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Titles begin with C

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(Genre abbreviations:
f/n: Fiction or novel
s: Short story
e: Essay
p: Poem
d/c: Play, drama or comedy
n: Nonfiction)

"Carolus" (e) by Eliot-Gregory
"Carry On" (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
"Chaque Baiser Vaut Un Roman" (p) by Helen-Hay-Whitney
"Charity Alone Conquers" (s) by Mrs. Howard-Kingscote
"Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came" (p) by Robert-Browning
"Choice Spirits" (s) by William-Wymark-Jacobs
"Cicely" (p) by Bret-Harte
"Cleared" (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
"Climbers" In England (e) by Eliot-Gregory
"Coke" Fiend, The (s) by Arthur-B.-Reeve
"Come Back Again, Jeanne D'Arc" (p) by Henry-Van Dyke
"Comfort Me With Apples, For I Am Sick Of Love" (p) by John-Presland
"Contes" Of M. Augustin Filon, The (e) by Walter-Pater
"Coon-Dog Wess" (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
"Copy": A Dialogue (s) by Edith-Wharton
"Could I but will" (p) by Thomas-Hardy
'Collector', The (p) by John-Kendrick-Bangs
- Conclusion [of 'The Renaissance'] (e) by Walter-Pater
C.S.A. (p) by Abram-Joseph-Ryan
C.S.C. And J.K.S. (e) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Ca' The Yowes To The Knowes (p) by Robert-Burns
Ca' The Yowes To The Knowes--Second Version (p) by Robert-Burns
Cab Ride Across Country, A (e) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Caballero's Way, The (s) by O-Henry
Cabaret (p) by Conrad-Aiken
Cabaret Rouge, The (s) by Arthur-B.-Reeve
Cabbage Vs. Men (s) by Falconbridge
Cabbage-Soup (p) by Ivan-Turgenev
Cabin Fever (f/n) by B.-M.-Bower
Cabin Passenger, The (s) by William-Wymark-Jacobs
Cabin Tale, A (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Cabin-Boy, The (s) by James-Runciman
Cabman's Story: The Mysteries of a London 'Growler', The (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
Cabuliwallah [The Fruitseller from Cabul] (s) by Rabindranath-Tagore
Cacoethes Scribendi (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Cactus, The (s) by O-Henry
Cactus Seed (p) by Lola-Ridge
Cactus Thicket, The (p) by Laurence-Hope
Cad Metti, The Female Detective Strategist; or, Dudie Dunne Again in the Field (f/n) by Harlan-Page-Halsey
Cadenus and Vanessa (p) by Jonathan-Swift
Cadet Grey (p) by Bret-Harte
Cadland, Southampton River (p) by William-Lisle-Bowles
Cadmus And Europa (s) by James-Baldwin
Cadmus, The Alphabet King (s) by Carolyn-Sherwin-Bailey
Caedwalla (e) by Hilaire-Belloc
Caesar and Cleopatra (d/c) by George-Bernard-Shaw
Caesar And Pompey (s) by Charles-Morris
Caesar And The Pirates (s) by Charles-Morris
Caesar Rodney's Ride (d/c) by Henry-Fisk-Carlton
Caesars, The (n) by Thomas-De Quincey
Cafe Des Exiles (s) by George-Washington-Cable
Cafe Molineau, The (p) by Eugene-Field
Cage, The (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Cage Man, The (s) by Richard-Connell
Caged Bird, The (p) by William-Lisle-Bowles
Caged Bird's Song, The (p) by Mrs. J.-C.-Yule
Caged Goldfinch, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Caged Skylark (p) by Gerard-Manley-Hopkins
Caged Thrush, The (p) by Robert-F.-Murray
Caged Thrush Freed And Home Again, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Cageing Of Ares, The (p) by George-Meredith
Cahoots (s) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Cain (p) by Victor-Hugo
Cain (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Caique, The (p) by William-Makepeace-Thackeray
Cairn And The Church, The (p) by William-Johnson-Cory
Cairn Edward Kirk Militant, The (s) by S.-R.-Crockett
Cairnsmill Den--Tune: 'A Roving' (p) by Robert-F.-Murray
Caius Gracchus (p) by William-Johnson-Cory
Cake, The (s) by Guy-De-Maupassant
Cake, The (s) by Laura-E.-Richards
Cake And Sack (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Calabash Stew, The (s) by Stewart-Edward-White
Calais Sands (p) by Matthew-Arnold
Calash, The (s) by Nikolai-Vasilievi-Gogol
Calderon The Courtier: A Tale (s) by Edward-Bulwer-Lytton
Caldwell Of Springfield (p) by Bret-Harte
Caleb Hazen Talcott [in Memoriam] (p) by Lydia-H.-Sigourney
Caledonia (p) by Edward-Doyle
Caledonia Springs, New York (p) by James-McIntyre
Caledonia--A Ballad (p) by Robert-Burns
Calef In Boston (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Calf, The (p) by Robert-Burns
Calgary of The Plains (p) by E. Pauline-Johnson
Calgary Station (p) by Isabel-Ecclestone-Mackay
Caliban Upon Rudiments Or Autoschediastic Theology In A Hole (p) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Caliban Upon Setebos; Or, Natural Theology In The Island (p) by Robert-Browning
Calico And The Kittens (e) by Dallas-Lore-Sharp
Calico Pie (p) by Edward-Lear
Calico, Who Travelled With A Round Top (s) by Sewell-Ford
Calidore - A Fragment (p) by John-Keats
Calif Omar, The (s) by Allan-Ramsay
California (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
California Girl, A (f/n) by Edward-Eldridge
California Madrigal (p) by Bret-Harte
California's Greeting To Seward (p) by Bret-Harte
Californian Mouse, The (e) by Elizabeth-Brightwen
Californian's Tale, The (s) by Mark-Twain
Californians, The (f/n) by Gertrude-Atherton
Caliph And The Cad, The (s) by O-Henry
Caliph Stork, The (s) by William-Hauff
Caliph Stork, The (s) by Andrew-Lang
Caliph, Cupid And The Clock, The (s) by O-Henry
Call, The (p) by George-Meredith
Call, The (p) by Theodosia-Garrison
Call, The (p) by Rupert-Brooke
Call, The (e) by Henry-Major-Tomlinson
Call, A (s) by Grace-MacGowan-Cooke
Call, The (p) by John-Freeman
Call, The (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Call For Help For Garibaldi, A (p) by Thomas-Cowherd
Call Loan, A (s) by O-Henry
Call Of The Blood, The (s) by Katharine-Lee-Bates
Call Of The Canyon, The (f/n) by Zane-Grey
Call Of The Carburettor, or, Mr. Blinks And His Friends, The (e) by Stephen-Leacock
Call Of The Christian, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Call of the Cumberlands, The (f/n) by Charles-Neville-Buck
Call Of The Green, The (p) by Laurence-Alma-Tadema
Call of the North, The (f/n) by Stewart-Edward-White
Call Of The Sidhe, A (p) by George-William-Russell
Call Of The Spring, The (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Call Of The Tame, The (s) by O-Henry
Call Of The Wild, The (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Call of the Wild, The (f/n) by Jack-London
Call Of The Woods, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Call That Speaks In The Blood, The (s) by Orison-Swett-Marden
Call To My Countrywomen, A (e) by Gail-Hamilton
Call To National Service, A (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Call To Quit, A (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Call To Service, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Call To The Careless!, A (p) by John-Castillo
Call To The Colors, A (p) by Abner-Cosens
Call To The Soiree Of The Mechanic's Institute, A (p) by Thomas-Cowherd
Call To Your Mate, Bob-White (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
Call [Across the dusty, foot-worn street], The (p) by Virna-Sheard
Call [All wantonly in hours of joy], The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Call [Come to me out of the night], The (p) by Virna-Sheard
Call [I must get out to the woods again], The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Call [In the banquet hall of Progress], The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Call [Joy stands on the hilltops], The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Call [quatrain], The (p) by Charles-Hamilton-Musgrove
Call [Some Will Heed The Call To Arms], The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Call, Not A Song, A (p) by Dhan-Gopal-Mukerji
Calladon (s) by Julian-Hawthorne
Called (p) by Olive-Tilford-Dargan
Called Back (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Caller, A (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Caller From Boone, A (s) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Calling And Correcting (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Calling Lucasta From Her Retirement (p) by Richard-Lovelace
Calling Of Dan Matthews, The (f/n) by Harold-Bell-Wright
Calling To Mind Since First My Love Begun (p) by Michael-Drayton
Callous Cupid (p) by Isabel-Ecclestone-Mackay
Calloway's Code (s) by O-Henry
Calm, A (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Calm (p) by Heinrich-Heine
Calm After Storm (p) by Giacomo-Leopardi
Calm at Sea (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
Calm Be Thy Sleep (p) by Thomas-Moore
Calm Man, The (s) by Frank-Belknap-Long
Calming Thought Of All, The (p) by Walt-Whitman
Calumny And Scandal Great Enemies To Society (s) by M. -Arnaud--Berquin
Calvary (p) by Frank-Oliver-Call
Calvary (p) by Edwin-Arlington-Robinson
Calve At Cabrieres (e) by Eliot-Gregory
Calvin Campbell (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Calydonian Hunt, The (s) by Josephine-Preston-Peabody
Calydonian Hunt, The (s) by Jeanie-Lang
Camanchile And The Passion, The (s) by Dean-S.-Fansler
Cambaroora Star, The (p) by Henry-Lawson
Cambered Foot, The (s) by Melville-Davisson-Post
Camberley Triangle: A Comedy In One Act, The (d/c) by A.-A.-Milne
Cambridge (p) by Alfred-Lord-Tennyson
Cambridge And The Poets, The (e) by Augustine-Birrell
Cambridge Churchyard, The (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Cambridge Neighbors (e) by William-Dean-Howells
Camden And Brooke (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Camden's "Britannia" (e) by Edmund-Gosse
Camel And The Arab, The (s) by Aesop -author of Aesop-s Fables-
Camel And The Floating Sticks, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Camel and The Pig, The (s) by Carolyn-Sherwin-Bailey
Camel And The Travelers, The (s) by Aesop -author of Aesop-s Fables-
Camel's Neck, The (s) by W.H.D.-Rouse
Camel-Driver To His Camel, The (p) by Gilbert-Parker
Camellia And Meadow-Daisy (p) by Theophile-Gautier
Camelopard, The (p) by Hilaire-Belloc
Camels, The (p) by Eunice-Tietjens
Camelus Saltat (p) by George-Meredith
Cameo, A (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Cameo, A (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Camera In Art, The (e) by George-Augustus-Moore
Cameron's Heart (p) by Henry-Lawson
Camilla's Concert (e) by Gail-Hamilton
Camille Saint-Saëns (e) by Romain-Rolland
Camillus (s) by Alfred-John-Church
Camillus At The Siege Of Veii (s) by Charles-Morris
Camma (p) by Oscar-Wilde
Camouflage (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Camp, A (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Camp Ballad, A (p) by Francis-Hopkinson
Camp Fire, The (p) by Edward-Doyle
Camp Follower's Song, Gomal River (p) by Laurence-Hope
Camp Followers (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Camp Of The Ghosts, The (s) by George-Bird-Grinnell
Camp of Wallenstein, The (d/c) by Frederich-Schiller
Camp-fire and Wigwam (f/n) by Edward-Sylvester-Ellis
Camp-Fire Yarn, A (s) by Henry-Lawson
Camp-Fires of My Friend, The (p) by Henry-Van Dyke
Camp-Meeting Song (p) by Joel-Chandler-Harris
Campaign Grafter, The (s) by Arthur-B.-Reeve
Campaspe (p) by Henry-Kendall
Camped By The Creek (p) by Henry-Kendall
Camper, The (p) by E. Pauline-Johnson
Campfire Of The Sun, The (p) by Bliss-Carman
Campfires (p) by Hamlin-Garland
Camping & Tramping With Roosevelt (n) by John-Burroughs
Camping On The Cumberland (p) by George-W.-Doneghy
Camping Out (e) by Charles-Dudley-Warner
Camps Of Green (p) by Walt-Whitman
Can A Husband Open His Wife's Letters? (e) by Charles-Dudley-Warner
Can A Life Hide itself? (s) by Bayard-Taylor
Can I Forget? (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Can It Be Right To Give What I Can Give? (p) by Elizabeth-Barrett-Browning
Can Poverty Be Abolished (e) by Lemuel-K.-Washburn
Can Such Things Be? (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Can We Make It Rain? (e) by Simon-Newcomb
Can We Never Get Along Without Servants? (e) by Lemuel-K.-Washburn
Can You Forgive Her? (f/n) by Anthony-Trollope
Can't (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Canada (p) by Edward-Doyle
Canada (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Canada (p) by E. Pauline-Johnson
Canada (p) by Joseph-Horatio-Chant
Canada (p) by Mrs. J.-C.-Yule
Canada (p) by Charles-G. D.-Roberts
Canada Before The Confederation Of The Provinces (p) by James-McIntyre
Canada Home (p) by Juliana-Horatia-Ewing
Canada Our Home, 1883 (p) by James-McIntyre
Canada's Eighteen (p) by W.-M.-MacKeracher
Canada's Future (p) by James-McIntyre
Canada's Resources (p) by James-McIntyre
Canada, My Land (p) by W.-M.-MacKeracher
Canadian Army, The (p) by Abner-Cosens
Canadian Boat Song, A (p) by Thomas-Moore
Canadian Born (p) by E. Pauline-Johnson
Canadian Charms (p) by James-McIntyre
Canadian Forever (p) by William-Henry-Drummond
Canadian Hunter (p) by James-McIntyre
Canadian National Song, A (p) by Thomas-Cowherd
Canadian Rivers And Lakes (p) by James-McIntyre
Canadian Romance (p) by James-McIntyre
Canadian Snow-Fall, A (p) by Rosanna-Eleanor-Leprohon
Canadian Sports And Games And Plays (p) by James-McIntyre
Canadian Summer Evening, A (p) by Rosanna-Eleanor-Leprohon
Canadian Trooper To His Horse, A (p) by Helen-Leah-Reed
Canadian Voyageurs On The Nile (p) by James-McIntyre
Canadian Way, The (p) by Abner-Cosens
Canadian-Born (p) by W.-M.-MacKeracher
Canadians' Welcome To The Prince Of Wales (p) by Thomas-Cowherd
Canal Boat, The (e) by Harriet-Beecher-Stowe
Canary, The (s) by Anonymous
Canary, The (p) by Morris-Rosenfeld
Canary, The (p) by Ruth-McEnery-Stuart
Canary At The Farm, A (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Canary Tragedy, A (s) by Mary-Louisa-Molesworth
Canceled Orders (s) by Charles-N.-Crewdson
Cancelled Fragments Of The Ode To Heaven (p) by Percy-Bysshe-Shelley
Cancelled Passage (p) by Percy-Bysshe-Shelley
Cancelled Passage Of Mont Blanc (p) by Percy-Bysshe-Shelley
Cancelled Passage Of The Ode To Liberty (p) by Percy-Bysshe-Shelley
Cancelled Passages Of Adonais (p) by Percy-Bysshe-Shelley
Cancelled Stanza (p) by Percy-Bysshe-Shelley
Cancelled Stanza Of The Mask Of Anarchy (p) by Percy-Bysshe-Shelley
Cancer House, The (s) by Arthur-B.-Reeve
Candida (d/c) by George-Bernard-Shaw
Candidate's Creed, The (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Candidate: A Political Romance, The (f/n) by Joseph-A.-Altsheler
Candide: Or, Optimism (f/n) by Voltaire
Candle, The (s) by Leo-Tolstoy
Candle, The (p) by John-Freeman
Candle Indoors, The (p) by Gerard-Manley-Hopkins
Candle Seller, The (p) by Morris-Rosenfeld
Candle-Light (p) by Olive-Custance
Candlemas Day (p) by Frances-Ridley-Havergal
Candlemas Dialogue, A (p) by Christina-Georgina-Rossetti
Candles (s) by Margery-Verner-Reed
Candles Of Life, The (s) by Parker-Fillmore
Candor (p) by Alice-Duer-Miller
Candy City (s) by David-Cory
Candy Country, The (s) by Louisa-May-Alcott
Cane-Bottom'd Chair, The (p) by William-Makepeace-Thackeray
Canigou, The (e) by Hilaire-Belloc
Canine Ishmael, A (s) by F.-Anstey
Canker In The Heart, A (p) by Edward-Powys-Mathers
Cannetella (s) by Andrew-Lang
Cannibal Islands: Captain Cook's Adventure in the South Seas, The (f/n) by R.-M.-Ballantyne
Cannibalism In The Cars (s) by Mark-Twain
Canning And Preserving (p) by Carolyn-Wells
Canning Time (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Canobie Dick And Thomas Of Ercildoun (s) by Anonymous
Canoe, The (p) by Isabella-Valancy-Crawford
Canoe Breaker, The (s) by Margaret-Bemister
Canoe Fight (Incident Of The Creek War), The (s) by George-Cary-Eggleston
Canoe Speaks, The (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Canon, The (e) by Stewart-Edward-White
Canon Alberic's Scrap-Book (s) by Montague-Rhodes-James
Canonbie Dick And Thomas Of Ercildoune (s) by Elizabeth-W.-Grierson
Canonization Of Saint Butterworth, The (p) by Thomas-Moore
Canopy Bed, The (s) by Temple-Bailey
Canossa (s) by Saki
Canst Thou Be True Across So Many Miles (p) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Canst Thou Leave Me Thus, My Katie (p) by Robert-Burns
Cantata (p) by George-Borrow
Cantata Dello Stesso (p) by Matilda-Betham
Cantata. Del Metastasio (p) by Matilda-Betham
Canterbury (e) by Canon-Danks
Canterbury Pieces (n) by Samuel-Butler
Canterbury Pilgrims, The (s) by Nathaniel-Hawthorne
Canterbury Pilgrims, The (s) by Edith-Nesbit
Canterbury Tales: Chaucer's Tale Of Meliboeus, The (p) by Geoffrey-Chaucer
Canterbury Tales: Chaucer's Tale Of Sir Thopas, The (p) by Geoffrey-Chaucer
Canterbury Tales: General Prologue, The (p) by Geoffrey-Chaucer
Canterbury Tales: Preces De Chauceres, The (p) by Geoffrey-Chaucer
Canterbury Tales: The Canon's Yeoman's Tale, The (p) by Geoffrey-Chaucer
Canterbury Tales: The Clerk's Tale, The (p) by Geoffrey-Chaucer
Canterbury Tales: The Cook's Tale, The (p) by Geoffrey-Chaucer
Canterbury Tales: The Doctor's Tale, The (p) by Geoffrey-Chaucer
Canterbury Tales: The Franklin's Tale, The (p) by Geoffrey-Chaucer
Canterbury Tales: The Friar's Tale, The (p) by Geoffrey-Chaucer
Canterbury Tales: The Knight's Tale, The (p) by Geoffrey-Chaucer
Canterbury Tales: The Man Of Law's Tale, The (p) by Geoffrey-Chaucer
Canterbury Tales: The Manciple's Tale, The (p) by Geoffrey-Chaucer
Canterbury Tales: The Merchant's Tale, The (p) by Geoffrey-Chaucer
Canterbury Tales: The Miller's Tale, The (p) by Geoffrey-Chaucer
Canterbury Tales: The Monk's Tale, The (p) by Geoffrey-Chaucer
Canterbury Tales: The Nun's Priest's Tale, The (p) by Geoffrey-Chaucer
Canterbury Tales: The Pardoner's Tale, The (p) by Geoffrey-Chaucer
Canterbury Tales: The Parson's Tale (p) by Geoffrey-Chaucer
Canterbury Tales: The Prioress's Tale, The (p) by Geoffrey-Chaucer
Canterbury Tales: The Reeve's Tale, The (p) by Geoffrey-Chaucer
Canterbury Tales: The Second Nun's Tale, The (p) by Geoffrey-Chaucer
Canterbury Tales: The Shipman's Tale, The (p) by Geoffrey-Chaucer
Canterbury Tales: The Sompnour's Tale, The (p) by Geoffrey-Chaucer
Canterbury Tales: The Squire's Tale, The (p) by Geoffrey-Chaucer
Canterbury Tales: The Wife Of Bath's Tale, The (p) by Geoffrey-Chaucer
Canterbury Tower (e) by Arthur-C.-Benson
Canterville Ghost, The (s) by Oscar-Wilde
Canticle (Enthusiasm At The Close Of The War), A (p) by Herman-Melville
Canticle Of The Babe (p) by Josephine-Preston-Peabody
Canticle Of The Race (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Canticle To Apollo, A (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Canto the First (p) by Lord-Byron
Canto the Fourth (p) by Lord-Byron
Canto the Second (p) by Lord-Byron
Canto the Third (p) by Lord-Byron
Canute The Great, King Of Six Nations (s) by Charles-Morris
Canvasser's Tale, The (s) by Mark-Twain
Canzone [sonnet] (p) by John-Milton
Canzonet (p) by Henry-Kirk-White
Canzonet (p) by Oscar-Wilde
Cap And Bells, The (p) by William-Butler-Yeats
Cap And Gown, The (e) by Charles-Dudley-Warner
Cap'n Bob Of The Screamer (s) by Francis-Hopkinson-Smith
Cap'n Dan's Daughter (f/n) by Joseph-Crosby-Lincoln
Cap'n Eri (f/n) by Joseph-Crosby-Lincoln
Cap'n Storm-Along (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Cap'n Warren's Wards (f/n) by Joseph-Crosby-Lincoln
Capital (e) by Israel-Zangwill
Capital - The Mother Of Labour (e) by Thomas-Henry-Huxley
Capital And Interest (e) by Frederic-Bastiat
Capitalist, A (s) by George-Gissing
Capitoline Venus, The (s) by Mark-Twain
Capitulations In Egypt, The (e) by Evelyn-Baring
Cappy Ricks; or, the Subjugation of Matt Peasley (f/n) by Peter-B.-Kyne
Caprice (p) by William-Dean-Howells
Caprices: Il Bacio (p) by Paul-Verlaine
Capt'n Davy's Honeymoon (f/n) by Hall-Caine
Captain, The (p) by John-McCrae
Captain "Bully" Hayes (s) by Louis-Becke
Captain And The Mermaids, The (p) by W.-S.-Gilbert
Captain Bayley's Heir: A Tale of the Gold Fields of California (f/n) by George-Alfred-Henty
Captain Blaise (s) by James-B.-Connolly
Captain Blood (f/n) by Rafael-Sabatini
Captain Brassbound's Conversion (d/c) by George-Bernard-Shaw
Captain Burle (s) by Emile-Zola
Captain Car (p) by Frank-Sidgwick
Captain Clark's Burning Glass (s) by Edward-Eggleston
Captain Cook: His Life, Voyages, and Discoveries (n) by William-H. G.-Kingston
Captain Coon (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Captain Desmond, V.C. (f/n) by Maud-Diver
Captain Dick And Captain Jacka (s) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Captain Dime (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Captain Dunlevy's Last Trip (p) by William-Dean-Howells
Captain Eli's Best Ear (s) by Frank-R-Stockton
Captain Elijah Coe (s) by Lloyd-Osbourne
Captain Fracasse (f/n) by Theophile-Gautier
Captain From Bath, The (s) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Captain Gordon And The Raccoon Roughs (s) by Charles-Morris
Captain in the Ranks: A Romance of Affairs, A (f/n) by George-Cary-Eggleston
Captain Jackson (e) by Charles-Lamb
Captain January (s) by Laura-E.-Richards
Captain Jim's Friend (s) by Bret-Harte
Captain Joe And Jamie (s) by Charles-G. D.-Roberts
Captain Joe And The Susie Ann (s) by Francis-Hopkinson-Smith
Captain John Smith (f/n) by Charles-Dudley-Warner
Captain Kidd's Money (s) by Harriet-Beecher-Stowe
Captain Lean (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Captain Macklin: His Memoirs (f/n) by Richard-Harding-Davis
Captain Mansana (f/n) by Bjornstjerne-Bjornson
Captain Mission (s) by Daniel-Defoe
Captain Mugford: Our Salt and Fresh Water Tutors (f/n) by William-H. G.-Kingston
Captain Murderer (s) by Charles-Dickens
Captain Of "The Camel", The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Captain Of Industry, The (e) by Hilaire-Belloc
Captain Of Song, A (p) by Francis-Thompson
Captain Of The "Heather Bell", The (s) by Helen-Hunt-Jackson
Captain Of The "Pole-Star", The (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
Captain Of The Press-Gang, A (p) by Bliss-Carman
Captain Or Colonel, Or Knight In Arms [sonnet 8] (p) by John-Milton
Captain Orlando Killion (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Captain Pott's Minister (f/n) by Francis-L.-Cooper
Captain Reece (p) by W.-S.-Gilbert
Captain Robert E. Lee And The Lava-Beds (s) by Charles-Morris
Captain Rock In London (p) by Thomas-Moore
Captain Rogers (s) by William-Wymark-Jacobs
Captain Scarfield (s) by Howard-Pyle
Captain Sharkey (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
Captain Stormfield (s) by Mark-Twain
Captain Stormfield's Visit to Heaven (s) by Mark-Twain
Captain Sword and Captain Pen (p) by Leigh-Hunt
Captain Veneno's Proposal of Marriage (s) by Pedro-Antonio de-Alarcon
Captain Ward And The Rainbow (p) by Frank-Sidgwick
Captain Wedderburn (p) by Frank-Sidgwick
Captain's Adventure (p) by James-McIntyre
Captain's Arm, The (s) by Perceval-Gibbon
Captain's Exploit, The (s) by William-Wymark-Jacobs
Captain's Lady, The (p) by Robert-Burns
Captain's Story, The (s) by Mark-Twain
Captain's Toll-Gate, The (f/n) by Frank-R-Stockton
Captain's Vices, The (s) by Francois-Coppee
Captain's Well, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Captains All (s) by William-Wymark-Jacobs
Captains Courageous (f/n) by Rudyard-Kipling
Captive, The (s) by Elaine-Goodale-Eastman
Captive, The (s) by Sophie-A.-Miller
Captive, The (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Captive, The (p) by Laurence-Alma-Tadema
Captive, The (s) by Rudyard-Kipling
Captive, The (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Captive, The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Captive Bee; Or, The Little Filcher, The (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Captive Dove, The (p) by Anne-Bronte
Captive Of The Ada-Wehi, The (s) by Mary-Noailles-Murfree
Captive Ribband, The (p) by Robert-Burns
Captives, The (p) by Nannie-R.-Glass
Captivity (p) by Gilbert-Parker
Captivity (p) by Samuel-Rogers
Captivity Of Boone And Kenton, The (s) by William-Dean-Howells
Captivity Of Captain Golownin, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Captivity Of James Smith, The (s) by William-Dean-Howells
Captivity Of Richard Coeur De Lion, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Capture, The (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Capture of Father Time, The (s) by L.-Frank-Baum
Capture Of The Burgomeister Van Der Werf, The (s) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Captured Flag, The (p) by Arthur-Weir
Captured Goddess, The (p) by Amy-Lowell
Car-Window (p) by Max-Eastman
Cara, The Camel (s) by Ellen-Velvin
Carabao And The Shell, The (s) by Mabel-Cook-Cole
Caravan, The (s) by William-Hauff
Carberiae Rupes In Comitatu Corgagensi (p) by Jonathan-Swift
Carbery Rocks (p) by Jonathan-Swift
Carcassonne (e) by Hilaire-Belloc
Carcassonne (s) by Lord-Dunsany
Card Trick (s) by Randall-Garrett
Card-Sharp, The (s) by Richard-Harding-Davis
Card: A Story Of Adventure In The Five Towns, The (f/n) by Arnold-Bennett
Cardin O't, The Spinnin O't, The (p) by Robert-Burns
Cardinal Bembo's Epitaph On Raphael (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Cardinal Newman (e) by Augustine-Birrell
Cardinal Newman (e) by William-Ralph-Inge
Cardinal Richelieu (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Cards, The (s) by Barry-Pain
Care In Bread-Making (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Care Of House Plants (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Care-Free Youth (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Career, A (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Career In Letters, A (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Career Of A Desert Chief, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Career Of A Knight-Errant, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Career Of Bishop Hatto, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Career Of Grimoald, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Career Of Letters, The (e) by Thomas-Wentworth-Higginson
Career Of The Charitable Quen-Ki-Tong, The (s) by Ernest-Bramah
Careers (p) by Robert-Graves
Careers of Danger and Daring (n) by Cleveland-Moffett
Careful When You Find A Friend (p) by J.-C.-Manning
Careless Jane (p) by Katharine-Pyle
Careless Words (e) by T.-S.-Arthur
Carelesse Nurse Mayd, The (p) by Thomas-Hood
Cargo, The (s) by William-John-Hopkins
Cargo Of Cat, A (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Carillon (p) by Henry-Wadsworth-Longfellow
Carissima Mea (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Caritas (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
Carl Hamblin (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Carl Of The Drab Coat, The (s) by James-Stephens
Carlagnulus (p) by Charles-Lamb
Carle, An The King Come (p) by Robert-Burns
Carleton Barker, First And Second (s) by John-Kendrick-Bangs
Carlo and Shag (s) by Anonymous
Carlotta (d/c) by Olive-Tilford-Dargan
Carlotta (p) by Arthur-Weir
Carlsbad (p) by Eugene-Field
Carlyle (e) by John-Morley
Carlyle (e) by Augustine-Birrell
Carlyle (e) by Henry-Major-Tomlinson
Carlyle As An Inspirer Of Youth (e) by George-Hamlin-Fitch
Carlyle's Life Of Sterling (e) by George-Eliot
Carlyle's Message To His Age (e) by Edward-Hartpole-Lecky
Carlyle's Political Influence (e) by Edwin-Lawrence-Godkin
Carlyles, The (p) by Franklin-P.-Adams
Carmen (p) by Leigh-Gordon-Giltner
Carmen (f/n) by Prosper-Merimee
Carmen (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Carmen (p) by Theophile-Gautier
Carmen Saeculare (p) by Charles-Stuart-Calverley
Carmen Triumphale (p) by Henry-Timrod
Carmilla (f/n) by Joseph-Sheridan-Le Fanu
Carnac's Folly (f/n) by Gilbert-Parker
Carnal And The Crane, The (p) by Frank-Sidgwick
Carnal And The Crane, The (p) by Harrison-S.-Morris
Carnival Jangle, A (s) by Alice-Moore-Dunbar-Nelson
Carnival of Crime in Connecticut, The (s) by Mark-Twain
Carnival Of Perth, The (s) by Charlotte-M.-Yonge
Carnot (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Carol, A (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Carol, The (s) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Carol At The Gates, A (p) by Harrison-S.-Morris
Carol Closing Sixty-Nine, A (p) by Walt-Whitman
Carol Of The Fir-Tree, The (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Carol Presented To Dr. Williams, Bishop Of Lincoln As A New-Year's Gift, A (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Carolan's Lament (p) by George-Borrow
Carolina (p) by Henry-Timrod
Caroline (s) by Kate-Dickinson-Sweetser
Caroline Branson (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Caroline Chisholm (p) by Henry-Kendall
Caroline's Christmas; or, The Inexplicable Infant (s) by Stephen-Leacock
Caroline; or, A Lesson To Cure Vanity (s) by M. -Arnaud--Berquin
Carpenter, The (p) by George-MacDonald
Carpenter, The (s) by William-John-Hopkins
Carpenter Peter Of Zaandam (s) by Charles-Morris
Carpenter's Son, The (p) by Sara-Teasdale
Carpenter's Son, The (p) by A.-E.-Housman
Carrier, The (p) by Fay-Inchfawn
Carrier, A (e) by John-Earle
Carrier Pigeon, The (s) by Benjamin-Disraeli
Carrier Pigeon, The (p) by Victor-Hugo
Carrier Song, A (p) by Francis-Thompson
Carrion Crow, The (p) by Anonymous -Poetry-s author-
Carry On! (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Carry On! (p) by Virna-Sheard
Cart-Horses And The Saddle-Horse, The (s) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Cartels Jungle, The (s) by Irving-E.-Cox
Carter In The Mire, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Carthage (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Carthusians (p) by Ernest-Dowson
Carver And The Caliph, The (p) by Austin-Dobson
Carver's Lesson, The (p) by Adelaide-Anne-Procter
Carving a Name (p) by Horatio-Alger
Casa Braccio (f/n) by F.-Marion-Crawford
Casa Guidi Windows (p) by Elizabeth-Barrett-Browning
Casa Sin Alma (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Casabianca (s) by James-Baldwin
Casabianca (s) by Anonymous
Casanova At Dux: An Unpublished Chapter Of History (e) by Arthur-Symons
Cascades Of The Columbia (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Case For The Artist, The (e) by A.-A.-Milne
Case For The Ephemeral, The (e) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Case for the Oracle, A (s) by Henry-Lawson
Case Of 'Ca'line' - A Kitchen Monologue, The (s) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Case Of Authors Stated, Including The History Of Literary Property, The (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Case of Beauvais, The (s) by James-Oliver-Curwood
Case Of Bookstall Censorship, A (e) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Case Of Conscience, A (s) by Ernest-Dowson
Case Of Conscience, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Case of Desertion, A (s) by William-Wymark-Jacobs
Case Of Eavesdropping, A (s) by Algernon-Blackwood
Case Of Fever, A (s) by Robert-Barr
Case Of General Opel, The (s) by George-Meredith
Case Of George Fisher, The (s) by Mark-Twain
Case Of Ho Ling, The (p) by Thomas-Burke
Case of Identity, A (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
Case of Jennie Brice, The (f/n) by Mary-Roberts-Rinehart
Case Of John Arniston's Conscience, The (s) by S.-R.-Crockett
Case Of Lady Sannox, The (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
Case Of Libel, A (p) by Thomas-Moore
Case Of Measles, A (s) by Joel-Chandler-Harris
Case Of Metaphantasmia, A (s) by William-Dean-Howells
Case Of Mr. Woolen, The (e) by Robert-Cortes-Holliday
Case Of Rusty Quinn, The (s) by Sewell-Ford
Case Of The Forgotten Man Farther Considered, The (e) by William-Graham-Sumner
Case Of The Inner Imperative, A (s) by Florence-Finch-Kelly
Case Of Trespass, A (s) by Lucy-Maud-Montgomery
Case Of Wagner, Nietzsche Contra Wagner, and Selected Aphorisms, The (e) by Friedrich-Wilhelm-Nietzsche
Casella (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
Casey Ryan (f/n) by B.-M.-Bower
Casey's Table D'hote (p) by Eugene-Field
Cash Boy, The (f/n) by Horatio-Alger
Cashel Byron's Profession (f/n) by George-Bernard-Shaw
Casimirus, [Lyricorum] Lib. II. Ode VII (p) by Henry-Vaughan
Casimirus, [Lyricorum] Lib. III. Ode XXII (p) by Henry-Vaughan
Casimirus, [Lyricorum] Lib. III. Ode XXIII (p) by Henry-Vaughan
Casimirus, [Lyricorum] Lib. IV. Ode XIII (p) by Henry-Vaughan
Casimirus, [Lyricorum] Lib. IV. Ode XV (p) by Henry-Vaughan
Casimirus, [Lyricorum] Lib. IV. Ode XXVIII (p) by Henry-Vaughan
Cask Ashore, The (s) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Cask of Amontillado, The (s) by Edgar-Allan-Poe
Casket Of Opals, The (p) by George-Parsons-Lathrop
Cassandra (p) by Helen-Leah-Reed
Cassandra (p) by George-Meredith
Cassandra (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Cassandra (p) by Edwin-Arlington-Robinson
Cassandra Southwick (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Cassinus And Peter - A Tragical Elegy (p) by Jonathan-Swift
Cassius Hueffer (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Cast Adrift (f/n) by T.-S.-Arthur
Cast Away On A Sand-Bank: Or, My Experiences Of Life On The Ocean (s) by William-H. G.-Kingston
Cast Upon the Breakers (f/n) by Horatio-Alger
Cast-Iron Canvasser, The (s) by Banjo-Paterson
Castaway, The (s) by William-Wymark-Jacobs
Casterbridge Captains, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Casters And Chesters (e) by Grant-Allen
Casting The Runes (s) by Montague-Rhodes-James
Castle, The (s) by George-MacDonald
Castle Craneycrow (f/n) by George-Barr-McCutcheon
Castle Gordon (p) by James-McIntyre
Castle Gordon (p) by Robert-Burns
Castle Gutenfels (near Kaub) (s) by Wilhelm-Ruland
Castle Ichabod (s) by Howard-Pease
Castle of Kerglas, The (s) by Andrew-Lang
Castle Of Remembrance, The (p) by Theophile-Gautier
Castle Of The Active Door, The (s) by Thomas-Wentworth-Higginson
Castle Of Time, The (s) by Lord-Dunsany
Castle On The Dunes, The (s) by Josephine-Daskam-Bacon
Castle Rackrent (f/n) by Maria-Edgeworth
Castle Richmond (f/n) by Anthony-Trollope
Castles In The Air (p) by J.-C.-Manning
Castor Oil (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Casual Acquaintance, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Casual Honeymoon, The (s) by James-Branch-Cabell
Casual Of The Sea, A (e) by Christopher-Morley
Casualties [epigram] (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Casualty (p) by Christopher-Morley
Casualty (p) by William-Ernest-Henley
Casualty, A (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Casuistry (e) by Thomas-De Quincey
Casuistry Of Duelling, The (e) by Thomas-De Quincey
Cat, A (p) by Edward-Thomas
Cat, The (s) by Banjo-Paterson
Cat, The (p) by Oliver-Herford
Cat (Advice To The Young), The (p) by Harry-Graham
Cat And Cupid, The (s) by Arnold-Bennett
Cat And Mouse (s) by Ralph-Williams
Cat and Mouse in Partnership (s) by Jacob-& Wilhelm-Grimm
Cat And The Birds, The (s) by Aesop -author of Aesop-s Fables-
Cat And The Birds, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Cat And The Cock, The (s) by Aesop -author of Aesop-s Fables-
Cat and the Cradle (s) by William-Elliot-Griffis
Cat And The Dog, The (s) by Anonymous
Cat And The Fiddle, The (s) by L.-Frank-Baum
Cat And The Fox, The (s) by Aesop -author of Aesop-s Fables-
Cat And The Fox, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Cat And The Fox, The (s) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Cat And The King, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Cat And The Mice, The (s) by Aesop -author of Aesop-s Fables-
Cat And The Moon, The (p) by William-Butler-Yeats
Cat And The Mouse, The (s) by Hartwell-James
Cat and the Mouse in Partnership, The (s) by Andrew-Lang
Cat And The Old Rat, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Cat And The Parrot, The (s) by W.H.D.-Rouse
Cat And The Rat, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Cat And The Sparrows, The (s) by W.H.D.-Rouse
Cat And The Thrush, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Cat And The Two Sparrows, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Cat And The Youth, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Cat Metamorphosed Into A Woman, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Cat O' Nine Tails, The (p) by Carolyn-Wells
Cat of Bubastes: A Tale of Ancient Egypt, The (f/n) by George-Alfred-Henty
Cat that walked by Himself, The (s) by Rudyard-Kipling
Cat Took The Kosher Meat, The (s) by Jacob-A.-Riis
Cat Which Could Not Be Killed, The (s) by Anonymous
Cat Who Became Head-Forester, The (s) by Arthur-Ransome
Cat's Elopement (s) by Andrew-Lang
Cat's Pilgrimage, A Fable, The (s) by James-Anthony-Froude
Cat, The Weasel And The Rabbit, The (s) by Aesop -author of Aesop-s Fables-
Cat, The Weasel, And The Young Rabbit, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Cat-Hood Of Maurice, The (s) by Edith-Nesbit
Cat-Pie (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
Cat-skin (s) by Jacob-& Wilhelm-Grimm
Cataclysm, The (p) by Edward-Doyle
Catalina Of Dumaguete (s) by John-Maurice-Miller
Catalogue, The (p) by Thomas-Moore
Catapult Story, A (s) by Mary-Louisa-Molesworth
Catarina To Camoens (p) by Elizabeth-Barrett-Browning
Catastrophe (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Catastrophes (s) by Katharine-Lee-Bates
Catbird, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Catbird, The (s) by John-Burroughs
Catch, A (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Catch Of The Season, The (p) by Norman-Gale
Catching A Buffalo (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Catching A Red-Hot Bolt (e) by Arthur-Brisbane
Catching Doodle-Bugs (p) by Ruth-McEnery-Stuart
Catching The Sunbeams (p) by Fannie-Isabel-Sherrick
Catching The Train (s) by Arnold-Bennett
Catching Up With Christmas (s) by Edna-Ferber
Catechism (p) by John-Keble
Categories, The (n) by Aristotle
Cater-Cornered Sex, The (s) by Irvin-S.-Cobb
Caterpillar, The (p) by Robert-Graves
Caterpillar, The (p) by Ruth-McEnery-Stuart
Catfish, The (e) by Henry-W.-Nevinson
Catharine Of The "Crow's Nest" (s) by E. Pauline-Johnson
Catharine Trotter, The Precursor Of The Bluestockings (e) by Edmund-Gosse
Cathedral, The (e) by Harriet-Beecher-Stowe
Cathedral, The (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Cathedral Chimes, A Legend, The (s) by Elizabeth-Rundle-Charles
Cathedral Clock (at Strassburg), The (s) by Wilhelm-Ruland
Cathedral Courtship, A (s) by Kate-Douglas-Wiggin
Cathedral Of Rheims, The (p) by Joyce-Kilmer
Cathedral Vespers (p) by Frank-Oliver-Call
Cathedral-Builder Of Cologne, The (s) by Wilhelm-Ruland
Catherine and Her Destiny (s) by Andrew-Lang
Catherine de' Medici (f/n) by Honore-de-Balzac
Catherine Douglas (s) by Anonymous
Catherine's Quest (s) by Joseph-Sheridan-Le Fanu
Catherine: A Story (f/n) by William-Makepeace-Thackeray
Cathleen Ni Houlihan (d/c) by William-Butler-Yeats
Catholic And Protestant Dramas (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Catholic Reformation In Germany, The (e) by J.-M.-Stone
Catholic's Refutation, A (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Catholick, The (p) by Anonymous -Poetry-s author-
Catholics In Maryland, The (p) by Edward-Doyle
Catiline (d/c) by Henrik-Ibsen
Catnachery (e) by Maurice-Hewlett
Cato: A Tragedy, in Five Acts (d/c) by Joseph-Addison
Catriona (David Balfour) (f/n) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Cats (e) by Robert-Lynd
Cats (e) by Edmund-Gosse
Cats [All ardent lovers and all sages prize] (p) by Charles-Baudelaire
Cats [The lover and the stern philosopher] (p) by Charles-Baudelaire
Catskill Gnomes (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Catskill Witch, The (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Catted Anarchist, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Catterskill Falls (p) by William-Cullen-Bryant
Cattle Country, The (p) by E. Pauline-Johnson
Cattle Rustlers, The (s) by Stewart-Edward-White
Cattle Thief, The (p) by E. Pauline-Johnson
Cattle-Dealers, The (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Catul (p) by Richard-Lovelace
Catullian Hendecasyllables (from Matthison) (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Catullus At His Brother's Grave (p) by Robert-F.-Murray
Catullus De Lesbia (p) by Jonathan-Swift
Catullus To Lesbia (p) by Eugene-Field
Catullus, Considerable Kisser (p) by Franklin-P.-Adams
Catullus: XXXI (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Caudine Forks, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Caught (s) by O-Henry
Caught By The Witch Play (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Caught In A Net (p) by Vachel-Lindsay
Caught On the Ebb-tide (s) by Edward-Payson-Roe
Cauliflower, The (p) by Ruth-McEnery-Stuart
Caun't Speak The Language (e) by Robert-Cortes-Holliday
Cause And Pretext (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Cause of it All, The (d/c) by Leo-Tolstoy
Causes For Thanksgiving (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Causes Of Spain's Decadence, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Causeway, A (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Caution From Limber Hill (p) by John-Castillo
Caution To Poets, A (p) by Matthew-Arnold
Cavalier, The (f/n) by George-Washington-Cable
Cavalier Tunes: Boot And Saddle (p) by Robert-Browning
Cavalier Tunes: Give A Rouse (p) by Robert-Browning
Cavalier Tunes: Marching Along (p) by Robert-Browning
Cavalier's Toast, A (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Cavalry Crossing A Ford (p) by Walt-Whitman
Cavalry Song, The (p) by W.-E.-Christian
Cavanaugh, Forest Ranger: A Romance of the Mountain West (f/n) by Hamlin-Garland
Cave (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Cave in the Mountain, The (f/n) by Edward-Sylvester-Ellis
Cave In The Side Of Coron, The (s) by Sargent-Kayme
Cave Of Covadonga, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Cave Of Kai, The (s) by Lord-Dunsany
Cave Of Lilith, The (e) by George-William-Russell
Cave Of Steenfoll (a Scottish Legend), The (s) by William-Hauff
Cave On Thunder Cloud, The (s) by Mary-Roberts-Rinehart
Cave-Man As He Is, The (s) by Stephen-Leacock
Caveat Emptor (s) by Montague-Glass
Caverns (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Caves, The (p) by John-Freeman
Caxtons: A Family Picture, The (f/n) by Edward-Bulwer-Lytton
Cean Duv Deelish (p) by Dora-Sigerson-Shorter
Cease Smiling, Dear! A Little While Be Sad (p) by Ernest-Dowson
Cecil (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Cecilia Playing (e) by George-William-Curtis
Cecilio, The Servant Of Emilio, The (s) by Dean-S.-Fansler
Cedar Chest, The (p) by Christopher-Morley
Cedar-Bird, The (s) by John-Burroughs
Celandine (p) by Edward-Thomas
Celebrated Case, A (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Celebrated Woman: An Epistle By A Married Man--To A Fellow-Sufferer, The (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Celebration, A (p) by William-Carlos-Williams
Celebrities (p) by Walt-Mason
Celebrity (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
Celebrity (f/n) by Winston-Churchill
Celery And Cherubs (e) by Thomas-Wentworth-Higginson
Celestial Love, The (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
Celestial Pilot. From Dante's Purgatorio, II, The (p) by William-H. G.-Kingston
Celestial Railroad, The (s) by Nathaniel-Hawthorne
Celestial Sisters, The (s) by Cornelius-Mathews
Celestial Slingers, The (s) by Maurus-Jokai
Celestial Surgeon, The (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Celibates (f/n) by George-Augustus-Moore
Cell Nest, The (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Cellar Door, The (p) by John-Clare
Cellar Of The Old Knights In The Kyffhauser, The (s) by Anonymous
Cellars Of Rueda, The (s) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Cellini (n) by Elbert-Hubbard
Cells (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Celt and Saxon, The (f/n) by George-Meredith
Celtic Element In Literature, The (e) by William-Butler-Yeats
Celtic fairy tale: Andrew Coffey (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Celtic fairy tale: Battle of the Birds (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Celtic fairy tale: Beth Gellert (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Celtic fairy tale: Brewery of Eggshells (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Celtic fairy tale: Conall Yellowclaw (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Celtic fairy tale: Connla and the Fairy Maiden (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Celtic fairy tale: Fair, Brown, and Trembling (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Celtic fairy tale: Field of Boliauns (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Celtic fairy tale: Gold-tree and Silver-tree (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Celtic fairy tale: Guleesh (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Celtic fairy tale: Horned Women (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Celtic fairy tale: Hudden and Dudden and Donald O'neary (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Celtic fairy tale: Jack and His Comrades (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Celtic fairy tale: Jack and His Master (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Celtic fairy tale: King O'toole and His Goose (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Celtic fairy tale: Lad with the Goat-skin (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Celtic fairy tale: Legend of Knockmany (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Celtic fairy tale: Munachar and Manachar (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Celtic fairy tale: Sea-maiden (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Celtic fairy tale: Shee an Gannon and The Gruagach Gaire (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Celtic fairy tale: Shepherd of Myddvai (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Celtic fairy tale: Sprightly Tailor (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Celtic fairy tale: Story of Deirdre (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Celtic fairy tale: Story-teller At Fault (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Celtic fairy tale: Tale of Ivan (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Celtic fairy tale: Wooing of Olwen (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Celtic Literature (n) by Matthew-Arnold
Celtic Soul Cry, The (p) by Edward-Doyle
Celtic Twilight, The (f/n) by William-Butler-Yeats
Celts And Saxons (p) by Thomas-Davis
Cemetery, The (s) by Maxim-Gorky
Cemetery Nightingale, The (p) by Morris-Rosenfeld
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Censor Of Poets, A (e) by Edmund-Gosse
Censoring The Censor (e) by Heywood-Broun
Censorship Of Thought, The (e) by Robert-Keable
Centaur, The (f/n) by Algernon-Blackwood
Centaur, The (p) by Oliver-Herford
Centenarian's Story, The (p) by Walt-Whitman
Centenary Of A Hero, The (p) by Hannah-S.-Battersby
Centenary Of Alexandre Dumas, The (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Centenary Of Edgar Allan Poe, The (e) by Edmund-Gosse
Centenary Of Fenimore Cooper, The (e) by Brander-Matthews
Centenary Of Garibaldi, The (p) by George-Meredith
Centenary Of Leconte De Lisle, The (e) by Edmund-Gosse
Centenary Of The Battle Of The Nile, The (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Centennial Hymn (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Centennial Meditation of Columbia. 1776-1876. A Cantata., The (p) by Sidney-Lanier
Central Park At Dusk (p) by Sara-Teasdale
Centre Of The World, The (e) by Benjamin-Taylor
Centuries Hence (p) by Walt-Whitman
Centurion, The (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
Century Of Moderation, The (e) by Alice-Meynell
Cephalus And Procris (p) by Thomas-Moore
Cerberus (p) by Oliver-Herford
Cerda (s) by Arthur-C.-Benson
Cerdagne, The (e) by Hilaire-Belloc
Cerebrum (s) by Albert-Teichner
Ceremonies For Candlemas Day, The (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Ceremonies For Candlemas Eve (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Ceremony Of The Interview Of Princes, The (e) by Montaigne
Ceremony Upon Candlemas Eve (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Ceres' Runaway (e) by Alice-Meynell
Certain Diversities Of American Life (e) by Charles-Dudley-Warner
Certain Evening, A (p) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Certain Maxims of Hafiz (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Certain People, A (p) by George-Meredith
Certain Personal Matters (e) by H.-G.-Wells
Certainties, The (p) by Abner-Cosens
Certitude (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Cervantes (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Cetywayo and his White Neighbours (n) by H.-Rider-Haggard
Ceyx And Halcyone (s) by Jeanie-Lang
Chabot, La (p) by Richard-Lovelace
Chaffer, The Chamois (s) by Ellen-Velvin
Chagrin D'amour (p) by Edith-Nesbit
Chain, A (p) by Adelaide-Anne-Procter
Chain-Pier, Brighton, The (p) by Thomas-Gent
Chair, The (p) by John-Freeman
Chair of Philanthromathematics, The (s) by O-Henry
Chair Ride, The (p) by Eunice-Tietjens
Chairley Burke (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Chairs In Council, The (s) by Edward-Eggleston
Chalice, The (p) by Gilbert-Parker
Chalk-Pit, The (p) by Edward-Thomas
Chalk-Stream Studies (e) by Charles-Kingsley
Chalkley Hall (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Challenge (p) by David-Morton
Challenge, A (p) by Walter-R.-Cassels
Challenge (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Challenge, The (s) by Alice-Brown
Challenge, A (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Challenge, A (p) by Leigh-Gordon-Giltner
Challenge, The (s) by Charles-Alexander-Eastman
Challenge Of The Brontes, The (e) by Edmund-Gosse
Challis The Doubter (s) by Louis-Becke
Chalmetle (p) by Alice-Moore-Dunbar-Nelson
Chamber Idyll, The (p) by Maurice-Hewlett
Chamber Music (p) by James-Joyce
Chambered Nautilus, The (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Chambly Rapid, The (p) by Frank-Oliver-Call
Chameleon, A (p) by Oliver-Herford
Chameleon, The (p) by Ruth-McEnery-Stuart
Chameleon, A (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Chamois, The (p) by Hilaire-Belloc
Chamouny; The Hour Before Sunrise - A Hymn (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Champa Flower, The (p) by Rabindranath-Tagore
Champagne (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Champagne (1914-15) (p) by Alan-Seeger
Champfleury (e) by William-Ernest-Henley
Champion, The (p) by Edith-Nesbit
Champion Of The Weather, The (s) by O-Henry
Champions Of Liberty (p) by George-Pope-Morris
Champlain (p) by William-Henry-Drummond
Champlain (p) by Arthur-Weir
Champlain And The Iroquois (s) by Charles-Morris
Champlain Sandman, The (p) by Hilda-Conkling
Champlain's First Winter And Spring In Quebec (p) by W.-M.-MacKeracher
Chance (f/n) by Joseph-Conrad
Chance (p) by Sara-Teasdale
Chance Acquaintance, A (f/n) by William-Dean-Howells
Chance Shot, A (s) by Henry-Wallace-Phillips
Chances, The (p) by Wilfred-Owen
Chandralekha And The Eight Robbers (s) by Mrs. Howard-Kingscote
Change (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Change, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Change (p) by Sara-Teasdale
Change, The (p) by Rachel-Annand-Taylor
Change, The (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Change (p) by J.-C.-Manning
Change, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Change And The Peasantry (e) by Maurice-Hewlett
Change Has Come, The (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Change In Recurrence (p) by George-Meredith
Change Of Air, A (p) by Clarence-James-Dennis
Change Of Air, A (s) by Henry-Van Dyke
Change Of Ambition, A (p) by John-Kendrick-Bangs
Change Of Heart, A (s) by Anthony-Hope
Change of Treatment, A (s) by William-Wymark-Jacobs
Change [A Late And Lonely Figure Stains The Snow] (p) by John-Freeman
Change [Just as this wood, cast on the snaky fire] (p) by John-Freeman
Change-Worker, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Changed (p) by Charles-Stuart-Calverley
Changed Cross, The (p) by Eugenia-Dunlap-Potts
Changed Man, A (s) by Thomas-Hardy
Changed Perspective (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Changed Voices (p) by William-Watson
Changeling, The (p) by Olive-Custance
Changeling, The (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Changeling, The (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Changeling, A (p) by Adelaide-Anne-Procter
Changeling, The (s) by William-Wymark-Jacobs
Changeling, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Changes (p) by Adelaide-Anne-Procter
Changes: To Corinna, The (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Changing Numbers, The (s) by William-Wymark-Jacobs
Changing Paris (e) by Eliot-Gregory
Changing The Mind (e) by Francis-B.-Pearson
Changing Time (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Channel, The (e) by Hilaire-Belloc
Channel Firing (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Channel Passage, A (p) by Rupert-Brooke
Channel Passage, A (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Channel Tunnel, The (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Channing (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Chanson (p) by Oscar-Wilde
Chanson De Boheme (p) by O-Henry
Chanson Sans Paroles (p) by Ernest-Dowson
Chanson Without Music (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Chant, A (p) by John-Collings-Squire
Chant, A (p) by Adelaide-Anne-Procter
Chant For Autumn (p) by George-Parsons-Lathrop
Chant Of The Changing Hours (p) by Don-Marquis
Chant Of The Cross-Bearing Child, The (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Chant Royal Of High Virtue (p) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Chanticleer: A Thanksgiving Story of the Peabody Family (f/n) by Cornelius-Mathews
Chanting The Square Deific (p) by Walt-Whitman
Chantrey's Sleeping Children (p) by William-Lisle-Bowles
Chanukah Light, The (s) by Isaac-Loeb-Peretz
Chanukah Thoughts (p) by Morris-Rosenfeld
Chaparral Christmas Gift, A (s) by O-Henry
Chaparral Prince, A (s) by O-Henry
Chapel In Lyoness, The (p) by William-Morris
Chapel Of The Hermits, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Chapel-Organist, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Chapelmaster Kreisler (e) by Vernon-Lee
Chaperon, The (s) by Henry-James
Chaplain, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
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Chaplet, The (s) by Saki
Chapter For Children, A (e) by Charles-S.-Brooks
Chapter Headings from 'Beast And Man In India' (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Chapter Headings from 'Just-So Stories' (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
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Chapter Headings from 'The Jungle Books' (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
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Character Of Cobbett (e) by William-Hazlitt
Character Of Dogs, The (e) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Character Of God, The (e) by Lemuel-K.-Washburn
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Characterless, A (p) by Thomas-Moore
Characters Described By Musical Notes (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Charade (Sonnet) (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
Charades (p) by Charles-Stuart-Calverley
Charcoal Nils And The Troll-Woman (s) by Clara-Stroebe
Charcoal-Burner, The (s) by P.-Chr.-Asbjornsen
Charcoal-burner And The Fuller, The (s) by Aesop -author of Aesop-s Fables-
Charcoal-Maker Who Became King, The (s) by Dean-S.-Fansler
Charge At Gettysburg, The (s) by Theodore-Roosevelt
Charge Of The Hounds, The (s) by George-Cary-Eggleston
Charge Of The Light Brigade, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Charge Of The Light Brigade, The (p) by Alfred-Lord-Tennyson
Charge! - A Story of Briton and Boer (f/n) by George-Manville-Fenn
Chariot, The (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Charitable Loan, The (s) by Abraham-Raisin
Charitable Night (East, West, North, South), A (e) by Thomas-Burke
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Charity (e) by Ambrose-Bierce
Charity (p) by George-Parsons-Lathrop
Charity (e) by William-Cowper-Brann
Charity (p) by Charles-Lamb
Charity (p) by Victor-Hugo
Charity Ball, The (p) by Hattie-Howard
Charity Ball, The (p) by Lord-Byron
Charity In Thought (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Charity.--Its Objects (e) by T.-S.-Arthur
Charlatan, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Charlemagne (e) by Thomas-De Quincey
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Charlemagne And The Charcoal-Burner (s) by Anonymous
Charles And Peter (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Charles Ashmore's Trail (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Charles Augustus Fortescue (p) by Hilaire-Belloc
Charles Baudelaire (e) by Arthur-Symons
Charles Bradlaugh (e) by Augustine-Birrell
Charles Carville's Eyes (p) by Edwin-Arlington-Robinson
Charles Darwin (n) by Elbert-Hubbard
Charles Darwin (e) by Thomas-Henry-Huxley
Charles Dickens (e) by Francis-Darwin
Charles Dickens (n) by Elbert-Hubbard
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Charles Evans Hughes (e) by Clinton-W.-Gilbert
Charles George Gordon (p) by Austin-Dobson
Charles H. Phillips (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Charles Harpur (p) by Henry-Kendall
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Charles Russell Lowell (s) by Henry-Cabot-Lodge
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Charles The First And The Popish Plot (e) by J.-M.-Stone
Charles The First's Love Of The Fine Arts (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Charles VII And Joan Of Arc At Rheims (p) by Rosanna-Eleanor-Leprohon
Charles W. Eliot (p) by Oliver-Herford
Charles X And The Invasion Of Denmark (s) by Charles-Morris
Charles XII. The Firebrand Of Sweden (s) by Charles-Morris
Charleston (p) by Henry-Timrod
Charley (s) by Kate-Dickinson-Sweetser
Charley And His Father (p) by Eliza-Lee Cabot-Follen
Charley De Milo (s) by Laurence-M.-Janifer
Charley Laurel: A Story of Adventure by Sea and Land (f/n) by William-H. G.-Kingston
Charley's Coup (s) by Jack-London
Charlie Boy (p) by Eliza-Lee Cabot-Follen
Charlie French (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Charlie to the Rescue (f/n) by R.-M.-Ballantyne
Charlie, He's My Darling (p) by Robert-Burns
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Charlotte Bronte (e) by Arthur-C.-Benson
Charlotte Bronte (n) by Elbert-Hubbard
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Charlotte Bronte's Grave (p) by Emily-Dickinson
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Charlotte's Ladies (s) by Lucy-Maud-Montgomery
Charlottesville And Albemarle County (s) by Etta-Belle-Walker
Charm, A (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Charm (e) by Eliot-Gregory
Charm, The (p) by Rupert-Brooke
Charm (e) by Arthur-C.-Benson
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Charm Invests A Face, A (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Charm Of Birds, A (e) by Charles-Kingsley
Charm Of Commonplace, The (e) by Henry-W.-Nevinson
Charm Of Golf, The (e) by A.-A.-Milne
Charm Of Sterne, The (e) by Edmund-Gosse
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Charmed Life; Or, The Princess And The Lift-Man, The (s) by Edith-Nesbit
Charmer, The (p) by Harriet-Beecher-Stowe
Charmette (p) by William-Henry-Drummond
Charmian (e) by Alice-Meynell
Charmides (n) by Plato
Charmides (p) by Oscar-Wilde
Charmin' Rebecca O' Riddlesden Hall (p) by Bill o-th- Hoylus End
Charming (s) by Hans-Christian-Andersen
Charming Family, A (s) by George-Gissing
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Charming Month Of May, The (p) by Robert-Burns
Charming Woman, A (s) by Jerome-K-Jerome
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Charms Of Lovely Davies, The (p) by Robert-Burns
Charnel-House, The (p) by Henry-Vaughan
Charon (s) by Lord-Dunsany
Chart, The (p) by Gilbert-Parker
Charter Oak, The (p) by Hattie-Howard
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Chartres (p) by Edith-Wharton
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Chase, The (e) by A.-A.-Milne
Chase Henry (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Chasing A Fugitive Subscriber (s) by Falconbridge
Chasing an Iron Horse; or, A Boy's Adventures in the Civil War (f/n) by Edward-Robins
Chasing the Sun (f/n) by R.-M.-Ballantyne
Chasing The White Mail (s) by Cy-Warman
Chasse-Croise (s) by Israel-Zangwill
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Chastelard, a Tragedy (d/c) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Chat, A (s) by Isaac-Loeb-Peretz
Chateau of Prince Polignac (s) by Anthony-Trollope
Chatelaine Of Burnt Ridge, The (s) by Bret-Harte
Chattanooga (p) by Herman-Melville
Chatter Of A Death-Demon From A Tree-Top, The (p) by Stephen-Crane
Chatterton (p) by Dhan-Gopal-Mukerji
Chaucer (e) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Chaucer's A. B. C. (ABC) (p) by Geoffrey-Chaucer
Chaucer's Dream (p) by Geoffrey-Chaucer
Chaucer's Prophecy (p) by Geoffrey-Chaucer
Chaucer's Words To His Scrivener (p) by Geoffrey-Chaucer
Chaucerian Paraphrase Of Horace, A (p) by Eugene-Field
Chavannes, Millet, And Manet (e) by George-Augustus-Moore
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Cheap Knowledge (e) by Kenneth-Grahame
Cheapening His Name (e) by George-William-Curtis
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Cheated Juliet, The (s) by Anonymous
Cheating Preacher, A (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Cheating The Priest (s) by Katherine-Neville-Fleeson
Cheating Time (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Check And Counter-Check (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Cheer (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Cheer Up (p) by John-S.-Adams
Cheerful Glacier, The (s) by Mary-Hunter-Austin
Cheerful Isaac (p) by James-Parkerson
Cheerful Smugglers, The (f/n) by Ellis-Parker-Butler
Cheerful Temper, A (s) by Hans-Christian-Andersen
Cheerful Tempered Lover's Farewell To His Mistress, A (p) by Joanna-Baillie
Cheerful, By Request (s) by Edna-Ferber
Cheery Beggar (p) by Gerard-Manley-Hopkins
Cheese (e) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Cheese Curd For Bait (p) by James-McIntyre
Cheezo (d/c) by Lord-Dunsany
Chelsea (p) by Paul-Bewsher
Chemist's Wife, The (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Chemistry Of Anarchy, The (s) by Robert-Barr
Chenoo, Or The Story Of A Cannibal With An Icy Heart, The (s) by Charles-G.-Leland
Cherchez la Femme (s) by O-Henry
Cheri (e) by Gail-Hamilton
Cherish you then the hope I shall forget (p) by Edna-St Vincent-Millay
Cherished Relic, A (p) by George-W.-Doneghy
Cherokee Hall (s) by Alfred-Henry-Lewis
Cherokee Hall Plays Poker (s) by Alfred-Henry-Lewis
Cherries Are Ripe (p) by Hilda-Conkling
Cherries [A Parable], The (p) by Thomas-Moore
Cherry Orchard, The (s) by Maria-Edgeworth
Cherry Orchard: A Comedy In Four Acts, The (d/c) by Anton-Chekhov
Cherry Ripe (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Cherry Trees, The (p) by Edward-Thomas
Cherry-Time (p) by Robert-Graves
Cherry-Tree Carol, The (p) by Frank-Sidgwick
Cherry-Tree Inn (p) by Henry-Lawson
Cherub's Welcome, The (e) by Lydia-H.-Sigourney
Cherubino, A Psychological Art Fancy (e) by Vernon-Lee
Chessmen of Mars, The (f/n) by Edgar-Rice-Burroughs
Chest Of Silver, The (s) by E.-W.-Hornung
Chester Rand; or, The New Path to Fortune (f/n) by Horatio-Alger
Chestermarke Instinct, The (f/n) by Joseph-Smith-Fletcher
Chestnut Casts His Flambeaux, And The Flowers, The (p) by A.-E.-Housman
Chestnut Log, A (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Cheval-Glass, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Chevalier La Salle, The Explorer Of The Mississippi (s) by Charles-Morris
Chevalier's Lament, The (p) by Robert-Burns
Chevelure, La (p) by Charles-Baudelaire
Chewed Sugar Cane, The (s) by Stewart-Edward-White
Chewing Gum (e) by Charles-Dudley-Warner
Chewing The Cud, The (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Chewink, The (s) by John-Burroughs
Cheynel (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Chicago (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Chicago (e) by Israel-Zangwill
Chicago In August (p) by Eugene-Field
Chicago In July (p) by Eugene-Field
Chicago Newspaper Life (p) by Eugene-Field
Chick Of The Easter Egg, The (s) by William-Dean-Howells
Chickadee (p) by Hilda-Conkling
Chickadee, The (s) by Edgar-Rice-Burroughs
Chickamauga (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Chickamauga (p) by George-W.-Doneghy
Chickamy Crany Crow (p) by Joel-Chandler-Harris
Chicken, The (s) by Ellis-Parker-Butler
Chicken (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Chicken In The Bread Tray (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Chicken Pie (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Chickens (s) by Edna-Ferber
Chicot the Jester (f/n) by Alexandre-Dumas
Chief City Of The Province Of The Gods, The (e) by Lafcadio-Hearn
Chief Croton (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Chief Engineer, The (s) by Lloyd-Osbourne
Chief Joseph (s) by Charles-Alexander-Eastman
Chief Legatee, The (f/n) by Anna-Katharine-Green
Chief Of Rebels, The (e) by Henry-W.-Nevinson
Chief Of The Arverni, The (s) by Charlotte-M.-Yonge
Chief's Daughter, The (s) by Mrs. Andrew-Lang
Chiefs Of The Air, The (p) by George-William-Russell
Chieftain's Daughter, The (p) by George-Pope-Morris
Chieftain, A Story Of The Heavy Draught Service (s) by Sewell-Ford
Chil's Song (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Child, The (e) by Jerome-K-Jerome
Child, The (s) by Guy-De-Maupassant
Child, The (p) by Isabel-Ecclestone-Mackay
Child, The (s) by Annie-Hamilton-Donnell
Child, A (e) by John-Earle
Child And Mother (p) by Eugene-Field
Child And Sire (p) by John-S.-Adams
Child And The Mill, The (p) by Don-Marquis
Child and the Sage, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Child Angel, A Dream, The (e) by Charles-Lamb
Child Asleep, A (p) by Elizabeth-Barrett-Browning
Child Asleep, A (p) by Elizabeth-Madox-Roberts
Child At Her Mother's Grave, The (p) by Eliza-Lee Cabot-Follen
Child Ballad (p) by Charles-Kingsley
Child Christopher And Goldilind The Fair (f/n) by William-Morris
Child God Gave, The (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
Child In The Garden, The (p) by Henry-Van Dyke
Child In The Grave, The (s) by Hans-Christian-Andersen
Child In The House, The (e) by Walter-Pater
Child In The Orchard, The (p) by Edward-Thomas
Child In The Story Awakes, The (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Child In The Story Goes To Bed, The (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Child In The Vatican, The (e) by Vernon-Lee
Child Is Father To The Man, The (p) by Gerard-Manley-Hopkins
Child Life In Town And Country (s) by Anatole-France
Child Made Happy (p) by James-McIntyre
Child Maidelvold (p) by George-Borrow
Child Maurice (p) by Frank-Sidgwick
Child Of Destiny, The (p) by George-William-Russell
Child Of Luck, The (s) by Hjalmar-Hjorth-Boyesen
Child of Storm (f/n) by H.-Rider-Haggard
Child Of Subsiding Tumult, The (e) by Alice-Meynell
Child of the Dawn, The (f/n) by Arthur-C.-Benson
Child Of The Maid, The (p) by John-Oxenham
Child Of The Poet, The (p) by Abram-Joseph-Ryan
Child Of The Rain, A (s) by Elia-W.-Peattie
Child Of The Snows, A (p) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Child Of The Sun, A (p) by Hamlin-Garland
Child Of The Thunder, The (s) by William-Elliot-Griffis
Child Of The Wind, A (s) by Bessie-Hatton
Child Of The Woods, A (s) by Katherine-Neville-Fleeson
Child Of Tumult, The (e) by Alice-Meynell
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Child Saved By Dog (p) by James-McIntyre
Child Stig And Child Findal (p) by George-Borrow
Child That Went With The Fairies, The (s) by Joseph-Sheridan-Le Fanu
Child To His Sick Grandfather, A (p) by Joanna-Baillie
Child Waters (p) by Frank-Sidgwick
Child Who Came from an Egg, The (s) by Andrew-Lang
Child Who Saw Santa Claus, The (s) by Carolyn-Sherwin-Bailey
Child Who Would Not Go To Bed, The (p) by Katharine-Pyle
Child Year, The (p) by George-Parsons-Lathrop
Child! Do Not Throw This Book About (p) by Hilaire-Belloc
Child's Amaze, A (p) by Walt-Whitman
Child's Appeal, The (p) by Mary-Gardiner-Horsford
Child's Complaint, The (p) by Isaac-Watts
Child's Dream, The (p) by Rosanna-Eleanor-Leprohon
Child's Dream of a Star, A (s) by Charles-Dickens
Child's Evening Prayer, A (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Child's Evensong, A (p) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Child's First Grief, The (p) by Susanna-Moodie
Child's First Impression Of A Star, A (p) by Nathaniel-Parker-Willis
Child's Funeral, The (p) by William-Cullen-Bryant
Child's Grave At Florence, A (p) by Elizabeth-Barrett-Browning
Child's Hair, A (p) by William-Watson
Child's Kiss, A (p) by Arthur-Weir
Child's Letter, The (s) by Eugene-Field
Child's Music Lesson, The (p) by Archibald-Lampman
Child's Nightmare, A (p) by Robert-Graves
Child's Play (e) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Child's Prayer, The (p) by James-Avis-Bartley
Child's Smile, A (p) by Dinah-M. Mulock-Craik
Child's Song (p) by Eliza-Lee Cabot-Follen
Child's Song (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Child's Song From A Masque (p) by Thomas-Moore
Child's Story, The (s) by Charles-Dickens
Child's Talk In April (p) by Christina-Georgina-Rossetti
Child's Toy, A (e) by William and Robert-Chambers
Child's Treasures, A (p) by Rosanna-Eleanor-Leprohon
Child's Wish, A (p) by Abram-Joseph-Ryan
Child's Wish Granted, The (p) by George-Parsons-Lathrop
Child's Wishes, A (s) by Juliana-Horatia-Ewing
Child, Child (p) by Sara-Teasdale
Child-Angel, The (p) by Rabindranath-Tagore
Child-Mother, The (p) by George-MacDonald
Child-Songs (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Child-World, The (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Childe Harold (p) by Heinrich-Heine
Childe Harold's Last Pilgrimage (p) by William-Lisle-Bowles
Childhood (p) by Charles-Lamb
Childhood (f/n) by Leo-Tolstoy
Childhood (p) by Victor-Hugo
Childhood (p) by Frances-Fuller-Victor
Childhood (p) by Henry-Kirk-White
Childhood calls (p) by John-Freeman
Childhood Of Apollo, The (e) by George-William-Russell
Childhood's Piety (p) by Lydia-H.-Sigourney
Childish Griefs (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Childish Recollections (p) by Lord-Byron
Childless (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Childless Father, The (p) by William-Wordsworth
Childless Women (e) by Thomas-Wentworth-Higginson
Children, The (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Children (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Children, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Children (e) by Harriet-Beecher-Stowe
Children, The (p) by Gilbert-Parker
Children (e) by Richard-King
Children, The (s) by Josephine-Daskam-Bacon
Children And Parents (e) by Havelock-Ellis
Children and Sir Nameless, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Children In Burlesque (e) by Alice-Meynell
Children In Midwinter (e) by Alice-Meynell
Children In Nova Scotia (e) by Helen-Hunt-Jackson
Children In Slavery (p) by Eliza-Lee Cabot-Follen
Children Of Dream (p) by Bliss-Carman
Children Of Lir (p) by George-William-Russell
Children Of Lir, The (s) by Jeanie-Lang
Children Of Stare, The (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Children Of The Cloud (s) by Elaine-Goodale-Eastman
Children of the Ghetto: A Study of a Peculiar People (f/n) by Israel-Zangwill
Children of the King: A Tale of Southern Italy, The (f/n) by F.-Marion-Crawford
Children Of The Limokon, The (s) by Mabel-Cook-Cole
Children of the Market Place (f/n) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Children Of The Night, The (p) by Edwin-Arlington-Robinson
Children Of The Poor, The (p) by Victor-Hugo
Children Of The Public, The (s) by Edward-Everett-Hale
Children Of The State (e) by Henry-W.-Nevinson
Children Of The Zodiac, The (s) by Rudyard-Kipling
Children of Wilton Chase, The (f/n) by L.-T.-Meade
Children With One Eye, The (s) by Cyrus-Macmillan
Children's "Don't", The (p) by Harry-Graham
Children's Hymn For Their Patroness, The (p) by William-Lisle-Bowles
Children's Joke, The (s) by Louisa-May-Alcott
Children's Parties (e) by Helen-Hunt-Jackson
Children's Pilgrimage, The (f/n) by L.-T.-Meade
Children's Plays (e) by A.-A.-Milne
Children's Prattle (s) by Hans-Christian-Andersen
Children's Rights: A book of nursery logic (e) by Kate-Douglas-Wiggin
Children's Seating Rhyme (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Children's Song (p) by Margaret-Moran D.-McDougall
Children's Song, The (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Children--A Family Scene (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
Children: Private Ward (p) by William-Ernest-Henley
Chilean Bluejacket, The (s) by Louis-Becke
Chilhowee Lily, A (s) by Mary-Noailles-Murfree
Chill, A (p) by Christina-Georgina-Rossetti
Chill Of Enthusiasm, The (e) by Agnes-Repplier
Chillianwallah (p) by George-Meredith
Chilly Presence Of Hard-Headed Persons, The (e) by Charles-S.-Brooks
Chilterns, The (p) by Rupert-Brooke
Chimaera, The (s) by Nathaniel-Hawthorne
Chimera, The (p) by Oliver-Herford
Chimes, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Chimes (p) by Alice-Meynell
Chimes, The (f/n) by Charles-Dickens
Chimes Play "Life's a bumper!", The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Chimney Sweeper, The (p) by William-Blake
Chimney Swift, The (s) by John-Burroughs
Chimney-Pots, The (e) by Charles-S.-Brooks
Chimney-Swallow, The (p) by Ruth-McEnery-Stuart
Chimney-Sweeper, The (p) by Elizabeth-Turner
Chimney-Sweeper, The (p) by William-Blake
Chimney-Sweeps Of Cheltenham, The (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Chimpanzee, The (p) by Oliver-Herford
China (e) by Evelyn-Baring
China-Mender, The (p) by Thomas-Hood
Chinago, The (s) by Jack-London
Chinaman On Oxford, A (s) by Maurice-Baring
Chinaman's Ghost, The (s) by Henry-Lawson
Chinee Kid, A (s) by Florence-Finch-Kelly
Chinese Critic, A (e) by George-William-Curtis
Chinese fairy tale: Story of The Bird Feng (s) by Edmund-Dulac
Chinese God, The (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Chinese Jugglers, And The Englishman's Hands, The (s) by Juliana-Horatia-Ewing
Chinese Justice (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Chinese Language, The (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Chinese Lanterns (p) by George-Augustus-Baker
Chinese New Year (p) by Eunice-Tietjens
Chinese Night (Limehouse), A (e) by Thomas-Burke
Chinese Nightingale: A Song In Chinese Tapestries, The (p) by Vachel-Lindsay
Chinkie's Flat (f/n) by Louis-Becke
Chione (p) by Archibald-Lampman
Chip From The Maelstrom, A (s) by Jacob-A.-Riis
Chip On Your Shoulder, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Chip's Thanksgiving (s) by Annie-Hamilton-Donnell
Chip, of the Flying U (f/n) by B.-M.-Bower
Chipmunk, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Chipmunk, The (e) by John-Burroughs
Chipmunk (p) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Chippewa Legend, A (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Chipping Sparrow, The (s) by John-Burroughs
Chippings With A Chisel (s) by Nathaniel-Hawthorne
Chips From The Maelstrom (s) by Jacob-A.-Riis
Chiquita (p) by Bret-Harte
Chit-Chat; Nirvana; The Searchlight (f/n) by Mathew-Joseph-Holt
Chita: A Memory of Last Island (f/n) by Lafcadio-Hearn
Chitra, a Play in One Act (d/c) by Rabindranath-Tagore
Chivalrie (p) by George-Augustus-Baker
Chivalry (p) by Alice-Duer-Miller
Chivalry Is Born (e) by Heywood-Broun
Chlodine (p) by Mrs. J.-C.-Yule
Chloe (p) by George-Borrow
Chloe (p) by Edith-Nesbit
Chocorua (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Choice, The (s) by Barry-Pain
Choice (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Choice, The (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Choice, A (p) by Edward-Doyle
Choice, The (p) by Edmund-Vance-Cooke
Choice, The (p) by Emma-Lazarus
Choice, A (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Choice, The (p) by Gilbert-Parker
Choice, A (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Choice Of Amyntas, The (s) by W.-Somerset-Maugham
Choice Of Colors (e) by Helen-Hunt-Jackson
Choice Of Cyril Harjohn, The (s) by Jerome-K-Jerome
Choice Of Hercules, The (s) by James-Baldwin
Choice Of Parents, The (e) by Israel-Zangwill
Choice Of Sweet Shy Clare, The (p) by Rosanna-Eleanor-Leprohon
Choices, The (s) by James-Branch-Cabell
Choir Invisible, The (f/n) by James-Lane-Allen
Choirmaster's Burial, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Choking Ghost Of "---- House," Near Sandyford Place, Glasgow, The (s) by Elliott-O-Donnell
Cholera Camp (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Cholera Cured Before-Hand (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Chonguita (s) by Dean-S.-Fansler
Choose Ye (p) by Abner-Cosens
Choose You This Day Whom Ye Will Serve (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Choosing A Gun (e) by Richard-Jefferies
Choosing A Name (p) by Charles-Lamb
Choosing A Profession (p) by Charles-Lamb
Choosing Of Esther, The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Chopin (p) by Emma-Lazarus
Chopin Of The Gutter, A (s) by James-Huneker
Chopin's Funeral March (p) by Dhan-Gopal-Mukerji
Chopin, The Greatest Genius Of The Pianoforte (e) by Henry-Theophilus-Finck
Choral Ode To Liberty, A (p) by Eric-Mackay
Chord Of Colour, A (p) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Chore Time (p) by Jean-Blewett
Choriambics (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Choriambics -- I (p) by Rupert-Brooke
Choriambics -- II (p) by Rupert-Brooke
Choric Song (p) by Alfred-Lord-Tennyson
Choristers (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Choristers, The (p) by Bliss-Carman
Chorus, The (e) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Chorus (p) by David-Morton
Chorus For Mixed Voices (p) by Franklin-P.-Adams
Chorus Girl, The (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Chorus of Angels (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
Chorus Of Guardian Spirits (p) by Charles-Mackay
Chorus Of Old Men In "Aegeus", The (p) by Edwin-Arlington-Robinson
Chorus of Spirits (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
Chorus of Spirits 1 (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
Chorus [The Varied Earth, The Moving Heaven] (p) by Alfred-Lord-Tennyson
Chosen, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Chosen, The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Chosen City, The (p) by Mary-Alice-Walton
Chosen Knight, The (p) by George-Borrow
Chosen Lessons (p) by Frances-Ridley-Havergal
Chosen Peoples (e) by Israel-Zangwill
Chouans, The (f/n) by Honore-de-Balzac
Chris Farrington: Able Seaman (s) by Jack-London
Chrism Of Kings, The (p) by Thomas-O-Hagan
Chrismus Is A-Comin' (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Chrismus On The Plantation (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Christ (p) by Ivan-Turgenev
Christ, The (p) by John-Oxenham
Christ And The Dog (s) by Howard-J.-Chidley
Christ At The Bar (p) by John-Oxenham
Christ Comes To Texas (e) by William-Cowper-Brann
Christ Crucified (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Christ In Flanders (s) by Honore-de-Balzac
Christ My Refuge (p) by Mary-Baker-Eddy
Christ Of Dogma, The (e) by John-Fiske
Christ's Action (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Christ's All! (p) by John-Oxenham
Christ's Hospital Five And Thirty Years Ago (e) by Charles-Lamb
Christ's Part (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Christ's Twofold Coming (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Christ's Voice In The Soul (p) by Harriet-Beecher-Stowe
Christ's Words On The Cross: My God, My God (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Christ-Child, The (p) by Thomas-O-Hagan
Christabel (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Christel (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
Christendom vs. Christianity (e) by George-William-Curtis
Christening, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Christening (p) by George-Parsons-Lathrop
Christening, The (p) by Charles-Lamb
Christening, The (s) by Guy-De-Maupassant
Christening, The (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Christening In Bottle Alley, The (s) by Jacob-A.-Riis
Christening In The Village, The (s) by Arthur-Ransome
Christiad, The (p) by Henry-Kirk-White
Christian, A (e) by John-Galsworthy
Christian, The (f/n) by Hall-Caine
Christian And Jew (p) by Christina-Georgina-Rossetti
Christian Army, The (s) by Howard-J.-Chidley
Christian Congregation, The (e) by Norman-Macleod
Christian England In India (e) by William-Cowper-Brann
Christian Gellert's Last Christmas (s) by Berthold-Auerbach
Christian Happiness (e) by Lemuel-K.-Washburn
Christian In Exile, The (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
Christian Mother's Lament, The (p) by Susanna-Moodie
Christian Peace (p) by Harriet-Beecher-Stowe
Christian Science (n) by Mark-Twain
Christian Science and the book of Mrs. Eddy (s) by Mark-Twain
Christian Serpent, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Christian Slave, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Christian Tourists, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Christian's God, The (e) by Lemuel-K.-Washburn
Christian's Mistake (f/n) by Dinah-M. Mulock-Craik
Christian's New Year Prayer, The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Christianity And Freethought (e) by Lemuel-K.-Washburn
Christianity And War (e) by Fossey-John Cobb-Hearnshaw
Christianity As The Result Of Pre-Established Harmony (e) by Thomas-De Quincey
Christie Johnstone: A Novel (f/n) by Charles-Reade
Christina Rossetti (n) by Elbert-Hubbard
Christina Rossetti (e) by Arthur-C.-Benson
Christmas (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Christmas (p) by Anonymous -Poetry-s author-
Christmas (p) by Susan-Coolidge
Christmas (e) by Richard-King
Christmas (e) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Christmas (p) by Henry-Timrod
Christmas (e) by Alexander-Smith
Christmas, The (s) by William-John-Hopkins
Christmas (p) by George-MacDonald
Christmas (p) by Theophile-Gautier
Christmas (p) by Virna-Sheard
Christmas "now.", A (p) by George-Wither
Christmas Accident, A (s) by Annie-Eliot-Trumbull
Christmas And Rome (s) by Edward-Everett-Hale
Christmas And The Literature Of Disillusion (e) by Samuel-McChord-Crothers
Christmas And The Spirit Of Democracy (e) by Samuel-McChord-Crothers
Christmas Angel, The (f/n) by Abbie-Farwell-Brown
Christmas Anticipations (p) by J.-C.-Manning
Christmas At Church (p) by Hattie-Howard
Christmas At Indian Point (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Christmas At Red Butte (s) by Lucy-Maud-Montgomery
Christmas At Sea (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Christmas Ballad, A (p) by William-Morris
Christmas Banquet, The (s) by Nathaniel-Hawthorne
Christmas Before Last; Or, The Fruit Of The Fragile Palm (s) by Frank-R-Stockton
Christmas Bells (p) by Hattie-Howard
Christmas Box, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Christmas Box (Sonnet), The (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
Christmas by Injunction (s) by O-Henry
Christmas Cards (p) by Franklin-P.-Adams
Christmas Cards (e) by Christopher-Morley
Christmas Carmen, A (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Christmas Carol (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Christmas Carol (p) by Sara-Teasdale
Christmas Carol, A (p) by George-Wither
Christmas Carol, A (f/n) by Charles-Dickens
Christmas Carol, A (p) by Charles-Kingsley
Christmas Carol (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Christmas Carol, A (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Christmas Carol, A (p) by Christina-Georgina-Rossetti
Christmas Carol (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Christmas Carol, A (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Christmas Carol Sung To The King In The Presence At Whitehall, A (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Christmas Carol [God rest you merry gentlemen], A (p) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Christmas Carol [The Christ-child lay on Mary's lap], A (p) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Christmas Carols (p) by Christina-Georgina-Rossetti
Christmas Chant, A (p) by Abram-Joseph-Ryan
Christmas Child, A (p) by Isabel-Ecclestone-Mackay
Christmas Child, The (p) by George-MacDonald
Christmas Chimes (p) by Alfred-Castner-King
Christmas Club. A Ghost Story, The (s) by Edward-Eggleston
Christmas Conversion (p) by Jean-Blewett
Christmas Crackers, A Fantasia (s) by Juliana-Horatia-Ewing
Christmas Creek (p) by Henry-Kendall
Christmas Day (p) by Walt-Mason
Christmas Day (p) by Charles-Kingsley
Christmas Day (p) by Bill o-th- Hoylus End
Christmas Day (p) by John-Keble
Christmas Day (p) by Henry-Kirk-White
Christmas Day On Old Windy Mountain (s) by Mary-Noailles-Murfree
Christmas Day On The Plantation, A (s) by Charles-Morris
Christmas Day, 1850 (p) by George-MacDonald
Christmas Dinner, A (s) by Charles-Dickens
Christmas Dream, and How It Came True, A (s) by Louisa-May-Alcott
Christmas Eve (p) by Grant-Balfour
Christmas Eve (s) by Hamilton-Wright-Mabie
Christmas Eve (p) by Eugene-Field
Christmas Eve (p) by Robert-Browning
Christmas Eve (p) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Christmas Eve At Swamp's End (s) by Norman-Duncan
Christmas Eve Choral, A (p) by Bliss-Carman
Christmas Eve In A Lumber Camp (s) by Ralph-Connor
Christmas Eve In The Far South Seas, A (s) by Louis-Becke
Christmas Eve in War Times (s) by Edward-Payson-Roe
Christmas Eve On Lonesome (s) by John-Fox
Christmas Every Day (s) by William-Dean-Howells
Christmas Fancies (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Christmas Fancy, A (p) by Robert-F.-Murray
Christmas Fires, The (p) by Anne-P. L.-Field
Christmas Folksong, A (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Christmas Games (e) by A.-A.-Milne
Christmas Garden, The (s) by Carolyn-Sherwin-Bailey
Christmas Garland, A (f/n) by Max-Beerbohm
Christmas Ghost-Story, A (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Christmas Gift, A (p) by Don-Marquis
Christmas Gift For Mother, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Christmas Gift That Came To Rupert, The (s) by Bret-Harte
Christmas Gifts (p) by Elizabeth-Barrett-Browning
Christmas Gifts (p) by Carolyn-Wells
Christmas Gifts Of Thaddeus, The (s) by John-Kendrick-Bangs
Christmas Goblins, The (s) by Charles-Dickens
Christmas Greens (p) by George-Augustus-Baker
Christmas Greeting (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Christmas Greeting, A (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Christmas Greeting, A (p) by Walt-Whitman
Christmas Greeting and A Christmas Wish, A (n) by Cyrus-Townsend-Brady
Christmas Greetings (p) by John-Kendall
Christmas Guest, A (s) by Selma-Lagerlof
Christmas Guest, The (s) by Myra-Kelly
Christmas Hymn (p) by Eugene-Field
Christmas Hymn (p) by Lydia-H.-Sigourney
Christmas Hymn (p) by Anonymous -Poetry-s author-
Christmas Hymn (p) by William-Lisle-Bowles
Christmas Idyll, A (s) by Michael-Fairless
Christmas In 1875 (p) by William-Cullen-Bryant
Christmas In Edinborough (p) by Alexander-Smith
Christmas In Heaven (p) by Isabel-Ecclestone-Mackay
Christmas in India (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Christmas In Poganuc (s) by Harriet-Beecher-Stowe
Christmas In The Arctic Ocean, A (s) by Gordon-Stables
Christmas In The Heart (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Christmas In The Olden Time (p) by Sir Walter-Scott
Christmas In The Snows (s) by Cyrus-Townsend-Brady
Christmas In War-Time (p) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Christmas Inspiration, A (s) by Lucy-Maud-Montgomery
Christmas Insurrection, A (p) by Anne-P. L.-Field
Christmas Is Coming (p) by J.-C.-Manning
Christmas Letter, A (e) by Stephen-Leacock
Christmas Letter, The (p) by Helen-Leah-Reed
Christmas Lullaby, A (p) by John-Addington-Symonds
Christmas Masquerade, The (s) by Mary E-Wilkins-Freeman
Christmas Meditation, A (e) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Christmas Melody, A (s) by H.-S.-Armstrong
Christmas Memory, A (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Christmas Minstrelsy (p) by William-Wordsworth
Christmas Miracle, The (s) by Mary-Noailles-Murfree
Christmas Miracle, A (s) by Harrison-S.-Morris
Christmas Mistake, A (s) by Lucy-Maud-Montgomery
Christmas Monks, The (s) by Mary E-Wilkins-Freeman
Christmas Morn (p) by Mary-Baker-Eddy
Christmas Morn (p) by Hannah-S.-Battersby
Christmas Morning (p) by Elizabeth-Madox-Roberts
Christmas Morning (p) by Eugene-Field
Christmas Night With Satan (s) by John-Fox
Christmas Number, A (e) by A.-A.-Milne
Christmas Of 1888, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Christmas Of Old (p) by Harrison-S.-Morris
Christmas Omnipresent (p) by Leigh-Hunt
Christmas Outside of Eden (s) by Coningsby-Dawson
Christmas Party, The (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
Christmas Peace, The (s) by Thomas-Nelson-Page
Christmas Play-Song (p) by Joel-Chandler-Harris
Christmas Prayer, A (p) by George-MacDonald
Christmas Prayer For Lonely Folks, A (p) by Henry-Van Dyke
Christmas Prayer For The Home, A (p) by Henry-Van Dyke
Christmas Present For A Lady, A (s) by Myra-Kelly
Christmas Sermon, A (e) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Christmas Silence, The (p) by Margaret-Deland
Christmas Song (p) by Bliss-Carman
Christmas Song For Three Guilds, A (p) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Christmas Spirit, The (p) by Everard-Jack-Appleton
Christmas Story; Man In His Element; or, A New Way To Keep House, A (s) by Samuel-W.-Francis
Christmas Surprise at Enderly Road, The (s) by Lucy-Maud-Montgomery
Christmas Tears (p) by Henry-Van Dyke
Christmas Then And Now (A Christmas Carol) (p) by Cyrus-Townsend-Brady
Christmas Toys (p) by Edwin-C.-Ranck
Christmas Treasures (p) by Eugene-Field
Christmas Tree, The (s) by Mary-Hunter-Austin
Christmas Tree, The (e) by Dallas-Lore-Sharp
Christmas Tree, A (s) by Charles-Dickens
Christmas Tree And A Wedding, A (s) by Fyodor-Dostoyevsky
Christmas Tree in the Barn, The (s) by Carolyn-Sherwin-Bailey
Christmas Tree On Pigeon, The (s) by John-Fox
Christmas Tree Wedding (s) by Fyodor-Dostoyevsky
Christmas Trees (p) by Robert-Frost
Christmas Turkey (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Christmas Violets (p) by Andrew-Lang
Christmas Waits In Boston (s) by Edward-Everett-Hale
Christmas Wishes [hymn] (p) by Juliana-Horatia-Ewing
Christmas Wreck, The (s) by Frank-R-Stockton
Christmas, 1880 (p) by George-MacDonald
Christmas, 1918 (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Christmas, A Happy Time (s) by Alicia-Catherine-Mant
Christmas-Day, 1878 (p) by George-MacDonald
Christmas-eve Suit, A (s) by Edward-Payson-Roe
Christmas-Giving And Christmas-Living (e) by Henry-Van Dyke
Christmas-Rose, A (s) by Bessie-Hatton
Christmas-Tide (p) by Hattie-Howard
Christmas; or, The Good Fairy (s) by Harriet-Beecher-Stowe
Christmastide (p) by E. Pauline-Johnson
Christopher Columbus (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
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Chronicles Of Avonlea: 02. Old Lady Lloyd (s) by Lucy-Maud-Montgomery
Chronicles Of Avonlea: 03. Each In His Own Tongue (s) by Lucy-Maud-Montgomery
Chronicles Of Avonlea: 04. Little Joscelyn (s) by Lucy-Maud-Montgomery
Chronicles Of Avonlea: 05. The Winning Of Lucinda (s) by Lucy-Maud-Montgomery
Chronicles Of Avonlea: 06. Old Man Shaw's Girl (s) by Lucy-Maud-Montgomery
Chronicles Of Avonlea: 07. Aunt Olivia's Beau (s) by Lucy-Maud-Montgomery
Chronicles Of Avonlea: 08. The Quarantine At Alexander Abraham's (s) by Lucy-Maud-Montgomery
Chronicles Of Avonlea: 09. Pa Sloane's Purchase (s) by Lucy-Maud-Montgomery
Chronicles Of Avonlea: 10. The Courting Of Prissy Strong (s) by Lucy-Maud-Montgomery
Chronicles Of Avonlea: 11. The Miracle At Carmody (s) by Lucy-Maud-Montgomery
Chronicles Of Avonlea: 12. The End Of A Quarrel (s) by Lucy-Maud-Montgomery
Chronicles of the Canongate (f/n) by Sir Walter-Scott
Chronology Of Ireland, A (e) by Thomas-Davis
Chrysalis [Sonnet], The (p) by George-MacDonald
Chrysanthemum's Court (p) by Jean-Blewett
Chrysanthemums (p) by John-Presland
Chrysomania; Or, The Gold-Frenzy In Its Present Stage (e) by Thomas-De Quincey
Chrystmasse Of Olde (p) by Eugene-Field
Chu Chu (s) by Bret-Harte
Chuck Will's Widow Song (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Chum (s) by A.-A.-Milne
Chun Ah Chun (s) by Jack-London
Chun Wa (s) by Maurice-Baring
Church And Good Conduct, The (e) by Edwin-Lawrence-Godkin
Church And Science, The (e) by Edwin-Lawrence-Godkin
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Church Debt, The (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Church Extension (p) by Thomas-Moore
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Church Of Brou, The (p) by Matthew-Arnold
Church Of Unbent Knees, The (p) by Christopher-Morley
Church Romance, A (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Church Street (e) by George-William-Curtis
Church With An Overshot-Wheel, The (s) by O-Henry
Church-Bell, The (p) by Elinor-Wylie
Church-Builder, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Church-Papist, A (e) by John-Earle
Churches Of North France, The (s) by William-Morris
Churching Of Women (p) by John-Keble
Churchyard Pheasants: Before The Bench (e) by Richard-Jefferies
Cicalas: An Idyll, The (p) by Henry-Newbolt
Cicely (s) by Annie-F.-Johnston
Cicely's Dairy. Hilary's Talk (e) by Richard-Jefferies
Cicely's Dream (s) by Charles-W.-Chesnutt
Cicely. The Brook (e) by Richard-Jefferies
Cicero (e) by Thomas-De Quincey
Cicero Viewed As A Collector (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Cicero's Puns (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Cid, The (s) by Logan-Marshall
Cider Song, A (p) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Cigar Smoke (s) by Falconbridge
Cigarette-Maker's Romance, A (f/n) by F.-Marion-Crawford
Cilia (s) by Anthon-B. E.-Nilsen
Cincinnatus (s) by Alfred-John-Church
Cincinnatus And The Aequians (s) by Charles-Morris
Cinder-Maid, The (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Cinderella (s) by Richard-Harding-Davis
Cinderella, or The Little Glass Slipper (s) by Andrew-Lang
Cinema (p) by Conrad-Aiken
Cinema Murder, The (f/n) by E.-Phillips-Oppenheim
Cipher, The (s) by Gilbert-Parker
Circassian Slave; or, The Sultan's Favorite, The (f/n) by Maturin-Murray-Ballou
Circe (p) by H.-D.
Circe (p) by Leigh-Gordon-Giltner
Circe's Palace (s) by Nathaniel-Hawthorne
Circle Day (p) by Joseph-Crosby-Lincoln
Circle In The Water, A (s) by William-Dean-Howells
Circle Of Nature, The (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Circles (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
Circuit Judge, The (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Circuit-Preacher, The (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
Circuitous Route, A (s) by Falconbridge
Circular, A (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Circular, A (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Circular Clew, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Circular Staircase, The (f/n) by Mary-Roberts-Rinehart
Circular Study, The (f/n) by Anna-Katharine-Green
Circular Tour, A (s) by William-Wymark-Jacobs
Circumcision Of Christ, The (p) by John-Keble
Circumlocutory Egg Pedler, A (s) by Falconbridge
Circumscription Of The Topic (e) by William-James
Circumstance (p) by Alfred-Lord-Tennyson
Circumstance (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Circumstances Alter Cases (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Circumstantial Evidence (s) by Jeanie-Lang
Circumstantial Evidence (e) by Edwin-Lawrence-Godkin
Circus, The (p) by Elizabeth-Madox-Roberts
Circus (s) by Alan-Edward-Nourse
Circus, The (p) by Clarence-James-Dennis
Circus, The (p) by Edwin-C.-Ranck
Circus, The (s) by Edith-Nesbit
Circus Days (e) by Charles-S.-Brooks
Circus In The Suburbs, A (e) by William-Dean-Howells
Circus-Day Parade, The (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Citadel, The (p) by Gilbert-Parker
Citadel (s) by Algis-Budrys
Cities (p) by H.-D.
Cities Of The Plain, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Cities Of The Plain (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Citizen And The Snakes, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Citizen Of The World (p) by Joyce-Kilmer
City, The (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
City, The (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
City, The (s) by Lord-Dunsany
City, The (p) by Archibald-Lampman
City And Country In The Fall - A Long-Distance Eclogue (p) by William-Dean-Howells
City And The Sea, The (p) by E. Pauline-Johnson
City And The World, The (s) by Francis-Clement-Kelley
City Bushman, The (p) by Henry-Lawson
City Crimes (f/n) by George-Thompson
City Dead-House, The (p) by Walt-Whitman
City Dweller's Wish, A (p) by John-Kendrick-Bangs
City In Moonlight, The (p) by Richard-Le Gallienne
City in the Sea, The (p) by Edgar-Allan-Poe
City Mouse And The Country Mouse, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
City Nights (p) by Arthur-Symons
City Note-Book (New York), A (e) by Christopher-Morley
City Notebook (Philadelphia), A (e) by Christopher-Morley
City Of "So Be I's" (A Dream), The (p) by Bill o-th- Hoylus End
City Of A Day, The (s) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
City Of Darkness, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
City of Dreadful Night, The (s) by O-Henry
City Of Dreadful Thirst, The (p) by Banjo-Paterson
City of Fire, The (f/n) by Grace-Livingston-Hill
City Of Friends, The (p) by Walt-Whitman
City Of Golf, The (p) by Robert-F.-Murray
City Of Orgies (p) by Walt-Whitman
City Of Philosophers, The (s) by Richard-Garnett
City Of Political Distinction, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
City of Refuge, A (s) by Henry-Van Dyke
City Of Ships (p) by Walt-Whitman
City Of Sleep, The (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
City Of The Beast, The (s) by Maurus-Jokai
City Of The Elephants, The (s) by Henry-M.-Stanley
City Of The End Of Things, The (p) by Archibald-Lampman
City Of The Gone Away, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
City Of The Sea, The (s) by Jerome-K-Jerome
City On Mallington Moor, The (s) by Lord-Dunsany
City Rat And The Country Rat, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
City Revisited, The (p) by Stephen-Vincent-Benet
City That Will Not Repent, The (p) by Vachel-Lindsay
City Tree, The (p) by Isabella-Valancy-Crawford
City Trees (p) by Edna-St Vincent-Millay
City Vignettes (p) by Sara-Teasdale
City Visions (p) by Emma-Lazarus
City Wall, The (p) by Eunice-Tietjens
City [sonnet], The (p) by Archibald-Lampman
City's Heart, The (s) by Jacob-A.-Riis
Civil Disabilities Of The Jews (e) by Thomas-Babington-Macaulay
Civil Servant, The (s) by A.-A.-Milne
Civil Service In Florida, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Civil Speech (p) by Elizabeth-Turner
Civil War In Ohio, The (s) by William-Dean-Howells
Civilisation And The Birth-Rate (e) by Havelock-Ellis
Civilization (e) by Ambrose-Bierce
Civilized War (s) by George-A.-Birmingham
Clad All In Brown (p) by Jonathan-Swift
Claim Jumpers: A Romance, The (f/n) by Stewart-Edward-White
Claim Number One (f/n) by George-W.-Ogden
Claims Of The Muse (a fable), The (p) by Austin-Dobson
Clair de Lune (d/c) by Michael-Strange
Clair De Lune (p) by Paul-Verlaine
Clair De Lune (s) by Guy-De-Maupassant
Clairvoyance (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Clairvoyant (p) by Conrad-Aiken
Clairvoyants, The (s) by Arthur-B.-Reeve
Clams, a Ghost Story (s) by Louisa-May-Alcott
Clan Of Mac Caura, The (p) by Denis-Florence-MacCarthy
Clancy Of The Mounted Police (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Clancy Of The Overflow (p) by Banjo-Paterson
Clandestine Letter, A (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Clapham Junction (s) by Anthon-B. E.-Nilsen
Clara Barton: "The Angel Of The Battlefields" (s) by Kate-Dickinson-Sweetser
Clara Maynard (f/n) by William-H. G.-Kingston
Clara Militch - A Tale (s) by Ivan-Turgenev
Clara Morris: The Girl Who Won Fame As An Actress (s) by Kate-Dickinson-Sweetser
Clara Roscom; Or, The Path Of Duty (f/n) by Harriet-S.-Caswell
Clara's Song (From Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship) (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
Clare Market (p) by Eugene-Field
Clare's Dragoons (p) by Thomas-Davis
Clarence (f/n) by Bret-Harte
Clarence Fawcett (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Clari (p) by Henry-Kendall
Claribel - A Melody (p) by Alfred-Lord-Tennyson
Clarice Of The Autumn Concerts (s) by Arnold-Bennett
Clarimonde (s) by Theophile-Gautier
Clarinda, Mistress Of My Soul (p) by Robert-Burns
Clarion, The (f/n) by Samuel-Hopkins-Adams
Clarion Call, The (s) by O-Henry
Clarissa's Own Child (s) by Cornelia-A. P.-Comer
Clarissa; or, The Grateful Orphan (s) by M. -Arnaud--Berquin
Clark And His Men (s) by Edward-Eggleston
Clark's Field (f/n) by Robert-Herrick
Clash In Arms Of The Achaians And Trojans--Iliad, XVII, 426 (p) by George-Meredith
Clasp Of Hands, A (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Class Struggle (speech), The (e) by Jack-London
Classic Instance, A (s) by Henry-Van Dyke
Classical Revival, A (p) by W.-S.-Gilbert
Classical Student (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Claude Debussy: Pelléas Et Mélisande (e) by Romain-Rolland
Claude Matthews, Governor Of Indiana (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Claude Monet (e) by George-Augustus-Moore
Claudius Bombarnac, or The Adventures of a Special Correspondent (f/n) by Jules-Verne
Claus And His Wonderful Staff (s) by Howard-Pyle
Claverings, The (f/n) by Anthony-Trollope
Claw, The (s) by Richard-Garnett
Claws Of The Tiger, The (s) by Gouverneur-Morris
Clay (s) by James-Joyce
Clayhanger (f/n) by Arnold-Bennett
Clean Man And The Dirty Angels, The (s) by John-A.-Hill
Clean Sabbath, A (e) by Lemuel-K.-Washburn
Cleaning The Furnace (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Cleanliness (p) by Charles-Lamb
Cleansing Fires (p) by Adelaide-Anne-Procter
Clear Eyes (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Clear Midnight, A (p) by Walt-Whitman
Clear Morning (p) by David-Morton
Clear The Way! (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Clear View Of The Government And Politics Of England, A (e) by Stephen-Leacock
Clear Vision, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Clear, With Light, Variable Winds (p) by Amy-Lowell
Clearer Self, The (p) by Archibald-Lampman
Clearer Vision, The (p) by John-Oxenham
Clearing (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Clearing-Up, The (s) by William-John-Hopkins
Cleeve Court (s) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Clegg Hall (s) by John-Roby
Clematis Lane (e) by Richard-Jefferies
Clement (p) by William-Dean-Howells
Clement Marot (e) by Hilaire-Belloc
Clementina (f/n) by A.-E. W.-Mason
Clendenin's Lament (p) by Eugene-Field
Cleon (p) by Robert-Browning
Cleon And I (p) by Charles-Mackay
Cleone (p) by Henry-Kendall
Cleopatra (f/n) by H.-Rider-Haggard
Cleopatra (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Cleopatra And Caesar (s) by Elbert-Hubbard
Cleopatra's Needle (p) by Hannah-S.-Battersby
Cleopatra; Or The Reformed Little Tyrant (s) by M. -Arnaud--Berquin
Clergymen (e) by Richard-King
Clergymen's Salaries (e) by George-William-Curtis
Clerical Oppressors (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Clerk Colven (p) by Frank-Sidgwick
Clerk May Look At A Celebrity, A (e) by Robert-Cortes-Holliday
Clerk Sanders (p) by Frank-Sidgwick
Clerk's Quest, The (s) by George-Augustus-Moore
Clerk's Twa Sons O' Owsenford, And The Wife Of Usher's Well, The (p) by Frank-Sidgwick
Clerks, The (p) by Edwin-Arlington-Robinson
Clerks, Cranks And Touches (s) by Charles-N.-Crewdson
Clevedon Church (p) by Andrew-Lang
Clever Alice (s) by Dinah-M. Mulock-Craik
Clever Cat, The (s) by Andrew-Lang
Clever Elsie (s) by Jacob-& Wilhelm-Grimm
Clever Goat, The (s) by W.H.D.-Rouse
Clever Gretel (s) by Jacob-& Wilhelm-Grimm
Clever Hans (s) by Jacob-& Wilhelm-Grimm
Clever Husband And Wife, The (s) by Dean-S.-Fansler
Clever Lass, The (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Clever Little Thomas (p) by Elizabeth-Turner
Clever Manka (s) by Parker-Fillmore
Clever Maria (s) by Andrew-Lang
Clever Peter And The Two Bottles (s) by Howard-Pyle
Clever Rabbi, A Yiddish Folk Tale, The (s) by Anonymous
Clever Tailor, The (s) by Andrew-Lang
Clever Thief, A (s) by Katherine-Neville-Fleeson
Clever Thief, A (s) by Siddha-Mohana-Mitra
Clever Tom Clinch Going To Be Hanged (p) by Jonathan-Swift
Clever Weaver, The (s) by Andrew-Lang
Clever Wife, The (s) by Anonymous
Clicking of Cuthbert, The (s) by P-G-Wodehouse
Clients Of Aaron Green, The (s) by Alfred-Henry-Lewis
Cliff Klingenhagen (p) by Edwin-Arlington-Robinson
Cliff Of Sinikielt, The (s) by Margaret-Bemister
Cliff Temple, The (p) by H.-D.
Cliffs Of Scotland (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Cliffside Path, The (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Clifton Chapel (p) by Henry-Newbolt
Clifton Grove (p) by Henry-Kirk-White
Climacteric (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
Climacteric (a fable), The (p) by Austin-Dobson
Climate And Happiness (e) by Charles-Dudley-Warner
Climatic Sorcery (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Climber, The (e) by Eliot-Gregory
Climber, The (p) by Virna-Sheard
Climbing (p) by Amy-Lowell
Climbing (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Climbing For Goats (s) by Stewart-Edward-White
Clinching The Bolt (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Clinging Vine, The (p) by Edwin-Arlington-Robinson
Clinical (p) by William-Ernest-Henley
Clink Of The Ice, The (p) by Eugene-Field
Clitophon And Lucippe Translated (p) by Richard-Lovelace
Clive And Ethel Newcome (s) by Kate-Dickinson-Sweetser
Clochette (s) by Guy-De-Maupassant
Clock, The (s) by Shalom-Rabinovitz
Clock Of The Universe, The (p) by George-MacDonald
Clock Of The Years, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Clock Stopped -- Not The Mantel's, A (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Clock Striking (p) by Charles-Lamb
Clock That Autumn Winds, The (p) by Mary-Carolyn-Davies
Clock That Struck Thirteen, The (s) by Mary-Louisa-Molesworth
Clock-A-Clay (p) by John-Clare
Clock-Bell And The Alarm-Bell, The (s) by Elizabeth-Rundle-Charles
Clock-Winder, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Clocks (e) by Jerome-K-Jerome
Clocks Of Death, The (p) by Edward-Powys-Mathers
Clod And The Pebble, The (p) by William-Blake
Cloister and the Hearth, The (f/n) by Charles-Reade
Cloister Cellar Master's, The (p) by Joseph-Victor-Scheffel
Cloister Thoughts (p) by Maurice-Hewlett
Clorinda's Gifts (s) by Lucy-Maud-Montgomery
Cloris And Fanny (p) by Thomas-Moore
Close Alliance, A Tale Of Woe, The (s) by Flora-Annie-Steel
Close By (p) by E. Pauline-Johnson
Close Of A Year, The (e) by Norman-Macleod
Close of the Arts and Crafts, The (e) by Oscar-Wilde
Close Of The First Millennium, The (s) by August-Strindberg
Close Of The Session, The (p) by Robert-F.-Murray
Close Up (p) by Gilbert-Parker
Closed Cabinet, The (s) by Anonymous
Closed Door, The (p) by Gilbert-Parker
Closed Gates (s) by Howard-J.-Chidley
Closed Window, The (s) by Arthur-C.-Benson
Closing Door, The (s) by Maud-Lindsay
Clothes For Continuance (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Clothes Of Fiction, The (e) by Charles-Dudley-Warner
Cloud (e) by Alice-Meynell
Cloud, The (p) by Theophile-Gautier
Cloud, The (p) by Sara-Teasdale
Cloud, The (p) by Percy-Bysshe-Shelley
Cloud Magic (p) by Mary-Carolyn-Davies
Cloud Of Butterflies (s) by Lloyd-Osbourne
Cloud On The Mountain, A (s) by Mary-Hallock-Foote
Cloud On The Way, The (p) by William-Cullen-Bryant
Cloud Thoughts (p) by Paul-Bewsher
Cloud's Swan-Song, The (p) by Francis-Thompson
Cloud-Break (p) by Archibald-Lampman
Cloudberry, The (p) by Muriel-Stuart
Clouded Soul, The (p) by Laurence-Alma-Tadema
Clouds (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Clouds (p) by Hilda-Conkling
Clouds (e) by Christopher-Morley
Clouds, The (p) by Hamlin-Garland
Clouds, The (p) by Joseph-Horatio-Chant
Clouds (p) by Rupert-Brooke
Clouds (p) by Paul-Bewsher
Clouds and Waves (p) by Rabindranath-Tagore
Clouds Of The Autumn Night (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Clouds Rosy-Tinted In The Setting Sun (p) by Alan-Seeger
Clouds That Are So Light, The (p) by Edward-Thomas
Clouds That Promise A Glorious Morrow, The (p) by Rosanna-Eleanor-Leprohon
Cloudy Jewel (f/n) by Grace-Livingston-Hill
Clovelly Beach (p) by William-Johnson-Cory
Clover (p) by Sidney-Lanier
Clover, The (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Clovis On Parental Responsibilities (s) by Saki
Clown's Courtship, The (p) by Anonymous -Poetry-s author-
Clown's Prelude, A (p) by Charles-Hamilton-Musgrove
Club At Its Worst, The (e) by Christopher-Morley
Club In Hoboken, The (e) by Christopher-Morley
Club In Ruins, A (e) by Max-Beerbohm
Club Of Abandoned Husbands, The (e) by Christopher-Morley
Club Talk (e) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Clue of the Twisted Candle (f/n) by Edgar-Wallace
Clunton And Clunbury (p) by A.-E.-Housman
Cluster Of Ripe Fruit, A (s) by Eugenia-Dunlap-Potts
Clyde Mystery, a Study in Forgeries and Folklore, The (n) by Andrew-Lang
Clyde's Water (p) by Frank-Sidgwick
Clymene, A (p) by Arthur-Symons
Clyster, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Clytie (p) by Maurice-Hewlett
Clytie (s) by Jeanie-Lang
Clytie--The Sunflower (p) by Leigh-Gordon-Giltner
Coach And The Fly, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Coal Oil Johnny (s) by Lloyd-Osbourne
Coal Picker, The (p) by Amy-Lowell
Coals Of Fire (s) by Edith-Nesbit
Coals of Fire (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
Coast of Bohemia: A Novel, The (f/n) by William-Dean-Howells
Coast Range Of Alaska, The (p) by Hamlin-Garland
Coast Ranges, The (e) by Stewart-Edward-White
Coastguard, The (s) by James-Runciman
Coastguardsman's Yarn, The (s) by Talbot-Baines-Reed
Coastwise Lights, The (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Coat Of Red Lead, A (s) by Francis-Hopkinson-Smith
Cobb's Anatomy (s) by Irvin-S.-Cobb
Cobbler, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Cobbler And The Financier, The (s) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Cobbler And The Financier, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Cobbler And The Ghosts, The (s) by Juliana-Horatia-Ewing
Cobbler Astrologer, The (s) by Charles-John-Tibbitts
Cobbler In The Devil's Kitchen, The (s) by Mary-Hartwell-Catherwood
Cobbler Keezar's Vision (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Cobus Hagelstein (p) by Charles-G.-Leland
Cobweb, The (s) by Saki
Cobwebs (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Cochinango (s) by Dean-S.-Fansler
Cochise (s) by Frederick-R.-Bechdolt
Cock And The Bull, The (p) by Charles-Stuart-Calverley
Cock And The Fox, The (s) by Aesop -author of Aesop-s Fables-
Cock And The Fox, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Cock And The Jewel, The (s) by Aesop -author of Aesop-s Fables-
Cock And The Pearl, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Cock Lane and Common-Sense (n) by Andrew-Lang
Cock Of The Walk, The (s) by Mary E-Wilkins-Freeman
Cock's Clear Voice Into The Clearer Air, The (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Cock-Crow (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Cock-Crow (p) by Edward-Thomas
Cock-Crow, The (s) by Howard-Pease
Cock-House Cup, The (s) by Harold-Avery
Cockatoo, The (p) by Mary-Carolyn-Davies
Cockatrice, The (p) by Oliver-Herford
Cocked Hat, The (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Cocker, On Church Reform (p) by Thomas-Moore
Cockerel, The Cat, And The Young Mouse, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Cockneys And Their Jokes (e) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Cocks And Hens (p) by Eliza-Lee Cabot-Follen
Cockyloo (s) by Louisa-May-Alcott
Coco (s) by Guy-De-Maupassant
Cocotte (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Cod-Fisher, The (p) by Joseph-Crosby-Lincoln
Code Of Honour, The (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
Code of Morals, A (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Code Three (s) by Rick-Raphael
Codex Honoris (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Coeli Enarrant (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Coercing Mr. Trinkmann (s) by Montague-Glass
Cofachiqui: An Indian Princess Of Historic Legend (s) by Kate-Dickinson-Sweetser
Coffee And Repartee (s) by John-Kendrick-Bangs
Coffee Grows On White Folks' Trees (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Coffee Slips, The (p) by Charles-Lamb
Coffee vs. Brandy (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
Coffee-house Of Surat, The (s) by Leo-Tolstoy
Coffin Cure, The (s) by Alan-Edward-Nourse
Coffin Of Snakes, The (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Coffin-Lid, The (s) by William-Ralston-Shedden-Ralston
Coffins: Interlude (p) by Conrad-Aiken
Cogan Capeador (s) by James-B.-Connolly
Cogito, Ergo Sum (s) by John-Foster-West
Cognizant Of Our Shortcomings (s) by George-Ade
Coin, The (p) by Sara-Teasdale
Coin Of Dionysius, The (s) by Ernest-Bramah
Coincidence, A (p) by Robert-F.-Murray
Coiner Of Angels, A (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Coining Blood Into Boodle (e) by William-Cowper-Brann
Coinnach Oer (s) by Anonymous
Colaborators, The (s) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Cold (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Cold And Quiet (p) by Jean-Ingelow
Cold Day, A (p) by Carolyn-Wells
Cold Greeting, A (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Cold Heart, The (s) by William-Hauff
Cold Heaven, The (p) by William-Butler-Yeats
Cold Iron (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Cold is the earth, the flowers below (p) by Edith-Nesbit
Cold Lady, The (s) by Grace-James
Cold Maker's Medicine (s) by George-Bird-Grinnell
Cold Night, The (p) by William-Carlos-Williams
Cold Snap, The (s) by Edward-Bellamy
Cold Water (p) by Christopher-Morley
Cold World, A (s) by A.-A.-Milne
Coleridge (e) by Walter-Pater
Coleridge And Opium-Eating (e) by Thomas-De Quincey
Coleridge's Life Of Keble (e) by Goldwin-Smith
Colin (p) by Charles-Sangster
Coliseum, The (p) by Edgar-Allan-Poe
Collaborators, The (s) by Robert-Hichens
Collar-Bone Of A Hare, The (p) by William-Butler-Yeats
Collect For Dominion Day (p) by Charles-G. D.-Roberts
Collection of Antiquities, The (f/n) by Honore-de-Balzac
Collection Of Keys, A (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Collection of Letters, A (n) by Jane-Austen
Collection Of Passages Translated In The Prose Writings (p) by John-Milton
Collector, The (s) by A.-A.-Milne
Collector Cleans his Picture, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Collector's Item (s) by Robert-F.-Young
College Career (s) by Katharine-Lee-Bates
College Career, A (p) by Robert-F.-Murray
College Colonel, The (p) by Herman-Melville
College Magazine, A (e) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
College Ox, The (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
College Papers (e) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
College Santa Clause, A (s) by Ralph-Henry-Barbour
College Training, A (p) by Joseph-Crosby-Lincoln
College Vagabond, A (s) by Andy-Adams
Colleging Of Simeon Gleg, The (s) by S.-R.-Crockett
Collier Skipper, The (s) by James-Runciman
Collision, The (s) by George-Ade
Colloque Sentimental (p) by Paul-Verlaine
Colloquies on Society (n) by Robert-Southey
Colloquy of Monas and Una, The (s) by Edgar-Allan-Poe
Cologne (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Colonel, The (p) by George-Pope-Morris
Colonel, The (p) by Harry-Graham
Colonel And The Horse-Thief, The (s) by Rex-Beach
Colonel Baigent's Christmas (s) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Colonel Bob Jarvis (s) by Margaret-Collier-Graham
Colonel Burnaby (p) by Andrew-Lang
Colonel Carter of Cartersville (f/n) by Francis-Hopkinson-Smith
Colonel Carter's Christmas (s) by Francis-Hopkinson-Smith
Colonel Chabert (f/n) by Honore-de-Balzac
Colonel Coyote Clubbs (s) by Alfred-Henry-Lewis
Colonel Crockett's Co-Operative Christmas (s) by Rupert-Hughes
Colonel H. L. Miller [in Memoriam] (p) by Lydia-H.-Sigourney
Colonel Kate's Protegee (s) by Florence-Finch-Kelly
Colonel Odminton (s) by Herbert-D.-Ward
Colonel Quaritch, V.C. (f/n) by H.-Rider-Haggard
Colonel Samuel Colt [in Memoriam] (p) by Lydia-H.-Sigourney
Colonel Starbottle for the Plaintiff (s) by Bret-Harte
Colonel Starbottle's Client (s) by Bret-Harte
Colonel Sterett Relates Marvels (s) by Alfred-Henry-Lewis
Colonel Sterett's Panther Hunt (s) by Alfred-Henry-Lewis
Colonel Sterett's Reminiscences (s) by Alfred-Henry-Lewis
Colonel Sterett's War Record (s) by Alfred-Henry-Lewis
Colonel Thorndyke's Secret (f/n) by George-Alfred-Henty
Colonel's Dream: A Novel, The (f/n) by Charles-W.-Chesnutt
Colonel's Ideas, The (s) by Guy-De-Maupassant
Colonel's Soliloquy, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Colonel's Story, The (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
Colonial Experience (p) by Banjo-Paterson
Colonial Mortuary Bard, The (s) by Louis-Becke
Colonies, The (p) by Harry-Graham
Colony of Cats, The (s) by Andrew-Lang
Colony, Empire, And Republic; Revolution In Brazil (s) by Charles-Morris
Color Sergeant, The (p) by James-Weldon-Johnson
Color That Suits Me Best, The (p) by Eugene-Field
Color-Harmonies (p) by Dhan-Gopal-Mukerji
Colorado Trails (s) by Zane-Grey
Colored Band, The (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Colored Soldiers, The (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Colors, The (p) by Everard-Jack-Appleton
Colors (p) by Stephen-Vincent-Benet
Colors of Space, The (f/n) by Marion-Zimmer-Bradley
Colour, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Colour Of Life, The (e) by Alice-Meynell
Colour-Blindness In Literature (e) by James-Runciman
Coloured Print By Shokei, A (p) by Amy-Lowell
Columba (f/n) by Prosper-Merimee
Columbia (p) by Myrtle-Reed
Columbian Ode (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Columbine In The Hills (p) by Elizabeth-Madox-Roberts
Columbus (p) by William-Watson
Columbus (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Columbus (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Columbus Cheney (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Columbus of Space, A (f/n) by Garrett-Putman-Serviss
Columbus' Last Voyage (p) by Charles-Hamilton-Musgrove
Comale's Revenge (s) by Mary-E.-Bamford
Comanche Rider, The (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Comb And The Collar, The (s) by Andrew-Lang
Combat (s) by Mack-Reynolds
Combe, The (p) by Edward-Thomas
Combined Influence (p) by Jared-Barhite
Come (p) by Sara-Teasdale
Come Back (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Come Back Clean (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Come Back To St. Andrews (p) by Robert-F.-Murray
Come Down (p) by George-MacDonald
Come Home (p) by Mrs. J.-C.-Yule
Come Home To New England (p) by Sarah-S.-Mower
Come Near (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Come Not, Oh Lord (p) by Thomas-Moore
Come Not, When I Am Dead.. (p) by Alfred-Lord-Tennyson
Come O'er The Sea (p) by Thomas-Moore
Come Thou (p) by Mary-Baker-Eddy
Come To Me (p) by George-MacDonald
Come To Me In Cherry-Time (p) by George-Pope-Morris
Come To The Greenwood Tree (p) by William-Makepeace-Thackeray
Come To The King (p) by Frances-Ridley-Havergal
Come Unto Me (p) by Nannie-R.-Glass
Come Up From The Fields Father (p) by Walt-Whitman
Come When I Sleep (p) by Victor-Hugo
Come, Chase That Starting Tear Away (p) by Thomas-Moore
Come, Edmund, Now The Sun Goes Down [Vignette 4] (p) by Matilda-Betham
Come, Gi' Us A Wag O' Thy Paw (p) by Bill o-th- Hoylus End
Come, here is adieu to the city (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Come, Let Me Take Thee To My Breast (p) by Robert-Burns
Come, Magdalen, and bind my hair [Vignette 7] (p) by Matilda-Betham
Come, My Beloved! (p) by Edward-Powys-Mathers
Come, my beloved, hear from me (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Come, My Celia (p) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Come, Nivver Dee I' Thi Shell (p) by Bill o-th- Hoylus End
Come, Play Me That Simple Air Again (p) by Thomas-Moore
Come, Rest In This Bosom (p) by Thomas-Moore
Come, Send Round The Wine (p) by Thomas-Moore
Come, Tell Me Some Olden Story (p) by Rosanna-Eleanor-Leprohon
Come, Ye Disconsolate (p) by Thomas-Moore
Come-By-Chance (p) by Banjo-Paterson
Comedian, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Comedie Francaise A Orange, La (e) by Eliot-Gregory
Comedy In Rubber, A (s) by O-Henry
Comedy Of A Madman, The (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Comedy Of Errors, The (d/c) by William-Shakespeare
Comedy Of Errors (s) by Edith-Nesbit
Comedy Of Errors, The (s) by Charles-Lamb
Comet, The (p) by Joseph-Victor-Scheffel
Comet, The (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Comet At Yalbury Or Yell'ham, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Comet--October, 1858, The (p) by Charles-Sangster
Cometh A Blessing Down (p) by T.-S.-Arthur
Comfort (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Comfort, The (p) by George-William-Russell
Comfort (p) by Archibald-Lampman
Comfort (p) by Marietta-Holley
Comfort (e) by George-William-Russell
Comfort (p) by Adelaide-Anne-Procter
Comfort (1) (p) by Rachel-Annand-Taylor
Comfort (2) (p) by Rachel-Annand-Taylor
Comfort At Parting (p) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Comfort Found In Good Old Books (e) by George-Hamlin-Fitch
Comfort in Tears (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
Comfort In The Night (p) by Jean-Ingelow
Comfort Of Dante (p) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Comfort Of Obscurity, The (p) by Franklin-P.-Adams
Comfort Of The Fields (p) by Archibald-Lampman
Comfort Pease and her Gold Ring (s) by Mary E-Wilkins-Freeman
Comfort To A Youth That Had Lost His Love (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Comfort Ye! (p) by John-Oxenham
Comfort Ye, Comfort Ye My People (p) by Margaret-Moran D.-McDougall
Comfortable Light (p) by John-Freeman
Comforter, The (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Comforter, A (p) by Adelaide-Anne-Procter
Comforters, The (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Comic Lovers, The (e) by Jerome-K-Jerome
Comic Man, The (e) by Jerome-K-Jerome
Coming (p) by George-MacDonald
Coming Across (s) by Henry-Lawson
Coming Awake (p) by D.-H.-Lawrence
Coming Back (e) by Vernon-Lee
Coming Bye And Bye, The (p) by W.-S.-Gilbert
Coming Era, The (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Coming Home (s) by Edith-Wharton
Coming Man, The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Coming Of Age Of "The Origin Of Species", The (e) by Thomas-Henry-Huxley
Coming of Arthur, The (p) by Alfred-Lord-Tennyson
Coming of Bill, The (f/n) by P-G-Wodehouse
Coming Of Champlain, The (p) by W.-M.-MacKeracher
Coming Of Finn, The (s) by Standish-O-Grady
Coming Of Good Luck, The (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Coming of Gowf, The (s) by P-G-Wodehouse
Coming Of King Arthur, The (s) by Molly-K.-Bellew
Coming Of Love, The (p) by Isabel-Ecclestone-Mackay
Coming Of My Ship, The (p) by Myrtle-Reed
Coming Of Night, The (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Coming Of Phoebe, The (p) by John-Burroughs
Coming Of Summer, The (e) by John-Burroughs
Coming Of Summer, The (e) by Richard-Jefferies
Coming Of Tea And Coffee, The (s) by Edward-Eggleston
Coming Of The Crocus, The (s) by A.-A.-Milne
Coming Of The End, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Coming Of The Fog (p) by Dhan-Gopal-Mukerji
Coming Of The Great Bird, The (p) by Hilda-Conkling
Coming Of The Huns, The (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
Coming Of The Navajos, The (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Coming Of The Prince, The (s) by Eugene-Field
Coming Of The Sea, The (s) by Lord-Dunsany
Coming Of The Tide Of Night, The (p) by Dhan-Gopal-Mukerji
Coming Of Winter, The (p) by Archibald-Lampman
Coming Of Wisdom With Time, The (p) by William-Butler-Yeats
Coming Race, The (f/n) by Edward-Bulwer-Lytton
Coming Spring (p) by Max-Eastman
Coming To Christ (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Coming To Port (p) by Max-Eastman
Coming To The King (p) by Frances-Ridley-Havergal
Coming, Aphrodite! (s) by Willa-Cather
Coming-Out Of Maggie, The (s) by O-Henry
Command Of The King, The (s) by Mimosa
Commanders Of The Faithful (p) by William-Makepeace-Thackeray
Commandments, The (p) by George-MacDonald
Commemoration (p) by Henry-Newbolt
Commemoration, The (e) by Maurice-Hewlett
Commemorative Of A Naval Victory (p) by Herman-Melville
Commencement (e) by George-William-Curtis
Commencement Admonition (e) by Edwin-Lawrence-Godkin
Commencement Of A Poem On Despair (p) by Henry-Kirk-White
Commencement Of The New Century, The (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Commentary Upon Butler, A (e) by Maurice-Hewlett
Commentator, The (p) by Norman-Gale
Commercial History Of Ireland (e) by Thomas-Davis
Commercial Traveller, The (p) by Christopher-Morley
Commination (p) by John-Keble
Commission in Lunacy, The (f/n) by Honore-de-Balzac
Commissioned (p) by Susan-Coolidge
Committee Meetings (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Committee On Public Morals, The (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Committee-Man Of 'The Terror', A (s) by Thomas-Hardy
Common (s) by A.-A.-Milne
Common Carrier, The (s) by George-Ade
Common Fate, The (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Common Favorite, A (p) by John-Kendrick-Bangs
Common Joys, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Common Law, The (f/n) by Robert-W.-Chambers
Common Lot, The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Common Man, The (s) by Mack-Reynolds
Common Men, The (p) by Edward-Dyson
Common People (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
Common Question, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Common Sense (n) by Thomas-Paine
Common Sense And Genius (p) by Thomas-Moore
Common Singing-Men In Cathedral Churches, The (e) by John-Earle
Common Swallow, The (p) by Carolyn-Wells
Common Thought, A (p) by Henry-Timrod
Common Touch, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Common Weakness, A (e) by Eliot-Gregory
Common Wealth, The (p) by Laurence-Alma-Tadema
Common-Wealth, The (p) by Virna-Sheard
Commonplace, The (p) by Walt-Whitman
Commonplace Book Of Richard Hilles, The (e) by James-Anthony-Froude
Commonplace Day, A (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Commonweal: A Song For Unionists, The (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Commune Of Laon, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Communion (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Communion (p) by Susan-Coolidge
Communion Hymn (p) by Mary-Baker-Eddy
Communion With Nature (p) by Jared-Barhite
Communipaw (s) by Washington-Irving
Communism (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Commuted Sentence, A (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Compact Of Christopher, The (s) by John-Fox
Companion, The (s) by P.-Chr.-Asbjornsen
Companion For The Winter, A (e) by Helen-Hunt-Jackson
Companion Of A Mile, The (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Companions (p) by Charles-Stuart-Calverley
Companions, The (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Companions of Jehu, The (f/n) by Alexandre-Dumas
Companions Of Travel (e) by Hilaire-Belloc
Companions Of Ulysses, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Companions Of Ulysses, The (s) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Comparative Brevity Of Greek And English (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Comparative Morality Of Nations, The (e) by Edwin-Lawrence-Godkin
Comparative Psychology Of Man, The (e) by Herbert-Spencer
Comparison (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Comparisons (p) by Edward-Powys-Mathers
Compartment Number Four--Cologne To Paris (s) by Francis-Hopkinson-Smith
Compass, With Variations, The (p) by Thomas-Hood
Compassion (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Compassion Of Constantine, The (s) by Maud-Isabel-Ebbutt
Compassionate Physician, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Compelled To (s) by August-Strindberg
Compensation (p) by Jean-Ingelow
Compensation (p) by Sara-Teasdale
Compensation (p) by Helen-Gray-Cone
Compensation (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Compensation (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Compensation (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Compensation (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
Compensation (s) by August-Strindberg
Compensation (p) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
Compensation (a Fable) (s) by James-Anthony-Froude
Compensation (from Epochs) (p) by Emma-Lazarus
Compensations (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Compensations (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Competent Mechanic, A (s) by George-A.-Birmingham
Competition Spirit, The (s) by A.-A.-Milne
Competitive Nephew, The (s) by Montague-Glass
Compiler Of "Old Moore's Almanac," Henry Andrews, The (e) by William-Andrews
Complacency Of Mediocrity, The (e) by Eliot-Gregory
Complacent Slacker, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Complaint, A (p) by William-Wordsworth
Complaint, The (p) by Mark-Akenside
Complaint (p) by William-Carlos-Williams
Complaint, The (p) by Washington-Allston
Complaint, The (p) by Thomas-Gent
Complaint of a forsaken Indian Woman, The (p) by William-Wordsworth
Complaint Of A Poet Manque (p) by Aldous-Huxley
Complaint Of Ceres, The (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Complaint of Chaucer to his Purse, The (p) by Geoffrey-Chaucer
Complaint Of Fancy, The (p) by Matilda-Betham
Complaint Of Lisa, The (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Complaint Of Ninathoma, The (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Complaint Of The Decay Of Beggars In The Metropolis, A (e) by Charles-Lamb
Complaint Of The Fair Armouress, The (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Complaints Of The Poor, The (p) by Robert-Southey
Complete Destruction (p) by William-Carlos-Williams
Complete Dramatist, The (e) by A.-A.-Milne
Complete Edition of the Works of Nancy Luce, A (p) by Nancy-Luce
Complete Kitchen, The (s) by A.-A.-Milne
Complete Life Of John Hopkins, The (s) by O-Henry
Complete Living (e) by Francis-B.-Pearson
Completion (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Complicity Of Enoch Embody, The (s) by Margaret-Collier-Graham
Compliment Qualified, The (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Complimentary Epigram On Maria Riddell (p) by Robert-Burns
Complimentary Versicles To Jessie Lewars (p) by Robert-Burns
Compliments Of The Season (s) by O-Henry
Composed At Midnight (p) by Charles-Lamb
Composed In Spring (p) by Robert-Burns
Composure (e) by Alice-Meynell
Comprehension Of Private Copper, The (s) by Rudyard-Kipling
Compromise (s) by Lord-Dunsany
Compromise Of The King Of The Golden Isles, The (d/c) by Lord-Dunsany
Compulsory Diversion--An Old Baron's Yarn, The (s) by Maurus-Jokai
Compulsory Marriage (s) by August-Strindberg
Compulsory Service And Liberty (e) by Fossey-John Cobb-Hearnshaw
Comrade, The (p) by Don-Marquis
Comradery (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Comrades (p) by Virna-Sheard
Comrades (p) by Rachel-Annand-Taylor
Comrades (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Comrades (p) by Bliss-Carman
Comrades (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Comrades (p) by Helen-Gray-Cone
Comrades (p) by Lola-Ridge
Comrades (Twentieth Evening), The (s) by Charles-Alexander-Eastman
Comrades: A Comedy In Four Acts (d/c) by August-Strindberg
Comtesse Irma, The (s) by Alphonse-Daudet
Con Brio (p) by William-Carlos-Williams
Concealed Art (s) by P-G-Wodehouse
Conceit, A (p) by Edward-Powys-Mathers
Conceit, A (p) by Walter-R.-Cassels
Conceit And Caricature (e) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Conceited Apple-Branch, The (s) by Hans-Christian-Andersen
Concentration (e) by Hamilton-Wright-Mabie
Concentration (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Concepcion De Arguello (p) by Bret-Harte
Concerning "Bully" Hayes (s) by Louis-Becke
Concerning a Dog-Fight (s) by Banjo-Paterson
Concerning A Poor Man Who Was Called Le Vieux Par-Chemins (s) by Honore-de-Balzac
Concerning A Provost Who Did Not Recognise Things (s) by Honore-de-Balzac
Concerning a Steeplechase Rider (s) by Banjo-Paterson
Concerning An Horrible Picture (s) by Anatole-France
Concerning Book Publishing (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Concerning Chambermaids (s) by Mark-Twain
Concerning Corinna (s) by James-Branch-Cabell
Concerning Coroners (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Concerning Credit Men (s) by Charles-N.-Crewdson
Concerning Cuthbert The Monk (p) by Charles-G. D.-Roberts
Concerning Emperors (p) by Vachel-Lindsay
Concerning English Gambling (p) by Thomas-Burke
Concerning Geffray Teste Noire (p) by William-Morris
Concerning General Elections (e) by Israel-Zangwill
Concerning Hat-Trees (e) by Walter-Prichard-Eaton
Concerning Jesus [Sonnets] (p) by George-MacDonald
Concerning Kavin (p) by Bliss-Carman
Concerning People Who Know They Are Going Wrong (e) by James-Runciman
Concerning Saints And Artists (e) by William-Butler-Yeats
Concerning Some Old Foes Under New Faces (e) by William-Graham-Sumner
Concerning St. John Of Jerusalem (s) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Concerning The American Language (s) by Mark-Twain
Concerning The Jews (s) by Mark-Twain
Concerning The Writing Of History (e) by James-Ford-Rhodes
Concerning Tobacco (e) by Mark-Twain
Concerning Women (e) by Myrtle-Reed
Concert, The (s) by Anthon-B. E.-Nilsen
Concert Party (p) by Siegfried-Sassoon
Concession To The Celt--1886 (e) by George-Meredith
Conciliation (e) by Thomas-Davis
Conclave Of Corpses, The (s) by Anonymous
Conclusion (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Conclusion (p) by Alfred-Lord-Tennyson
Conclusions (Summary Of Religious Characteristics) (e) by William-James
Concord Hymn (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
Condemned (p) by James-Allan-Mackereth
Condemned as a Nihilist: A Story of Escape from Siberia (f/n) by George-Alfred-Henty
Condemned Poets (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Condemned To The Noose (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Condemned Women (p) by Charles-Baudelaire
Condensed Novels (f/n) by Bret-Harte
Condescension Of Borrowers, The (e) by Agnes-Repplier
Conditions Of Existence As Affecting The Perpetuation Of Living Beings, The (e) by Thomas-Henry-Huxley
Condolatory Address, To Sarah Countess Of Jersey (p) by Lord-Byron
Condorcet (e) by John-Morley
Conduct (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Conductor Bradley (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Cone, The (s) by H.-G.-Wells
Coney Island (p) by Sara-Teasdale
Confederate Flags, The (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Conference Between Sir Harry Pierce's Chariot, And Mrs. D. Stopford's Chair, A (p) by Jonathan-Swift
Conference Of The Powers, A (s) by Rudyard-Kipling
Confession, The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Confession, The (f/n) by Mary-Roberts-Rinehart
Confession, The (p) by Horatio-Alger
Confession, A (p) by John-Kendrick-Bangs
Confession (p) by Charles-Hamilton-Musgrove
Confession (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Confession, The (p) by Edith-Nesbit
Confession, A (s) by Joel-Chandler-Harris
Confession (p) by Ruth-McEnery-Stuart
Confession (1), The (p) by Rachel-Annand-Taylor
Confession (2), The (p) by Rachel-Annand-Taylor
Confession of a Child of The Century, The (f/n) by Alfred-de-Musset
Confession Of Kai Lung, The (s) by Ernest-Bramah
Confession Of Sin (e) by Lemuel-K.-Washburn
Confession To A Friend In Trouble, A (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Confessional (p) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Confessional (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Confessional, The (s) by Edith-Wharton
Confessions (e) by Heinrich-Heine
Confessions (e) by Robert-Lynd
Confessions (p) by Robert-Browning
Confessions and Criticisms (n) by Julian-Hawthorne
Confessions Of A "Colyumist" (e) by Christopher-Morley
Confessions Of A Bird's-Nest Hunter (e) by Bradford-Torrey
Confessions of a Humorist (s) by O-Henry
Confessions Of A Smoker (e) by Christopher-Morley
Confessions Of A Summer Colonist, The (e) by William-Dean-Howells
Confessions of a Young Man (f/n) by George-Augustus-Moore
Confessions of an English Opium-Eater (n) by Thomas-De Quincey
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Confirmation (p) by John-Keble
Confirmation (p) by John-Castillo
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Conflict With Slavery, The (e) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
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Conjunction Of Jupiter And Venus, The (p) by William-Cullen-Bryant
Conjuration: To Electra, A (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
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Conjurer's Revenge, The (s) by Charles-W.-Chesnutt
Conjurer's Revenge, The (e) by Stephen-Leacock
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Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, A (f/n) by Mark-Twain
Connection Of The Biological Sciences With Medicine, The (e) by Thomas-Henry-Huxley
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Conqueror, The (p) by Walt-Mason
Conqueror, The (f/n) by Gertrude-Atherton
Conqueror, The (s) by Maurice-Baring
Conqueror Worm, The (p) by Edgar-Allan-Poe
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Conqueror's Grave, The (p) by William-Cullen-Bryant
Conquerors: The Black Troops In Cuba, The (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Conquest (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Conquest, The (p) by Lord-Byron
Conquest Of Alaska, The (s) by Cy-Warman
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Conquest Of Siberia, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Conquest Of Venereal Disease, The (e) by Havelock-Ellis
Conroy's Gap (p) by Banjo-Paterson
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Conscript, The (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
Conscript: A Story of the French war of 1813, The (f/n) by Erckmann-Chatrian
Conscripts' Hollow, The (s) by Mary-Noailles-Murfree
Consecration (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Consecration (p) by Myrtle-Reed
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Consequences (s) by Rudyard-Kipling
Conservative, The (p) by Edmund-Vance-Cooke
Consider (p) by Christina-Georgina-Rossetti
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Consider The Ravens (p) by George-MacDonald
Considerate Philip (p) by Elizabeth-Turner
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Considerations On The Case Of Dr. T[rapp]'s Sermons (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Considerations On The Corn Laws (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Considerations On The Plans Offered For The Construction Of Blackfriars Bridge (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Consistency (p) by Eugene-Field
Consistent Anti To Her Son, A (p) by Alice-Duer-Miller
Consolance (p) by Madge-Morris-Wagner
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Consolation (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
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Consolation (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
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Consoler: On An Engraving Of Scheffer's Christus Consolator, The (p) by George-MacDonald
Consolidator, The (f/n) by Daniel-Defoe
Conspiracy Aboard The Midas, The (s) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Conspiracy Of Mrs. Bunker, The (s) by Bret-Harte
Conspiracy Of Silence, A (e) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Conspiracy Of The Cocked Hats (s) by Washington-Irving
Conspirators, The (f/n) by Alexandre-Dumas
Constable, A (e) by John-Earle
Constable's Move, The (s) by William-Wymark-Jacobs
Constance (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Constance Allerton; or, The Mourning Suits (s) by Eliza-Leslie
Constancy (p) by Mary-Baker-Eddy
Constancy (p) by Charles-Mackay
Constancy (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
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Consul, The (s) by Richard-Harding-Davis
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Consultation, The (p) by Thomas-Moore
Consummation (e) by Hamilton-Wright-Mabie
Consumption (p) by William-Cullen-Bryant
Contamination Crew (s) by Alan-Edward-Nourse
Contemplation (p) by Charles-Baudelaire
Contemplation (p) by Anne-Bradstreet
Contemplation (p) by Francis-Thompson
Contemplation (p) by Nathaniel-Parker-Willis
Contemplation (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Contemplative Man, A (e) by John-Earle
Contemplative Sentry, The (p) by W.-S.-Gilbert
Contemporaneousness Of Rome, The (e) by Samuel-McChord-Crothers
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Contemporary American Composers (n) by Rupert-Hughes
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Contentment (p) by Eugene-Field
Contentment (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Contentment (e) by Arthur-C.-Benson
Contentment (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
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Contentment Better Than Wealth (e) by T.-S.-Arthur
Contentment In Nature (p) by John-Kendrick-Bangs
Contest, The (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
Contest, The (p) by H.-D.
Contest For A Crown, A (s) by Charles-Morris
Contest Of The Vines, The (p) by Harrison-S.-Morris
Continence Of King Francis The First, The (s) by Honore-de-Balzac
Continued (p) by Matthew-Arnold
Continuities (p) by Walt-Whitman
Contraband of War (s) by William-Wymark-Jacobs
Contract, The (p) by R.-C.-Lehmann
Contract, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Contract, The (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Contradictin' Joe (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Contralto (p) by Theophile-Gautier
Contrary Mary (f/n) by Temple-Bailey
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Contrast (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Contrast, A (p) by Adelaide-Anne-Procter
Contrast, The (s) by Maria-Edgeworth
Contrast, The (p) by Helen-Gray-Cone
Contrast, The (d/c) by Royall-Tyler
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Contrasts (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Contrasts (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Contretemps, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Contributions Of The West To American Democracy (e) by Frederick-Jackson-Turner
Contributions to All The Year Round (e) by Charles-Dickens
Contrition (p) by George-MacDonald
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Control (p) by Sidney-Lanier
Control Group (s) by Roger-D.-Aycock
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Controversialist, A (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Controversy Between Crousaz And Warburton (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Conundrums, The (s) by Barry-Pain
Convalescence (p) by Amy-Lowell
Convalescence (p) by V.-Sackville-West
Convalescence (p) by Juliana-Horatia-Ewing
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Convalescent, The (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Convalescent, The (e) by Charles-Lamb
Convalescent Gripster, The (p) by Eugene-Field
Convalescent ["By good men's prayers see Grant restored!"] (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Convalescent [What! "Out of danger?" Can the slighted Dame] (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Convalescin' Woman, A (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Convent, The (p) by William-Lisle-Bowles
Convent Gardener Of Lamporechio, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Convent Threshold, The (p) by Christina-Georgina-Rossetti
Convention, The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Convention (p) by William-Dean-Howells
Convention, A (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Convergence Of The Twain, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Conversation, A (p) by Ivan-Turgenev
Conversation, The (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Conversation (e) by Arthur-C.-Benson
Conversation (p) by Mary-Carolyn-Davies
Conversation (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Conversation And S. T. Coleridge (e) by Thomas-De Quincey
Conversation At Dawn, A (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Conversation Galante (p) by T-S-Eliot
Conversation of Eiros and Charmion, The (s) by Edgar-Allan-Poe
Conversation On Conversation (s) by Harriet-Beecher-Stowe
Conversation With Shakespeare In The Elysian Fields, A (e) by Alfred-Austin
Conversation: Undertones (p) by Conrad-Aiken
Conversational Reformer, The (p) by Harry-Graham
Conversazzhyony, The (p) by Eugene-Field
Conversion (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Conversion (e) by William-James
Conversion Of Aurelian McGoggin, The (s) by Rudyard-Kipling
Conversion Of Cartmill, The (s) by Alexander-Miller-Harvey
Conversion Of St. Paul, The (p) by John-Keble
Convert (s) by William-Wymark-Jacobs
Convert, The (f/n) by Elizabeth-Robins
Convert, The (p) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Convert, The (p) by Laurence-Hope
Convert, The (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
Convert Of The Mission, A (s) by Bret-Harte
Converted (s) by Robert-Barr
Converting A Prodigal (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Converts, The (s) by Israel-Zangwill
Convict, The (p) by William-Lisle-Bowles
Convict's Farewell, The (p) by James-Parkerson
Convicts' Ball, The (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Coo-Coo's Second Husband (s) by Mary-Louisa-Molesworth
Coogee (p) by Henry-Kendall
Cook, A (e) by John-Earle
Cook of The "Gannet", The (s) by William-Wymark-Jacobs
Cook Of The "Spreetoo Santoo"--A Study In Beachcombers, The (s) by Louis-Becke
Cook's Rebuke, The (p) by Elizabeth-Turner
Cook's Wedding, The (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Cook-Shop And The Fowling-Place, The (e) by Vernon-Lee
Cookery (e) by Harriet-Beecher-Stowe
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Cookie Jim (p) by Everard-Jack-Appleton
Cookie-Lady, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Cooking Class, The (s) by Louisa-May-Alcott
Cooking Dinner (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Cooking Egg, A (p) by T-S-Eliot
Cookmaid, Turnspit, And Ox (p) by John-Gay
Cool Breeze Of Summer's Eve (p) by Charles-Mackay
Coombe-Bottom, The (e) by Richard-Jefferies
Coombe-Ellen (p) by William-Lisle-Bowles
Coon Dog, The (s) by Sarah-Orne-Jewett
Coon Hunting (p) by James-McIntyre
Cooney Potter (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Cooper O' Cuddy, The (p) by Robert-Burns
Cooperation (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Cooranbean (p) by Henry-Kendall
Cop And The Anthem, The (s) by O-Henry
Copartnership, A (e) by Thomas-Wentworth-Higginson
Copernican Convoy, The (s) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Copernicus (n) by Elbert-Hubbard
Copper-Clad World, The (f/n) by Harl-Vincent
Copperhead, The (p) by Bret-Harte
Copse, The (e) by Mary-Russell-Mitford
Coptic Song (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
Copy, The (p) by Joseph-Horatio-Chant
Copy Of An Intercepted Despatch (p) by Thomas-Moore
Copy Of The Birth-Day Verses (p) by Jonathan-Swift
Copy-Cat, The (s) by Mary E-Wilkins-Freeman
Copying Architecture In An Old Minster (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Coquelin And Moliere: Some Aspects (e) by Arthur-Symons
Coquetry In Death (p) by Theophile-Gautier
Coquette, The (p) by Marietta-Holley
Coquette, The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Coquette Conquered, A (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Coquette, And After, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Coral And Coral Reefs (e) by Thomas-Henry-Huxley
Coral Island: A Tale of the Pacific Ocean, The (f/n) by R.-M.-Ballantyne
Coral Palace, The (s) by David-Cory
Coral Reefs (n) by Charles-Darwin
Corea And Its Neighbors (s) by Charles-Morris
Corina's Going A Maying (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Corinna (s) by August-Strindberg
Corinna, A Ballad (p) by Jonathan-Swift
Corinthian Hall (p) by Eugene-Field
Coriolanus (d/c) by William-Shakespeare
Coriolanus (s) by Alfred-John-Church
Cormorant Crag; A Tale of the Smuggling Days (f/n) by George-Manville-Fenn
Cormorants (p) by Eunice-Tietjens
Corn (p) by Sidney-Lanier
Corn, The (p) by Mary-Carolyn-Davies
Corn And Catholics (p) by Thomas-Moore
Corn Husker, The (p) by E. Pauline-Johnson
Corn Plume And Bean Maiden (s) by Mabel-Powers
Corn-Shucking Song (p) by Joel-Chandler-Harris
Corn-Song, A (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Corn-Stalk Fiddle, The (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Cornelia's Jewels (p) by Rosanna-Eleanor-Leprohon
Cornelia's Jewels (s) by James-Baldwin
Cornelian, The (p) by Lord-Byron
Cornelli (f/n) by Johanna-Spyri
Corner Cupboard, The (e) by Frank-Boreham
Corner For Echoes, A (e) by Charles-S.-Brooks
Corner In Horses, A (s) by Stewart-Edward-White
Corner In Lines, A (s) by P-G-Wodehouse
Corner Man, The (p) by Banjo-Paterson
Corner Stone Laying (p) by James-McIntyre
Cornet of Horse: A Tale of Marlborough's Wars, The (f/n) by George-Alfred-Henty
Cornfield, The (p) by Elizabeth-Madox-Roberts
Cornfields, The (p) by Vachel-Lindsay
Cornflower, The (p) by Jean-Blewett
Cornflowers (p) by Victor-Hugo
Cornish Lullaby (p) by Eugene-Field
Cornish Midsummer Bonfire Song (p) by Anonymous -Poetry-s author-
Corny Bill (p) by Henry-Lawson
Corny's Catamount (s) by Louisa-May-Alcott
Coronach, Or Death-Wail (p) by Charles-Mackay
Coronado And The Seven Cities Of Cibola (s) by Charles-Morris
Coronal With His Songs And Her Days To His Lady And To Love, A (p) by Ernest-Dowson
Coronation (s) by Mary E-Wilkins-Freeman
Coronation, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Coronation (p) by Heinrich-Heine
Coronation, The (e) by Hilaire-Belloc
Coronation, The (p) by Bert-Leston-Taylor
Coronation Hymn (p) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Coronation Of The Czar (e) by William-Cowper-Brann
Coronation Poem And Prayer (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Corot (n) by Elbert-Hubbard
Corporal Cameron of the North West Mounted Police; a tale of the Macleod trail (f/n) by Ralph-Connor
Corporal Dick's Promotion (p) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
Corporal Sam (s) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Corporal Stare (p) by Robert-Graves
Corpse, The (p) by Charles-Baudelaire
Corpus Delicti, The (s) by Melville-Davisson-Post
Corral Branding, The (s) by Stewart-Edward-White
Corrected News (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Corrected Report Of Some Late Speeches, A (p) by Thomas-Moore
Correction (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Correggio (n) by Elbert-Hubbard
Correlation Of Moral Forces, The (e) by Helen-Hunt-Jackson
Correspondence, A (s) by Ivan-Turgenev
Correspondence and A Climax, A (s) by Lucy-Maud-Montgomery
Correspondence Between A Lady And Gentleman (p) by Thomas-Moore
Correspondences (p) by Charles-Baudelaire
Correspondent, The (p) by Ivan-Turgenev
Corridor Of Time, The (s) by James-Huneker
Corrupting The Press (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Corruption, And Intolerance (p) by Thomas-Moore
Corsair King, The (f/n) by Maurus-Jokai
Corsair Of Scio, The (s) by James-De Mille
Corsican Bandit, The (s) by Guy-De-Maupassant
Corsican Lullaby (p) by Eugene-Field
Cortelyou Elopement, The (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Corydon's Farewell To His Pipe (p) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Corymbus For Autumn, A (p) by Francis-Thompson
Cosmic "Kid", The (e) by Heywood-Broun
Cosmic Computer, The (f/n) by H.-Beam-Piper
Cosmism (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
Cosmopolis: A Novel (f/n) by Paul-Bourget
Cosmopolite In A Cafe, A (s) by O-Henry
Cosmos (p) by Isabel-Ecclestone-Mackay
Cosmos (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
Cospatrick (p) by Frank-Sidgwick
Cossack, The (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Cossack, The (p) by George-Borrow
Cossacks, The (f/n) by Leo-Tolstoy
Cost, The (f/n) by David-Graham-Phillips
Cost, The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Cost of Kindness, The (s) by Jerome-K-Jerome
Cost Of Living (s) by Robert-Sheckley
Costume And Its Morals (e) by E.-Lynn-Linton
Costume Piece, A (s) by E.-W.-Hornung
Cot And The Rill, The (s) by Frank-R-Stockton
Cotswold Winds (e) by Christopher-Morley
Cottage, The (p) by Robert-Graves
Cottage By The Cathedral, The (s) by Elizabeth-Rundle-Charles
Cottage Charter. Four-Acre Farmers, The (e) by Richard-Jefferies
Cottage Countess, The (e) by William-Andrews
Cottage Gardens Of Northampton, The (e) by George-Washington-Cable
Cottage Ideas (e) by Richard-Jefferies
Cottage In A Chine, A (p) by Jean-Ingelow
Cottage Maid, The (p) by Patrick-Bronte
Cottage Songs (p) by George-MacDonald
Cottager, The (p) by John-Clare
Cottager and His Cat, The (s) by Andrew-Lang
Cottager's Hymn, The (p) by Patrick-Bronte
Cottager's Welcome, The (p) by George-Pope-Morris
Cotter's Saturday Night, The (p) by Robert-Burns
Cotton (e) by Thomas-Garnett
Cotton And Corn [A Dialogue] (p) by Thomas-Moore
Cotton Boll, The (p) by Henry-Timrod
Cotton Eyed Joe (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Cotton-Wool (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Coucy (p) by Alan-Seeger
Could I But Mention But Thy Name; (p) by W.-M.-MacKeracher
Could I But Ride Indefinite (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Could Man Be Drunk For Ever (p) by A.-E.-Housman
Couldn't Live Without You (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Couleur De Rose (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Council Held By The Rats, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Council Of Horses (p) by John-Gay
Council Of State, A (s) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Counsel of Chaucer (p) by Geoffrey-Chaucer
Counsels And Maxims: General Rules (e) by Arthur-Schopenhauer
Counsels And Maxims: Our Relation To Others (e) by Arthur-Schopenhauer
Counsels And Maxims: Our Relation To Ourselves (e) by Arthur-Schopenhauer
Counsels And Maxims: The Ages Of Life (e) by Arthur-Schopenhauer
Counsels And Maxims: Worldly Fortune (e) by Arthur-Schopenhauer
Count Alarcos; a Tragedy (d/c) by Benjamin-Disraeli
Count And The Manager (s) by Joseph-Crosby-Lincoln
Count And The Wedding Guest, The (s) by O-Henry
Count Eberhard, The Groaner Of Wurtemberg (a War Song) (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Count Ernest's Home (s) by Paul-Heyse
Count Gismond (p) by Robert-Browning
Count Konrad's Courtship (s) by Robert-Barr
Count Kostia: A Novel (f/n) by Victor-Cherbuliez
Count Magnus (s) by Montague-Rhodes-James
Count Of Greiers [translation From Uhland], The (p) by William-Cullen-Bryant
Count Of Hapsburg (a ballad), The (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Count of Monte Cristo, The (f/n) by Alexandre-Dumas
Count Of Vendel's Daughter, The (p) by George-Borrow
Count Ulrich of Lindburg (f/n) by William-H. G.-Kingston
Count Van Horn, The (s) by Washington-Irving
Count's Apology, The (s) by Robert-Barr
Counter-Attack (p) by Siegfried-Sassoon
Counter-Criticism, A (e) by Herbert-Spencer
Counterblast - 1886, The (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
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Counterparts (s) by James-Joyce
Counterpoint: Two Rooms (p) by Conrad-Aiken
Countersign Of The Cradle, The (s) by Henry-Van Dyke
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Countess Julie (d/c) by August-Strindberg
Countess Of Bellarmine, The (s) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Countess Of Escarbagnas, The (d/c) by Moliere
Countess Of Saint Geran - Celebrated Crimes, The (s) by Alexandre-Dumas
Counting The Colors (s) by Perceval-Gibbon
Country Beautiful, The (p) by Paul-Bewsher
Country Beyond, The (f/n) by James-Oliver-Curwood
Country Blunder!, The (p) by John-Castillo
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Country Christmas, A (s) by Louisa-May-Alcott
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Country Doctor, The (e) by David-Grayson
Country Doctor, A (f/n) by Sarah-Orne-Jewett
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Country Life: To His Brother, Mr Thomas Herrick, A (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Country Life: To The Honoured Mr Endymion Porter, The (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Country Literature (e) by Richard-Jefferies
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Country Lodgings (s) by Mary-Russell-Mitford
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Country Of Elusion, The (s) by O-Henry
Country of the Blind, The (s) by H.-G.-Wells
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Country of the Pointed Firs, The (f/n) by Sarah-Orne-Jewett
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Countryman Who Sought His Calf, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
County Fair, The (p) by Edwin-C.-Ranck
Coup D'etat, A (s) by Guy-De-Maupassant
Coup De Grace, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Couple Of Singers, A (s) by Alphonse-Daudet
Couple Of Unclean Coyotes, A (e) by William-Cowper-Brann
Couplet: On A Pauper Whose Wealth Grew Faster Than His Manners (p) by J.-C.-Manning
Couplets (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Courage (p) by Walt-Mason
Courage (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
Courage (p) by Herbert-Edward-Palmer
Courage (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
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Courage of Marge O'Doone, The (f/n) by James-Oliver-Curwood
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Courage [Whether the way be dark or light] (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Courante Monsieur (p) by Richard-Lovelace
Courier Star, The (p) by Gilbert-Parker
Course Interrompue, La (p) by Harry-Graham
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Court Of Death, The (p) by John-Gay
Court Of Egypt, The (s) by Benjamin-Disraeli
Court Of Love, The (p) by Geoffrey-Chaucer
Courtier And Proteus (p) by John-Gay
Courtin', The (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Courtin' On Cutshin (s) by John-Fox
Courting Boy, The (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Courting Of Dinah Shadd, The (s) by Rudyard-Kipling
Courting Of Lady Jane, The (s) by Josephine-Daskam-Bacon
Courting of T'nowhead's Bell, The (s) by James-Matthew-Barrie
Courting Song, A (p) by Jean-Ingelow
Courtly Madrigal, A (p) by John-Presland
Courtship (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Courtship Of Allaphair, The (s) by John-Fox
Courtship Of George Washington, The (e) by Myrtle-Reed
Courtship of Miles Standish, The (p) by Henry-Wadsworth-Longfellow
Courtship Of Mr. Stork And Miss Heron, The (s) by Abbie-Farwell-Brown
Courtship Of Myles Standish, The (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Courtship of Susan Bell, The (s) by Anthony-Trollope
Courtship Of Tammock Thackanraip, Ayrshireman, The (s) by S.-R.-Crockett
Courtship Of The Yonghy-bonghy-bo, The (p) by Edward-Lear
Cousin Betty (La Cousine Bette) (f/n) by Honore-de-Balzac
Cousin Henry (f/n) by Anthony-Trollope
Cousin Maude (f/n) by Mary-Jane-Holmes
Cousin Nancy (p) by T-S-Eliot
Cousin Peregrine's Traveller's Tales: Jack Of Pera (s) by Juliana-Horatia-Ewing
Cousin Phillis (f/n) by Elizabeth-Cleghorn-Gaskell
Cousin Pons (f/n) by Honore-de-Balzac
Cousin Rufus' Story (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Cousin Teresa (s) by Saki
Cousin William (s) by Harriet-Beecher-Stowe
Cousin's Conspiracy: A Boy's Struggle for an Inheritance, A (f/n) by Horatio-Alger
Cousins (mouse story), The (s) by Carl-Ewald
Covenant, A (p) by Frances-Ridley-Havergal
Covenant, The (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Coventry Patmore (e) by Arthur-Symons
Cover Me With Your Everlasting Arms [Sonnet] (p) by Fanny-Kemble
Covered Bridge, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Covered Wagon, The (f/n) by Emerson-Hough
Covetous Boy, The (s) by M. -Arnaud--Berquin
Covetous Neighbor, A (s) by Katherine-Neville-Fleeson
Cow, The (e) by William-Cowper-Brann
Cow, The (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Cow, The (p) by Victor-Hugo
Cow Bells (p) by Cotton-Noe
Cow His Capital, A (s) by Orison-Swett-Marden
Cow In Apple Time, The (p) by Robert-Frost
Cow Needs A Tail In Fly-Time, The (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Cow That Kicks Her Weaned Calf Is All Heart, The (e) by Arthur-Brisbane
Cow With Golden Horns, The (s) by Mary E-Wilkins-Freeman
Cow-Boss, The (s) by Hamlin-Garland
Cow-Boy, The (p) by Hamlin-Garland
Cow-Boy, The (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Cow-Country (f/n) by B.-M.-Bower
Cow-Juice Cure, The (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Coward, A (s) by Guy-De-Maupassant
Coward, The (s) by Perceval-Gibbon
Coward, The (s) by James-Barnes
Coward, A (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Coward, A (e) by John-Earle
Coward, The (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Coward, The (s) by A.-E. W.-Mason
Coward, A (s) by Edith-Wharton
Cowardice The Mother Of Cruelty (e) by Montaigne
Cowardly Lion and the Hungry Tiger, The (s) by L.-Frank-Baum
Cowbird, The (s) by John-Burroughs
Cowd Az Leead (p) by Bill o-th- Hoylus End
Cowley Of His Melancholy (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Cowmen and Rustlers (f/n) by Edward-Sylvester-Ellis
Cowslip-Ball, The (e) by Mary-Russell-Mitford
Coxon Fund, The (s) by Henry-James
Coxswain's Bride, The (f/n) by R.-M.-Ballantyne
Coy One, The (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
Coyote (p) by Bret-Harte
Coyote-Spirit And The Weaving Woman, The (s) by Mary-Hunter-Austin
Coyote: A Western Story, The (f/n) by James-Roberts
Crab and His Son, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Crab And Its Mother, The (s) by Aesop -author of Aesop-s Fables-
Crab and the Monkey, The (s) by Andrew-Lang
Crab that Played with the Sea, The (s) by Rudyard-Kipling
Crabbe (e) by George-Saintsbury
Crabbed (p) by Edwin-C.-Ranck
Crabbed Age And Youth (e) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Cracked Bell, The (p) by Charles-Baudelaire
Crackling Mountain, The (s) by Algernon-Bertram-Freeman-Mitford
Cradle, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Cradle Hymn (p) by Isaac-Watts
Cradle Song, A (p) by William-Butler-Yeats
Cradle Song Of The Poor, The (p) by Adelaide-Anne-Procter
Cradle Songs (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Cradle Tomb In Westminster Abbey, The (p) by Susan-Coolidge
Cradle-Song At Twilight (p) by Alice-Meynell
Craftsman, The (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Crafty Lover; Or, The Lawyer Outwitted, The (p) by Anonymous -Poetry-s author-
Crags, The (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Cragwell End (p) by R.-C.-Lehmann
Craigieburn Wood (p) by Robert-Burns
Crambo-Clink, The (p) by David-Rorie
Cramis, Patron Of Art (e) by Robert-Cortes-Holliday
Crandall's Choice (s) by Robert-Barr
Crane And The Hummingbird, The (s) by Elaine-Goodale-Eastman
Crane That Crossed The River, The (s) by Cornelius-Mathews
Cranes, The (s) by Henryk-Sienkiewicz
Cranes Of Ibycus, The (s) by Jeanie-Lang
Cranes Of Ibycus, The (p) by Emma-Lazarus
Cranes Of Ibycus (a ballad), The (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Cranford (f/n) by Elizabeth-Cleghorn-Gaskell
Craniology (p) by Thomas-Hood
Crank's Thanksgiving, A (p) by Walt-Mason
Cranks Of The Julia Brig, The (s) by Louis-Becke
Crapulous Impression (p) by Aldous-Huxley
Crapy Cornelia (s) by Henry-James
Crash, The (p) by Paul-Bewsher
Crater: Or, Vulcan's Peak: A Tale of the Pacific, The (f/n) by James-Fenimore-Cooper
Cratylus (n) by Plato
Craven (p) by Henry-Newbolt
Craven Churn-Supper Song, The (p) by Anonymous -Poetry-s author-
Craving For Spring (p) by D.-H.-Lawrence
Crawfish, The (p) by Ruth-McEnery-Stuart
Crawfish Jim (s) by Alfred-Henry-Lewis
Crayon Papers, The (f/n) by Washington-Irving
Crazy Horse (s) by Charles-Alexander-Eastman
Creaking Tail, A (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Creamery Man, The (s) by Hamlin-Garland
Created He Them (s) by Jack-London
Creation (p) by George-William-Russell
Creation (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Creation (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Creation (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Creation Of Heaven And Earth, The (s) by William-Elliot-Griffis
Creation Of Man, The (s) by Henry-M.-Stanley
Creation Of Man, The (p) by Morris-Rosenfeld
Creation Story [Tagalog version], The (s) by Mabel-Cook-Cole
Creation [Igorot version], The (s) by Mabel-Cook-Cole
Creative Unity (n) by Rabindranath-Tagore
Creature From Cleveland Depths, The (s) by Fritz-Reuter-Leiber
Creatures That Once Were Men (s) by Maxim-Gorky
Creatures That One Day Shall Be Men (e) by Jerome-K-Jerome
Credidimus Jovem Regnare (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Credit (e) by Frederic-Bastiat
Credit (e) by Israel-Zangwill
Credit Balance, A (s) by Arthur-Shearly-Cripps
Credit Valley Trip (p) by James-McIntyre
Creditors: A Tragicomedy (d/c) by August-Strindberg
Credo (p) by Edwin-Arlington-Robinson
Credo, A (p) by William-Makepeace-Thackeray
Credo (p) by John-Oxenham
Credo Of Love, The (s) by Alphonse-Daudet
Creed, A (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Creed, The (p) by George-MacDonald
Creed, The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Creed, A (p) by V.-Sackville-West
Creed And Conduct Combined As Cause And Effect (p) by Margaret-Moran D.-McDougall
Creed Of Despair, The (e) by Israel-Zangwill
Creed Of The Three Hours For Lunch Club (e) by Christopher-Morley
Creed To Be, The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Creeds (e) by Lemuel-K.-Washburn
Creek, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Creek-Road, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Creeper, The (p) by John-Freeman
Cremation, A (s) by Guy-De-Maupassant
Cremation Of Sam Mcgee, The (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Cremona (p) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
Cremona Violin, The (p) by Amy-Lowell
Crepuscular (p) by John-Collings-Squire
Crepuscule (p) by Eunice-Tietjens
Crepuscule Du Matin (p) by Amy-Lowell
Crescent Moon (p) by Elizabeth-Madox-Roberts
Crescent Moon, The (p) by Amy-Lowell
Cressy (f/n) by Bret-Harte
Crevice, The (f/n) by Isabel-Ostrander
Crew Of The Life-Boat, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Crew of the Water Wagtail, The (f/n) by R.-M.-Ballantyne
Crick, The (s) by Juliana-Horatia-Ewing
Cricket, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Cricket, The (p) by Jean-Blewett
Cricket And Cupid (p) by Norman-Gale
Cricket Bat, The (p) by Carolyn-Wells
Cricket In The Garden (p) by Norman-Gale
Cricket Match: An Incident At A Private School, The (s) by Maurice-Baring
Cricket on the Hearth, The (f/n) by Charles-Dickens
Cricket's Friends Tales Told by the Cricket, Teapot, and Saucepan, The (s) by Virginia-W.-Johnson
Crickets On A Strike (p) by Vachel-Lindsay
Crier, The (p) by Michael-Drayton
Crime (1920), The (e) by Max-Beerbohm
Crime And Its Correctives (e) by Ambrose-Bierce
Crime and Punishment (f/n) by Fyodor-Dostoyevsky
Crime And Punishment Of King Birger, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Crime At Pickett's Mill, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Crime Is Dying Out (e) by Arthur-Brisbane
Crime Of Black Swamp, The (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard, The (f/n) by Anatole-France
Crime Of The Brigadier, The (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
Crime Of The French Cafe, The (s) by Nicholas-Carter
Crimean War (p) by James-McIntyre
Crimeometer, The (s) by Arthur-B.-Reeve
Crimes of England, The (e) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Crimes Of Peace, The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Criminal Courts (s) by Charles-Dickens
Criminal From Lost Honour, The (s) by Frederich-Schiller
Criminal Head, A (e) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Criminal's Betrothed, The (p) by Marietta-Holley
Criminologists' Club, The (s) by E.-W.-Hornung
Crimson Candle, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Crimson Eyebrows, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Crimson Flag, The (s) by Gilbert-Parker
Crimson Gardenia, The (s) by Rex-Beach
Crimson House, The (p) by Bliss-Carman
Crimson Sails (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Crimson Tide: A Novel, The (f/n) by Robert-W.-Chambers
Cripple, The (s) by Guy-De-Maupassant
Cripple, The (e) by Arthur-C.-Benson
Crisis, The (p) by George-Meredith
Crisis, The (f/n) by Winston-Churchill
Crisis, The (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Crisis, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Crisis For The Guard, A (s) by John-Fox
Critias (n) by Plato
Critic, A (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Critic, A (e) by John-Earle
Critic, The (p) by Walt-Mason
Critic, The (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
Critic And Poet (p) by Emma-Lazarus
Critic as Artist, The (e) by Oscar-Wilde
Critic's Story, The (s) by Mildred-Aldrich
Critical Bookstore, The (s) by William-Dean-Howells
Critical Examination Of The Position Of Mr. Darwin's Work, A (e) by Thomas-Henry-Huxley
Critical Glance Into Darwin, A (e) by John-Burroughs
Critical History Of Poverty (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Criticism, The (p) by Jean-Blewett
Criticism (e) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Criticism And Fiction (e) by William-Dean-Howells
Criticism And The Gospel History (e) by James-Anthony-Froude
Criticism Of Critics, A (p) by Robert-F.-Murray
Criticism Of Others, The (e) by Arthur-C.-Benson
Criticism On Some Of Coleridge's Criticisms Of Wordsworth (e) by Thomas-De Quincey
Criticisms (e) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Criticisms On "The Origin Of Species" (e) by Thomas-Henry-Huxley
Critics, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Critics (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Critics, The (p) by Edmund-Vance-Cooke
Critics And People (e) by Israel-Zangwill
Criticus (p) by James-Avis-Bartley
Crito; Or, The Duty Of A Citizen (n) by Plato
Croaker, The (p) by Joseph-Crosby-Lincoln
Crock of Gold, The (f/n) by James-Stephens
Crocker's Hole (s) by R.-D.-Blackmore
Crocodile, The (p) by Hilaire-Belloc
Crocodile, A (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Crocodile, The (p) by Laura-E.-Richards
Crocodile And The Monkey, The (s) by W.H.D.-Rouse
Crocodile Hunt, A (s) by Rounsevelle-Wildman
Crocus Bed, The (p) by Isabel-Ecclestone-Mackay
Crocuses, The (p) by Frances-E. W.-Harper
Croesus Of Gingerbread Cove, A (s) by Norman-Duncan
Croisilles (s) by Alfred-de-Musset
Croluis (p) by William-Ernest-Henley
Crome Yellow (f/n) by Aldous-Huxley
Cromwell And The Crown (p) by Victor-Hugo
Cromwell And The Parliament (s) by Charles-Morris
Cromwell's Statue (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Crooked Fir, The (s) by Mary-Hunter-Austin
Crooked Footpath, The (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Crooked Jack (s) by Edward-Eggleston
Crooked Man, The (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
Crooked Nose Jane (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Crooked Stick, The (p) by Elinor-Wylie
Crooked Trails and Straight (f/n) by William-MacLeod-Raine
Crops, The (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Crosby, The Patriot Spy (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Cross, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Cross, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Cross Courses (s) by James-B.-Connolly
Cross Currents (s) by Saki
Cross Of Pearls, The (p) by Mary-Alice-Walton
Cross Of The Sepulchre, The (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
Cross on the Old Church Tower, The (s) by Louisa-May-Alcott
Cross Purposes and The Shadows (s) by George-MacDonald
Cross Readings--And Caleb Whitefoord (e) by Austin-Dobson
Cross Roads, The (p) by Robert-Southey
Cross Roads; Or, The Haymaker's Story, The (p) by John-Clare
Cross Still Stands!, The (p) by John-Oxenham
Cross-Currents (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Cross-Roads (p) by John-Oxenham
Cross-Roads, The (p) by Amy-Lowell
Cross-Surety, The (s) by William-Ralston-Shedden-Ralston
Crossed Gloves, The (s) by A.-E. W.-Mason
Crosses And Troubles A-Many Have Proved Me (p) by William-Ernest-Henley
Crosses [All your broken war-spent heroes] (p) by Virna-Sheard
Crosses [Little lonely crosses, the crosses low and white], The (p) by Virna-Sheard
Crossing, The (f/n) by Winston-Churchill
Crossing A Foot-Log (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Crossing Brooklyn Ferry (p) by Walt-Whitman
Crossing The Red Sea (p) by Mrs. J.-C.-Yule
Crossing The River (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Crossing The Tropics (p) by Herman-Melville
Crossroads (s) by Charles-Kellogg-Field
Crossroads Of Destiny (s) by H.-Beam-Piper
Croton Ode, The (p) by George-Pope-Morris
Crow, The (p) by Virna-Sheard
Crow, The (s) by John-Burroughs
Crow, The (p) by John-Burroughs
Crow, The (s) by Andrew-Lang
Crow And Cat Of Hopkinshill, The (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Crow And His Three Friends, A (s) by Siddha-Mohana-Mitra
Crow And The Pitcher, The (s) by Aesop -author of Aesop-s Fables-
Crow And The Serpent, The (s) by Aesop -author of Aesop-s Fables-
Crow Is A Crow For Ever, A (s) by W.H.D.-Rouse
Crow Sat On The Willow, The (p) by John-Clare
Crowded Curb, The (e) by Charles-S.-Brooks
Crowded Street, The (p) by William-Cullen-Bryant
Crowded Trolley Car, A (p) by Elinor-Wylie
Crowdie Ever Mair (p) by Robert-Burns
Crowing Of The Red Cock, The (p) by Emma-Lazarus
Crown, The (p) by George-William-Russell
Crown and Sceptre: A West Country Story (f/n) by George-Manville-Fenn
Crown of Life, The (f/n) by George-Gissing
Crown Of Love, The (p) by George-Meredith
Crown Of Sorrow, A (p) by Adelaide-Anne-Procter
Crown Of Sorrows, A (s) by A.-A.-Milne
Crown Of St. Stephen, The (s) by Charlotte-M.-Yonge
Crown Of Wild Olive: Three Lectures On Work, Traffic, And War, The (n) by John-Ruskin
Crown Of Years, The (p) by Robert-F.-Murray
Crowned (p) by Amy-Lowell
Crowned (p) by Sara-Teasdale
Crowned (p) by Charles-Sangster
Crowned Heads (s) by P-G-Wodehouse
Crowned With Glory And Honor (s) by Mary Raymond-Shipman-Andrews
Crowned With One Crest (s) by Gertrude-Atherton
Crowning, The (p) by Gilbert-Parker
Crowning Of Charlemagne, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Crowns, The (p) by John-Freeman
Crowns And Crowned Heads (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Crows, The (e) by Richard-Jefferies
Croxley Master, The (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
Crucial Moment, The (s) by Mary-Noailles-Murfree
Crucible Of Life, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Crucifixion, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Crucifixion Of The Outcast, The (s) by William-Butler-Yeats
Crude Lament (p) by William-Carlos-Williams
Cruel Brother, The (p) by Frank-Sidgwick
Cruel Frightening Of Children (e) by Arthur-Brisbane
Cruel God, A (e) by Lemuel-K.-Washburn
Cruel Maid, The (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Cruel Moon, The (p) by Robert-Graves
Cruel Mother, The (p) by Frank-Sidgwick
Cruel Mother-In-Law, The (p) by George-Borrow
Cruel Painter, The (s) by George-MacDonald
Cruel Step-Dame, The (p) by George-Borrow
Cruel Stepmother, The (s) by Cyrus-Macmillan
Cruel Tribute, The (s) by James-Baldwin
Cruelty Of Science, The (e) by Thomas-Bailey-Aldrich
Cruelty Of The Spaniards To The Indians, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Cruise, A (p) by William-Johnson-Cory
Cruise In The Flying Dutchman, A (e) by George-William-Curtis
Cruise In The South Seas (Hints To Intending Travellers), A (e) by Louis-Becke
Cruise Of The "Ninety-Nine", The (s) by Gilbert-Parker
Cruise Of The "Wasp", The (s) by Theodore-Roosevelt
Cruise Of The "Willing Mind", The (s) by A.-E. W.-Mason
Cruise of the Dainty, The (f/n) by William-H. G.-Kingston
Cruise of the Dazzler, The (f/n) by Jack-London
Cruise Of The Dolphin, The (s) by Thomas-Bailey-Aldrich
Cruise Of The Galleon, The (p) by Bliss-Carman
Cruise of the Mary Rose, The (f/n) by William-H. G.-Kingston
Cruise of the Shining Light: A Novel, The (f/n) by Norman-Duncan
Cruise of the Snark, The (n) by Jack-London
Cruise Of The Tonquin, The (s) by Cyrus-Townsend-Brady
Crumbling Silver, The (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Crumbs on the Table, The (s) by Jacob-& Wilhelm-Grimm
Crumbs To The Birds (p) by Charles-Lamb
Crumpets And Tea (p) by Eugene-Field
Crusade Against Beards And Cloaks, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Crusade Of Frederick II, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Crusade of the Excelsior: A novel, The (f/n) by Bret-Harte
Crusader Returns From Captivity, The (p) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Crusaders, The (p) by Edward-Dyson
Crushed Flower, The (s) by Leonid-N.-Andreyev
Crushed Hero, A (p) by Joseph-Crosby-Lincoln
Crushed Leaf, A (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Crusoe In New York (s) by Edward-Everett-Hale
Crutches (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Cry, A (p) by George-MacDonald
Cry, The (p) by Virna-Sheard
Cry, A (p) by Sara-Teasdale
Cry, The (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Cry Across The Black Water, A (s) by S.-R.-Crockett
Cry Fairy, The (s) by Alice-Brown
Cry For Fresh Air, A (e) by Eliot-Gregory
Cry From A Far Planet (s) by Tom-Godwin
Cry From An Indian Wife, A (p) by E. Pauline-Johnson
Cry In The Night, The (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Cry Of A Lost Soul, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Cry Of Eve, The (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
Cry Of The Author, The (p) by Harry-Graham
Cry Of The Children, The (p) by Elizabeth-Barrett-Browning
Cry Of The Hillborn, The (p) by Bliss-Carman
Cry Of The Homeless (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Cry Of The Karens, The (p) by Mrs. J.-C.-Yule
Cry Of The Little Peoples, The (p) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Cry Of The Peacock, The (s) by Howard-Pease
Cry Of The Publisher, The (p) by Harry-Graham
Cry Of The Women, The (p) by Helen-Leah-Reed
Cry To Arms, A (p) by Henry-Timrod
Crystal, The (s) by Josephine-Daskam-Bacon
Crystal, The (p) by Sidney-Lanier
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Crystal Goblet, The (s) by John-Roby
Crystal Hunters: A Boy's Adventures in the Higher Alps, The (f/n) by George-Manville-Fenn
Crystal Palace, The (p) by William-Makepeace-Thackeray
Crystal Vase, The (e) by Maurice-Hewlett
Crystal-Hunters, The (p) by Thomas-Moore
Cub Reporter, The (s) by Rex-Beach
Cuba (p) by Hattie-Howard
Cuba in War Time (n) by Richard-Harding-Davis
Cuchulain Of Muirthemne (s) by Standish-O-Grady
Cuchulain The Girl And The Fool (p) by William-Butler-Yeats
Cuchulain, The Champion Of Ireland (s) by Maud-Isabel-Ebbutt
Cuckoo, The (p) by Laurence-Alma-Tadema
Cuckoo, The (p) by George-Borrow
Cuckoo, The (e) by Arthur-C.-Benson
Cuckoo, The (p) by Edward-Thomas
Cuckoo And The Nightingale, The (p) by Geoffrey-Chaucer
Cuckoo Clock, The (p) by Joseph-Crosby-Lincoln
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Cuckoo Song (p) by H.-D.
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Cuckoo's Song In Merion, The (p) by George-Borrow
Cuckoo-Fields, The (e) by Richard-Jefferies
Cuculin (s) by Jeremiah-Curtin
Cud, The (p) by Ruth-McEnery-Stuart
Cudgelled And Contented Cuckold, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Cudjoe, The Negro Chief, And The Maroons Of Jamaica (s) by Charles-Morris
Cuffs Fight With "Figs" (s) by Kate-Dickinson-Sweetser
Cui Bono (p) by Adam-Lindsay-Gordon
Cui Bono? (p) by Henry-Kendall
Culinary Candidate, A (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Culpeper Minute Men (s) by Etta-Belle-Walker
Culprit, The (p) by A.-E.-Housman
Culprit Fay, The (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Culprit Fay, The (p) by Joseph-Rodman-Drake
Cultivate Thought--Teach Your Brain To Work Early (e) by Arthur-Brisbane
Cultivation Of Flowers, The (p) by Sarah-S.-Mower
Culture (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
Culture and Anarchy: An Essay in Political and Social Criticism (n) by Matthew-Arnold
Culture And War (e) by Edwin-Lawrence-Godkin
Cum Grano Salis (s) by Randall-Garrett
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Cumberland Vendetta, A (f/n) by John-Fox
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Cumner's Son (s) by Gilbert-Parker
Cunnin' Little Thing, The (p) by Eugene-Field
Cunning Apprentice, The (s) by Maurice-Baring
Cunning Crane And The Crab, The (s) by W.H.D.-Rouse
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Cunning Shoemaker, The (s) by Andrew-Lang
Cunning Woman, The (p) by W.-S.-Gilbert
Cup, The (p) by Edward-Shanks
Cup of Fury: A Novel of Cities and Shipyards, The (f/n) by Rupert-Hughes
Cup Of Joy, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Cup Of Mixture (p) by John-Oxenham
Cup Of Tea, A (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Cup Of Trembling, The (s) by Mary-Hallock-Foote
Cup Of Water, The (s) by Charlotte-M.-Yonge
Cup On The Battle-Field, The (p) by Victor-Hugo
Cup That O'erflowed: An Outline, The (s) by Will-Lillibridge
Cupbearer, The (s) by Richard-Garnett
Cupboard, The (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Cupboard Love (s) by William-Wymark-Jacobs
Cupboard of the Yesterdays, The (s) by Saki
Cupid a la Carte (s) by O-Henry
Cupid And Psyche (p) by Thomas-Moore
Cupid and Psyche (s) by Josephine-Preston-Peabody
Cupid Armed (p) by Thomas-Moore
Cupid Conjured (p) by Michael-Drayton
Cupid Far Gone (p) by Richard-Lovelace
Cupid Goes Slumming (s) by Alice-Hegan-Rice
Cupid Slain (p) by Dora-Sigerson-Shorter
Cupid To A Skull (p) by Charles-Hamilton-Musgrove
Cupid's Arrows (s) by Rudyard-Kipling
Cupid's Exile Number Two (s) by O-Henry
Cupid's Lottery (p) by Thomas-Moore
Cupid, Hymen, And Plutus (p) by John-Gay
Cupid, I Hate Thee, Which I'd Have Thee Know (p) by Michael-Drayton
Cupid-And-Psychology (e) by Thomas-Wentworth-Higginson
Cupido (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
Cupido [Cruci Affixus] (p) by Henry-Vaughan
Cuppacumalonga (p) by Clarence-James-Dennis
Cups Of Jade (p) by Frank-Oliver-Call
Cur And Mastiff (p) by John-Gay
Cur, Horse, And Shepherd's Dog (p) by John-Gay
Curate And The Corpse, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Curate Of Poltons, The (s) by Anthony-Hope
Curate's Kindness, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Curate. The Old Lady. The Half-Pay Captain, The (s) by Charles-Dickens
Curates And Colliers, On Reading In A Comic Paper (p) by J.-C.-Manning
Cure, The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Cure For Low Spirits, A (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
Cure For Melancholy, A (s) by Hannah-More
Cure For Schism, The (e) by Norman-Macleod
Cure for the Blues, A (s) by Mark-Twain
Cure For Weariness, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Cure's Christmas Gift, The (s) by Cy-Warman
Cure's Mignonette, The (s) by Anatole-France
Cure's Progress, The (p) by Austin-Dobson
Curfew (p) by Henry-Wadsworth-Longfellow
Curing A Cold (s) by Mark-Twain
Curiosity, A (p) by Helen-Leah-Reed
Curiosity (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Curious American Old-Time Gleanings (e) by William-Andrews
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Curious Dream, The (s) by Mark-Twain
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Curious Interview, A (s) by Frances-Fuller-Victor
Curious Pleasure Excursion, A (s) by Mark-Twain
Curious Republic Of Gondour And Other Whimsical Sketches (n) by Mark-Twain
Curious Story, A (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Curious, if True (s) by Elizabeth-Cleghorn-Gaskell
Curlew Song, The (p) by Henry-Kendall
Curley Coppers The Jack (s) by Vivia-Hemphill
Curly Locks (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Curly Locks (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Curly-tailed Lion (s) by William-Elliot-Griffis
Current Journalings (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Curriculum Of Character, The (e) by Henry-Frederick-Cope
Curried Cow (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Curse, The (p) by Elizabeth-Barrett-Browning
Curse For A Nation, A (p) by Elizabeth-Barrett-Browning
Curse For Kings, A (p) by Vachel-Lindsay
Curse Of Eve, The (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
Curse of Minerva, The (p) by Lord-Byron
Curse Of Mother Flood, The (p) by Henry-Kendall
Curse Of The Catafalques, The (s) by F.-Anstey
Curse Of The Charter-Breakers, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Curse Of The Fires And Of The Shadows, The (s) by William-Butler-Yeats
Curse Of The Wandering Foot, The (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Curse Of Wealth, The (p) by John-Kendrick-Bangs
Cursed Patois, The (s) by Mary-Hartwell-Catherwood
Cursory Light, The (s) by James-Huneker
Curtain (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Curtian Gulf, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Curtius (p) by Isabella-Valancy-Crawford
Cushion, The (p) by Edward-Powys-Mathers
Cusine, The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Custer (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Custer (p) by A.-H.-Laidlaw
Custer Wail, The (p) by A.-H.-Laidlaw
Custom and Myth (n) by Andrew-Lang
Custom of the Country, The (f/n) by Edith-Wharton
Custom Of The Isle Of Cea, A (e) by Montaigne
Customary Correspondent, The (e) by Agnes-Repplier
Cut-Down Trousers, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Cutlass and Cudgel (f/n) by George-Manville-Fenn
Cutting Corners (s) by Howard-J.-Chidley
Cutting Out (s) by Stewart-Edward-White
Cutting Prices (s) by Charles-N.-Crewdson
Cutting-Off Of The "Queen Charlotte", The (s) by Louis-Becke
Cy Whittaker's Place (f/n) by Joseph-Crosby-Lincoln
Cyclamen (p) by Robert-F.-Murray
Cyclists, The (p) by Amy-Lowell
Cyclone, The (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Cyclones And Tornadoes (s) by Edward-Sylvester-Ellis
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Cyclopeedy, The (s) by Eugene-Field
Cyclops, The (s) by Alfred-John-Church
Cyclops, The (s) by Logan-Marshall
Cyclops: A Satyric Drama Translated From The Greek Of Euripides, The (p) by Percy-Bysshe-Shelley
Cymbaleer's Bride, The (p) by Victor-Hugo
Cymbeline (s) by Edith-Nesbit
Cymbeline (s) by Charles-Lamb
Cymbeline (d/c) by William-Shakespeare
Cynic, The (p) by David-Rorie
Cynic Looks at Life (e) by Ambrose-Bierce
Cynic's Bequest, The (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Cynic's View Of Army Life, A (p) by W.-E.-Christian
Cynical Miss Catherwaight, The (s) by Richard-Harding-Davis
Cynthia (p) by Eric-Mackay
Cynthia's Revels (d/c) by Ben-Jonson
Cynthiana, Pet-Named Original Sin (s) by Alfred-Henry-Lewis
Cypress-Tree Of Ceylon, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Cyprian Overbeck Wells (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
Cyrano, Rostand, Coquelin (e) by Eliot-Gregory
Cyriack, Whose Grandsire On The Royal Bench (sonnet 18) (p) by John-Milton
Cyril Tourneur (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Cyrilla's Inspiration (s) by Lucy-Maud-Montgomery
Cyrus (e) by Lydia-H.-Sigourney
Cyrus, Servant Of The Lord (n) by Charles-Kingsley
Cythere (p) by Arthur-Symons
Cytherea (f/n) by Joseph-Hergesheimer
No. 101: Censure [from The Spectator] (e) by Joseph-Addison
Story of Ciccu, The (s) by Andrew-Lang