horace] (p) by Adam-Lindsay-Gordon
Pastor's Daughter, The (p) by George-Pope-Morris
Pastoral (p) by Edna-St Vincent-Millay
Pastoral, A (p) by Mary Ann-H. T.-Bigelow
Pastoral (p) by William-Ernest-Henley
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Pastoral Letter, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Pastoral Song, A (p) by Henry-Kirk-White
Pastoral Sung To The King, A (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Pastoral Upon The Birth Of Prince Charles, A (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Pastorals (p) by George-Meredith
Pat Ball (s) by A.-A.-Milne
Patagonia, The (s) by Henry-James
Patch Of Old Snow, A (p) by Robert-Frost
Patchwork Girl of Oz, The (f/n) by L.-Frank-Baum
Patchwork School, The (s) by Mary E-Wilkins-Freeman
Patent Medicine Testimonial, A (s) by Lucy-Maud-Montgomery
Pater And Prose (e) by Israel-Zangwill
Paternal Love (p) by Victor-Hugo
Paternosters, A Yachting Story, The (s) by George-Alfred-Henty
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Path, The (p) by William-Cullen-Bryant
Path, The (p) by Edward-Thomas
Path By The Creek, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Path Flower (p) by Olive-Tilford-Dargan
Path Of Dreams, The (p) by Leigh-Gordon-Giltner
Path Of Duty, The (s) by Henry-James
Path Of Life (p) by William-Lisle-Bowles
Path Of Roses, The (p) by Lewis-Carroll
Path That Leads To Home, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Path To Faery, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Path To Glory, The (e) by A.-A.-Milne
Path To Home, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Path to Rome, The (n) by Hilaire-Belloc
Path To Sankoty, The (p) by Bliss-Carman
Path-Master, The (s) by Robert-W.-Chambers
Pathetic, The (e) by Frederich-Schiller
Pathetic Flourish, The (e) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Pathetic Imposture, A (e) by Max-Beerbohm
Pathetic Tale Of The Caddy Boy, The (p) by John-Kendrick-Bangs
Pathfinder: The Inland Sea, The (f/n) by James-Fenimore-Cooper
Pathfinders (p) by Virna-Sheard
Pathfinding In The Northwest (s) by Cy-Warman
Pathless Trail, The (f/n) by Arthur-O.-Friel
Pathos (e) by Alice-Meynell
Pathos Of Applause, The (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Paths (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Paths (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
Paths Of Former Time (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Paths of Glory: Impressions of War Written at and Near the Front (n) by Irvin-S.-Cobb
Paths That Wind . . (p) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Pathway of Rivers, The (p) by Henry-Van Dyke
Pathway Of The Living, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Patience (p) by Mrs. J.-C.-Yule
Patience (p) by D.-H.-Lawrence
Patience (p) by Amy-Lowell
Patience (from Epochs) (p) by Emma-Lazarus
Patience Is A Virtue (s) by S.-B.-Banerjea
Patience Of Hope (p) by Christina-Georgina-Rossetti
Patience Of The People, The (p) by Victor-Hugo
Patience Wins; or, War in the Works (f/n) by George-Manville-Fenn
Patience, Hard Thing! The Hard Thing But To Pray (p) by Gerard-Manley-Hopkins
Patience: Or, Comforts In Crosses (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Patience; Or, Bunthorne's Bride (d/c) by W.-S.-Gilbert
Patient Toiler Who Got It In The Usual Place, The (s) by George-Ade
Patria (p) by Victor-Hugo
Patria (p) by Henry-Van Dyke
Patrician, The (f/n) by John-Galsworthy
Patrician (p) by Carolyn-Wells
Patrician Peacocks And The Overweening Jay, The (p) by Guy-Wetmore-Carryl
Patrick Henry (n) by Elbert-Hubbard
Patrick Henry, The Herald Of The Revolution (s) by Charles-Morris
Patriot, A (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Patriot, The (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Patriot, The (p) by Robert-Browning
Patriot, The (s) by A.-A.-Milne
Patriot And The Banker, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Patriot Engineer, The (p) by George-Meredith
Patriot Fighting For His Home (p) by James-McIntyre
Patriotic Creed, A (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Patriotic Ode (p) by James-McIntyre
Patriotic Wish, A (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Patriotism (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Patriotism (p) by Robert-F.-Murray
Patriotism (e) by William-Ralph-Inge
Patriotism And Sport (e) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Patriotism: A Menace To Liberty (e) by Emma-Goldman
Patriots Of The Tyrol, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Patrol Of The Cypress Hills, The (s) by Gilbert-Parker
Patrol of the Sun Dance Trail, The (f/n) by Ralph-Connor
Patroling Barnegat (p) by Walt-Whitman
Patron, The (s) by Guy-De-Maupassant
Patron of Art, A (s) by Richard-Harding-Davis
Patronage (f/n) by Maria-Edgeworth
Patroness Of Art, A (s) by Samuel-Hopkins-Adams
Patrons (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Patsy (s) by Ralph-Henry-Barbour
Patter Song, A (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Pattering Of The Mullet, The (s) by Louis-Becke
Pattern Of The Earth, The (p) by Helen-Hay-Whitney
Pattie (p) by Arthur-Symons
Pattison's Milton (e) by Goldwin-Smith
Patty Rutter: The Quaker Doll Who Slept In Independence Hall (s) by Sarah-J.-Prichard
Patty's Butterfly Days (f/n) by Carolyn-Wells
Patty's Patchwork (s) by Louisa-May-Alcott
Patty's Suitors (f/n) by Carolyn-Wells
Patucket Falls (s) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Paul (p) by John-Oxenham
Paul Clifford (f/n) by Edward-Bulwer-Lytton
Paul Dombey (s) by Kate-Dickinson-Sweetser
Paul Faber, Surgeon (f/n) by George-MacDonald
Paul Gerrard: The Cabin Boy (f/n) by William-H. G.-Kingston
Paul Jespersen's Masquerade (s) by Hjalmar-Hjorth-Boyesen
Paul Kelver: A Novel (f/n) by Jerome-K-Jerome
Paul Patoff (f/n) by F.-Marion-Crawford
Paul Petherwick The Pilot--A Tale Of The Cornish Coast (s) by William-H. G.-Kingston
Paul Prescott's Charge (f/n) by Horatio-Alger
Paul Revere's Ride (s) by Charles-Morris
Paul The Minstrel (s) by Arthur-C.-Benson
Paul the Peddler; or The Fortunes of a Young Street Merchant (f/n) by Horatio-Alger
Paul To Virginia (Fin De Siecle) (p) by Alice-Moore-Dunbar-Nelson
Paul Verlaine (e) by John-Cowper-Powys
Paul's Case (s) by Willa-Cather
Paul's Walk (e) by John-Earle
Paul, The Diver (s) by Louis-Becke
Pauline Barrett (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Pauline Pavlovna (p) by Thomas-Bailey-Aldrich
Pauline's Passion and Punishment (s) by Louisa-May-Alcott
Paulo post futuri (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
Paulus: An Epigram (p) by Jonathan-Swift
Paumanok (p) by Walt-Whitman
Paumanok Picture, A (p) by Walt-Whitman
Pauper's Box, The (p) by Bill o-th- Hoylus End
Pauper's Christmas Carol, The (p) by Thomas-Hood
Pauper's Funeral, The (p) by Robert-Southey
Paupers, The (s) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Pauppukkeewis (s) by Anonymous
Pausanias, the Spartan: An Unfinished Historical Romance (f/n) by Edward-Bulwer-Lytton
Pause (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Pause, The (p) by Susanna-Moodie
Pause And Think, The (p) by John-S.-Adams
Pause In The Strife--1886, A (e) by George-Meredith
Pause Of Thought, A (p) by Christina-Georgina-Rossetti
Pause! - On The Hesitation Of The Czar To Force A Passage Of The Danube (p) by J.-C.-Manning
Pausias And Glycera; or, The First Flower-Painter (p) by R.-D.-Blackmore
Pautoe (s) by Louis-Becke
Pavilion on the Links, The (s) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Pavior, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Pavlovna In London (p) by James-Elroy-Flecker
Pawky Duke, The (p) by David-Rorie
Pawn-Shop Keeper, The (s) by Margery-Verner-Reed
Pawnbroker's Daughter, A Farce, The (d/c) by Charles-Lamb
Pawnbroker's Shop, The (s) by Charles-Dickens
Pawning, The (p) by Joseph-Victor-Scheffel
Pawns Count, The (f/n) by E.-Phillips-Oppenheim
Pax Vobiscum (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Pay Day (p) by W.-E.-Christian
Pay Envelope, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Payable Gold (s) by Henry-Lawson
Paying Calls (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Paying Debts With Kicks (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Paying Guest, The (f/n) by George-Gissing
Paying Off (s) by William-Wymark-Jacobs
Paying the Doctor (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
Paying The Minister (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
Payment In Full (s) by Robert-Herrick
Paysages Tristes: Chanson D'automne (p) by Paul-Verlaine
Paysages Tristes: Le Rossignol (p) by Paul-Verlaine
Paz (s) by Honore-de-Balzac
Pea Blossom, The (s) by Hans-Christian-Andersen
Pea Brush (p) by Robert-Frost
Pea Emperor, The (s) by Herr-P.-Ispirescu
Peace (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Peace (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Peace (p) by Bliss-Carman
Peace (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Peace (p) by Gerard-Manley-Hopkins
Peace (p) by Heinrich-Heine
Peace (p) by Jean-Blewett
Peace (p) by Frank-Oliver-Call
Peace (p) by Rupert-Brooke
Peace (p) by Henry-Van Dyke
Peace (e) by Edwin-Lawrence-Godkin
Peace (p) by Sara-Teasdale
Peace (p) by William-Butler-Yeats
Peace (p) by Henry-Newbolt
Peace (p) by Mary-Alice-Walton
Peace (from Epochs) (p) by Emma-Lazarus
Peace And Dunkirk (p) by Jonathan-Swift
Peace And Glory (p) by Thomas-Moore
Peace And War (s) by Seumas-O-Brien
Peace And War In The Balance (e) by Henry-W.-Nevinson
Peace Angel (war), The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Peace At Noon (p) by Arthur-Symons
Peace Autumn, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Peace Be Around Thee (p) by Thomas-Moore
Peace Convention At Brussels, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Peace Egg, The (s) by Juliana-Horatia-Ewing
Peace Egg: A Christmas Mumming Play, The (d/c) by Juliana-Horatia-Ewing
Peace In A Palace (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Peace Manoeuvres, A (s) by Richard-Harding-Davis
Peace Not Permanent [epigram] (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Peace Of Christmas-Time, The (p) by Eugene-Field
Peace Of Europe, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Peace Of God, The (p) by Adelaide-Anne-Procter
Peace Of Mowsle Barton (s) by Saki
Peace of Roaring River, The (f/n) by George-Van Schaick
Peace Offering, The (s) by Saki
Peace On Earth (p) by Edwin-Arlington-Robinson
Peace On Earth (p) by William-Carlos-Williams
Peace on Earth, Good-will to Dogs (s) by Eleanor-Hallowell-Abbott
Peace Should Not Come (war) (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Peace To Be, The (p) by Rachel-Annand-Taylor
Peace To The Slumberers! (p) by Thomas-Moore
Peace With God (e) by Lemuel-K.-Washburn
Peace, Blessed Peace (p) by Edward-Dyson
Peace, Peace To Him That's Gone! (p) by Thomas-Moore
Peace--A Study (p) by Charles-Stuart-Calverley
Peace-Hymn Of The Republic (p) by Henry-Van Dyke
Peace-Offering, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Peaceable Man, A (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Peaceful Dispositions (e) by Lydia-H.-Sigourney
Peaceful Warrior, The (p) by Henry-Van Dyke
Peaceful Warriors, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Peacemaker, The (s) by Alfred-Coppel
Peacemaker, A (s) by S.-B.-Banerjea
Peacemaker, The (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Peach, The (p) by Charles-Lamb
Peach-Prince and The Treasure Island (s) by William-Elliot-Griffis
Peacock, The (p) by Ruth-McEnery-Stuart
Peacock (e) by George-Saintsbury
Peacock And The Crane, The (s) by Aesop -author of Aesop-s Fables-
Peacock And The Magpie, The (s) by Aesop -author of Aesop-s Fables-
Peacock Complaining To Juno, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Peacock Feathers (p) by Hilda-Conkling
Peacock's Cousin, The (s) by Abbie-Farwell-Brown
Peacocks: A Mood (p) by Olive-Custance
Peak And Puke (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Peak's Island: A Romance of Buccaneer Days (f/n) by Anna-W. Ford-Piper
Peaks Of Valor, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Peal Of Bells, A (p) by Christina-Georgina-Rossetti
Pear Tree (p) by H.-D.
Pearl Bibles And Six Thousand Errata, The (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Pearl Diver, The (p) by Banjo-Paterson
Pearl of Lima: A Story of True Love, The (f/n) by Jules-Verne
Pearl-Maiden: A Tale Of The Fall of Jerusalem (f/n) by H.-Rider-Haggard
Pearls (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Pearls And The Swine, The (s) by Barry-Pain
Pearls Of Cofachique, The (s) by Mary-Hunter-Austin
Pearls Of Loreto, The (s) by Gertrude-Atherton
Pearls Of Sulu (s) by Sargent-Kayme
Peasant And His Angry Lord, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Peasant And King (p) by Christopher-Morley
Peasant and the Devil, The (s) by Jacob-& Wilhelm-Grimm
Peasant in Heaven, The (s) by Jacob-& Wilhelm-Grimm
Peasant Of The Danube, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Peasant Poet, The (p) by John-Clare
Peasant Songs Of Spain (p) by George-Borrow
Peasant Wives (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Peasant's Confession, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Peasant's Wise Daughter, The (s) by Jacob-& Wilhelm-Grimm
Peasants, The (e) by Jerome-K-Jerome
Peasants, The (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Peasants (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Peasants And The Anabaptists, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Peasie and Beansie (s) by Flora-Annie-Steel
Peat Moor, The (s) by Alexander-Lange-Kielland
Peau De Chagrin Of State Street, The (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Pebbles (p) by Herman-Melville
Peccavi, Domine (p) by Archibald-Lampman
Peck's Bad Boy Abroad (f/n) by George-W.-Peck
Peck's Bad Boy and His Pa (f/n) by George-W.-Peck
Peck's Sunshine (f/n) by George-W.-Peck
Peck's Uncle Ike and The Red Headed Boy (f/n) by George-W.-Peck
Peculiar Man, A (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Pedagogue, The (s) by Maurice-Thompson
Pedestrian, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Pedestrian Tour, A (s) by William-Dean-Howells
Pedigree, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Pedigree Of Honey, The (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Pedlar, The (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Pedlar's Song, The (p) by Henry-Newbolt
Pedler Of Dust Sticks, The (s) by Eliza-Lee Cabot-Follen
Pedometer (p) by Christopher-Morley
Pedro And Satan (s) by Dean-S.-Fansler
Pedro And The Witch (s) by Dean-S.-Fansler
Peek-A-Boo (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Peel Of Fouldrey, The (s) by John-Roby
Peep Squirrel (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Peerifool (s) by Elizabeth-W.-Grierson
Peers And Poetry (e) by William-Davenport-Adams
Peevish Day, And Its Consequences, A (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
Peg Of Limavaddy (p) by William-Makepeace-Thackeray
Peg Woffington (f/n) by Charles-Reade
Peg-Legged Romance, A (s) by John-A.-Hill
Pegasus (p) by Hilda-Conkling
Pegasus (p) by Oliver-Herford
Pegasus At Wanlockhead (p) by Robert-Burns
Pegasus In Harness (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Pegasus, The Horse Who Could Fly (s) by Carolyn-Sherwin-Bailey
Peggy (p) by John-Clare
Peggy (f/n) by Laura-E.-Richards
Peggy's The Lady Of The Hall (p) by John-Clare
Peik (s) by P.-Chr.-Asbjornsen
Peinture. A Panegyrick To The Best Picture Of Friendship (p) by Richard-Lovelace
Pelagius (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Pelang (p) by William-Henry-Drummond
Pelayo And The Merchant's Daughter (s) by Washington-Irving
Peleg Poague (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Pelham (f/n) by Edward-Bulwer-Lytton
Pelican, The (s) by Edith-Wharton
Pelican Chorus, The (p) by Edward-Lear
Pelistes, The Defender Of Cordova (s) by Charles-Morris
Pelleas and Ettarre (p) by Alfred-Lord-Tennyson
Pelleas And Ettarre (s) by Molly-K.-Bellew
Pelleas and Melisande (d/c) by Maurice-Maeterlinck
Pellucidar (f/n) by Edgar-Rice-Burroughs
Pemberton's Fluke (s) by Ralph-Henry-Barbour
Pembroke: A Novel (f/n) by Mary E-Wilkins-Freeman
Pen And Ink (p) by Andrew-Lang
Pen And Inkstand, The (s) by Hans-Christian-Andersen
Pen And Shears (p) by Morris-Rosenfeld
Pen And The Album, The (p) by William-Makepeace-Thackeray
Pen, Pencil, and Poison (e) by Oscar-Wilde
Pen-Pictur' Of A Certin Frivvolus Old Man, A (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Pen-Wiper, The (s) by Barry-Pain
Pen-Y-Gwrydd: To Tom Hughes, Esq. (p) by Charles-Kingsley
Penal Cluster, The (s) by Randall-Garrett
Penal Days, The (p) by Thomas-Davis
Penalties Of Fame, The (e) by Israel-Zangwill
Penalty, The (s) by Ethel-May-Dell
Penalty (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Penalty Of Genius, The (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Penalty Of Kissing Your Own Wife (s) by Falconbridge
Penalty Of Virtue, The (e) by Henry-W.-Nevinson
Penance (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Penance (p) by John-McCrae
Penance, The (s) by Saki
Penance Of John Emmet, The (s) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Penang (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
Pencil Seller, The (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Pendulum, The (s) by O-Henry
Pendulum, The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Penelope (p) by Bret-Harte
Penelope's English Experiences (f/n) by Kate-Douglas-Wiggin
Penelope's Irish Experiences (f/n) by Kate-Douglas-Wiggin
Penelope's Party Waist (s) by Lucy-Maud-Montgomery
Penelope's Postscripts (f/n) by Kate-Douglas-Wiggin
Penelope's Progress (f/n) by Kate-Douglas-Wiggin
Penetralia (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Penetration And Trust (p) by George-Meredith
Penguin, A (p) by Oliver-Herford
Penguin Driver, The (p) by Everard-Jack-Appleton
Penguin Island (f/n) by Anatole-France
Penguin Persons (e) by Walter-Prichard-Eaton
Penguins And The Seals Of The Angra De Sam Bras, The (e) by James-R.-McClymont
Penguins' Rock, The (s) by Guy-De-Maupassant
Penitent, The (p) by Edna-St Vincent-Millay
Penitent, The (p) by Anne-Bronte
Penitent Elector, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Penitent Thief, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Penmaen Pool (p) by Gerard-Manley-Hopkins
Penn-Yan Bill (p) by Eugene-Field
Pennarby Mine (p) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
Pennies (p) by Joyce-Kilmer
Pennington's Girl, The (s) by Lucy-Maud-Montgomery
Penniwit, The Artist (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Pennsylvania Hall (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Pennsylvania Pilgrim, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Penny of Top Hill Trail (f/n) by Belle-Kanaris-Maniates
Penny Pieces (p) by Charles-Lamb
Penny Whistle, The (p) by Edward-Thomas
Penrod (f/n) by Booth-Tarkington
Penrod and Sam (f/n) by Booth-Tarkington
Penseroso (p) by E. Pauline-Johnson
Pension Beaurepas, The (s) by Henry-James
Pensions For Governors (e) by Charles-Lever
Pensive And Faltering (p) by Walt-Whitman
Pensive at eve on the hard world I mus'd (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Pensive On Her Dead Gazing (p) by Walt-Whitman
Pentadii (p) by Richard-Lovelace
Pentecost (p) by George-MacDonald
Pentecost Of Calamity, The (e) by Owen-Wister
Pentland Rising, The (e) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Pentucket (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Penultimate Caricature (e) by Alice-Meynell
Penury (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Peony (p) by Bliss-Carman
Peony Lantern, The (s) by Grace-James
People (p) by D.-H.-Lawrence
People, The (p) by William-Butler-Yeats
People, The (p) by Elizabeth-Madox-Roberts
People Do Differ! (s) by Falconbridge
People For Whom Shakespeare Wrote, The (e) by Charles-Dudley-Warner
People Going By (p) by Elizabeth-Madox-Roberts
People Liked Him (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
People of the Abyss, The (n) by Jack-London
People Of The Crater, The (f/n) by Andre-Norton
People Of The Mist, The (f/n) by H.-Rider-Haggard
People That Time Forgot, The (f/n) by Edgar-Rice-Burroughs
People Who Are "Down" (e) by James-Runciman
People's Fleet, The (p) by Alfred-Noyes
People's Man, A (f/n) by E.-Phillips-Oppenheim
People's Response To Heroism, The (p) by W.-M.-MacKeracher
Pepacton: A Summer Voyage (e) by John-Burroughs
Peppermint Pagoda, The (s) by Robert-Gordon-Anderson
Peppermints (e) by Walter-Prichard-Eaton
Pepys' "Diary" (p) by Austin-Dobson
Per Amica Silentia Lunae (e) by William-Butler-Yeats
Per Aspera Ad Astra (p) by George-Augustus-Baker
Per Certo I Bei Vostr'occhi Donna Mia [sonnet 5] (p) by John-Milton
Per Contra (p) by Robert-Burns
Percival Sharp (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Percy Bysshe Shelley (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Percy: A Tragedy (d/c) by Hannah-More
Perdita (p) by Jean-Ingelow
Perdu, The (s) by Charles-G. D.-Roberts
Pere Antoine's Date-Palm (s) by Thomas-Bailey-Aldrich
Pere Brosse (p) by Arthur-Weir
Pere Champagne (s) by Gilbert-Parker
Peregrine's Progress (f/n) by Jeffery-Farnol
Perennials (p) by Samuel-G.-Goodrich
Pereunt Et Imputantur (p) by Henry-Newbolt
Perfect Character (p) by Hattie-Howard
Perfect Dinner Table, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Perfect End Of A Day, The (s) by George-Barr-McCutcheon
Perfect Game, The (e) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Perfect Gentleman, The (e) by Ralph-Bergengren
Perfect Love (p) by Archibald-Lampman
Perfect Marriage, The (p) by Vachel-Lindsay
Perfect Peace (p) by Frances-Ridley-Havergal
Perfect Reader, The (e) by Christopher-Morley
Perfect Tribute, The (s) by Mary Raymond-Shipman-Andrews
Perfect Wagnerite, The (n) by George-Bernard-Shaw
Perfect Work (p) by Joseph-Horatio-Chant
Perfection (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Perfections (p) by Walt-Whitman
Perfectness (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Perfidious Vizier, The (s) by Charles-John-Tibbitts
Perfidy (p) by D.-H.-Lawrence
Perfume (p) by Arthur-Symons
Perhaps (p) by Isabel-Ecclestone-Mackay
Perhaps (p) by Jared-Barhite
Perhaps You'd Like To Buy A Flower? (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Perhaps! (p) by Mary-Carolyn-Davies
Periander (p) by George-Meredith
Pericles (s) by Edith-Nesbit
Pericles (n) by Elbert-Hubbard
Pericles (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
Pericles (d/c) by William-Shakespeare
Pericles, Prince Of Tyre (s) by Charles-Lamb
Pericos, The (s) by John-Maurice-Miller
Perigeux Of The Perigord (e) by Hilaire-Belloc
Peril Finders, The (f/n) by George-Manville-Fenn
Perilous Amour, A (s) by Stanley-John-Weyman
Perilous Secret, A (f/n) by Charles-Reade
Perils (p) by Rachel-Annand-Taylor
Perils Of "Paying Attention", The (e) by E.-Lynn-Linton
Perils of Certain English Prisoners (s) by Charles-Dickens
Perils Of Invisibility, The (p) by W.-S.-Gilbert
Perils Of Obesity, The (p) by Harry-Graham
Perils of Pauline, The (f/n) by Charles-Goddard
Perils Of Reviewing, The (s) by A.-A.-Milne
Perils Of The Wilderness, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Perils Of Wealth, The (s) by Falconbridge
Periodical Souse, The Never-Again Feeling And The Ride On The Sprinkling Cart, The (s) by George-Ade
Peripatetic Philosopher, A (e) by Thomas-De Quincey
Perishing Of The Pendragons, The (s) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Periwinkle (s) by Edward-Eggleston
Periwinkle (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Periwinkle Girl, The (p) by W.-S.-Gilbert
Periwinkles And The Locusts [A Salmagundian Hymn], The (p) by Thomas-Moore
Perjury Of A Rejected Lover, The (p) by John-Kendrick-Bangs
Perkeo (p) by Joseph-Victor-Scheffel
Perle Des Jardins (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Permanence Of Poetry, The (e) by Christopher-Morley
Permanent Stiletto, The (s) by W.-C.-Morrow
Pernicketty's Fright (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Pero, The Porcupine (s) by Ellen-Velvin
Perpetual Lamps Of The Ancients (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Perpetual Motion Machine, The (s) by Arthur-B.-Reeve
Perpetual Wooing, The (p) by Eugene-Field
Perpetuation Of Living Beings, Hereditary Transmission And Variation, The (e) by Thomas-Henry-Huxley
Perplexity Column As Done By The Jaded Journalist, The (s) by Stephen-Leacock
Perplexity Of Zadig, The (s) by Mrs. Andrew-Lang
Perry Chumly's Eclipse (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Perry Zoll (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Perryville (p) by George-W.-Doneghy
Persecuted Learned, The (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Persecution of Bob Pretty, The (s) by William-Wymark-Jacobs
Persecutions Of Beauty, The (e) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Persecutions Profitable (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Persecutions Purify (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Persephone (p) by Helen-Hay-Whitney
Persephone (p) by Jean-Ingelow
Persephone (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Perseus The Hero (s) by Jeanie-Lang
Perseverance In Love (s) by Honore-de-Balzac
Persevering Tortoise And The Pretentious Hare, The (p) by Guy-Wetmore-Carryl
Persia (p) by Henry-Kendall
Persian Lesson, A (p) by Walt-Whitman
Persian, The Sun, And The Cloud, The (p) by John-Gay
Persians, Or The Battle Of Salamis, The (s) by Alfred-John-Church
Persimmon, The (p) by Ruth-McEnery-Stuart
Persistency Of Poetry (p) by Matthew-Arnold
Persistent Nationality, A (e) by Grant-Allen
Persistent Poet, The (p) by Bert-Leston-Taylor
Personal Adventures In The Spirit World (s) by Stephen-Leacock
Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc (f/n) by Mark-Twain
Personal Reminiscences in Book Making (n) by R.-M.-Ballantyne
Personal Sketches and Tributes (e) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Personality (p) by Archibald-Lampman
Personality And The Intellectual Essences (e) by William-Butler-Yeats
Personality Plus (f/n) by Edna-Ferber
Personified Sentimental, The (p) by Bret-Harte
Persons Of The Tale, The (s) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Perspective (e) by Francis-B.-Pearson
Perspiration, A Travelling Eclogue (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Persuasion (f/n) by Jane-Austen
Persuasion (p) by Edward-Shanks
Perturbation At Dawn (p) by Edward-Powys-Mathers
Peru And The Pizarros (s) by Cyrus-Townsend-Brady
Peruvian, The (s) by Perceval-Gibbon
Peruvian Slavers, The (s) by Louis-Becke
Pervasion Of Rouge, The (e) by Max-Beerbohm
Perverseness (e) by Timothy-Titcomb
Perversities (p) by John-Freeman
Perverted Village After Goldsmith, The (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Pessimist, The (p) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Pessimist, The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Pessimistic View, A (p) by John-Kendrick-Bangs
Pessimoptimism (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Pestilence (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Pet, The (p) by Ruth-McEnery-Stuart
Pet, The (s) by Ellis-Parker-Butler
Pet Donkey, The (s) by Marie-L.-McLaughlin
Pet Rabbit, The (s) by Marie-L.-McLaughlin
Pet's Half-Crown (s) by Mary-Louisa-Molesworth
Pet-Lamb, a Pastoral, The (p) by William-Wordsworth
Petals (p) by Amy-Lowell
Petch's Elegy! (p) by John-Castillo
Petchenyeg, The (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Peter (s) by Willa-Cather
Peter (s) by Jacob-A.-Riis
Peter And The Ogress (p) by Katharine-Pyle
Peter Anderson And Co (p) by Henry-Lawson
Peter Bell And His Tormentors (e) by Edmund-Gosse
Peter Bell The Third (p) by Percy-Bysshe-Shelley
Peter Biddulph: The Story of an Australian Settler (f/n) by William-H. G.-Kingston
Peter Bull (s) by Andrew-Lang
Peter Colbiornsen (p) by George-Borrow
Peter Cooper (n) by Elbert-Hubbard
Peter Corneille (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Peter Dunne (p) by Oliver-Herford
Peter God (s) by James-Oliver-Curwood
Peter Goldthwaite's Treasure (s) by Nathaniel-Hawthorne
Peter Imitates The Clown (p) by Elizabeth-Turner
Peter Jones (s) by Eliza-Leslie
Peter Klaus (s) by Anonymous
Peter Of Haarlem: The Boy Who Saved His Country (s) by Kate-Dickinson-Sweetser
Peter Oiland (s) by Anthon-B. E.-Nilsen
Peter Pan (p) by Christopher-Morley
Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens (s) by James-Matthew-Barrie
Peter Parley's Tales About America and Australia (n) by Samuel-G.-Goodrich
Peter Petersen: A Story Of The Minnesota Indian War (s) by Edward-Eggleston
Peter Plymley's Letters (e) by Sydney-Smith
Peter Ruff and the Double Four (s) by E.-Phillips-Oppenheim
Peter Rugg, The Missing Man (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Peter The Cruel And The Free Companies (s) by Charles-Morris
Peter The Hermit (s) by Charles-Morris
Peter The Hermit (s) by August-Strindberg
Peter The Piccaninny (p) by Henry-Kendall
Peter the Priest (f/n) by Maurus-Jokai
Peter The Wag (p) by W.-S.-Gilbert
Peter the Whaler (f/n) by William-H. G.-Kingston
Peter Trawl: The Adventures of a Whaler (f/n) by William-H. G.-Kingston
Peter's Cake (p) by Elizabeth-Turner
Peter's Field (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
Peter's Pence (s) by William-Wymark-Jacobs
Peter, A Pekinese Puppy (p) by R.-C.-Lehmann
Peter-Bird, The (p) by Eugene-Field
Peter-Of-The-Pigs (s) by Elsie-Spicer-Eells
Peter: A Novel of Which He is Not the Hero (f/n) by Francis-Hopkinson-Smith
Peterkins Are Obliged To Move, The (s) by Lucretia-P.-Hale
Peterkins At Home, The (s) by Lucretia-P.-Hale
Peterkins At The "Carnival Of Authors" In Boston, The (s) by Lucretia-P.-Hale
Peterkins At The Farm, The (s) by Lucretia-P.-Hale
Peterkins Celebrate The Fourth Of July, The (s) by Lucretia-P.-Hale
Peterkins Decide To Keep A Cow, The (s) by Lucretia-P.-Hale
Peterkins Decide To Learn The Languages, The (s) by Lucretia-P.-Hale
Peterkins Snowed-Up, The (s) by Lucretia-P.-Hale
Peterkins Too Late For The Exhibition, The (s) by Lucretia-P.-Hale
Peterkins Try To Become Wise, The (s) by Lucretia-P.-Hale
Peterkins' Charades, The (s) by Lucretia-P.-Hale
Peterkins' Christmas-Tree, The (s) by Lucretia-P.-Hale
Peterkins' Picnic, The (s) by Lucretia-P.-Hale
Peterkins' Summer Journey, The (s) by Lucretia-P.-Hale
Pethox The Great (p) by Jonathan-Swift
Petit Vieux, The (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Petit, The Poet (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Petite Personne, La (e) by Maurice-Hewlett
Petition, A (p) by Thomas-Bailey-Aldrich
Petition, A (p) by Amy-Lowell
Petition, The (p) by Virna-Sheard
Petition, The (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Petition (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Petition (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
Petition Concerning Copyright (s) by Mark-Twain
Petition Of The Orangemen Of Ireland, The (p) by Thomas-Moore
Petition To The King, The (s) by Mimosa
Petralto's Love Story (s) by Amelia-Edith-Barr
Petrarch And Laura (n) by Elbert-Hubbard
Petrified Alp (St. Gotthard), The (s) by Wilhelm-Ruland
Petrified Man, The (s) by Mark-Twain
Petronella (s) by Temple-Bailey
Pets (e) by James-Runciman
Pets, The (s) by Henry-Wallace-Phillips
Pets Of Aurore Dupin, The (s) by Mrs. Andrew-Lang
Petticoats At The Polls (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Petty Troubles of Married Life (e) by Honore-de-Balzac
Peveril of the Peak (f/n) by Sir Walter-Scott
Ph.D. Octopus, The (e) by William-James
Phaedo; Or, The Immortality Of The Soul (n) by Plato
Phaedo; The Last Hours Of Socrates (n) by Plato
Phaedra (p) by H.-D.
Phaedra (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Phaedra's Nurse (p) by William-Johnson-Cory
Phaedrus (n) by Plato
Phaethon (s) by Josephine-Preston-Peabody
Phaethon--Attempted In The Galliambic Measure (p) by George-Meredith
Phaethon: Loose Thoughts For Loose Thinkers (e) by Charles-Kingsley
Phaeton (s) by Jeanie-Lang
Phamtoms Of St. Sepulchre, The (p) by Charles-Mackay
Phantasies (p) by Emma-Lazarus
Phantasmagoria (p) by D.-H.-Lawrence
Phantasmagoria (p) by Lewis-Carroll
Phantastes: A Faerie Romance for Men and Women (f/n) by George-MacDonald
Phantasy (p) by George-Meredith
Phantom (s) by Arnold-Bennett
Phantom (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Phantom, A (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Phantom 'Rickshaw, The (s) by Rudyard-Kipling
Phantom Ball, The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Phantom Bride, The (p) by Mary-Gardiner-Horsford
Phantom Circuit, The (s) by Arthur-B.-Reeve
Phantom Curate. A Fable, The (p) by W.-S.-Gilbert
Phantom Dragoon, The (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Phantom Drummer, The (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Phantom Fisherman And Other Ghosts, The (s) by Alexander-Miller-Harvey
Phantom Fleet, The (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Phantom Fourth, The (s) by Joseph-Sheridan-Le Fanu
Phantom Herd, The (f/n) by B.-M.-Bower
Phantom Horsewoman, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Phantom Kiss, The (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Phantom Lover, The (f/n) by Ruby-Mildred-Ayres
Phantom Luncheon, The (s) by Saki
Phantom Of Bogue Holauba, The (s) by Mary-Noailles-Murfree
Phantom Of Love, The (p) by Fannie-Isabel-Sherrick
Phantom of the Opera, The (f/n) by Gaston-Leroux
Phantom of the River, The (f/n) by Edward-Sylvester-Ellis
Phantom or Fact (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Phantom Regiment Of Killiecrankie, The (s) by Elliott-O-Donnell
Phantom Train Of Marshall Pass, The (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Phantom Vessel, The (p) by Morris-Rosenfeld
Phantom Voice, The (s) by John-Roby
Phantom [Upstairs in the large closet, child], The (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Phantom [Wilt thou never come again], The (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Phantoms (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Phantoms (p) by Adelaide-Anne-Procter
Phantoms Behind Us, The (e) by John-Burroughs
Phantoms Of The Foot-Bridge, The (s) by Mary-Noailles-Murfree
Pharamond (e) by Edmund-Gosse
Pharaoh (s) by Alexander-Lange-Kielland
Pharisee, The (e) by George-William-Curtis
Phases Of Farm Life (e) by John-Burroughs
Phases Of The Moon, The (p) by William-Butler-Yeats
Pheasant And The Lark - A Fable, The (p) by Jonathan-Swift
Phedre (p) by Oscar-Wilde
Pheidippides (p) by Robert-Browning
Phelim O'Toole's Courtship (s) by William-Carleton
Phil Purcel, The Pig-Driver (s) by William-Carleton
Phil the Fiddler (f/n) by Horatio-Alger
Phil-O-Rum Juneau, A Story Of The "Chasse Gallerie" (p) by William-Henry-Drummond
Philander Chase Knox (e) by Clinton-W.-Gilbert
Philanderer, The (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Philanderer, The (d/c) by George-Bernard-Shaw
Philanderers, The (f/n) by A.-E. W.-Mason
Philanthropic Society, The (p) by William-Lisle-Bowles
Philanthropist, The (p) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Philanthropist, A (s) by Josephine-Daskam-Bacon
Philanthropist and The Happy Cat, The (s) by Saki
Philebus (n) by Plato
Philemon (p) by Matilda-Betham
Philip And Mary (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Philip And Mildred (p) by Adelaide-Anne-Procter
Philip D. Armour (n) by Elbert-Hubbard
Philip Massinger (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Philip Steele of the Royal Northwest Mounted Police (f/n) by James-Oliver-Curwood
Philippa's Nervous Prostration (s) by Kate-Douglas-Wiggin
Philippinitis, The (p) by W.-E.-Christian
Philistia (f/n) by Grant-Allen
Philistine And The Bohemian, The (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Philistine In Bohemia, A (s) by O-Henry
Phillida And Coridon (e) by Bradford-Torrey
Phillis (e) by George-William-Curtis
Phillis The Fair (p) by Robert-Burns
Phillis The Queen O' The Fair (p) by Robert-Burns
Philly And Willy (p) by Robert-Burns
Philo Gubb's Greatest Case (s) by Ellis-Parker-Butler
Philoctetes (d/c) by Sophocles
Philoctetes, Or The Bow Of Hercules (s) by Alfred-John-Church
Philomel (p) by Eric-Mackay
Philomel And Progne (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Philomela (p) by Matthew-Arnold
Philopena, The (s) by Frank-R-Stockton
Philopoemen And The Fall Of Sparta (s) by Charles-Morris
Philosopher, The (p) by Helen-Hay-Whitney
Philosopher, The (p) by Edna-St Vincent-Millay
Philosopher, The (p) by Emily-Bronte
Philosopher (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
Philosopher And Pheasant (p) by John-Gay
Philosopher And The Butterflies, The (s) by Richard-Garnett
Philosopher Aristippus: To A Lamp, The (p) by Thomas-Moore
Philosopher Bimm (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Philosopher In The Apple Orchard, The (s) by Anthony-Hope
Philosopher Jack (f/n) by R.-M.-Ballantyne
Philosopher To His Love, The (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Philosopher's Garden (p) by John-Oxenham
Philosopher's Joke, The (s) by Jerome-K-Jerome
Philosopher's Stone, The (s) by Hans-Christian-Andersen
Philosophers, The (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Philosophers Three (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Philosophers [The principle by which each thing], The (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Philosophic Pill, The (p) by W.-S.-Gilbert
Philosophical Descriptive Poems (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Philosophical Egotist, The (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Philosophical Letters: 1. Prefatory Remarks (e) by Frederich-Schiller
Philosophical Letters: 2. Theosophy Of Julius (e) by Frederich-Schiller
Philosophical Letters: 3. Connection Between Animal & Spiritual Nature In Man (e) by Frederich-Schiller
Philosophical Letters: 4. Physical Connection (e) by Frederich-Schiller
Philosophical Letters: 5. Philosophical Connection (e) by Frederich-Schiller
Philosophy (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Philosophy (e) by William-James
Philosophy (p) by Edith-Nesbit
Philosophy (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Philosophy (p) by Norman-Gale
Philosophy (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Philosophy 4 (s) by Owen-Wister
Philosophy At A Banquet (p) by Cotton-Noe
Philosophy Of 'Limited Editions', The (e) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Philosophy Of Art, A (e) by John-Fiske
Philosophy Of Catholicism, The (e) by James-Anthony-Froude
Philosophy Of Christianity, The (e) by James-Anthony-Froude
Philosophy of Furniture (e) by Edgar-Allan-Poe
Philosophy Of Love, The (e) by Myrtle-Reed
Philosophy Of Proverbs, The (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Philosophy Of Relative Existences, The (s) by Frank-R-Stockton
Philosophy Of Shelley's Poetry, The (e) by William-Butler-Yeats
Philosophy Of Sight-Seeing, The (e) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Philosophy Of Style, The (e) by Herbert-Spencer
Philosophy Of The Times (s) by Falconbridge
Philosophy Of Topsy-Turveydom, The (e) by Israel-Zangwill
Phineas Finn: The Irish Member (f/n) by Anthony-Trollope
Phineas Redux (f/n) by Anthony-Trollope
Phoebe (s) by O-Henry
Phoebe (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Phoebe, The (s) by John-Burroughs
Phoebe-Bird, The (p) by George-Parsons-Lathrop
Phoebus And Boreas (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Phoebus On Halzaphron (s) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Phoebus With Admetus (p) by George-Meredith
Phoenix, The (p) by Oliver-Herford
Phoenix, The (s) by Abbie-Farwell-Brown
Phoenix (s) by August-Strindberg
Phoenix, The (p) by Heinrich-Heine
Phoenix and the Carpet, The (f/n) by Edith-Nesbit
Phoenix and the Turtle, The (p) by William-Shakespeare
Phoenix Bird, The (s) by Hans-Christian-Andersen
Phoenix Out Of Claudian, [Idyll I], The (p) by Henry-Vaughan
Phonetic Spelling (e) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Phonograph, The (s) by Joel-Chandler-Harris
Phonograph and the Graft, The (s) by O-Henry
Photograph, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Photograph, The (p) by Mary-Alice-Walton
Photograph, The (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Photograph, The (p) by Olive-Custance
Photograph Habit, The (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Photographer And Philosopher (s) by August-Strindberg
Photographers And Me (e) by P-G-Wodehouse
Photographic Failure, A (p) by Carolyn-Wells
Photography and Realism (e) by Israel-Zangwill
Phrenology (p) by W.-S.-Gilbert
Phulmati Rani (s) by Anonymous
Phyllis (p) by Gilbert-Parker
Phyllis (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Phyllis of the Sierras, A (f/n) by Bret-Harte
Phyllis; Or, The Progress Of Love (p) by Jonathan-Swift
Physical Culture (s) by A.-A.-Milne
Physical Education (e) by Herbert-Spencer
Physical Force In Politics (e) by Edwin-Lawrence-Godkin
Physician, The (p) by John-Freeman
Physician And The Saratoga Trunk, The (s) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Physician's Son And The King Of The Snakes, The (s) by George-W.-Bateman
Physicians Two (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Physiognomy (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Physiologist's Wife, A (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
Physiology of Marriage, The (e) by Honore-de-Balzac
Physiology Of Vanity, The (e) by Myrtle-Reed
Physique Of American Women, The (e) by Thomas-Wentworth-Higginson
Piano (p) by D.-H.-Lawrence
Piano Next Door, The (s) by Elia-W.-Peattie
Piano-Tuner, The (s) by Barry-Pain
Piazza, The (s) by Herman-Melville
Pibroch of Donald Dhu (p) by Sir Walter-Scott
Pic-Nic In The Forest, A (s) by Harriet-Myrtle
Piccadilly (p) by John-Presland
Piccadilly Circus At Night: Street-Walkers (p) by D.-H.-Lawrence
Piccadilly Jim (f/n) by P-G-Wodehouse
Picciola (s) by James-Baldwin
Piccola (s) by Nora-A.-Smith
Piccolissima (s) by Eliza-Lee Cabot-Follen
Piccolomini, The (d/c) by Frederich-Schiller
Pichon & Sons, Of The Croix Rousse (s) by Joseph-Sheridan-Le Fanu
Pickaninny, The (s) by Edward-Eggleston
Pickbrain, A (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Pickens-And-Stealin's Rebellion, The (e) by James-Russell-Lowell
Pickle the Spy, or The Incognito of Prince Charles (f/n) by Andrew-Lang
Pickled Herring (s) by William-Wymark-Jacobs
Pickthorn Manor (p) by Amy-Lowell
Pickwick Papers, The (f/n) by Charles-Dickens
Picnic, The (p) by Charles-G.-Leland
Picnic, A (s) by Israel-Hubewitz
Picnic, The (p) by Elizabeth-Madox-Roberts
Picnic Incidents (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Picnic-Time (p) by Eugene-Field
Picnics (e) by Francis-B.-Pearson
Pict Song, A (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Pictor Ignotus (p) by Robert-Browning
Pictorial Pain Killer, A (e) by William-Cowper-Brann
Picture, A (p) by Madge-Morris-Wagner
Picture, A (p) by Jared-Barhite
Picture, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Picture, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Picture, A (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
Picture, A (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Picture, The (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Picture At Newstead [Sonnet], A (p) by Matthew-Arnold
Picture Book, The (s) by Laura-E.-Richards
Picture Books (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Picture Dealers (e) by George-Augustus-Moore
Picture Minerva Wove, The (s) by Carolyn-Sherwin-Bailey
Picture Of A Young Lady (p) by William-Lisle-Bowles
Picture Of An Old Man (p) by William-Lisle-Bowles
Picture of Dorian Gray (f/n) by Oscar-Wilde
Picture Of The Nativity By Fra Filippo Lippi, A (s) by Vernon-Lee
Picture or the Lover's Resolution, The (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Picture Songs (p) by George-MacDonald
Picture-books In Winter (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Pictured (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Pictures (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Pictures From Appledore (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Pictures from Italy (n) by Charles-Dickens
Pictures From Theocritus (p) by William-Lisle-Bowles
Pictures In The Fire (p) by Adelaide-Anne-Procter
Pictures Of The Rhine (p) by George-Meredith
Picturesque Experiments (e) by Francis-Darwin
Picturesque Picnic, A (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Pie and the Patty-Pan, The (s) by Beatrix-Potter
Piece Of Advice, A (p) by George-Augustus-Baker
Piece Of Bread, A (s) by Francois-Coppee
Piece Of Chalk, A (e) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Piece Of Good Luck, A (s) by Howard-Pyle
Piece Of Possible History, A (s) by Edward-Everett-Hale
Piece Of Red Calico, A (s) by Frank-R-Stockton
Piece Of Steak, A (s) by Jack-London
Piece Of String, A (s) by Guy-De-Maupassant
Piece Of Wreckage, A (s) by Florence-Finch-Kelly
Pieces of Eight (f/n) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Pied Beauty (p) by Gerard-Manley-Hopkins
Pied Piper of Hamelin: A Child's Story, The (p) by Robert-Browning
Pieman, The (p) by Clarence-James-Dennis
Pierre and Jean (f/n) by Guy-De-Maupassant
Pierre Grassou (s) by Honore-de-Balzac
Pierrette (f/n) by Honore-de-Balzac
Pierrot (s) by Guy-De-Maupassant
Pierrot (p) by Sara-Teasdale
Pierrot In Half-Mourning (p) by Arthur-Symons
Pierrot Of The Minute, The (p) by Ernest-Dowson
Pierrot's Song (p) by Sara-Teasdale
Piet Naude's Trek (s) by Perceval-Gibbon
Piety (p) by Carolyn-Wells
Pig (s) by Rudyard-Kipling
Pig And Whistle, The (s) by George-Gissing
Pig Hunt In The Malayan Jungle, A (s) by Rounsevelle-Wildman
Pig Tail (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Pig-Pen, The (p) by Oliver-Herford
Pig: Breeding, Rearing, and Marketing, The (n) by Sanders-Spencer
Pigeon Express Man, The (s) by Falconbridge
Pigeon Toad, The (p) by Carolyn-Wells
Pigeon's Bride, The (s) by Parker-Fillmore
Pigeon: A Fantasy in Three Acts, The (d/c) by John-Galsworthy
Pigeons (e) by E.-Lynn-Linton
Pigeons, The (p) by John-Freeman
Pigeons At The British Museum, The (e) by Richard-Jefferies
Piggy Girl, The (s) by Louisa-May-Alcott
Pignus Amoris (p) by Lord-Byron
Pigs, The (s) by Hans-Christian-Andersen
Pigs And The Charcoal-Burner, The (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Pigtail Of Hi Wing Ho, The (s) by Sax-Rohmer
Pike, The (s) by Isaac-Loeb-Peretz
Pike, The (p) by Amy-Lowell
Pilaster, The (p) by Elizabeth-Madox-Roberts
Pilate's Wife (p) by George-MacDonald
Pilate's Wife's Dream (p) by Charlotte-Bronte
Pile Builder, The (p) by Joseph-Victor-Scheffel
Pilgrim, A (p) by Isabel-Ecclestone-Mackay
Pilgrim, The (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Pilgrim, A (s) by Robert-W.-Chambers
Pilgrim, The (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Pilgrim, The (s) by J.-S.-Adams
Pilgrim, The (p) by Thomas-Moore
Pilgrim (A Christmas Legend For Children), The (p) by Abram-Joseph-Ryan
Pilgrim Fathers, The (p) by Edward-Doyle
Pilgrim From Dubuque, A (e) by Dallas-Lore-Sharp
Pilgrim In The Far West, A (s) by Anna-Fuller
Pilgrim Way, The (p) by John-Oxenham
Pilgrim Weary, Toil-Subdued - A Fragment, A (p) by Matilda-Betham
Pilgrim's Progress The Finest Of All Allegories (e) by George-Hamlin-Fitch
Pilgrim's Song In The Desert (p) by Harriet-Beecher-Stowe
Pilgrim's Vision, The (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Pilgrim's Way, A (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Pilgrim, And The American Of Today--1892, The (e) by Charles-Dudley-Warner
Pilgrimage To Enoshima, A (e) by Lafcadio-Hearn
Pilgrimage To Perdition, A (e) by William-Cowper-Brann
Pilgrims, The (p) by John-McCrae
Pilgrims, The (s) by Hannah-More
Pilgrims, The (p) by Adelaide-Anne-Procter
Pilgrims (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Pilgrims Dog, The (p) by Charles-Mackay
Pilgrims Of The Rhine, The (f/n) by Edward-Bulwer-Lytton
Pilgrims To Mecca (s) by Mary-Hallock-Foote
Pilgrims' Fast, The (p) by Mary-Gardiner-Horsford
Pilgrims' Way, The (e) by Edward-Thomas
Pillage (p) by James-Elroy-Flecker
Pillar Towers Of Ireland, The (p) by Denis-Florence-MacCarthy
Pillars of Society (d/c) by Henrik-Ibsen
Pillingshot, Detective (s) by P-G-Wodehouse
Pills And Persimmons (s) by Falconbridge
Pills And Politics (e) by William-Cowper-Brann
Pilot (p) by Arthur-Weir
Pilot, The (s) by William-John-Hopkins
Pilot Cove (p) by Clarence-James-Dennis
Pilot Matthey's Christmas (s) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Pilot Of Belle Amour, The (s) by Gilbert-Parker
Pilot Of The Plains, The (p) by E. Pauline-Johnson
Pilot's Story, The (p) by William-Dean-Howells
Pilot's Troubles, The (s) by August-Strindberg
Pilot: A Tale of the Sea, The (f/n) by James-Fenimore-Cooper
Piltdown Skull, The (p) by Don-Marquis
Pimienta Pancakes, The (s) by O-Henry
Pimlico Pavilion, The (p) by William-Makepeace-Thackeray
Pin, A (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Pin And Needle (p) by John-Gay
Pin, Needle, And Scissors, The (p) by Eliza-Lee Cabot-Follen
Pinafore, The (p) by George-MacDonald
Pinch Of Salt, A (p) by Robert-Graves
Pinchbeck (e) by E.-Lynn-Linton
Pinckney And The Twins (s) by Sewell-Ford
Pindaric Ode To The Tread Mill (p) by Charles-Lamb
Pine Forest Of The Cascine Near Pisa, The (p) by Percy-Bysshe-Shelley
Pine Grove Path, The (p) by Katharine-Lee-Bates
Pine Planters, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Pine Wood, The (e) by Richard-Jefferies
Pine-Trees And The Sky: Evening (p) by Rupert-Brooke
Pines, The (e) by Stewart-Edward-White
Pines, The (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Pink, The (s) by Jacob-& Wilhelm-Grimm
Pink and White Tyranny: A Society Novel (f/n) by Harriet-Beecher-Stowe
Pink Dominoes (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Pink Frock, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Pink Rose-Petals (p) by Hilda-Conkling
Pink Stocking, A (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Pink Tights And Ginghams (s) by Edna-Ferber
Pinkel the Thief (s) by Andrew-Lang
Pinned To Mrs. Walter Riddell's Carriage (p) by Robert-Burns
Pinon Bill's Bluff (s) by Alfred-Henry-Lewis
Pioneer, The (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Pioneer Ideals And The State University (e) by Frederick-Jackson-Turner
Pioneers (p) by William-Henry-Drummond
Pioneers (p) by Banjo-Paterson
Pioneers, The (f/n) by R.-M.-Ballantyne
Pioneers! O Pioneers! (p) by Walt-Whitman
Pioneers; Or, The Sources of the Susquehanna: A Descriptive Tale (f/n) by James-Fenimore-Cooper
Pious Pie Poem Puns (p) by Jared-Barhite
Pious Princes (e) by Lydia-H.-Sigourney
Pious Robin, The (s) by Abbie-Farwell-Brown
Pious Thoughts And Ejaculations (p) by Henry-Vaughan
Pious Wolf, The (s) by W.H.D.-Rouse
Pip (s) by Kate-Dickinson-Sweetser
Pip's Adventure (s) by Charles-Dickens
Pipe, The (s) by Anonymous
Pipe, The (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Pipe And Tabor, The (e) by Francis-Darwin
Pipe of Mystery, A (s) by George-Alfred-Henty
Pipe Of War, The (s) by Berthold-Auerbach
Pipe Song (p) by Herman-Melville
Piper, The (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Piper, The (p) by Olive-Tilford-Dargan
Piper, The (p) by Isabel-Ecclestone-Mackay
Piper In The Woods (s) by Philip-K.-Dick
Piper Of Dreams, The (s) by James-Huneker
Piper: A play in four acts, The (d/c) by Josephine-Preston-Peabody
Pipes at Lucknow, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Pipes In Arcady (s) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Pipes O' Pan, The (p) by Henry-Van Dyke
Pipes O' Pan At Zekesbury (s) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Pipes Of Pan, The (p) by Charles-G. D.-Roberts
Pipestone (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Piping Fisherman, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Pippa Passes (d/c) by Robert-Browning
Piqua (s) by Anonymous
Pirate City: An Algerine Tale, The (f/n) by R.-M.-Ballantyne
Pirate Of Masafuero, The (s) by Nathaniel-Ames
Pirate of Panama: A Tale of the Fight for Buried Treasure, The (f/n) by William-MacLeod-Raine
Pirate of the Mediterranean: A Tale of the Sea, The (f/n) by William-H. G.-Kingston
Pirate Poodle, The (p) by Carolyn-Wells
Pirate Song (p) by Mary-Carolyn-Davies
Pirate Story (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Pirate Woman, The (f/n) by Aylward-Edward-Dingle
Pirates (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Pirates, The (f/n) by Morgan-Robertson
Pirates Of Barataria Bay, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Pirates of Ersatz, The (f/n) by Murray-Leinster
Pirates Of Penzance; or, The Slave Of Duty, The (d/c) by W.-S.-Gilbert
Pirates' Song (p) by Victor-Hugo
Pis-Aller (p) by Matthew-Arnold
Piscator And Piscatrix (p) by William-Makepeace-Thackeray
Pisgah (s) by Arthur-Shearly-Cripps
Pisgah (p) by Gilbert-Parker
Piskey-Purse, The (s) by Enys-Tregarthen
Pit, The (s) by Laura-E.-Richards
Pit and the Pendulum, The (s) by Edgar-Allan-Poe
Pit Mouth, The (e) by Henry-Major-Tomlinson
Pit Of Maota, The (s) by Louis-Becke
Pit: A Story Of Chicago, The (f/n) by Frank-Norris
Pitch-Pine Meditation, A (e) by Bradford-Torrey
Pitcher, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Piteous Plaint, A (p) by Eugene-Field
Pittypat And Tippytoe, An (p) by Eugene-Field
Pity (p) by Sara-Teasdale
Pity (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Pity Of It, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Pity Of The Angels, The (p) by Victor-Hugo
Pity Of The Leaves, The (p) by Edwin-Arlington-Robinson
Piute, The (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Pivi and Kabo (s) by Andrew-Lang
Pizarro And The Inca's Golden Ransom (s) by Charles-Morris
Place Of Affectional Facts In A World Of Pure Experience, The (e) by William-James
Place of Honeymoons, The (f/n) by Harold-MacGrath
Place Of Honour, The (s) by Ethel-May-Dell
Place Of Pilgrimage, The (s) by Arthur-Shearly-Cripps
Place Of Rest, The (p) by George-William-Russell
Place Of Science In A Liberal Education, The (e) by Bertrand-Russell
Place Of The Damned, The (p) by Jonathan-Swift
Place On The Map, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Place Where The Rainbow Ends, The (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Places (p) by Sara-Teasdale
Places (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Places Of Retirement (e) by David-Grayson
Plague - A Phantasy, The (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Plague At Athens, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Plague Of All Cowards, A (e) by Charles-S.-Brooks
Plague Ship (f/n) by Andre-Norton
Plagues Of Egypt, The (p) by Eliza-Paul-Gurney
Plaid, The (e) by Alice-Meynell
Plain As The Glistering Planets Shine (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Plain Bernice (s) by Cora-Webber
Plain Case, A (s) by Mary E-Wilkins-Freeman
Plain Country Fellow, A (e) by John-Earle
Plain Direction, A (p) by Thomas-Hood
Plain Fin--Paper-Hanger (s) by Francis-Hopkinson-Smith
Plain Fishing (s) by Frank-R-Stockton
Plain Girls (e) by E.-Lynn-Linton
Plain Language From Truthful James (p) by Bret-Harte
Plain Man and His Wife, The (f/n) by Arnold-Bennett
Plain Sewing; or, How To Encourage The Poor (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
Plain-Dealing Man, The (p) by Anonymous -Poetry-s author-
Plain-Path'd Experience The Unlearneds Guide (p) by Michael-Drayton
Plainest City In Europe, The (e) by Richard-Jefferies
Plains, The (p) by Laurence-Hope
Plains Of Abraham, The (p) by Charles-Sangster
Plains Of Riverine, The (p) by Banjo-Paterson
Plaint, A (p) by Alice-Moore-Dunbar-Nelson
Plaint Human, The (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Plaint Of The Missouri 'Coon In The Berlin Zoological Gardens (p) by Eugene-Field
Plaint To Man, A (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Plaintive Movement, A (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Plan Of An English Dictionary, The (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Plan the Muses entertained, A (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
Planchette (s) by Jack-London
Plane, The (e) by Frederic-Bastiat
Planet of the Damned (f/n) by Harry-Harrison
Planet Savers, The (f/n) by Marion-Zimmer-Bradley
Planetoid Of Peril, The (s) by Paul-Ernst
Plant, The (s) by Laura-E.-Richards
Plant-Lore & Garden-Craft of Shakespeare, The (n) by Henry-Nicholson-Ellacombe
Plantation Bacchanal, A (p) by James-Weldon-Johnson
Plantation Child's Lullaby, The (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Plantation Melody, A (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Plantation Play-Song (p) by Joel-Chandler-Harris
Plantation Portrait, A (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Plantation Proverbs (n) by Joel-Chandler-Harris
Plantation Witch, A (s) by Joel-Chandler-Harris
Planter of Malata, The (s) by Joseph-Conrad
Planter's Wife, The (s) by Gilbert-Parker
Planting Of The Apple-Tree, The (p) by William-Cullen-Bryant
Plaster (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Plataea's Famous Day (s) by Charles-Morris
Plate Of Pancakes, The (s) by Maud-Lindsay
Plated Article (s) by Charles-Dickens
Plato (n) by Elbert-Hubbard
Plato (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Plato and Platonism (n) by Walter-Pater
Plato's Republic (n) by Plato
Platonic, The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Platonic Bassoon, The (s) by Eugene-Field
Platonic Friendship Fake, The (e) by William-Cowper-Brann
Platonic Woman (e) by E.-Lynn-Linton
Plattner story, The (s) by H.-G.-Wells
Platypus, The (p) by Oliver-Herford
Plaudite, Or End Of Life, The (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Plausible Man, A (e) by John-Earle
Play (p) by William-Carlos-Williams
Play, The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Play, The (p) by Clarence-James-Dennis
Play (p) by Charles-Stuart-Calverley
Play, A (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Play & Earnest (p) by Howard-Pyle
Play And The Public, A (e) by Arthur-Symons
Play Ball (p) by Walt-Mason
Play House, The (s) by Alice-Brown
Play Is O'er, The (p) by Cotton-Noe
Play Of Modern Manners, The (e) by William-Butler-Yeats
Play Of The Imagination, The (e) by Hamilton-Wright-Mabie
Play The Game (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Play!, The (p) by John-Castillo
Play-Function Of Sex, The (e) by Havelock-Ellis
Playboy of the Western World, The (d/c) by J.-M.-Synge
Played-Out Humorist, The (p) by W.-S.-Gilbert
Player, A (e) by John-Earle
Players (e) by George-William-Curtis
Players, The (s) by Everett-B.-Cole
Players Ask For A Blessing On The Psalteries And Themselves, The (p) by William-Butler-Yeats
Playful Ass, The (s) by Aesop -author of Aesop-s Fables-
Playful Poet: Miss Catherine Fanshawe, A (e) by William-Andrews
Playground, A (p) by Mary-Carolyn-Davies
Playgrounds (p) by Laurence-Alma-Tadema
Playhouse In The Waste, A (s) by George-Augustus-Moore
Playing at Priests (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
Playing At Soldiers (p) by Christina-Georgina-Rossetti
Playing Dead (s) by Richard-Harding-Davis
Playing Even For Obadiah (s) by Charles-E.-Van Loan
Playing For Keeps (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Playing Infant, The (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Playing Wilbur To Show (s) by Sewell-Ford
Playing With Fire (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
Playing With Fire (p) by Elizabeth-Turner
Playing With Marked Cards (s) by Robert-Barr
Playmate, The (p) by Mary-Carolyn-Davies
Playmates, The (s) by Carolyn-Sherwin-Bailey
Playmates (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Plays and Puritans (e) by Charles-Kingsley
Playthings (p) by Rabindranath-Tagore
Playthings (p) by Alice-Duer-Miller
Playwright, The (e) by Alexander-Woollcott
Plea, A (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Plea, The (s) by Susan-Glaspell
Plea, A (p) by Franklin-P.-Adams
Plea, A (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Plea For A Present, A (p) by Ben-Jonson
Plea for Captain John Brown, A (e) by Henry-David-Thoreau
Plea For Gas Lamps, A (e) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Plea for Humor, A (s) by Agnes-Repplier
Plea For Indoor Golf, A (e) by P-G-Wodehouse
Plea For Justice, A (s) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Plea for Old Cap Collier, A (s) by Irvin-S.-Cobb
Plea For Our Northern Winters, A (p) by Rosanna-Eleanor-Leprohon
Plea For Soft Words, A (e) by T.-S.-Arthur
Plea For The Fallen, A (p) by John-S.-Adams
Plea For The Free Discussion Of Theological Difficulties (e) by James-Anthony-Froude
Plea For The Old Playgoer, A (e) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Plea For The Simpler Drama, A (e) by Hilaire-Belloc
Plea Of The Midsummer Fairies, The (p) by Thomas-Hood
Plea of the Simla Dancers, The (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Plea To Peace, A (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Plea To Science (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Plead for me (p) by Emily-Bronte
Pleaders, The (p) by Katharine-Lee-Bates
Pleasant Adventures Of Dr. Mcdill, The (s) by Wardon-Allan-Curtis
Pleasant Evening, A (p) by Theophile-Gautier
Pleasant Invective Against Printing, A (p) by Austin-Dobson
Pleasant Prophecies (p) by Robert-F.-Murray
Pleasant Surprise, The (s) by Barry-Pain
Pleasing Dad (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Pleasing Thought, A (p) by John-Kendrick-Bangs
Pleasure Of Writing, The (e) by A.-A.-Milne
Pleasure's Signs (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Pleasure-Pain (p) by William-Dean-Howells
Pleasures of England, The (n) by John-Ruskin
Pleasures Of Fancy (p) by John-Clare
Pleasures Of Ignorance, The (e) by Robert-Lynd
Pleasures Of Imagination: A Poem In Three Books, The (p) by Mark-Akenside
Pleasures Of Memory, The (p) by Samuel-Rogers
Pleasures Of The Imagination, The (p) by Mark-Akenside
Pleasures Of Work, The (e) by Arthur-C.-Benson
Plebeian (p) by Carolyn-Wells
Pledge, The (p) by Gilbert-Parker
Pleiades, The (p) by Amy-Lowell
Plentiful Tablecloth, Avenging Wand,Sash That Becomes A Lake, & Terrible Helmet (s) by Alexander-Chodzko
Plentiful Valley (s) by Irvin-S.-Cobb
Pleochroic Haloes (e) by John-Joly
Pleurs (p) by Mary-Gardiner-Horsford
Plodding Student, A (e) by John-Earle
Plooie Of Our Square (s) by Samuel-Hopkins-Adams
Plot And Character (e) by Thomas-Bailey-Aldrich
Plough, The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Plough-Hands' Song, The (p) by Joel-Chandler-Harris
Ploughing Of The Sword, The (p) by Lydia-H.-Sigourney
Ploughman, The (p) by Mrs. J.-C.-Yule
Ploughman, The (p) by Jean-Blewett
Ploughman, The (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Ploughman and His Sons, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Ploughman Singing (p) by John-Clare
Ploughman Who Brought Famine, The (s) by Carolyn-Sherwin-Bailey
Ploughman's Life, The (p) by Robert-Burns
Plug (p) by Edmund-Vance-Cooke
Plumber, The (s) by William-John-Hopkins
Plunderer, The (s) by Gilbert-Parker
Plungers, The (s) by Arthur-B.-Reeve
Pluralistic Mystic, A (e) by William-James
Pluralistic Universe, A (n) by William-James
Plutonian Fire, The (s) by O-Henry
Plutus, Cupid, And Time (p) by John-Gay
Plymouth Rock (p) by Edward-Doyle
Pneumogastric Nerve, The (p) by Eugene-Field
Po' Sandy (s) by Charles-W.-Chesnutt
Poacher: A Serious Ballad, The (p) by Thomas-Hood
Pobble Who Has No Toes, The (p) by Edward-Lear
Pocahontas (p) by William-Makepeace-Thackeray
Pocahontas (p) by James-Avis-Bartley
Pocahontas (s) by James-Baldwin
Pocahontas, Freshman (s) by Charles-Kellogg-Field
Pocahontas: The Indian Girl Of The Virginia Forest (s) by Kate-Dickinson-Sweetser
Pocket Hunter, The (s) by Mary-Hunter-Austin
Pocket Island; A Story of Country Life in New England (f/n) by Charles-Clark-Munn
Pocket R.L.S., Being Favourite Passages from the Works of Stevenson, The (f/n) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Pocket Vocabularies (e) by Alice-Meynell
Podas Okus (p) by Adam-Lindsay-Gordon
Poe (p) by George-W.-Doneghy
Poem At The Centennial Anniversary Dinner (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Poem At The Dedication Of The Halleck Monument (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Poem Delivered On The 14th Anniversary Of California's Admission Into The Union (p) by Bret-Harte
Poem For The 250th Anniversary Of The Founding Of Harvard College (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Poem For The Dedication Of The Fountain At Stratford-on-avon (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Poem For The Meeting Of The American Medical Association, A (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Poem Of Woman, Marble Of Paros, The (p) by Theophile-Gautier
Poem On High Church, A (p) by Jonathan-Swift
Poem On Pastoral Poetry (p) by Robert-Burns
Poem On Sensibility (p) by Robert-Burns
Poem Served To Order, A (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Poem Speaks, The (p) by Franklin-P.-Adams
Poem, Occasioned By The Hangings In The Castle Of Dublin, In Which The Story Of, A (p) by Jonathan-Swift
Poem: Books And A Coloured Skein Of Thoughts Were Mine (p) by Aldous-Huxley
Poem: The Point Of View: II (p) by Edith-Nesbit
Poemata (Latin) (p) by Samuel-Johnson
Poemes Saturniens (p) by Paul-Verlaine
Poems (p) by Hilda-Conkling
Poems and Songs (p) by Bjornstjerne-Bjornson
Poems In Prose (e) by Oscar-Wilde
Poems Of The Week (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Poems on Slavery (p) by Henry-Wadsworth-Longfellow
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Poet (p) by Dhan-Gopal-Mukerji
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Poet And His Book, The (p) by Edna-St Vincent-Millay
Poet And His Song, The (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Poet And King (p) by Eugene-Field
Poet And Novelist Of The People: Thomas Miller, A (e) by William-Andrews
Poet And The Baby, The (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
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Poet And The Children, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Poet And The Critics (a fable), The (p) by Austin-Dobson
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Poet And The Peasant, The (s) by O-Henry
Poet Answered, The (e) by Stephen-Leacock
Poet at the Breakfast Table, The (e) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Poet In Prison, A (e) by Edmund-Gosse
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Poet Is Bidden To Manhattan Island, The (p) by Charles-G. D.-Roberts
Poet Looks At The Moon, A (p) by Edward-Powys-Mathers
Poet Of One Mood In All My Lays [Sonnet] (p) by Alice-Meynell
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Poet Of Shadows, A (e) by George-William-Russell
Poet Of Sierra Flat, The (s) by Bret-Harte
Poet Of The Fisher-Folk: Mrs. Susan K. Phillips, The (e) by William-Andrews
Poet Of The Poor: Mary Pyper, A (e) by William-Andrews
Poet Pleads With His Friend For Old Friends, The (p) by William-Butler-Yeats
Poet Priest, The (p) by Abram-Joseph-Ryan
Poet Shepherd, The (p) by Charles-Hamilton-Musgrove
Poet Sings To Her Poet, The (p) by Alice-Meynell
Poet Thinks, A (p) by Edward-Powys-Mathers
Poet To His Beloved, A (p) by William-Butler-Yeats
Poet To His Childhood, The (p) by Alice-Meynell
Poet To His Love, The (p) by Edith-Nesbit
Poet To His Wife, The (p) by Victor-Hugo
Poet To Nature [sonnet], The (p) by Alice-Meynell
Poet Undone, The (p) by John-Kendrick-Bangs
Poet! If On A Lasting Fame Be Bent (p) by Henry-Timrod
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Poet's Death, The (p) by John-Clare
Poet's Doom, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Poet's Enchanted Life (p) by James-Avis-Bartley
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Poet's Fad, A (p) by John-Kendrick-Bangs
Poet's Father, A (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
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Poet's Hat, The (p) by Robert-F.-Murray
Poet's Home, A (p) by George-Wither
Poet's Hope, A (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
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Poet's Love For The Children, The (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Poet's Metamorphosis, The (p) by Eugene-Field
Poet's Mind, The (p) by Alfred-Lord-Tennyson
Poet's Ministers, The (p) by Frances-Fuller-Victor
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Poet's Progress, The (p) by Robert-Burns
Poet's Recompense, The (p) by Charles-Sangster
Poet's Reply To The Threat Of A Censorious Critic, The (p) by Robert-Burns
Poet's Seat, An Idyll Of The Suburbs, The (p) by Austin-Dobson
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Poet's Song, The (p) by Archibald-Lampman
Poet's Song, The (p) by Alfred-Lord-Tennyson
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Poet's Theme (war), The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Poet's Troubles, The (p) by J.-C.-Manning
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Poet's Wife, A (p) by Alice-Meynell
Poet, Or, Sound-Hearted Lover's Farewell To His Mistress, A (p) by Joanna-Baillie
Poet. A Rhapsody, The (p) by Mark-Akenside
Poeta Fit, Non Nascitur (p) by Lewis-Carroll
Poetaster; or, His Arraignment, The (d/c) by Ben-Jonson
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Poetess Of Reform, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
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Poetic Test, The (e) by Timothy-Titcomb
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Poetical Imitations And Similarities (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
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Poetics (n) by Aristotle
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Poetry And The Mode (e) by Maurice-Hewlett
Poetry And Tradition (e) by William-Butler-Yeats
Poetry Club, The (s) by Talbot-Baines-Reed
Poetry Everywhere (p) by W.-S.-Gilbert
Poetry Of A Root Crop, The (p) by Charles-Kingsley
Poetry of Architecture, The (n) by John-Ruskin
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Poetry Of Shelley, The (p) by George-Meredith
Poetry Of Southey, The (p) by George-Meredith
Poetry Of Spenser, The (p) by George-Meredith
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Poetry Of Toast Lists And Menu Cards, The (e) by William-Andrews
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Poets (p) by Joyce-Kilmer
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Poets And Philosophers (p) by James-McIntyre
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Poets Of The Tomb, The (p) by Henry-Lawson
Poets On Their Own Art (e) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Poets To Come (p) by Walt-Whitman
Poets, Philosophers, And Artists, Made By Accident (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Point Grey (s) by E. Pauline-Johnson
Point Of Biography, A (e) by Alice-Meynell
Point Of Contact, A (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
Point Of Honour, The (e) by Alice-Meynell
Point Of Taste, The (p) by George-Meredith
Point Of Theology On Maduro, A (s) by Louis-Becke
Point Of View, The (e) by Arthur-C.-Benson
Point Of View, The (s) by Stanley-Grauman-Weinbaum
Point of View, The (s) by Henry-James
Point Of View, A (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
Point Of View, The (e) by Francis-B.-Pearson
Point Of View: I, The (p) by Edith-Nesbit
Point To Be Remembered By Very Eminent Men (1918), A (e) by Max-Beerbohm
Pointers For The Lords Of Creation (e) by Myrtle-Reed
Points And Lines (p) by Aldous-Huxley
Poirier's Rooster (p) by William-Henry-Drummond
Poison Belt, The (f/n) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
Poison Island (f/n) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Poison Maid, The (s) by Richard-Garnett
Poison Tree, A (p) by William-Blake
Poison-Labels (s) by Howard-J.-Chidley
Poison-Mouth (s) by Katherine-Neville-Fleeson
Poison-Seeds (p) by John-Oxenham
Poisoned Ice, The (s) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Poisoned Pen, The (s) by Arthur-B.-Reeve
Poisonous Fish Of The Pacific Islands (e) by Louis-Becke
Poisonous Fruit (p) by Elizabeth-Turner
Poisonous Jimmy Gets Left (s) by Henry-Lawson
Pokepsie (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Poker Game, A (s) by Stephen-Crane
Poland (p) by Victor-Hugo
Poland (p) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Polar Bear, The (p) by Hilaire-Belloc
Polar Zone, The (s) by John-A.-Hill
Polaris Of The Snows (s) by Charles-B.-Stilson
Pole, The (p) by Bert-Leston-Taylor
Pole-Men, The (s) by William-John-Hopkins
Pole-Vellum, Cornwall (p) by William-Lisle-Bowles
Police Operation (s) by H.-Beam-Piper
Police Reports - Case Of Imposture (p) by Thomas-Moore
Police Your Planet (f/n) by Lester-Del Rey
Police!!! (s) by Robert-W.-Chambers
Policeman, The (p) by Harry-Graham
Policeman And The Citizen, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Policeman X (p) by John-Oxenham
Policeman's Lot, The (p) by W.-S.-Gilbert
Polikushka, or The Lot of a Wicked Court Servant (s) by Leo-Tolstoy
Polinka (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Polite Conversation (e) by Richard-King
Polite Masks (e) by Richard-King
Politeness (p) by Elizabeth-Turner
Politeness Of Princes, The (s) by P-G-Wodehouse
Political Apostate, A (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Political Ballads Written In The Year 1777 (p) by Francis-Hopkinson
Political Criticism On Literary Compositions (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Political Economy (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Political Economy (s) by Mark-Twain
Political Economy (p) by Matt-W.-Alderson
Political Forgeries And Fictions (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Political Ideals (e) by Bertrand-Russell
Political Nicknames (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Political Precept (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Political Speeches & Debates Of Lincoln in Senatorial Campaign 1858 in Illinois (n) by Abraham-Lincoln
Political Surgeon (p) by James-Parkerson
Political Value Of History, The (e) by Edward-Hartpole-Lecky
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Politician, The (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
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Politician, A (p) by Don-Marquis
Politician, The (e) by David-Grayson
Politician Out-Witted, The (d/c) by Samuel-Low
Politicians, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Politicians And The Plunder, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Politics (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Politics (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
Politics In 1888 (p) by Eugene-Field
Politics Of American Authors (e) by William-Dean-Howells
Polk County Hills (p) by Frances-Fuller-Victor
Polly Dibbs (p) by Clarence-James-Dennis
Polly of Pebbly Pit (f/n) by Lillian-Elizabeth-Roy
Polly Oliver's Problem: A Story For Girls (f/n) by Kate-Douglas-Wiggin
Polly's Lover (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Polly: A New-Fashioned Girl (f/n) by L.-T.-Meade
Pollyanna (f/n) by Eleanor-Hodgman-Porter
Pollyanna Grows Up (f/n) by Eleanor-Hodgman-Porter
Polonius (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Poltarnees, Beholder Of Ocean (s) by Lord-Dunsany
Polycarp (e) by Lydia-H.-Sigourney
Polygamy As A Religious Duty (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Polyolbion (e) by Maurice-Hewlett
Polzunkov, A Story (s) by Fyodor-Dostoyevsky
Pomegranate Blossom! Heart Of Fire! (p) by Helen-Hunt-Jackson
Pomegranate King, The (s) by Anonymous
Pomegranate Seeds, The (s) by Nathaniel-Hawthorne
Pomona (p) by William-Morris
Pomona's Daughter (s) by Frank-R-Stockton
Pomona's Travels (f/n) by Frank-R-Stockton
Pomp of the Lavilettes, The (f/n) by Gilbert-Parker
Pompadour In Art, The (e) by A.-Clutton-Brock
Pompeii And Herculaneum (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Pompey The Little (e) by Edmund-Gosse
Pompless No Life Can Pass Away (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Pomponio (s) by Charles-Franklin-Carter
Pompous Man, The (p) by Walt-Mason
Pompous Pride In Literary "Lions" (e) by Richard-King
Ponapean Convenance, A (s) by Louis-Becke
Ponce De Leon And The Fountain Of Youth (s) by Charles-Morris
Pond, The (p) by John-Freeman
Pond, The (s) by Carl-Ewald
Pond, The (e) by A.-A.-Milne
Pondicherry Boy, A (e) by Morley-Roberts
Ponteach; The Savages of America: A Tragedy (d/c) by Robert-Rogers
Pony Engine and the Pacific Express, The (s) by William-Dean-Howells
Pool, The (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Pool, The (p) by Don-Marquis
Pool, The (p) by Edward-Shanks
Pool And The Soul, The (p) by Victor-Hugo
Poor, The (p) by William-Carlos-Williams
Poor 'Miss 7' (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Poor And Needy, The (s) by Edith-Nesbit
Poor And Weary! (p) by John-S.-Adams
Poor Blind Pig, The (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Poor Boy, The (s) by Herr-Slavice
Poor Boy in the Grave, The (s) by Jacob-& Wilhelm-Grimm
Poor Broken Flower (p) by Thomas-Moore
Poor Clare, The (s) by Elizabeth-Cleghorn-Gaskell
Poor Crazy Samuel, And The Mischievous Boys (s) by M. -Arnaud--Berquin
Poor Dear Mamma (s) by Rudyard-Kipling
Poor Debtor, The (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
Poor Devil, The (s) by Clara-Stroebe
Poor Devil! (p) by Stephen-Vincent-Benet
Poor Excuse, A (e) by Lemuel-K.-Washburn
Poor Excuse, But Our Own, A (p) by Franklin-P.-Adams
Poor Fiddler, A (e) by John-Earle
Poor Fisherman And His Wife, The (s) by Mabel-Cook-Cole
Poor Folk (f/n) by Fyodor-Dostoyevsky
Poor French Sailor's Scottish Sweetheart, A (p) by William-Johnson-Cory
Poor Gentleman, A (s) by George-Gissing
Poor Ghost, The (p) by Christina-Georgina-Rossetti
Poor Harold: A Comedy (d/c) by Floyd-Dell
Poor Henry (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Poor House, The (p) by Sara-Teasdale
Poor Housekeeping (p) by Hattie-Howard
Poor In Heart, The (s) by Perceval-Gibbon
Poor Little Boy, The (s) by Isaac-Loeb-Peretz
Poor Little Children (p) by Victor-Hugo
Poor Little Heart! (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Poor Little Joe (p) by Madge-Morris-Wagner
Poor Little Penny Dreadful, The (e) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Poor Mailie's Elegy (p) by Robert-Burns
Poor Man, A (e) by John-Earle
Poor Man, The (p) by Eliza-Lee Cabot-Follen
Poor Man And His Three Sons, The (s) by Dean-S.-Fansler
Poor Man and the Rich Man, The (s) by Jacob-& Wilhelm-Grimm
Poor Man's Club, The (p) by Walt-Mason
Poor Man's Grave (p) by William-Lisle-Bowles
Poor Man's Guest, The (p) by Edith-Nesbit
Poor Man's Tale of a Patent, A (s) by Charles-Dickens
Poor Matthias (p) by Matthew-Arnold
Poor Miller's Boy and the Cat, The (s) by Jacob-& Wilhelm-Grimm
Poor Miss Finch (f/n) by Wilkie-Collins
Poor Mr. Ponsonby (s) by Agnes-Blake-Poor
Poor Of Earth, The (p) by John-S.-Adams
Poor Old Bill (s) by Lord-Dunsany
Poor Old Texas (e) by William-Cowper-Brann
Poor Peter (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Poor Pierrot (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Poor Plutocrats, The (f/n) by Maurus-Jokai
Poor Relation, The (p) by Edwin-Arlington-Robinson
Poor Relation's Story, The (s) by Charles-Dickens
Poor Relations (e) by Charles-Lamb
Poor Romeo! (e) by Max-Beerbohm
Poor Rule, A (s) by O-Henry
Poor Scholar, The (f/n) by William-Carleton
Poor Snail, That Toilest At My Weary Feet (p) by Charles-Sangster
Poor Susan (p) by William-Wordsworth
Poor Thing, The (s) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Poor Torn Heart, A Tattered Heart, A (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Poor Voter On Election Day, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Poor White (f/n) by Sherwood-Anderson
Poor Wise Man, A (f/n) by Mary-Roberts-Rinehart
Poor Withered Rose (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Poor Wounded Heart (p) by Thomas-Moore
Poor Yorick (e) by Thomas-Bailey-Aldrich
Poor's Portion, The (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Poor, Dear Margaret Kirby (s) by Kathleen-Thompson-Norris
Poortith Cauld And Restless Love (p) by Robert-Burns
Pop (s) by Rupert-Hughes
Pope (e) by Augustine-Birrell
Pope And Addison (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Pope And Cibber; Containing A Vindication Of The Comic Writer (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Pope And Didactic Poetry (e) by Thomas-De Quincey
Pope Night (e) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Pope Of The Big Sandy, The (s) by John-Fox
Pope's Earliest Satire (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Pope's Retort Upon Addison (e) by Thomas-De Quincey
Pope, And His Miscellaneous Quarrels (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Popes (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Poplars, The (p) by Theodosia-Garrison
Poplars (p) by Hilda-Conkling
Poppies and Wheat (s) by Louisa-May-Alcott
Poppy (p) by Hilda-Conkling
Poppy And Mandragora (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Poppy's Pranks (s) by Louisa-May-Alcott
Poppy--To Monica, The (p) by Francis-Thompson
Poppycock, The (p) by Carolyn-Wells
Popular Ballad: "Never Forget Your Parents" (p) by Franklin-P.-Adams
Popular Burlesque (e) by Alice-Meynell
Popular Conception Of A Poet, The (e) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Popular Fallacies (e) by Charles-Lamb
Popular Song, The (p) by Joseph-Crosby-Lincoln
Popular Song Writer: Mrs. John Hunter, A (e) by William-Andrews
Porcelain (p) by Conrad-Aiken
Porcelain Stove, The (s) by Kate-Douglas-Wiggin
Porcupine, The (p) by Hilaire-Belloc
Porcupine, The (e) by John-Burroughs
Porcupine, The (p) by Ruth-McEnery-Stuart
Porcupine And The Snakes, The (s) by Aesop -author of Aesop-s Fables-
Pordenone (p) by William-Dean-Howells
Pork And Honey (s) by P.-Chr.-Asbjornsen
Porphyria's Lover (p) by Robert-Browning
Porpoise, The (s) by William-John-Hopkins
Porro Unum... (e) by Max-Beerbohm
Port Burwell (p) by James-McIntyre
Port In A Storm (s) by George-MacDonald
Port Stanley (p) by James-McIntyre
Port-Royal Society, The (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Portal of Dreams (f/n) by Charles-Neville-Buck
Portals (p) by Walt-Whitman
Portent, The (p) by Herman-Melville
Portent (p) by William-Carlos-Williams
Portent (f/n) by George-MacDonald
Porter, The (p) by Clarence-James-Dennis
Portia (p) by Oscar-Wilde
Portii Licinii (p) by Richard-Lovelace
Portion of Labor, The (f/n) by Mary E-Wilkins-Freeman
Portion Of The Just, The (p) by John-Castillo
Portland (e) by Arthur-C.-Benson
Portland Bill (s) by Wilfred-Thomason-Grenfell
Portrait, A (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Portrait, A (p) by Thomas-Burke
Portrait, The (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
Portrait, The (s) by Edith-Wharton
Portrait, A (p) by Susan-Coolidge
Portrait, A (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Portrait, A (p) by James-Avis-Bartley
Portrait, A (p) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Portrait, A (p) by Christina-Georgina-Rossetti
Portrait, A (e) by Christopher-Morley
Portrait, A (s) by Guy-De-Maupassant
Portrait, A (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Portrait, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Portrait And Reality (p) by Henry-Van Dyke
Portrait By A Neighbor (p) by Edna-St Vincent-Millay
Portrait By Mr. Sargent, A (e) by George-Augustus-Moore
Portrait By Veneziano, A (p) by Rachel-Annand-Taylor
Portrait Of A Baby (p) by Stephen-Vincent-Benet
Portrait Of A Boy (p) by Stephen-Vincent-Benet
Portrait Of A Child, The (e) by Hilaire-Belloc
Portrait Of A Child (an ode), The (p) by Victor-Hugo
Portrait of a Lady, The (f/n) by Henry-James
Portrait Of A Lady (s) by Jerome-K-Jerome
Portrait of a Lady (p) by T-S-Eliot
Portrait Of A Warrior, The (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Portrait Of A Woman (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Portrait of King William III (s) by Mark-Twain
Portrait of Mr. W. H., The (s) by Oscar-Wilde
Portrait Of One Dead (p) by Conrad-Aiken
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, A (f/n) by James-Joyce
Portrait Of The Author (p) by William-Carlos-Williams
Portrait [Medical Poem], A (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Portrait [She was not very beautiful, if it be beauty's test], A (p) by Nathaniel-Parker-Willis
Portrait [She's beautiful! Her raven curls], A (p) by Nathaniel-Parker-Willis
Portraits Are To Daily Faces (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Portraits Of Authors (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Portuguese Cigar, The (s) by A.-A.-Milne
Portuguese Duck, The (s) by Hans-Christian-Andersen
Portuguese Slavery (e) by Evelyn-Baring
Portygee, The (f/n) by Joseph-Crosby-Lincoln
Poseidon (p) by Heinrich-Heine
Poseidon's Law (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Posey (s) by Florence-Finch-Kelly
Posie, The (p) by Robert-Burns
Position, The (e) by Hilaire-Belloc
Positive Romance, A (s) by Edward-Bellamy
Possessed, The (f/n) by Fyodor-Dostoyevsky
Possessed One, The (p) by Charles-Baudelaire
Possession (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Possession (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Possession (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Possession (p) by Edith-Nesbit
Possession (p) by Isabel-Ecclestone-Mackay
Possession's Anguish (p) by Laurence-Alma-Tadema
Possibilities (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Possibilities And Impossibilities (e) by Thomas-Henry-Huxley
Possibility, A (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Possum (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Possum Trot (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Post, The (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Post Haste (f/n) by R.-M.-Ballantyne
Post Office, The (d/c) by Rabindranath-Tagore
Post That Fitted, The (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Post-Impression, A (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Post-Impressionist, A (p) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
Post-Mortem Industry (p) by Walt-Mason
Post-mortem Poetry (s) by Mark-Twain
Post-Prandial (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Post-Vacational (p) by Bert-Leston-Taylor
Posterity's Award (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Posthumous Poems (p) by Abram-Joseph-Ryan
Posthumous Remorse (p) by Charles-Baudelaire
Posting To Printing [epigram] (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Postlude, A (s) by Annie-Eliot-Trumbull
Postlude, A (p) by Thomas-S.-Jones
Postlude (p) by William-Carlos-Williams
Postlude (p) by Harry-Graham
Postman, The (p) by Clarence-James-Dennis
Postmark Ganymede (s) by Robert-Silverberg
Postmistress Of Laurel Run, The (s) by Bret-Harte
Postponement (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Postscript (e) by Walter-Pater
Postscript Or Apology (e) by Vernon-Lee
Postscript: "Men Who March Away" (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Postscripts (e) by William-Davenport-Adams
Posture Of Authors, The (e) by Charles-S.-Brooks
Pot, The (s) by Laura-E.-Richards
Pot Boiler: A Comedy in Four Acts, The (d/c) by Upton-Sinclair
Pot Of Gold, The (s) by Mary E-Wilkins-Freeman
Pot Of Tea, A (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Pot-Boiler, The (s) by Edith-Wharton
Pot-Poet, A (e) by John-Earle
Pot-Pourri (p) by Helen-Hay-Whitney
Potash & Perlmutter (f/n) by Montague-Glass
Potash and Perlmutter Settle Things (f/n) by Montague-Glass
Potato Child, The (s) by Lucia-Prudence H-Woodbury
Potato Harvest, The (p) by Charles-G. D.-Roberts
Potato's Dance, The (p) by Vachel-Lindsay
Potatoes' Dance (A Poem Game), The (p) by Vachel-Lindsay
Pothunters, The (f/n) by P-G-Wodehouse
Potion Of Lao-Tsze, The (s) by Richard-Garnett
Potiphar Papers, The (e) by George-William-Curtis
Potiphar's Wife (e) by William-Cowper-Brann
Potlatch, The (s) by E. Pauline-Johnson
Potpourri (p) by Lola-Ridge
Potpourri (p) by Harry-Graham
Pots O'Money (s) by P-G-Wodehouse
Potter, The (s) by Laura-E.-Richards
Potter, The (p) by John-Oxenham
Potts's Painless Cure (s) by Edward-Bellamy
Poultry Meg's Family (s) by Hans-Christian-Andersen
Poundridge, N. Y. (p) by Jared-Barhite
Poverty (s) by Mordecai-Spektor
Poverty and Humility Lead to Heaven (s) by Jacob-& Wilhelm-Grimm
Poverty And Riches [epigram] (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Poverty Is The Father Of Vice, Crime And Failure (e) by Arthur-Brisbane
Poverty Of The Learned (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Powder Monkey, The (s) by George-Manville-Fenn
Powder Monkey, The (p) by Carolyn-Wells
Power (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Power (p) by George-MacDonald
Power (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
Power of Darkness, The (d/c) by Leo-Tolstoy
Power Of Fable, The (s) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Power Of Fables, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Power Of Kindness (from 'The Home Mission') (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
Power Of Kindness (from 'Words of Cheer'), The (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
Power Of Love (p) by James-McIntyre
Power of Movement in Plants, The (n) by Charles-Darwin
Power Of Music, The (p) by Thomas-Burke
Power of Music (p) by William-Wordsworth
Power Of Patience, The (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
Power of Personal Influence, The (e) by William-George-Jordan
Power of Prayer; or, The First Steamboat up the Alabama, The (p) by Sidney-Lanier
Power Of Song, The (s) by Nina-Case
Power Of Song, The (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Power of the Dog, The (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Power Of The Harp, The (p) by George-Borrow
Power Of The Scalawag, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Power Of Time, The (p) by Jonathan-Swift
Power Of Woman, The (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Power of Words, The (s) by Edgar-Allan-Poe
Powerful Friend, A (s) by Edith-Nesbit
Powerful Speech, A (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Powers (e) by Samuel-Butler
Poynings (p) by Jean-Blewett
Practical Angora Goat Raising (n) by C.-P.-Bailey
Practical Joke, The Christmas Story Of Uncle Ned, The (s) by Anonymous
Practical Joker, The (p) by W.-S.-Gilbert
Practical Philosophy (s) by Falconbridge
Practicing (p) by Mary-Carolyn-Davies
Practicing Time (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Praeceptor Amat (p) by Henry-Timrod
Praed (e) by George-Saintsbury
Praeludium (p) by Ben-Jonson
Praestantissimo Viro Thomae Poello In Suum De Elementis Opticae Libellum (p) by Henry-Vaughan
Praeterita (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Prairie, The (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Prairie, The (f/n) by James-Fenimore-Cooper
Prairie (p) by Virna-Sheard
Prairie Battlements, The (p) by Vachel-Lindsay
Prairie Chief, The (f/n) by R.-M.-Ballantyne
Prairie Child, The (f/n) by Arthur-Stringer
Prairie Folks (p) by Hamlin-Garland
Prairie Greyhounds (p) by E. Pauline-Johnson
Prairie Idyl, A (s) by Will-Lillibridge
Prairie Mother, The (f/n) by Arthur-Stringer
Prairie On Fire, The (p) by George-Pope-Morris
Prairie School, The (p) by Isabel-Ecclestone-Mackay
Prairie States, The (p) by Walt-Whitman
Prairie Sunset, A (p) by Walt-Whitman
Prairie Vagabond, A (s) by Gilbert-Parker
Prairie Wife, The (f/n) by Arthur-Stringer
Prairie-Grass Dividing, The (p) by Walt-Whitman
Prairies, The (e) by Rupert-Brooke
Prairies, The (p) by William-Cullen-Bryant
Praise Day (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Praise For Birth And Education In A Christian Land (p) by Isaac-Watts
Praise For Creation And Providence (p) by Isaac-Watts
Praise For Mercies Spiritual And Temporal (p) by Isaac-Watts
Praise For The Gospel (p) by Isaac-Watts
Praise Of A Dairy, The (p) by Anonymous -Poetry-s author-
Praise Of A Religious Life By Mathias Casimirus [Epodon Ode III], The (p) by Henry-Vaughan
Praise Of Chimney-Sweepers, The (e) by Charles-Lamb
Praise of Christmas (p) by Harrison-S.-Morris
Praise Of Dust, The (p) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Praise Of God, The (p) by George-MacDonald
Praise Of My Lady (p) by William-Morris
Praise Of Old Wives' Tales, The (e) by William-Butler-Yeats
Praise Of Thames, The (e) by William-Davenport-Adams
Praise The Generous Gods For Giving (p) by William-Ernest-Henley
Praise To God For Learning To Read (p) by Isaac-Watts
Praise To God For Our Redemption (p) by Isaac-Watts
Praiseful Complaint, A (p) by Max-Eastman
Praises Of Rural Life (p) by Sarah-S.-Mower
Praline Woman, The (s) by Alice-Moore-Dunbar-Nelson
Pray And Prosper (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Prayer (p) by Ivan-Turgenev
Prayer (p) by Laurence-Hope
Prayer (p) by George-Borrow
Prayer, A (p) by Archibald-Lampman
Prayer (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
Prayer (p) by H.-D.
Prayer, The (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Prayer (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Prayer, A (p) by George-William-Russell
Prayer, The (p) by Sara-Teasdale
Prayer, A (e) by Elbert-Hubbard
Prayer (e) by Arthur-C.-Benson
Prayer, A (p) by Anne-Bronte
Prayer, A (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Prayer, A (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
Prayer (p) by George-MacDonald
Prayer, A (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Prayer, A (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Prayer (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Prayer (p) by Frank-Oliver-Call
Prayer At Bethlehem, A (p) by Anne-P. L.-Field
Prayer At Sunrise (p) by James-Weldon-Johnson
Prayer For England, A (p) by Eric-Mackay
Prayer For France (p) by Victor-Hugo
Prayer For Light, A (p) by Eric-Mackay
Prayer For My Son, A (p) by William-Butler-Yeats
Prayer For Peace, The (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Prayer For Submission (p) by W.-M.-MacKeracher
Prayer For The Followers Of Ideal Beauty, A (p) by Ethel-Allen-Murphy
Prayer For The King's Majesty, A (p) by Edith-Nesbit
Prayer For The Past, A (p) by George-MacDonald
Prayer For World Peace (p) by Edward-Doyle
Prayer In Sickness, A (p) by George-MacDonald
Prayer In Time Of War (p) by Edith-Nesbit
Prayer Of A Lonely Heart, The (p) by Fanny-Kemble
Prayer Of Adam Alone In Paradise, The (p) by Charles-Mackay
Prayer Of Agassiz, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Prayer Of Boob Aheera, The (s) by Lord-Dunsany
Prayer Of Columbus (p) by Walt-Whitman
Prayer Of Love, A (p) by Jean-Blewett
Prayer Of Miriam Cohen, The (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Prayer of Nature, The (p) by Lord-Byron
Prayer Of The Flowers, The (s) by Lord-Dunsany
Prayer Of The Heathen (p) by Walt-Mason
Prayer Of The Penitent Profligate, The (p) by W.-M.-MacKeracher
Prayer Of The South, The (p) by Abram-Joseph-Ryan
Prayer On Going Into My House, A (p) by William-Butler-Yeats
Prayer Rug And The Dishonest Steward, The (s) by Allan-Ramsay
Prayer To All The Dead Among Mine Own People, A (p) by Vachel-Lindsay
Prayer To My Lord (p) by John-Freeman
Prayer To Persephone (p) by Edna-St Vincent-Millay
Prayer [Fear not in any tongue to call] (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Prayer [God grant me kindly thought], A (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Prayer [God grant to us the strength of men], A (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Prayer [I do not undertake to say] (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Prayer [I meant to have but modest needs], A (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Prayer [Just as I shape the purport of my thought], A (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Prayer [Lean on thyself until thy strength is tried] (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Prayer [Let me not know how sins and sorrows glide] (p) by James-Elroy-Flecker
Prayer [Lord, let us pray] (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Prayer [Master of sweet and loving lore], A (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Prayer [Prayer is the little implement] (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Prayer [Satan, to thee be praise upon the Height] (p) by James-Elroy-Flecker
Prayer [Sweet Spirit of Cesspool, hear a mother's prayer], A (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Prayer [Thou Who Mad'st The Mighty Clock], A (p) by George-MacDonald
Prayer [UNTIL I lose my soul and lie], A (p) by Sara-Teasdale
Prayer [We doubt the word that tells us: Ask] (p) by George-MacDonald
Prayer [When I am dying, let me know], A (p) by Sara-Teasdale
Prayer, 1918, A (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Prayer, In The Prospect Of Death (p) by Robert-Burns
Prayer, Under The Pressure Of Violent Anguish (p) by Robert-Burns
Prayer--O Thou Dread Power (p) by Robert-Burns
Prayer-Seeker, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Prayers (s) by Rupert-Hughes
Prayers (p) by Helen-Hay-Whitney
Prayers Must Have Poise (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Prayers Written At Vailima (e) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Pre-Existence, A (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Pre-Ordination (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Pre-Palatial Newport (e) by Eliot-Gregory
Pre-Raphaelitism (e) by John-Ruskin
Preacher, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Preacher, The (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Preacher Down At Coles, The (p) by Jean-Blewett
Preacher's Love Story, A (s) by Hamlin-Garland
Preachin' On Kingdom-Come (s) by John-Fox
Preaching From A Spanish Ballad, A (p) by George-Meredith
Preaching Vs. Practice (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Precaution: A Novel (f/n) by James-Fenimore-Cooper
Precedence (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Precedent (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Preceptor, The (p) by Victor-Hugo
Precinct. Rochester, The (p) by Amy-Lowell
Precious Blood Of Jesus, The (p) by Frances-Ridley-Havergal
Precious Stones (p) by Charles-Stuart-Calverley
Precious Things (p) by Frances-Ridley-Havergal
Precious Things (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Precipice: A Novel, The (f/n) by Elia-W.-Peattie
Precipitate Cock And The Unappreciated Pearl, The (p) by Guy-Wetmore-Carryl
Precocious Baby. A Very True Tale, The (p) by W.-S.-Gilbert
Precocious Infant, The (e) by Lydia-H.-Sigourney
Predecessors (p) by Rachel-Annand-Taylor
Predicament, A (s) by Edgar-Allan-Poe
Predicament Of De Plonville, The (s) by Robert-Barr
Prediction (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Predictions for The Year 1708 (n) by Jonathan-Swift
Preface (p) by Wilfred-Owen
Preface To 'The Master Of Ballantrae' (e) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Preface To An Essay On Milton's Use & Imitation Of Moderns In His Paradise Lost (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Preface To My Round Trip (e) by Leon-Trotzky
Preface To Payne's New Tables Of Interest (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Preface To Rolt's Dictionary (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Preface To Shakespeare (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Preface To The Artists' Catalogue For 1762 (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Preface To The English Dictionary (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Preface To The First Edition Of John M. Synge's Poems And Translations (e) by William-Butler-Yeats
Preface To The Gentleman's Magazine, 1738 (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Preface To The Literary Magazine, 1756 (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Preface To The Octavo Edition Of The English Dictionary (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Preface To The Preceptor, Containing A General Plan Of Education (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Preface To The Profession Of Journalism, A (e) by Christopher-Morley
Preface To The Translation Of Father Lobo's Voyage To Abyssinia (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Preface, By A Friend Of The Late Elia (e) by Charles-Lamb
Preface--The Queen's Last Ride (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Prefaces (e) by Christopher-Morley
Prefaces (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Prefatory Sonnets (p) by Henry-Kendall
Prefect's Uncle, A (f/n) by P-G-Wodehouse
Preference, A (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Preference (p) by Charlotte-Bronte
Preference Declared, The (p) by Eugene-Field
Preferential Treatment (p) by Harry-Graham
Prefigurations Of Remote Events (e) by Thomas-De Quincey
Pregnant Comment, The (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Prehistoric Railway Station, The (e) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Preliminaries, The (s) by Cornelia-A. P.-Comer
Preliminary Discourse To The London Chronicle (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Prelude (p) by William-Dean-Howells
Prelude, The (p) by Rachel-Annand-Taylor
Prelude (p) by George-William-Russell
Prelude (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Prelude (p) by William-Watson
Prelude (p) by William-H. G.-Kingston
Prelude (p) by Susan-Coolidge
Prelude (From The Shepherd's Hunting) (p) by George-Wither
Prelude To "The Songs Of Twilight" (p) by Victor-Hugo
Prelude To A Volume Printed In Raised Letters For The Blind (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Prelude to the Vision of Sir Launfal (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Prelude [from 'Ballads of a Bohemian'] (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Prelude [from 'Rhymes of a Rolling Stone'] (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Prelude: The troops (p) by Siegfried-Sassoon
Preludes (p) by T-S-Eliot
Preludes (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Preludes To A Penny Reading (p) by Jean-Ingelow
Preluding (p) by Leigh-Gordon-Giltner
Premature Burial, The (s) by Edgar-Allan-Poe
Premature Spring (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
Premier Pas, Le (s) by E.-W.-Hornung
Premonition (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Premonition (p) by Isabel-Ecclestone-Mackay
Premonition (p) by Bliss-Carman
Premonition (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Premonition (p) by William-Rose-Benet
Preparation (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Preparation (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Preparation (p) by William-Johnson-Cory
Preparedness (p) by W.-E.-Christian
Preparedness (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Preparing For Old Age (e) by Elbert-Hubbard
Preposterous Motive, The (s) by Susan-Glaspell
Prerogative Of Might, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Presage Of Victory (p) by John-Freeman
Presence (p) by Isabel-Ecclestone-Mackay
Presence (p) by Maurice-Hewlett
Presence (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
Presence Of Mind (s) by Falconbridge
Presence Of Mind And Happy Guessing (e) by John-Brown
Presences (p) by William-Butler-Yeats
Present, The (p) by Adelaide-Anne-Procter
Present, The (p) by Mary-Carolyn-Davies
Present, The (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Present Age, The (p) by Frances-E. W.-Harper
Present At A Hanging (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Present Condition Of French Music, The (e) by Romain-Rolland
Present Condition Of Organic Nature, The (e) by Thomas-Henry-Huxley
Present Crisis, The (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Present Imperative (p) by Franklin-P.-Adams
Present Time, The (e) by Thomas-Carlyle
Present Time Best Pleaseth [epigram], The (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Present; Or, The Bag Of The Bee, The (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Presentation, The (p) by Henry-Newbolt
Presentation Stanzas To Correspondents (p) by Robert-Burns
Presentation To The Authorities, By Privates, Of Colors Captured In Battles (p) by Herman-Melville
Presentiment (p) by Abram-Joseph-Ryan
Presentiment, A (p) by Robert-F.-Murray
Presentiment (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Presentiment, A (p) by William-Cullen-Bryant
Presentiment (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Presentiment (p) by Charlotte-Bronte
Presentiment, A (s) by William-Dean-Howells
Presentiment Is That Long Shadow On The Lawn (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Presenting A Hat To Phoebe (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Preservation (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
President Lincoln's Funeral Hymn (p) by Walt-Whitman
President On The Stump, The (e) by James-Russell-Lowell
President Warren Gamaliel Harding (e) by Clinton-W.-Gilbert
Presidente Who Had Horns, The (s) by Mabel-Cook-Cole
Presidential Office, The (e) by James-Ford-Rhodes
Press, The (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Press, The (p) by Edward-Doyle
Press Cuttings (d/c) by George-Bernard-Shaw
Pressed Gentian, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Prester John (e) by Sabine-Baring-Gould
Preston Powers, Inscription For Bass-Relief (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Presumption (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Presumptuous Fly, The (p) by Thomas-Gent
Pretender To Learning, A (e) by John-Earle
Pretending Not To See (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Pretentious Young Ladies, The (d/c) by Moliere
Pretext, The (s) by Edith-Wharton
Pretty Goldilocks (s) by Andrew-Lang
Pretty Lady: A Novel, The (f/n) by Arnold-Bennett
Pretty Little Girl (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Pretty Little Pink (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Pretty Madcap Dorothy; or, How She Won a Lover (f/n) by Laura-Jean-Libbey
Pretty Pair Of Chickens, A (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Pretty Peg (p) by Robert-Burns
Pretty Poll (e) by Grant-Allen
Pretty Polly Ann (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Pretty Preachers (e) by E.-Lynn-Linton
Pretty Quarrel, A (s) by Lord-Dunsany
Pretty Rose-Tree, The (p) by Thomas-Moore
Pretty Sister Of Jose, The (s) by Frances-Hodgson-Burnett
Pretty Woman, A (p) by Robert-Browning
Pretty Woman (s) by Elaine-Goodale-Eastman
Preventing A Scandal (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Prevention Of Cruelty To Mothers, The (e) by Thomas-Wentworth-Higginson
Prey Of The Dragon, The (s) by Ethel-May-Dell
Price, The (p) by Edmund-Vance-Cooke
Price He Paid, The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Price Of Freedom, The (p) by Denis-Florence-MacCarthy
Price Of Joy, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Price of Love, The (f/n) by Arnold-Bennett
Price Of Milly Bassett, The (s) by Eden-Phillpotts
Price Of Peace, The (p) by Henry-Van Dyke
Price Of Realism, The (e) by Arthur-Symons
Price Of Riches, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Price Of Romance, The (s) by Robert-Herrick
Price of Success, The (e) by Henry-Frederick-Cope
Price Of The Grindstone--And The Drum, The (s) by Gilbert-Parker
Price of Victory (In Time of War), The (p) by Horatio-Alger
Price She Paid, The (f/n) by David-Graham-Phillips
Prickly Bush, The (s) by Carolyn-Sherwin-Bailey
Pride (p) by William-Henry-Drummond
Pride And Poverty (p) by John-S.-Adams
Pride and Prejudice (f/n) by Jane-Austen
Pride And Priggishness (p) by Elizabeth-Turner
Pride Goeth Before A Fall (s) by Mrs. Howard-Kingscote
Pride in Distress (p) by Howard-Pyle
Pride Must Have A Fall (s) by W.H.D.-Rouse
Pride Of Kadampur, The (s) by S.-B.-Banerjea
Pride Of The Cities, The (s) by O-Henry
Pride Shall Have A Fall (s) by W.H.D.-Rouse
Priest And The Clerk, The (s) by P.-Chr.-Asbjornsen
Priest And The Corpse, The (s) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Priest And The Minister, The (p) by Arthur-Weir
Priest Of Nemi, The (e) by Henry-W.-Nevinson
Priest Or Hero? (e) by George-William-Russell
Priest With The Greedy Eyes, The (s) by William-Ralston-Shedden-Ralston
Priest's Brother, The (p) by Dora-Sigerson-Shorter
Priest's Heart, The (p) by Charles-Kingsley
Priest's Petition, The (s) by Mimosa
Priestess of the Flame (s) by Sewell-Peaslee-Wright
Priesthood Of Woman, The (e) by E.-Lynn-Linton
Priestly Prerogative, The (s) by Jack-London
Priests (e) by Arthur-C.-Benson
Primadonna, The (f/n) by F.-Marion-Crawford
Primal Energies (e) by John-Burroughs
Primavera Mia [sonnet] (p) by Sara-Teasdale
Prime (p) by Amy-Lowell
Prime Minister, The (f/n) by Anthony-Trollope
Primer Of Imaginary Geography, A (s) by Brander-Matthews
Primitive and His Sandals, The (s) by Henry-Van Dyke
Primordial (s) by Morgan-Robertson
Primrose, The (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Primrose, The (p) by William-Lisle-Bowles
Primrose (p) by William-Carlos-Williams
Primrose And Violet (p) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Primrose Hill (p) by Olive-Custance
Primrose Path, The (s) by D.-H.-Lawrence
Primum Mobile (p) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Prince, The (n) by Niccolo-Machiavelli
Prince Ahmed and the Fairy Paribanou (s) by Andrew-Lang
Prince and Betty, The (f/n) by P-G-Wodehouse
Prince And Princess In The Forest, The (s) by Andrew-Lang
Prince And The Badger, The (s) by Algernon-Bertram-Freeman-Mitford
Prince and the Dragon, The (s) by Andrew-Lang
Prince and The Pauper, The (f/n) by Mark-Twain
Prince and the Three Fates, The (s) by Andrew-Lang
Prince Athanase: A Fragment (p) by Percy-Bysshe-Shelley
Prince Bayaya (Story Of A Magic Horse) (s) by Parker-Fillmore
Prince Bull (s) by Charles-Dickens
Prince Charlie's Grandsons (p) by James-McIntyre
Prince Cherry (s) by Dinah-M. Mulock-Craik
Prince Darling (s) by Andrew-Lang
Prince Dorus, Or Flattery Put Out Of Countenance (p) by Charles-Lamb
Prince Featherhead and Princess Celandine (s) by Andrew-Lang
Prince Ferdinand's Entanglement (s) by Huan-Mee
Prince Fickle and Fair Helena (s) by Andrew-Lang
Prince Fortunatus (f/n) by William-Black
Prince Hagen (d/c) by Upton-Sinclair
Prince Half-A-Son (s) by Flora-Annie-Steel
Prince Hassak's March (s) by Frank-R-Stockton
Prince Hyacinth and The Dear Little Princess (s) by Andrew-Lang
Prince Imperial, The (p) by Fannie-Isabel-Sherrick
Prince Ivan, The Witch Baby, And The Little Sister Of The Sun (s) by Arthur-Ransome
Prince Life (s) by G. P. R.-James
Prince Lionheart and His Three Friends (s) by Flora-Annie-Steel
Prince Narcissus and Princess Potentilla (s) by Andrew-Lang
Prince Of Abyssinia's Post-Bag, The (s) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Prince Of Anhalt Dessau, The (p) by Margaret-Moran D.-McDougall
Prince Of Bohemia, A (s) by Honore-de-Balzac
Prince Of Court Painters, A (s) by Walter-Pater
Prince of India; or, Why Constantinople Fell, The (f/n) by Lew-Wallace
Prince Of Life, The (p) by John-Oxenham
Prince of Parthia: A Tragedy, The (d/c) by Thomas-Godfrey
Prince Of Peace (p) by John-Oxenham
Prince of Sinners, A (f/n) by E.-Phillips-Oppenheim
Prince Otto: A Romance (f/n) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Prince Prigio (f/n) by Andrew-Lang
Prince Ricardo of Pantouflia (f/n) by Andrew-Lang
Prince Ring (s) by Andrew-Lang
Prince Roman (s) by Joseph-Conrad
Prince Spin Head and Miss Snow White (s) by William-Elliot-Griffis
Prince Vivien and the Princess Placida (s) by Andrew-Lang
Prince Who Insisted On Possessing The Moon, The (s) by Henry-M.-Stanley
Prince Who Wanted to See the World, The (s) by Andrew-Lang
Prince Who Wasn't Hungry, The (s) by Carolyn-Sherwin-Bailey
Prince Who Would Not Stay Dead, A (s) by George-Cary-Eggleston
Prince Who Would Seek Immortality, The (s) by Andrew-Lang
Prince With The Golden Hand, The (s) by Alexander-Chodzko
Prince With The Nose, The (s) by Dinah-M. Mulock-Craik
Prince Yamato Take (s) by Yei-Theodora-Ozaki
Prince's Day, The (p) by Thomas-Moore
Prince's Dream, The (s) by Dean-S.-Fansler
Prince's Little Sweetheart, The (s) by Helen-Hunt-Jackson
Prince's Progress, The (p) by Christina-Georgina-Rossetti
Prince's Quest, The (p) by William-Watson
Prince's Valentine, The (s) by Carolyn-Sherwin-Bailey
Prince, Batting, The (p) by Norman-Gale
Princekin (p) by Laura-E.-Richards
Princes (p) by Mary-Carolyn-Davies
Princes Of Vegetation, The (s) by Juliana-Horatia-Ewing
Princess, The (p) by Alfred-Lord-Tennyson
Princess, The (s) by Jack-London
Princess (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Princess Aline, The (f/n) by Richard-Harding-Davis
Princess And The Cat, The (s) by Edith-Nesbit
Princess and the Curdie, The (f/n) by George-MacDonald
Princess And The Fisherman, The (s) by Herr-P.-Ispirescu
Princess And The Glass Mountain, The (s) by Clara-Stroebe
Princess and The Goblin, The (f/n) by George-MacDonald
Princess And The Hedge-Pig, The (s) by Edith-Nesbit
Princess And The Jewel Doctor, The (s) by Robert-Hichens
Princess And The Pea, The (s) by Hans-Christian-Andersen
Princess and the Puma, The (s) by O-Henry
Princess Aubergine (s) by Flora-Annie-Steel
Princess Bella-Flor (s) by Andrew-Lang
Princess Betrothed To The King Of Garba, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Princess Bluegreen Of The Seven Cities (s) by Elsie-Spicer-Eells
Princess Bob And Her Friends, The (s) by Bret-Harte
Princess Eglantine, The (s) by Constance-Cary-Harrison
Princess Finola And The Dwarf (s) by Edmond-Leamy
Princess Hase, A Story Of Old Japan (s) by Yei-Theodora-Ozaki
Princess Helena The Fair (s) by William-Ralston-Shedden-Ralston
Princess Ida; Or, Castle Adamant (d/c) by W.-S.-Gilbert
Princess in the Chest, The (s) by Andrew-Lang
Princess In The Tower, The (p) by Sara-Teasdale
Princess Jehanara (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
Princess Joceliande, The (s) by A.-E. W.-Mason
Princess Katherine Born, Christened, Buried In One Day [Elegy], An (p) by Richard-Lovelace
Princess Mayblossom (s) by Andrew-Lang
Princess Minon-Minette (s) by Andrew-Lang
Princess Of Babylon, The (s) by Mrs. Andrew-Lang
Princess Of Grub Street, A (s) by James-Branch-Cabell
Princess Of Make-Believe, The (s) by Annie-Hamilton-Donnell
Princess of Mars, A (f/n) by Edgar-Rice-Burroughs
Princess Of Peru, The (p) by James-Avis-Bartley
Princess Of Qulzum, The (p) by Edward-Powys-Mathers
Princess Of The Lost Island, The (s) by Elsie-Spicer-Eells
Princess On the Glass Hill, The (s) by Andrew-Lang
Princess Pat's, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Princess Pepperina (s) by Flora-Annie-Steel
Princess Rosetta And The Pop-Corn Man (s) by Mary E-Wilkins-Freeman
Princess Rosette (s) by Andrew-Lang
Princess Royal (d/c) by Florence-Henrietta-Darwin
Princess Who Lost Her Rings, The (s) by Elsie-Spicer-Eells
Princess Who Loved Her Father Like Salt, The (s) by Anonymous
Princess Who Was Hidden Underground, The (s) by Andrew-Lang
Princess Zara (f/n) by Ross-Beeckman
Princess's Finger-Nail: A Tale Of Nonsense Land, The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Princesse Loysa Drawing (p) by Richard-Lovelace
Princeton (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Principal Subjects Of Education, The (e) by Thomas-Henry-Huxley
Principal's Ash-Barrel, The (p) by W.-M.-MacKeracher
Principle Of Beauty, The (e) by Arthur-C.-Benson
Principle Of Evil, The (e) by Thomas-De Quincey
Principles of Philosophy, The (n) by Rene-Descartes
Prinkin' Leddie, The (p) by Elinor-Wylie
Printer's Prologue, A (e) by William-Caxton
Printing and Printers (e) by Oscar-Wilde
Prior Of Burscough, The (s) by John-Roby
Prior Of Tynemouth, The (s) by Howard-Pease
Prior's Hans Carvel (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Priscilla (s) by Edward-Eggleston
Priscilla (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Priscilla's Spies (f/n) by George-A.-Birmingham
Prism, The (p) by George-MacDonald
Prison, A (e) by John-Earle
Prison And The Angel, The (p) by Henry-Van Dyke
Prison Of Cervantes (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Prison-Cells, The (e) by Hans-Christian-Andersen
Prisoner, A (p) by George-MacDonald
Prisoner, The (f/n) by Alice-Brown
Prisoner, The (s) by Gilbert-Parker
Prisoner, A (p) by Hattie-Howard
Prisoner, The (p) by Edna-St Vincent-Millay
Prisoner, The (p) by Emily-Bronte
Prisoner Among The Indians, A (s) by Edward-Eggleston
Prisoner For Debt, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Prisoner In American Shaft, The (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Prisoner in Fairyland, A (f/n) by Algernon-Blackwood
Prisoner Of God, The (p) by Olive-Custance
Prisoner of Morro: In the Hands of the Enemy, A (f/n) by Upton-Sinclair
Prisoner Of Zembla, The (s) by O-Henry
Prisoner of Zenda, The (f/n) by Anthony-Hope
Prisoner's Defence, The (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
Prisoners, The (s) by Guy-De-Maupassant
Prisoners (p) by H.-D.
Prisoners of Hope: A Tale of Colonial Virginia (f/n) by Mary-Johnston
Prisoners Of Naples, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Prisoners Of War; A Reported Tale Of Ardevora (s) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Prisoners' Van, The (s) by Charles-Dickens
Prisons: A Social Crime And Failure (e) by Emma-Goldman
Private, A (p) by Edward-Thomas
Private Clothes (s) by William-Wymark-Jacobs
Private Correspondence Of Sir Robert Peel, The (e) by Edward-Hartpole-Lecky
Private Garden's Public Value, The (e) by George-Washington-Cable
Private Learoyd's Story (s) by Rudyard-Kipling
Private Looking-glass For The Female Sex, A (n) by Aristotle
Private Memoirs and Confessions of A Justified Sinner, The (f/n) by James-Hogg
Private Of The King's Own Scottish Borderers, A (s) by Jeanie-Lang
Private Ownership Of Offspring (e) by Heywood-Broun
Private Papers of Henry Ryecroft, The (f/n) by George-Gissing
Private Property (p) by Aldous-Huxley
Private Theatres (s) by Charles-Dickens
Private Tyrants (e) by Helen-Hunt-Jackson
Privateer, The (s) by William-John-Hopkins
Privilege Of The Limits, The (s) by Edward-William-Thomson
Privileges Of Poverty, The (e) by Israel-Zangwill
Privy Councillor, The (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Privy Seal: His Last Venture (f/n) by Ford-Madox-Ford
Prize Fight, The (p) by Fay-Inchfawn
Prize for Edie, A (s) by Jesse-F.-Bone
Prize Lodger, The (s) by George-Gissing
Prize Money (s) by William-Wymark-Jacobs
Prize Poem, The (s) by P-G-Wodehouse
Prize-Winner, The (p) by Ruth-McEnery-Stuart
Pro Honoria (s) by James-Branch-Cabell
Pro Patria (p) by Eric-Mackay
Pro Patria (p) by William-Henry-Drummond
Pro Patria Et Gloria (p) by George-Augustus-Baker
Pro Patria: I (e) by Maurice-Maeterlinck
Pro Patria: III (e) by Maurice-Maeterlinck
Pro Patria:II (e) by Maurice-Maeterlinck
Pro-Consuls, The (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Probation (p) by Eric-Mackay
Probation (p) by Mary-Carolyn-Davies
Probation Of Sen Heng, The (s) by Ernest-Bramah
Probatur Aliter (p) by Jonathan-Swift
Problem (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Problem, The (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
Problem, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Problem (s) by Alan-Edward-Nourse
Problem, The (p) by Henry-Timrod
Problem, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Problem In Ethics, A (e) by A.-A.-Milne
Problem Of The Summer, The (e) by William-Dean-Howells
Problem Of The West, The (e) by Frederick-Jackson-Turner
Problem Of The Widow Salvini, The (s) by Jacob-A.-Riis
Problem, "That My Lord Berkeley Stinks When He Is In Love", The (p) by Jonathan-Swift
Problems (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Problems (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Problems of Philosophy (e) by Bertrand-Russell
Problems Of The Deep Sea, The (e) by Thomas-Henry-Huxley
Proceeding Of Some Ambassadors, A (e) by Montaigne
Process Or Person? (e) by A.-Clutton-Brock
Procession, The (e) by John-Galsworthy
Procession of Dead Days, A (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Procession Of Flowers, A (e) by Francis-Darwin
Procession of Life, The (s) by Nathaniel-Hawthorne
Procession Of Lord Long-Legs, The (s) by William-Elliot-Griffis
Procession Of Umbrellas, A (s) by Francis-Hopkinson-Smith
Processional, The (p) by Edwin-C.-Ranck
Processional (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Processionals (p) by John-Oxenham
Proclamation, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Proctor The Drunkard (s) by Louis-Becke
Proctors Daughter, The (s) by William-Carleton
Prodigal, A (p) by E. Pauline-Johnson
Prodigal Brother, The (s) by Lucy-Maud-Montgomery
Prodigal Daughter, The (s) by S.-R.-Crockett
Prodigal Father, The (s) by Jack-London
Prodigal Judge, The (f/n) by Vaughan-Kester
Prodigal Son, The (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Prodigal Son, The (p) by Edith-Nesbit
Prodigal Son, A (p) by Christina-Georgina-Rossetti
Prodigal's Return, The (p) by Edith-Nesbit
Prodigal's Return, The (s) by Henry-Seton-Merriman
Production Of Ability, The (e) by Havelock-Ellis
Productions Of The Mind Not Seizable By Creditors, The (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Proem (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Proem, The (s) by O-Henry
Proem, The (p) by Edward-Doyle
Proem (p) by Don-Marquis
Proem (p) by Charles-Sangster
Proem (AKA "Afterwhiles") (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Proem [There is no rhyme that is half so sweet] (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Proem [Wine-warm winds that sigh and sing] (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Prof. Vere De Blaw (p) by Eugene-Field
Profane Man, A (e) by John-Earle
Profession, The (e) by A.-A.-Milne
Profession & Practice (p) by Howard-Pyle
Profession And Practice (e) by Lemuel-K.-Washburn
Profession Of Charity, The (e) by Israel-Zangwill
Profession Of Historian, The (e) by James-Ford-Rhodes
Professional And Unprofessional (e) by Arthur-Symons
Professional Reformer, The (e) by William-Cowper-Brann
Professionalism In Art (e) by A.-Clutton-Brock
Professor, The (f/n) by Charlotte-Bronte
Professor at the Breakfast Table, The (e) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Professor Dick's Academy: A Strange Adventure (s) by Gordon-Stables
Professor George Pierce Baker (e) by Heywood-Broun
Professor Huxley's Lectures (e) by Edwin-Lawrence-Godkin
Professor Minto (p) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Professor Newcomer (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Professor No No (s) by Lloyd-Osbourne
Professor Noctutus (p) by George-MacDonald
Professor's Mare, The (s) by L.-P.-Jacks
Professors Of Plagiarism And Obscurity (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Profit And Glory (s) by Caradoc-Evans
Profit And Loss (p) by John-Oxenham
Profiteers, The (p) by Edward-Doyle
Profiteers, The (f/n) by E.-Phillips-Oppenheim
Profligate Prince, The (s) by Edward-Eggleston
Programme (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Progress (e) by Arthur-C.-Benson
Progress (p) by George-Meredith
Progress (p) by Matthew-Arnold
Progress In Japan And China (s) by Charles-Morris
Progress Of Art, The (p) by Thomas-Hood
Progress Of Beauty, The (p) by Jonathan-Swift
Progress Of Christianity In Japan, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Progress Of Love (A Lyrical Symphony), The (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Progress Of Marriage, The (p) by Jonathan-Swift
Progress Of Missions (e) by Norman-Macleod
Progress Of Old Age In New Studies, The (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Progress Of Poesy, The (p) by Matthew-Arnold
Progress Of Poetry, The (p) by Jonathan-Swift
Progress Of The Rose, The (p) by Denis-Florence-MacCarthy
Progress Of Vice (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Progress Of Wit, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Progress Report (s) by Mark-Clifton
Progress [Let there be many windows to your soul] (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Progress [There is no progress in the world of bees] (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Progress: Its Law And Cause (e) by Herbert-Spencer
Progress: Its Law And Cause (e) by Herbert-Spencer
Progression (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Progressive Maniac, The (s) by George-Ade
Progressive Murder, The (s) by Ellis-Parker-Butler
Prohibition (e) by Frank-Swinnerton
Project For The Employment Of Authors, A (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Project Mastodon (s) by Clifford-D.-Simak
Proletariat And The Revolution, The (e) by Leon-Trotzky
Prolificacy (s) by August-Strindberg
Prologue (p) by George-William-Russell
Prologue (p) by William-Ernest-Henley
Prologue, A (p) by Jonathan-Swift
Prologue (p) by Anne-Bradstreet
Prologue (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Prologue (of The "Artists' Wives") (s) by Alphonse-Daudet
Prologue (to An Unwritten Play), A (s) by Gertrude-Atherton
Prologue in Heaven (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
Prologue Of The Dreaming Women, The (p) by Rachel-Annand-Taylor
Prologue Spoken At The Theatre Of Dumfries (p) by Robert-Burns
Prologue Spoken By Mr Garrick, At Opening Of The Theatre-Royal, Drury Lane, 1747 (p) by Samuel-Johnson
Prologue To A Play For The Benefit Of The Distressed Weavers (p) by Jonathan-Swift
Prologue To A Very Woman (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Prologue To Abbey's "Quiet Life" (p) by Austin-Dobson
Prologue To Abbey's Edition Of "She Stoops To Conquer" (p) by Austin-Dobson
Prologue To Arden Of Feversham (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Prologue To Asolando (p) by Robert-Browning
Prologue To Coleridge's Tragedy Of "Remorse" (p) by Charles-Lamb
Prologue To Doctor Faustus (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Prologue To Godwin's Tragedy Of "Faulkener" (p) by Charles-Lamb
Prologue To Goldsmith's Comedy Of The Good-Natured Man, 1769 (p) by Samuel-Johnson
Prologue To Old Fortunatus (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Prologue To Pacchiarotto [A Wall] (p) by Robert-Browning
Prologue To Sheridan Knowles' Comedy, "The Wife" (p) by Charles-Lamb
Prologue To South Ontario Sketches (p) by James-McIntyre
Prologue To The Broken Heart (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Prologue To The Comedy Of A Work To The Wise (p) by Samuel-Johnson
Prologue To The Duchess Of Malfy (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Prologue to The Legend of Good Women, The (p) by Geoffrey-Chaucer
Prologue To The Revenger's Tragedy (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Prologue To The Scholars, A Comaedy, A (p) by Richard-Lovelace
Prologue To The Spanish Gipsy (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Prologue To The Two Noble Kinsmen (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Prologue, Spoken By Mr. Woods At Edinburgh (p) by Robert-Burns
Prologue, To Public Readings At A Young Gentlemen's Academy (p) by Thomas-Gent
Prologue. A Sense Of Humor (p) by Vachel-Lindsay
Prologue: On Carrying A Cane (e) by Robert-Cortes-Holliday
Prologue; Spoken By Mr. Garrick, April 5, 1750, Before The Masque Of Comus (p) by Samuel-Johnson
Promenade (p) by Lola-Ridge
Promenade, La (p) by Paul-Verlaine
Prometheus (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Prometheus (p) by Thomas-Gent
Prometheus (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
Prometheus (s) by Josephine-Preston-Peabody
Prometheus (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Prometheus And Pandora (s) by Jeanie-Lang
Prometheus On Wood The Patentee's Irish Halfpence (p) by Jonathan-Swift
Prometheus Unbound: A Lyrical Drama In Four Acts (d/c) by Percy-Bysshe-Shelley
Prometheus, The Friend Of Man (s) by Logan-Marshall
Promise, The (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Promise (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
Promise, The (s) by Maud-Lindsay
Promise (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Promise, The (s) by Annie-Hamilton-Donnell
Promise, The (p) by Juliana-Horatia-Ewing
Promise In Disturbance, The (p) by George-Meredith
Promise Of Lucy Ellen, The (s) by Lucy-Maud-Montgomery
Promise of May, The (d/c) by Alfred-Lord-Tennyson
Promise Of The Hawthorn, The (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Promise Of The Morning Star, The (p) by Amy-Lowell
Promise To California, A (p) by Walt-Whitman
Promise [By the pure spring, whose haunted waters flow], A (p) by Fanny-Kemble
Promise [In The Dark, Lonely Night], A (p) by Fanny-Kemble
Promised Fast Train, A (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Promised Land, The (s) by Owen-Wister
Promises And Contracts And Clocks (e) by Heywood-Broun
Promises Of Freedom (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Promising (p) by Jean-Ingelow
Promising Toad's Head, The (e) by Arthur-Brisbane
Promissory Note, The (s) by Lucy-Maud-Montgomery
Promoter, The (s) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Promotion (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Promotion (s) by Barry-Pain
Prone (p) by David-Morton
Pronunciation (e) by Thomas-De Quincey
Proof (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Proof And Disproof (p) by Elizabeth-Barrett-Browning
Proof Of The Pudding (s) by O-Henry
Proof Of Worth, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Prop Of Letters, The (e) by Israel-Zangwill
Proper And Improper (e) by George-William-Curtis
Proper And Safe Remedies (n) by Aristotle
Proper People And Perfect People (e) by Timothy-Titcomb
Proper Pride (p) by W.-S.-Gilbert
Proper Trewe Idyll Of Camelot, A (p) by Eugene-Field
Propertius's Bid For Immortality (p) by Franklin-P.-Adams
Prophecy (p) by Herbert-Edward-Palmer
Prophecy (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Prophecy of Capys, The (p) by Thomas-Babington-Macaulay
Prophecy Of Columbia, The (p) by James-Avis-Bartley
Prophecy of Samuel Sewall, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Prophecy Of Taliesin (p) by George-Borrow
Prophet, The (s) by Aesop -author of Aesop-s Fables-
Prophet, The (p) by D.-H.-Lawrence
Prophet, The (p) by Isabel-Ecclestone-Mackay
Prophet, The (p) by Josephine-Preston-Peabody
Prophet, The (p) by George-MacDonald
Prophet And A Piute, A (s) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Prophet In Our Midst, The (s) by Stephen-Leacock
Prophet Of Evil, A (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Prophet Of Palmyra, The (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Prophet, Priest And King (e) by William-Butler-Yeats
Prophetic Pictures, The (s) by Nathaniel-Hawthorne
Prophets At Home (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Prophets' Paradise, The (s) by Robert-W.-Chambers
Proposal, The (d/c) by Anton-Chekhov
Proposal Of Marriage (p) by Edward-Powys-Mathers
Proposal On The Elevated, A (s) by Jacob-A.-Riis
Proposal Under Difficulties, A (d/c) by John-Kendrick-Bangs
Proposals For A Gynaecocracy (p) by Thomas-Moore
Proposals For Printing The Works Of Shakespeare (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Proposals For Printing, By Subscription, Essays In Verse And Prose (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Proposed For A Soldiers' And Sailors' Monument In Boston (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Proposed Roads To Freedom (n) by Bertrand-Russell
Proposed Substitutes For Religion, The (e) by Goldwin-Smith
Propriety Pratt, Hypnotist (s) by Alfred-Henry-Lewis
Props (p) by John-Oxenham
Proscription Of Sulla, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Prose Writing (e) by Henry-Major-Tomlinson
Proselyte Recants, The (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
Proselytes, The (s) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Proserpina: Studies Of Wayside Flowers, Volume 1 (n) by John-Ruskin
Proserpina: Studies Of Wayside Flowers, Volume 2 (n) by John-Ruskin
Proserpine (s) by Jeanie-Lang
Proserpine and Midas (d/c) by Mary-Shelley
Prosopopoia, Or Mother Hubberds Tale (p) by Edmund-Spenser
Prospecting (p) by Pat-O-Cotter
Prospective Visit, A (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Prospector, The (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Prospector, The (f/n) by Ralph-Connor
Prospector, The (p) by Pat-O-Cotter
Prospector, The (s) by Stewart-Edward-White
Prospector, The (s) by Hamlin-Garland
Prospects Of A Labor Dictatorship (e) by Leon-Trotzky
Prospects Of Architecture In Civilisation, The (n) by William-Morris
Prospectus Of The Great Split Society (e) by Samuel-Butler
Prosper Merimee (e) by Walter-Pater
Prosper's "Old Mother" (s) by Bret-Harte
Prospero (p) by William-Johnson-Cory
Prosperous Voyage, The (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
Prospice (p) by Robert-Browning
Prostitute, The (p) by Henry-Kirk-White
Protagonist Of Silver, A (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Protagoras (n) by Plato
Protected Sex, The (p) by Alice-Duer-Miller
Protection (p) by Harry-Graham
Protegee Of Jack Hamlin's, A (s) by Bret-Harte
Protest, The (p) by Banjo-Paterson
Protest, The (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Protest (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Protest, The (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
Protest (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Protest Of Love, The (p) by George-William-Russell
Protest: By Zahir-U-Din (p) by Laurence-Hope
Protestantism (e) by Thomas-De Quincey
Prothalamion, A (s) by Robert-Herrick
Prothalamion, or A Spousall Verse (p) by Edmund-Spenser
Prototypes (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Protus (p) by Robert-Browning
Proud Farmer, The (p) by Vachel-Lindsay
Proud Lady, The (p) by Henry-Van Dyke
Proud Lady, A (p) by Elinor-Wylie
Proud Little Grain of Wheat, The (s) by Frances-Hodgson-Burnett
Proud Lover's Farewell To His Mistress, A (p) by Joanna-Baillie
Proud Music Of The Storm, The (p) by Walt-Whitman
Proud Poet, The (p) by Joyce-Kilmer
Proud Signild (p) by George-Borrow
Prouder Man Than You, A (p) by Henry-Lawson
Proverbial Philosophy (p) by Charles-Stuart-Calverley
Proverbs (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
Proverbs of Chaucer (p) by Geoffrey-Chaucer
Proverbs Of Confucius, The (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Providence And The Dog (p) by Eugene-Field
Providence And The Guitar (s) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Providence Hole (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Providence Hospital (p) by Mary-Alice-Walton
Providential Escape (p) by James-McIntyre
Province Of Ontario (p) by James-McIntyre
Proving A Heart - A Love Story (s) by Eugenia-Dunlap-Potts
Proving Of Jerry, The (s) by Ralph-Henry-Barbour
Provision (p) by George-MacDonald
Proximity (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
Proximity of the Beloved One (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
Prudence (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
Prue (e) by Alice-Meynell
Prunella (s) by Andrew-Lang
Pruner, The (p) by John-Oxenham
Prussian Officer, The (s) by D.-H.-Lawrence
Prussian Vase, The (s) by Maria-Edgeworth
Prussian War And The Paris Commune, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Psalm 1 (p) by John-Milton
Psalm 10 [Why Doth The Lord Stand Off So Far] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 100:1 [Ye Nations Round The Earth Rejoice] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 100:2 A Paraphrase [Sing To The Lord With Joyful Voice] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 101:1 [Mercy And Judgment Are My Song] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 101:2 [Of Justice And Of Grace I Sing] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 102:1 First Part [Hear Me, O God, Nor Hide Thy Face] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 102:2 Second Part [Let Zion And Her Sons Rejoice] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 102:3 Third Part [It Is The Lord Our Saviour's Hand] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 103:1 First Part [Bless, O My Soul, The Living God] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 103:2 Second Part [The Lord, How Wondrous Are His Ways] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 103:3 First Part [O Bless The Lord, My Soul] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 103:4 Second Part [My Soul, Repeat His Praise] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 103:5 Third Part [The Lord, The Sovereign King] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 104 [My Soul, Thy Great Creator Praise] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 105 [Give Thanks To God, Invoke His Name] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 106:1 First Part [To God, The Great, The Ever Blest] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 106:2. 2d Part [God Of Eternal Love] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 107:1 First Part [Give Thanks To God; He Reigns Above] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 107:2 Second Part [From Age To Age Exalt His Name] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 107:3 Third Part [Vain Man, On Foolish Pleasures Bent] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 107:4 Fourth Part. [Would You Behold The Works Of God] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 107:5 Fourth Part Thy Works Of Glory, Mighty Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 107:6 Last Part [When God, Provok'd With Daring Crimes] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 109 [God Of My Mercy And My Praise] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 11 [My refuge is the God of love] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 110:1 First Part [Thus The Eternal Father Spake] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 110:2 Second Part [Thus The Great Lord Of Earth And Sea] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 110:3 [Jesus, Our Lord, Ascend Thy Throne] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 111:1 First Part [Songs Of Immortal Praise Belong] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 111:2. Second Part [Great Is The Lord; His Works Of Might] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 112:1. As The 113th Psalm (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 112:2 [Thrice Happy Man Who Fears The Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 112:3 [Happy Is He That Fears The Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 113:1 Proper Time [Ye That Delight To Serve The Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 113:2 [Ye Servants Of Th' Almighty King] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 114 [When Israel, Freed From Pharaoh's Hand] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 115:1 First Metre [Not To Ourselves, Who Are But Dust] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 115:2 Second Metre [Not To Our Names, Thou Only Just And True] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 116:1 First Part [I Love The Lord; He Heard My Cries] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 116:2 Second Part [What Shall I Render To My God] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 117:1 [All Ye Nations, Praise The Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 117:2 [From All That Dwell Below The Skies] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 117:3 [Thy Name, Almighty Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 118:1 First Part [The Lord Appears My Helper Now] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 118:2 Second Part [Lord, Thou Hast Heard Thy Servant Cry] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 118:3 Third Part [Behold The Sure Foundation-Stone] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 118:4 Fourth Part [This Is The Day The Lord Hath Made] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 118:5 [See What A Living-Stone] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 118:6 [Lo! What A Glorious Corner-Stone] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 119 [I have collected and disposed the most useful] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 119:01 First Part [Blest Are The Undefil'd In Heart] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 119:02 Second Part [To Thee, Before The Dawning Light] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 119:03 Third Part [Thou Art My Portion, O My God] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 119:04 Fourth Part [How Shall The Young Secure Their Hearts] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 119:05 Fifth Part [O How I Love Thy Holy Law!] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 119:06 Sixth Part [Lord, I Esteem Thy Judgments Right] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 119:07 Seventh Part [Let All The Heathen Writers Join] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 119:08. Eighth Part [Lord, I Have Made Thy Word My Choice] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 119:09 Ninth Part [Thy Mercies Fill The Earth, O Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 119:10 Tenth Part [Behold Thy Waiting Servant, Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 119:11. Eleventh Part [O That The Lord Would Guide My Ways] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 119:12 Twelfth Part [My God, Consider My Distress] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 119:13 Thirteenth Part [With My Whole Heart I've Sought Thy Face] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 119:14 Fourteenth Part [Consider All My Sorrows, Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 119:15 Fifteenth Part [That Thy Statutes Every Hour] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 119:16 Sixteenth Part [My Soul Lies Cleaving To The Dust] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 119:18 Last Part [Father, I Bless Thy Gentle Hand] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 120 [Thou God Of Love, Thou Ever Blest] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 121:1 [Up To The Hills I Lift Mine Eyes] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 121:2 [To Heaven I Lift My Waiting Eyes] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 121:3 As The 148th Psalm [Upward I Lift Mine Eyes] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 122:1 [How Did My Heart Rejoice To Hear] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 122:2 Proper Tune [How Pleas'd And Blest Was I] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 123 [O Thou Whose Grace And Justice Reign] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 124 [Had Not The Lord, May Israel Say] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 125:1 [Unshaken As The Sacred Hill] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 125:2 [Firm And Unmov'd Are They] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 126:1 [When God Restor'd Our Captive State] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 126:2 [When God Reveal'd His Gracious Name] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 127:1 [If God Succeed Not, All The Cost] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 127:2 [If God To Build The House Deny] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 128 [O Happy Man, Whose Soul Is Fill'd] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 129 [Up from my youth, may Israel say,] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 12:1. L. M. [Lord, If Thou Dost Not Soon Appear] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 12:2. C. M. [Help, Lord, For Men Of Virtue Fail] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 130:1 [Out Of The Deeps Of Long Distress] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 130:2 [From Deep Distress And Troubled Thoughts] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 131 [Is There Ambition In My Heart?] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 132:1 [Where Shall We Go To Seek And Find] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 132:2 [No Sleep Nor Slumber To His Eyes] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 133:1 [Lo! What An Entertaining Sight] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 133:2 [Blest Are The Sons Of Peace] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 133:3 As The 122nd Psalm [How Pleasant 'tis To See] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 134 [Ye That Obey Th' Immortal King] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 135:1 First Part [Praise Ye The Lord, Exalt His Name] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 135:2 Second Part [His Power The Same, The Same His Grace] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 135:3 [Awake, Ye Saints; To Praise Your King] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 136:1 [Give Thanks To God The Sovereign Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 136:2 As The 148th Psalm [Give Thanks To God Most High] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 136:3 [Give To Our God Immortal Praise] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 138 [With All My Powers Of Heart And Tongue] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 139:1 First Part [Lord, Thou Hast Search'd And Seen Me Thro'] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 139:2 Second Part ['Twas From Thy Hand, My God, I Came] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 139:3 Third Part [My God, What Inward Grief I Feel] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 139:4 First Part [In All My Vast Concerns With Thee] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 139:5 Second Part [When I With Pleasing Wonder Stand] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 139:6 Third Part [Lord, When I Count Thy Mercies O'er] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 13:1. L. M. [How Long, Lord, Shall I Complain] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 13:2. C. M. [How Long Wilt Thou Conceal Thy Face?] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 141 [My God, Accept My Early Vows] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 142 [To God I Made My Sorrows Known] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 143 [My Righteous Judge, My Gracious God] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 144:1 First Part [For Ever Blessed Be The Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 144:2 Second Part [Lord, What Is Man, Poor Feeble Man] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 144:3 Third Part [Happy The City, Where Their Sons] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 145:1 [My God, My King, Thy Various Praise] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 145:2 First Part [Long As I Live I'll Bless Thy Name] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 145:3 Second Part [Sweet Is The Memory Of Thy Grace] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 145:4 Third Part [Let Every Tongue Thy Goodness Speak] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 146:1 [Praise Ye The Lord, My Heart Shall Join] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 146:2 As The 113th Psalm [I'll Praise My Maker With My Breath] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 147:1 First Part [Praise Ye The Lord; 'tis Good To Raise] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 147:2 Second Part [O Britain, Praise Thy Mighty God] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 147:3 [With Songs And Honours Sounding Loud] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 148:1 [Ye Tribes Of Adam, Join] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 148:2 Paraphrased [Loud Hallelujahs To The Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 148:3 [Let Every Creature Join] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 149 [All Ye That Love The Lord, Rejoice] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 14:1. First Part [Fools In Their Hearts Believe And Say] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 14:2. Second Part [Are Sinners Now So Senseless Grown] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 150 [In God's Own House Pronounce His Praise] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 15:1 C. M. [Who Shall Inhabit In Thy Hill] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 15:2. L. M. [who Shall Ascend Thy Heavenly Place] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 16:1. Part I [Preserve Me, Lord, In Time Of Need] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 16:2. Second Part [How Fast Their Guilt And Sorrows Rise] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 16:3 Third Part [When God Is Nigh, My Faith Is Strong] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 16:4 First Part [Save Me, O Lord, From Every Foe] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 16:5 Second Part [I Set The Lord Before My Face] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 17:1 [Arise, My Gracious God] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 17:2 [Lord, I Am Thine; But Thou Wilt Prove] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 18:1 First Part [Thee Will I Love, O Lord, My Strength] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 18:2 [Lord, Thou Hast Seen My Soul Sincere] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 18:3 [Just Are Thy Ways, And True Thy Word] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 18:4 First Part [We Love Thee, Lord, And We Adore] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 18:5 Second Part [To Thine Almighty Arm We Owe] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 19:1 First Part [Behold The Lofty Sky] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 19:2 Second Part [Behold The Morning Sun] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 19:3 [The Heavens Declare Thy Glory, Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 19:4 [Great God, The Heaven's Well-Order'd Frame] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 1:1. Common Metre [Blest Is The Man Who Shuns The Place] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 1:2. S. M. [The Man Is Ever Blest] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 1:3. L. M. [Happy The Man Whose Cautious Feet] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 2 (p) by John-Milton
Psalm 20 [Now May The God Of Power And Grace] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 21:1 [The King, O Lord, With Songs Of Praise] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 21:2 [David Rejoic'd In God His Strength] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 22:1 [Why has my God my soul forsook] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 22:2 [Now From The Roaring Lion's Rage] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 22:3 [Now Let Our Mournful Songs Record] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 23:1 [My shepherd is the living Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 23:2 [My Shepherd Will Supply My Need] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 23:3 [The Lord My Shepherd Is] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 24:1 [The Earth For Ever Is The Lord's] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 24:2 [This Spacious Earth Is All The Lord's] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 25:1 First Part [I Lift My Soul To God] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 25:2 Second Part [Where Shall The Man Be Found] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 25:3 [Mine Eyes And My Desire] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 26 [Judge Me, O Lord, And Prove My Ways] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 27:1 [The Lord Of Glory Is My Light] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 27:2 Second Part [Soon As I Heard My Father Say] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 29 [Give To The Lord, Ye Sons Of Fame] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 2:1. S. M. [Maker And Sovereign Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 2:2. C. M. [Why Did The Nations Join To Slay] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 2:3. L. M. [Why Did The Jews Proclaim Their Rage?] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 3. When He Fled From Absalom (p) by John-Milton
Psalm 30:1 First Part [I Will Extol Thee, Lord, On High] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 30:2 Second Part [Firm Was My Health, My Day Was Bright] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 31:1 First Part [Into Thine Hand, O God Of Truth] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 31:2 Second Part [My Heart Rejoices In Thy Name] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 32:1 [O Blessed Souls Are They] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 32:2 First Part [Happy The Man To Whom His God] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 32:3 [Blest Is The Man, For Ever Blest] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 32:4 Second Part [While I Keep Silence, And Conceal] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 33:1 First Part [Rejoice, Ye Righteous, In The Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 33:2 Second Part [Blest Is The Nation Where The Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 33:3. First Part. As The 113th Psalm (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 33:4 Second Part. As The 113th Psalm (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 34:1 First Part [Lord, I Will Bless Thee All My Days] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 34:2 Second Part [Children In Years And Knowledge Young] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 34:3 First Part [I'll Bless The Lord From Day To Day] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 34:4 Second Part [Come, Children, Learn To Fear The Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 35:1 First Part [Now Plead My Cause, Almighty God] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 35:2 [Behold The Love, The Generous Love] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 36:1 [High In The Heavens, Eternal God] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 36:2 [While Men Grow Bold In Wicked Ways!] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 36:3 [When Man Grows Bold In Sin] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 37:1 First Part [Why Should I Vex My Soul And Fret] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 37:2 Second Part [Why Do The Wealthy Wicked Boast] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 37:3 [My God, the steps of pious men] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 38 [Amidst Thy Wrath Remember Love] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 39:1 [Thus I Resolv'd Before The Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 39:2 Second Part [Teach Me The Measure Of My Days] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 39:3 Third Part [God Of My Life, Look Gently Down] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 3:1. C. M. [My God, How Many Are My Fears!] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 3:2. [O Lord, How Many Are My Foes] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 4 (p) by John-Milton
Psalm 40:1 First Part [I Waited Patient For The Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 40:2 Second Part [Thus Saith The Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 40:3 [The Wonders, Lord, Thy Love Has Wrought] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 41 [Blest Is The Man Whose Bowels Move] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 42:1 First Part [With Earnest Longings Of The Mind] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 42:2 Second Part [My Spirit Sinks Within Me, Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 44 [Lord, We Have Heard Thy Works Of Old] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 45:1 [My Saviour And My King] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 45:2 [I'll Speak The Honours Of My King] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 45:3 First Part [Now Be My Heart Inspir'd To Sing] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 45:4 Second Part [The King Of Saints, How Fair His Face] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 46:1 First Part [God Is The Refuge Of His Saints] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 46:2 Second Part [Let Sion In Her King Rejoice] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 47 [O for a shout of sacred joy] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 48:1 [Great Is The Lord Our God] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 48:2 [Second Part Far As Thy Name Is Known] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 49:1 First Part [Why Doth The Man Of Riches Grow] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 49:2 [Second Part Ye Sons Of Pride, That Hate The Just] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 49:3 [Why Do The Proud Insult The Poor] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 4:1 [O God Of Grace And Righteousness] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 4:2 [Lord, Thou Wilt Hear Me When I Pray] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 5 (p) by John-Milton
Psalm 5 [Lord, In The Morning Thou Shalt Hear] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 50:1 First Part [The Lord, The Judge, Before His Throne] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 50:2 [Thus Saith The Lord, "the Spacious Fields] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 50:3 [When Christ To Judgment Shall Descend] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 50:4 [The Lord, The Judge, His Churches Warns] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 50:5 [The Lord The Sovereign Sends His Summons Forth] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 50:6 To The Old Proper Tune (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 51:1 First Part [Shew Pity, Lord, O Lord, Forgive] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 51:2 Second Part [Lord, I Am Vile, Conceiv'd In Sin] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 51:3 Third Part [O Thou That Hear'st When Sinners Cry] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 51:4. 3-13 First Part [Lord, I would spread my sore distress] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 51:5 Second Part [O God Of Mercy! Hear My Call] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 53 [Are All The Foes Of Sion Fools] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 55:1 [O God, My Refuge, Hear My Cries] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 55:2 [Let Sinners Take Their Course] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 56 [Thou, whose justice reigns on high] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 57 [My God, In Whom Are All The Springs] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 58. As The 113th Psalm (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 6 (p) by John-Milton
Psalm 60 [Lord, Hast Thou Cast The Nation Off?] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 61 [When Overwhelm'd With Grief] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 62 [My Spirit Looks To God Alone] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 63:1 First Part [Early, My God, Without Delay] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 63:2 ['Twas In The Watches Of The Night] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 63:3 [Great God, Indulge My Humble Claim] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 63:4 [My God, Permit My Tongue] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 65:1 [The Praise Of Sion Waits For Thee] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 65:2 Second Part [The God Of Our Salvation Hears] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 65:3 First Part [Praise Waits In Sion, Lord, For Thee] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 65:4 Second Part ['Tis By Thy Strength The Mountains Stand] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 65:5 Third Part [Good Is The Lord, The Heavenly King] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 66:1 First Part [Sing, All Ye Nations, To The Lord] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 66:2 Second Part [Now Shall My Solemn Vows Be Paid] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 67 [Shine, Mighty God, On Britain Shine] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 68:1 First Part [Let God Arise In All His Might] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 68:2 Second Part [Lord, When Thou Didst Ascend On High] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 68:3 Third Part [We bless the Lord, the just, the good] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 69:1 First Part [Save Me, O God, The Swelling Floods] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 69:2 2nd Part [Now let our lips with holy fear] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 69:3 Third Part [Father, I Sing Thy Wondrous Grace] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 69:4 First Part [Deep In Our Hearts Let Us Record] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 69:5 Second Part ['Twas for thy sake, eternal God] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 6:1. C. M. [In Anger, Lord, Rebuke Me Not] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 6:2. L. M. [Lord, I Can Suffer Thy Rebukes] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 7 (p) by John-Milton
Psalm 7 [My trust is in my heavenly Friend] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 71:1 First Part [My God, My Everlasting Hope] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 71:2. 2d [Part My Saviour, My Almighty Friend] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 71:3 Third Part [God Of My Childhood And My Youth] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 72:1 First Part [Great God, Whose Universal Sway] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 72:2 Second Part [Jesus Shall Reign Where'er The Sun] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 73:1 First Part [Now I'm Convinc'd The Lord Is Kind] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 73:2 Second Part [God My Supporter And My Hope] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 73:3 [Lord, What A Thoughtless Wretch Was I] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 73:4 [Sure There's A Righteous God] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 74 [Will God For Ever Cast Us Off?] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 75 [To Thee, Most Holy, And Most High] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 76 [In Judah God Of Old Was Known] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 77:1 First Part [To God I Cry'd With Mournful Voice] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 77:2 Second Part [How Awful Is Thy Chastening Rod!] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 78:1 First Part [Let Children Hear The Mighty Deeds] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 78:2 Second Part [What A Stiff Rebellious House] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 78:3 Third Part [When Israel Sins, The Lord Reproves] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 78:4 Fourth Part [Great God, How Oft Did Israel Prove] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 8 (p) by John-Milton
Psalm 80 (p) by John-Milton
Psalm 80 [Great Shepherd Of Thine Israel] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 81 (p) by John-Milton
Psalm 81 [Sing To The Lord Aloud] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 82 (p) by John-Milton
Psalm 82 [Among Th' Assemblies Of The Great] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 83 (p) by John-Milton
Psalm 83 [And Will The God Of Grace] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 84 (p) by John-Milton
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Psalm 84:2 Second Part [Great God, Attend, While Sion Sings] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 84:3 Paraphrased [My Soul, How Lovely Is The Place] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 84:4 As The 148th Psalm (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 85 (p) by John-Milton
Psalm 85:1 First Part [Lord, Thou Hast Call'd Thy Grace To Mind] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 85:2 Second Part [Salvation Is For Ever Nigh] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 86 (p) by John-Milton
Psalm 86 [Among The Princes, Earthly Gods] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 87 (p) by John-Milton
Psalm 87 [God In His Earthly Temple Lays] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 88 (p) by John-Milton
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Psalm 89:2 First Part [My Never-Ceasing Songs Shall Show] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 89:3 Second Part [With Reverence Let The Saints Appear] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 89:4 Third Part [Blest Are The Souls That Hear And Know] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 89:5 Fourth Part [Hear What The Lord In Vision Said] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 89:5. 4th Part [Hear What The Lord In Vision Said] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 89:6. 5th Part ["Yet (saith The Lord) If David's Race] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 89:7. 6th Part [Remember, Lord, Our Mortal State] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 89:8 Last Part [Think, Mighty God, On Feeble Man] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 8:1. S. M [O Lord, our heavenly King] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 8:2. C. M. [O Lord, Our Lord, How Wondrous Great] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 8:3 Paraphrased [Almighty Ruler Of The Skies] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 8:4 Paraphrased [Lord, What Was Man, When Made At First] (p) by Isaac-Watts
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Psalm 90:3. 2d Part [Lord, If Thine Eyes Survey Our Faults] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 90:4 Third Part [Return, O God Of Love, Return] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 90:5 [Lord What A Feeble Piece] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 91:1 First Part [He That Hath Made His Refuge God] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 91:2 Second Part [Ye Sons Of Men, A Feeble Race] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 92:1 First Part [Sweet Is The Work, My God My King] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 92:2 Second Part [Lord, 'tis A Pleasant Thing To Stand] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 93:1 1st Metre [Jehovah Reigns; He Dwells In Light] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 93:2 [The Lord of glory reigns; he reigns on high] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 93:3 The Lord Jehovah Reigns] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 94:1 First Part [God, To Whom Revenge Belongs] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 94:2 Second Part [Who Will Arise And Plead My Right] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 95:1 [Sing To The Lord Jehovah's Name] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 95:2 [Come, Sound His Praise Abroad] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 95:3 [Come, Let Our Voices Join To Raise] (p) by Isaac-Watts
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Psalm 96:2 [Let All The Earth Their Voices Raise] (p) by Isaac-Watts
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Psalm 97:2. 2nd Part [The Lord Is Come, The Heavens Proclaim] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 97:3. Third Part [Th' Almighty Reigns Exalted High] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 97:4 [Ye Islands Of The Northern Sea] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 98:1 First Part [To Our Almighty Maker, God] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 98:2 Second Part [Joy To The World; The Lord Is Come] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 99:1 First Part [The God Jehovah Reigns] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 99:2 Second Part [Exalt The Lord Our God] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 9:1 First Part [With My Whole Heart I'll Raise My Song] (p) by Isaac-Watts
Psalm 9:2 Second Part [When The Great Judge, Supreme And Just] (p) by Isaac-Watts
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Publisher, The (p) by Clarence-James-Dennis
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Pushing Women (e) by E.-Lynn-Linton
Pussy Dean's Beacon Fire (s) by Sarah-J.-Prichard
Pussy-cat Mew (s) by L.-Frank-Baum
Put A Penny In The Slot (p) by W.-S.-Gilbert
Put Flowers On My Grave (p) by Madge-Morris-Wagner
Put Nothing In Another's Way (p) by Edward-Smyth-Jones
Put Yourself in His Place (f/n) by Charles-Reade
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Putting Me On A Platform! (s) by Falconbridge
Putting Pinckney On The Job (s) by Sewell-Ford
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