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Adams, William Davenport
Essay(s) by Adams, William Davenport

Addison, Joseph
Essay(s) by Addison, Joseph

Aldrich, Thomas Bailey
Essay(s) by Aldrich, Thomas Bailey

Allen, Grant

o "Mere Amateurs"

o American Duchesses

o Big Animals

o British And Foreign

o Bronze Axe, The

o Casters And Chesters

o De Banana

o Desert Fruit, A

o Desert Sands

o Eight-Legged Friends

o English Shire, An

o Evolution

o Falling In Love

o First Potter, The

o Fish As Fathers

o Fish Out Of Water

o Food And Feeding

o Fossil Continent, A

o Fossil Food

o Game And The Rules, The

o Go To The Ant

o Greenwood Tree, The

o High Life

o Hill-Top Stronghold, A

o Honey-Dew

o In The Matter Of Aristocracy

o Is England Played Out?

o Isle Of Ruim, The

o Milk In The Coco-Nut, The

o Monopolist Instincts, The

o Mud

o My Islands

o Ogbury Barrows

o On The Wings Of The Wind

o Persistent Nationality, A

o Pretty Poll

o Recipe For Genius, The

o Right and Left

o Role Of Prophet, The

o Romance Of The Clash Of Races, The

o Science In Education

o Seven-Year Sleepers

o Strictly Incog

o Struggle For Life Among Languages, The

o Theory Of Scapegoats, The

o Thunderbolts

o Tropical Education

o Very Old Master, A

Amber (Martha Everts Holden)
Essay(s) by Amber,

Andersen, Hans Christian Danish fairy tale writer, novelist, poet

o "Skjaergaards", The

o Beggar-Boys

o Dal-Elv, The

o Danemora

o Diurgaerden

o Fahlun

o In The Forest

o Kinnakulla, The

o Midsummer Festival in Lacksand, The

o Poet's Symbol, The

o Poetry's California

o Prison-Cells, The

o Row Of Pearls, A

o Sala

o Stockholm

o Swine, The

o Trollhaetta

o Upsala

o Vadstene

o We Travel ('Pictures Of Sweden')

o What The Straws Said

o Zaether Dale, The

Andrews, William
Essay(s) by Andrews, William

Arthur, T. S. (Timothy Shay Arthur), prolific and voluminous American writer, novelist

o "Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining"

o Angel In Every House, An

o Antidote For Melancholy

o Baby Is Dead

o Bodily Deformity, Spiritual Beauty

o Brothers

o Careless Words

o Charity.--Its Objects

o Contentment Better Than Wealth

o Dead, The

o Dead Child, The

o Do You Suffer More Than Your Neighbour?

o Good In All

o Great Principles And Small Duties

o Have A Flower In Your Room

o Home

o Hours Of Life, The

o How To Be Happy

o Human Longings For Peace And Rest

o Kind Words

o Leaving Off Contention Before It Be Meddled With

o Life A Treadmill

o Little Kindnesses

o Manly Gentleness

o Mother

o My Washerwoman

o Neighbours' Quarrels

o Ours, Loved, And "Gone Before"

o Owe No Man Anything

o Plea For Soft Words, A

o Rainbows Everywhere

o Regulation Of The Temper

o Returning Good For Evil

o Sisters

o Sorrows Of A Wealthy Citizen, The

o We Are Led By A Way That We Know Not

o Wealth

o Words

Atherton, Gertrude
Essay(s) by Atherton, Gertrude

Atkins, Elizabeth
Essay(s) by Atkins, Elizabeth

Austin, Alfred
Essay(s) by Austin, Alfred

Bacon, Francis

o Of Adversity

o Of Ambition

o Of Anger

o Of Atheism

o Of Beauty

o Of Boldness

o Of Building

o Of Ceremonies And Respects

o Of Counsel

o Of Cunning

o Of Custom And Education

o Of Death

o Of Deformity

o Of Delays

o Of Discourse

o Of Dispatch

o Of Empire

o Of Envy

o Of Expense

o Of Faction

o Of Fame

o Of Followers And Friends

o Of Fortune

o Of Friendship

o Of Gardens

o Of Goodness And Goodness Of Nature

o Of Great Place

o Of Honor And Reputation

o Of Innovations

o Of Judicature

o Of Love

o Of Marriage And Single Life

o Of Masques And Triumphs

o Of Nature In Men

o Of Negotiating

o Of Nobility

o Of Parents And Children

o Of Plantations

o Of Praise

o Of Prophecies

o Of Regiment Of Health

o Of Revenge

o Of Riches

o Of Seditions And Troubles

o Of Seeming Wise

o Of Simulation And Dissimulation

o Of Studies

o Of Suitors

o Of Superstition

o Of Suspicion

o Of The True Greatness Of Kingdoms And Estates

o Of Travel

o Of Truth

o Of Unity In Religion

o Of Usury

o Of Vain-Glory

o Of Vicissitude of Things

o Of Wisdom For A Man's Self

o Of Youth And Age

o Valerius Terminus: Of The Interpretation Of Nature

Baldwin, A. C.
Essay(s) by Baldwin, A. C.

Balzac, Honore de

o Petty Troubles of Married Life

o Physiology of Marriage, The

Baring-Gould, Sabine
Essay(s) by Baring-Gould, Sabine

Baring, Evelyn
Essay(s) by Baring, Evelyn

Barrie, James Matthew Sir James Matthew Barrie,Scottish novelist, playwright, dramatist

o Courage

Barrus, Clara
Essay(s) by Barrus, Clara

Bastiat, Frederic
Essay(s) by Bastiat, Frederic

Becke, Louis
Essay(s) by Becke, Louis

Beerbohm, Max

o "273"

o "Ariane Et Dionyse": A Painting By Paul Bergeron, 1740

o "Carlotta Grisi": A Coloured Print

o "Harlequin": A Sign-Board

o "Ho-Tei": A Coloured Drawing by Hokusai

o "L'oiseau Bleu": A Painting On Silk By Charles Conder

o "Macbeth And The Witches": A Painting By Corot

o "Peter The Dominican": A Painting By Giovanni Bellini

o "The Garden Of Love": A Painting By Rubens

o "The Ragged Regiment"

o "The Visit": A painting by George Morland

o 'A Clergyman' (1918)

o 1880

o Books Within Books (1914)

o Club In Ruins, A

o Crime (1920), The

o Dandies And Dandies

o Decline Of The Graces, The

o Diminuendo

o Dulcedo Judiciorum

o Fire, The

o General Elections

o Going Out For A Walk (1918)

o Golden Drugget (1918), The

o Good Prince, A

o Home-Coming, A

o Hosts And Guests (1918)

o House Of Commons Manner, The

o How Shall I Word It? (1910)

o Humour Of The Public, The

o Ichabod

o In Homes Unblest (1919)

o King George The Fourth

o Kolniyatsch (1913)

o Laughter (1920)

o Letter That Was Not Written (1914), A

o Memory Of A Midnight Express, A

o Mobled King (1911)

o Morris For May-Day, A

o Naming Of Streets, The

o No. 2. The Pines

o On Shakespeare's Birthday

o On Speaking French (1919)

o Parallel, A

o Pathetic Imposture, A

o Pervasion Of Rouge, The

o Point To Be Remembered By Very Eminent Men (1918), A

o Poor Romeo!

o Porro Unum...

o Quia Imperfectum (1918)

o Relic (1918), A

o Seeing People Off

o Servants (1918)

o Something Defeasible (July, 1919)

o Study In Dejection, A

o Whistler's Writing

o William And Mary (1920)

Belloc, Hilaire
Essay(s) by Belloc, Hilaire

Bennett, Arnold

o Author's Craft, The

Benson, Arthur C.
Essay(s) by Benson, Arthur C.

Bergengren, Ralph
Essay(s) by Bergengren, Ralph

Bierce, Ambrose

o American Sycophant, The

o Ancestral Bond, The

o Arbitration

o Charity

o Civilization

o Crime And Its Correctives

o Cynic Looks at Life

o Death Penalty, The

o Dissertation On Dogs, A

o Emancipated Woman

o Game Of Politics, The

o Immortality

o Industrial Discontent

o On with the Dance! A Review

o Opportunity

o Opposing Sex, The

o Religion

o Right To Take Oneself Off, The

o Right To Work, The

o Shadow On The Dial, The

o Some Features Of The Law

Birrell, Augustine
Essay(s) by Birrell, Augustine

Blackmore, Richard
Essay(s) by Blackmore, Richard

Boreham, Frank
Essay(s) by Boreham, Frank

Boyesen, Hjalmar Hjorth
Essay(s) by Boyesen, Hjalmar Hjorth

Brann, William Cowper
Essay(s) by Brann, William Cowper

Brewer, Luther Albertus
Essay(s) by Brewer, Luther Albertus

Brightwen, Elizabeth

o Ant-Lions

o Birdie

o Blanche, The Pigeon

o Californian Mouse, The

o Dick The Starling

o Earwig Mother, An

o Feeding Birds In Summer And Winter

o Gerbilles

o Harvest Mice

o How To Observe Nature

o Jay, The

o Mole, A

o Rab, Minor

o Rearing Birds from the Nest

o Richard The Second

o Robert The Second

o Robins I Have Known

o Roman Snails

o Sacred Beetle, The

o Sancho The Toad

o Spiders

o Squirrels

o Tame Butterflies

o Taming Of Our Pets, The

o Titmice

o Verdant

o Visit To Jamrach, A

o Water Shrews

o Wild Ducks, The

o Young Cuckoo, A

o Zoee, The Nuthatch

Brisbane, Arthur
Essay(s) by Brisbane, Arthur

Brooke, Rupert

o An Unusual Young Man

o Arrival (from Letters From America)

o Boston And Harvard

o Indians, The

o Montreal And Ottawa

o New York

o Niagara Falls

o Ontario

o Outside

o Prairies, The

o Quebec And The Saguenay

o Rockies, The

o Some Niggers

o To Winnipeg

Brooks, Charles S.
Essay(s) by Brooks, Charles S.

Broun, Heywood
Essay(s) by Broun, Heywood

Brown, Helen Dawes
Essay(s) by Brown, Helen Dawes

Brown, John

o "Oh, I'm Wat, Wat!"

o Arthur H. Hallam

o Black Dwarf's Bones, The

o Dr. Chalmers

o Dr. George Wilson

o Education Through The Senses

o Her Last Half-Crown

o Jeems The Doorkeeper

o My Father's Memoir

o Mystery Of Black And Tan, The

o Mystifications

o Notes On Art

o Our Dogs

o Presence Of Mind And Happy Guessing

o Queen Mary's Child-Garden

o Rab And His Friends

o St. Paul's Thorn In The Flesh: What Was It?

o Vaughan's Poems

o With Brains, Sir

Bryce, James
Essay(s) by Bryce, James

Budgell, Eustace
Essay(s) by Budgell, Eustace

Bulwer-Lytton, Edward

o Tomlinsoniana

Burke, Thomas
Essay(s) by Burke, Thomas

Burroughs, John

o "The Worm Striving To Be Man"

o Adirondacks, The

o Another Word On Thoreau

o Apple, The

o April

o Arrival Of The Fit, The

o Autumn Tides

o Baffling Problem, The

o Before Beauty

o Before Genius

o Birch Browsings

o Bird Enemies

o Bird Life In Winter

o Bird Medley, A

o Bird Of Passage, A

o Birds And Birds

o Birds And Poets

o Birds' Free Lunch, A

o Birds'-Nesting

o Birds'-Nests

o Bluebird, The

o Breath Of April, A

o Breath Of Life, The

o Bunch Of Herbs, A

o Chipmunk, The

o Coming Of Summer, The

o Critical Glance Into Darwin, A

o Day By Day

o Divine Abyss, The

o Emerson

o Emerson And His Journals

o Exhilarations Of The Road, The

o Flies In Amber

o Flight Of The Eagle, The

o Footpaths

o Fox, The

o Fox (from 'Winter Sunshine'), The

o Friendly Soil, The

o Gleanings

o Glimpses Of Wild Life

o Gospel Of Nature, The

o Halcyon In Canada, The

o Hazards Of The Past, The

o Holidays In Hawaii

o Human Traits In The Animals

o Idyl Of The Honey-Bee, An

o In The Hemlocks

o Invitation, The

o Is It Going To Rain?

o Journeying Atoms, The

o Life And Mind

o Life And Science

o Life Of Fear, A

o Living Wave, The

o Long Road, The

o March Chronicle, A

o Mink, The

o Muskrat, The

o Naturalist's View Of Life, The

o Nature And The Poets

o New Note In The Woods, A

o Notes By The Way

o October Abroad, An

o Old Ice Flood, The

o Opossum, The

o Our Rural Divinity

o Pastoral Bees, The

o Pepacton: A Summer Voyage

o Phantoms Behind Us, The

o Phases Of Farm Life

o Porcupine, The

o Primal Energies

o Rabbit And The Hare, The

o Raccoon, The

o Return Of The Birds, The

o Scientific Faith

o Scientific Vitalism

o Sharp Eyes

o Sharp Lookout, A

o Short Studies In Contrasts

o Skunk, The

o Snow-Storm, A

o Snow-Walkers, The

o Spell Of The Yosemite, The

o Spring At The Capital With An Eye To The Birds

o Spring Poems

o Spring Relish, A

o Springs

o Squirrels

o Strawberries

o Sundown Papers

o Taste Of Maine Birch, A

o Through The Eyes Of The Geologist

o Touches Of Nature

o Tragedies Of The Nests, The

o Vital Order, The

o Weasel, The

o What Makes A Poem?

o Wild Life In Winter

o Wild Mice

o Winter Neighbors

o Winter Pictures

o Winter Sunshine

o Wonderful World, A

o Woodchuck, The

o Woodcock's Evening Hymn, The

Butler, Samuel

o Art In The Valley Of Saas

o Aunt, The Nieces, And The Dog, The

o Deadlock In Darwinism, The

o Eminent Person, An

o How To Make The Best Of Life

o Medieval Girl School, A

o On English Composition And Other Matters

o Our Tour

o Powers

o Prospectus Of The Great Split Society

o Quis Desiderio

o Ramblings In Cheapside

o Samuel Butler And The Simeonites

o Sanctuary Of Montrigone, The

o Shield Of Achilles, With Variations, The

o Skit On Examinations, A

o The Humour of Homer, The

o Thought And Language

o Translation From An Unpublished Work Of Herodotus

Cable, George Washington
Essay(s) by Cable, George Washington

Carlyle, Thomas
Essay(s) by Carlyle, Thomas

Cather, Willa US novelist, short-story writer

o Edgar Allan Poe

o Frank Norris

o Harold Frederic

o Henry James

o Kate Chopin

o Mark Twain

o On The Art Of Fiction

o Stephen Crane

o Walt Whitman

o When I Knew Stephen Crane

o William Dean Howells

Caxton, William
Essay(s) by Caxton, William

Chambers, William and Robert
Essay(s) by Chambers, William and Robert

Chapman, John Jay
Essay(s) by Chapman, John Jay

Chaucer, Geoffrey

o Dame Prudence On Riches

Chesnutt, Charles W.
Essay(s) by Chesnutt, Charles W.

Chesterton, G. K. British author, prolific writer

o "Eatanswill Gazette", The

o Accident, An

o Advantages Of Having One Leg, The

o Amnesty For Aggression, The

o Anarchist, The

o Anonymity And Further Counsels

o Appetite Of Earth, The

o Appetite of Tyranny, The

o Appreciations and Criticisms of the Works of Charles Dickens

o Art Of Missing The Point, The

o Ballade Of A Strange Town, The

o Barbarism of Berlin, The

o Boy, The

o Cab Ride Across Country, A

o Case For The Ephemeral, The

o Cheese

o Chorus, The

o Christmas

o Cockneys And Their Jokes

o Conceit And Caricature

o Crimes of England, The

o Criminal Head, A

o Dead Poet, A

o Defence Of Nonsense, A

o Defendant, The

o Demagogues And Mystagogues

o Diabolist, The

o Dickensian, The

o Dragon's Grandmother, The

o Drama Of Dolls, A

o Dregs Of Puritanism, The

o Dukes

o Edward VII. And Scotland

o Empire Of The Ignorant, The

o End Of The World, The

o Error Of Impartiality, The

o Essay On Two Cities, An

o Ethandune

o Eugenics and Other Evils

o Extraordinary Cabman, The

o Fairy Tales

o Fallacy Of Success, The

o Fatigue Of Fleet Street, The

o Field of Blood, The

o Five Hundred And Fifty-Five

o Flat Freak, The

o French And English

o French Revolution And The Irish, The

o Furrows, The

o Futurists, The

o Garden Of The Sea, The

o George Bernard Shaw

o Giant, The

o Glimpse Of My Country, A

o Glory Of Grey, The

o Gold Of Glastonbury, The

o Great Man, A

o Heretics

o High Plains, The

o How I Found The Superman

o How I Met The President

o Humanitarianism And Strength

o Humanity: An Interlude

o In The Place De La Bastille

o In Topsy-Turvy Land

o Introductory: On Gargoyles

o Liberalism: A Sample

o Limericks And Counsels Of Perfection

o Little Birds Who Won't Sing, The

o Long Bow, The

o Maid Of Orleans, The

o Man And His Newspaper, The

o Methuselahite, The

o Miscellany of Men, A

o Modern Martyr, The

o Modern Scrooge, The

o Mystery Of A Pageant, The

o New House, The

o New Name, The

o New Raid, The

o Nightmare, The

o On Lying In Bed

o On Political Secrecy

o On Running After One's Hat

o On The Cryptic And The Elliptic

o Orthodox Barber, The

o Orthodoxy

o Oxford From Without

o Patriotism And Sport

o Perfect Game, The

o Philosophy Of Sight-Seeing, The

o Phonetic Spelling

o Piece Of Chalk, A

o Poetry Of The Revolution, The

o Prehistoric Railway Station, The

o Real Danger, A

o Red Angel, The

o Red Town, The

o Revive The Court Jester

o Riddle Of The Ivy, The

o Romance Of The Marshes, A

o Science And Religion

o Secret Of A Train, The

o Sentimentalist, The

o Servile State Again, The

o Shop Of Ghosts, The

o Simmons And The Social Tie

o Some Policemen And A Moral

o Spiritualism

o Steward Of The Chiltern Hundreds, The

o Strangeness Of Luxury, The

o Surrender Of A Cockney, The

o Symbolism Of Krupp, The

o Telegraph Poles, The

o Thoughts Around Koepenick

o Three Kinds Of Men, The

o Tom Jones And Morality

o Tower, The

o Tower Of Bebel, The

o Toy Theatre, The

o Tragedy Of Twopence, A

o Travellers In State, The

o Tremendous Trifles

o Triumph Of The Donkey, The

o Twelve Men, The

o Twelve Types

o Two Noises, The

o Tyranny Of Bad Journalism, The

o Utopia of Usurers

o Varied Types

o Victorian Age in Literature, The

o Vote And The House, The

o What I Found In My Pocket

o What I Saw in America

o What's Wrong With The World

o Wheel, The

o White Horses, The

o Wind And The Trees, The

o Wine When It Is Red

o Wings Of Stone, The

o Woman

o Workman's History Of England, A

o Worship Of The Wealthy, The

o Wrath Of The Roses, The

o Zola Controversy, The

Churchill, Winston American novelist

o American Contribution And The Democratic Idea, The

Clouston, William Alexander
Essay(s) by Clouston, William Alexander

Clutton-Brock, A.
Essay(s) by Clutton-Brock, A.

Cobbett, William
Essay(s) by Cobbett, William

Cobb, Irvin S.

o "Oh, Well, You Know How Women Are!"

o Art

o Eating in Two or Three Languages

o Music

o Sport

o Vittles

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor

o Confessions Of An Inquiring Spirit

o Essay On Faith

o Hints towards the formation of a more comprehensive theory of life

o Nightly Prayer, A

o Notes On The Book Of Common Prayer

o Sailor's Fortune - Essay I, A

o Sailor's Fortune - Essay II, A

o Sailor's Fortune - Essay III, A

o Sailor's Fortune - Essay IV, A

o Sailor's Fortune - Essay V, A

o Vision, A

Conrad, Joseph

o Mirror of the Sea, The

Cooke, Josiah Parsons
Essay(s) by Cooke, Josiah Parsons

Cope, Henry Frederick
Essay(s) by Cope, Henry Frederick

Cowley, Abraham
Essay(s) by Cowley, Abraham

Cram, Ralph Adams
Essay(s) by Cram, Ralph Adams

Crothers, Samuel McChord
Essay(s) by Crothers, Samuel McChord

Curtis, George William

o "Easy Does It, Guvner"

o Academy Dinner In Arcadia

o American Girl, The

o Annus Mirabilis

o At The Opera In 1864

o Autumn Days

o Beecher In His Pulpit After The Death Of Lincoln

o Belinda And The Vulgar

o Bicycle Riding For Children

o Boston Music Hall, The

o Brains And Brawn

o Bryant's Country

o Cecilia Playing

o Cheapening His Name

o Chinese Critic, A

o Christendom vs. Christianity

o Church Street

o Clergymen's Salaries

o Commencement

o Cruise In The Flying Dutchman, A

o Dead Bird Upon Cyrilla's Hat An Encouragement Of "Slarter", The

o Decayed Gentility

o Departure Of The "Great Eastern", The

o Dickens Reading

o Dinner-Time

o Duelling

o Easter Bonnets

o Edward Everett In 1862

o Emerson

o Emerson Lecturing

o Enlightened Observer, The

o Extravagance At College

o Family Portraits

o Francis George Shaw

o From Como To Milan During The War Of 1848

o Game Of Newport, The

o General Sherman

o Golden Age, The

o Grand Tour, The

o Hawthorne

o Hawthorne And Brook Farm

o Hazing

o Henry Ward Beecher

o Herbert Spencer On The Yankee

o Historic Buildings

o Hog Family, The

o Holiday Sauntering

o Honestus At The Caucus

o Honor

o Jenny Lind

o Joseph Wesley Harper

o Killing Deer

o Lady Mavourneen On Her Travels

o Lecture Lyceum, The

o Little Dinner With Thackeray, A

o Maid And The Wit, The

o Mannerless Sex, The

o Morality Of Dancing, The

o Mr. Tibbins's New-Year's Call

o Mrs. Grundy And The Cosmopolitan

o My Chateaux

o National Nominating Convention

o New England Sabbath, The

o New Year, The

o Newspaper Ethics

o Oliver Wendell Holmes

o Our Cousin The Curate

o Pharisee, The

o Phillis

o Players

o Potiphar Papers, The

o Proper And Improper

o Public Benefactors

o Public Scold, The

o Rachel

o Ralph Waldo Emerson

o Reception To The Japanese Ambassadors At The White House

o Reform Charity

o Reunion Of Antislavery Veterans. 1884, The

o Review Of Union Troops

o Rip Van Winkle

o Robert Browning In Florence

o Sarah Shaw Russell

o Sea From Shore

o Secret Societies

o Shops And Shopping

o Sir Philip Sidney

o Siste, Viator

o Soul Of The Gentleman, The

o Spring Pictures

o Statues In Central Park In 1889

o Street Music

o Streets Of New York, The

o Thackeray In America

o Thalberg And Other Pianists, 1871

o Theatre Manners

o Thoreau And My Lady Cavaliere

o Tobacco And Health

o Tobacco And Manners

o Town, The

o Tweed

o Unmusical Boxes

o Urbs And Rus

o Washington In 1867

o Washington Irving

o Wendell Phillips At Harvard - 1881

o Woman's Dress

o Works Of Nathaniel Hawthorne, The

Danks, Canon
Essay(s) by Danks, Canon

Darwin, Francis
Essay(s) by Darwin, Francis

Davis, Thomas
Essay(s) by Davis, Thomas

De Quincey, Thomas

o 'Let Him Come Down From The Cross'

o 'What Is Truth?' The Jesting Pilate Said--A False Gloss

o Abstract Of Swedenborgianism

o Alexander Pope

o Anecdotes--Juvenal

o Anglo-German Dictionaries

o Anna Louisa

o Anti-Papal Movement, The

o Antigone Of Sophocles, As Represented On The Edinburgh Stage, The

o Assassination Of Caesar, The

o Brevia: Short Essays (in Connection With Each Other)

o Brief Appraisal Of The Greek Literature In Its Foremost Pretensions, A

o Casuistry

o Casuistry Of Duelling, The

o Charlemagne

o Charles Lamb

o Christianity As The Result Of Pre-Established Harmony

o Chrysomania; Or, The Gold-Frenzy In Its Present Stage

o Cicero

o Coleridge And Opium-Eating

o Contrast Of Greek And Persian Feeling In Certain Aspects

o Conversation And S. T. Coleridge

o Criticism On Some Of Coleridge's Criticisms Of Wordsworth

o Daniel O'connell

o Daughter Of Lebanon, The

o David's Numbering Of The People--The Politics Of The Situation

o De Quincey's Portrait

o De Quincey's Revolt of the Tartars

o Defence Of The English Peerage

o Dinner, Real And Reputed

o Dispersion Of The Jews, And Josephus's Enmity To Christianity

o Dryden's Hexastich

o Education, And Case Of Appeal

o English Dictionaries

o English In China, The

o English In India, The

o English Mail-Coach; Or, The Glory Of Motion, The

o Falsification Of English History

o Flight Of A Tartar Tribe

o France Past And France Present

o German Language, And Philosophy Of Kant, The

o Goethe

o Great Forgers: Chatterton And Walpole, And 'Junius'

o Greece Under The Romans

o Household Wreck, The

o How To Write English

o Increased Possibilities Of Sympathy In The Present Age

o Is The Human Race On The Down Grade?

o Jewish Scriptures Could Have Been Written In No Modern Era, The

o Jews As A Separate People, The

o Joan Of Arc

o Judas Iscariot

o Lake Dialect, The

o Last Days Of Immanuel Kant, The

o Last Will And Testament.--The House Of Weeping, The

o Letter In Reply To Hazlitt Concerning The Malthusian Doctrine Of Population

o Lord Carlisle On Pope

o Loveliest Sight For Woman's Eyes, The

o Marquess Wellesley, The

o Measure Of Value

o Memorial Chronology

o Messianic Idea Romanized, The

o Milton

o Milton Versus Southey And Landor

o Modern Greece

o Modern Superstition

o Moral Effects Of Revolutions

o Mr. Finlay's History Of Greece

o Murder As A Fine Art

o National Manners And False Judgment Of Them

o Omitted Passages And Variations

o Omitted Passages And Varied Readings

o On Christianity, As An Organ Of Political Movement

o On Hume's Argument Against Miracles

o On Miracles

o On Murder, Considered As One Of The Fine Arts

o On Novels (Written In A Lady's Album)

o On Pagan Sacrifices

o On Suicide

o On The Knocking At The Gate, In Macbeth

o On The Mythus

o On The Supposed Scriptural Expression For Eternity

o On War

o Orphan Heiress, The

o Oxford

o Pagan Oracles, The

o Peripatetic Philosopher, A

o Pope And Didactic Poetry

o Pope's Retort Upon Addison

o Prefigurations Of Remote Events

o Principle Of Evil, The

o Pronunciation

o Protestantism

o Revolution Of Greece, The

o Rome's Recruits And England's Recruits

o Schiller

o Schlosser's Literary History Of The Eighteenth Century

o Secession From The Church Of Scotland

o Second Paper On Murder

o Services Of Mr. Ricardo To The Science Of Political Economy, The

o Shakespeare

o Shakspeare And Wordsworth

o Shakspere's Text.--Suetonius Unravelled

o Sketch Of Professor Wilson

o Some Thoughts On Biography

o Spanish Nun, The

o Sphinx's Riddle, The

o Storms In English History: A Glance At The Reign Of Henry VIII

o Superficial Knowledge

o Suspiria De Profundis

o System Of The Heavens As Revealed By Lord Rosse's Telescopes

o Temperance Movement

o Templars' Dialogues, The

o Theory And Practice

o Three Memorable Murders

o Toilette Of The Hebrew Lady

o True Relations Of The Bible To Merely Human Science, The

o Vision Of Sudden Death, The

o Walking Stewart

o What Scaliger Says About The Epistle To Jude

o Why The Pagans Could Not Invest Their Gods With Any Iota Of Grandeur

o Wordsworth And Southey: Affinities And Differences

Defoe, Daniel

o Essay Upon Projects, An

o Everybody's Business Is Nobody's Business

o Vindication of the Press, or An Essay on Usefulness of Writing, A

Dekker, Thomas
Essay(s) by Dekker, Thomas

Dell, Floyd
Essay(s) by Dell, Floyd

Dickens, Charles A great British writer, novelist

o Contributions to All The Year Round

o Night Walks

o Uncommercial Traveller, The

Disraeli, Benjamin
Essay(s) by Disraeli, Benjamin

Disraeli, Isaac
Essay(s) by Disraeli, Isaac

Dobson, Austin
Essay(s) by Dobson, Austin

Doyle, Arthur Conan Famous British Author

o Through the Magic Door

o Vital Message, The

Dumas, Alexandre

o Man in the Iron Mask, The

Earle, John
Essay(s) by Earle, John

Eaton, Walter Prichard
Essay(s) by Eaton, Walter Prichard

Edgeworth, Maria
Essay(s) by Edgeworth, Maria

Eliot, George

o Address To Working Men, By Felix Holt

o Carlyle's Life Of Sterling

o Evangelical Teaching: Dr. Cumming

o German Wit: Henry Heine

o Grammar Of Ornament, The

o Impressions of Theophrastus Such

o Influence Of Rationalism, The

o Natural History Of German Life, The

o Silly Novels By Lady Novelists

o Woman In France: Madame De Sable

o Worldliness And Other-Worldliness: The Poet Young

Ellis, Havelock
Essay(s) by Ellis, Havelock

Emerson, Ralph Waldo US poet, essayist

o American Scholar, The

o Essays, First Series

o Essays, Second Series

o Nature

o Representative Men: Seven Lectures

o Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and Salaman and Absal

o Shakespeare; Or, The Poet

Fairless, Michael
Essay(s) by Fairless, Michael

Fielding, Henry

o Essay On Conversation, An

o True Patriot, The

o Utmost Scope And End Of Reading Is Amusement Only, The

Finck, Henry Theophilus
Essay(s) by Finck, Henry Theophilus

Fiske, John
Essay(s) by Fiske, John

Fitch, George Hamlin
Essay(s) by Fitch, George Hamlin

Froude, James Anthony
Essay(s) by Froude, James Anthony

Fuller, Thomas
Essay(s) by Fuller, Thomas

Galsworthy, John

o About Censorship

o Black Godmother, The

o Christian, A

o Evolution

o Felicity

o Gone

o Grand Jury--In Two Panels And A Frame, The

o Inn Of Tranquillity, The

o Magpie Over The Hill

o Meditation On Finality

o Memories

o My Distant Relative

o Novelist's Allegory, A

o Procession, The

o Quality

o Reflections On Our Dislike Of Things As They Are

o Riding In Mist

o Romance--Three Gleams

o Sheep-Shearing

o Some Platitudes Concerning Drama

o That Old-Time Place

o Threshing

o Vague Thoughts On Art

o Wanted-Schooling

o Wind In The Rocks

o Windlestraw, The

Gardiner, A. G.
Essay(s) by Gardiner, A. G.

Garnett, Thomas
Essay(s) by Garnett, Thomas

George, W. L.
Essay(s) by George, W. L.

Gilbert, Clinton W.
Essay(s) by Gilbert, Clinton W.

Gilman, Charlotte Perkins

o Our Androcentric Culture, or The Man Made World

Gladstone, William Ewart
Essay(s) by Gladstone, William Ewart

Glyn, Elinor
Essay(s) by Glyn, Elinor

Godkin, Edwin Lawrence
Essay(s) by Godkin, Edwin Lawrence

Godwin, William
Essay(s) by Godwin, William

Goldman, Emma
Essay(s) by Goldman, Emma

Goldsmith, Oliver
Essay(s) by Goldsmith, Oliver

Gosse, Edmund
Essay(s) by Gosse, Edmund

Grahame, Kenneth

o Aboard The Galley

o Autumn Encounter, An

o Bohemian In Exile, A

o Cheap Knowledge

o Deus Terminus

o Eternal Whither, The

o Fairy Wicket, The

o Justifiable Homicide

o Loafing

o Lost Centaur, The

o Marginalia

o Non Libri Sed Liberi

o Of Smoking

o Orion

o Romance Of The Rail, The

o Romance Of The Road, The

o Rural Pan, The

o White Poppy, The

Grayson, David
Essay(s) by Grayson, David

Gregory, Eliot
Essay(s) by Gregory, Eliot

Hale, Edward Everett

o How To Do It

Hale, Ruth
Essay(s) by Hale, Ruth

Hamilton, Gail
Essay(s) by Hamilton, Gail

Harte, Walter
Essay(s) by Harte, Walter

Hazlitt, William
Essay(s) by Hazlitt, William

Hearn, Lafcadio
Essay(s) by Hearn, Lafcadio

Hearnshaw, Fossey John Cobb
Essay(s) by Hearnshaw, Fossey John Cobb

Hecht, Ben
Essay(s) by Hecht, Ben

Heine, Heinrich
Essay(s) by Heine, Heinrich

Heller, Otto
Essay(s) by Heller, Otto

Henley, William Ernest
Essay(s) by Henley, William Ernest

Hewlett, Maurice
Essay(s) by Hewlett, Maurice

Higginson, Thomas Wentworth
Essay(s) by Higginson, Thomas Wentworth

Holliday, Robert Cortes
Essay(s) by Holliday, Robert Cortes

Holmes, Oliver Wendell

o Autocrat of the Breakfast Table, The

o Medical Essays

o Pages From an Old Volume of Life

o Poet at the Breakfast Table, The

o Professor at the Breakfast Table, The

Howells, William Dean

o Aesthetic New York Fifty-Odd Years Ago

o American Literary Centers

o American Literature In Exile

o Beach At Rockaway, The

o Belated Guest, A

o Cambridge Neighbors

o Circus In The Suburbs, A

o Confessions Of A Summer Colonist, The

o Criticism And Fiction

o Editor's Relations With The Young Contributor, The

o Emile Zola

o First Impressions of Literary New York

o Flitting

o From New York Into New England

o Henry James, Jr.

o Horse Show, The

o Last Days in a Dutch Hotel

o Literary Boston As I Knew It

o Man Of Letters As A Man Of Business, The

o Modern Italian Poets

o My First Visit to New England

o My Literary Passions

o My Mark Twain

o Oliver Wendell Holmes

o Politics Of American Authors

o Problem Of The Summer, The

o Psychological Counter-Current In Recent Fiction, A

o Psychology Of Plagiarism, The

o Puritanism In American Fiction

o Roundabout to Boston

o She Hamlet, A

o Some Anomalies of the Short Story

o Spanish Prisoners of War

o Staccato Notes of a Vanished Summer

o Standard Household-Effect Company, The

o Storage

o Studies of Lowell

o Summer Isles Of Eden

o What And The How In Art, The

o White Mr. Longfellow, The

o Wild Flowers Of The Asphalt

o Worries Of A Winter Walk

Hubbard, Elbert

o Alliance With Nature, An

o Art And Religion

o Best Religion, The

o Disagreeable Girl, The

o Ex. Question, The

o Exclusive Friendships

o Folly Of Living In The Future, The

o Get Out Or Get In Line

o Giving Something For Nothing

o Grammarian, The

o Initiative

o Law Of Obedience, The

o Life And Expression

o Love And Faith

o Mental Attitude

o Message to Garcia: Being a Preachment, A

o Neutral, The

o One-Man Power

o Outsider, The

o Prayer, A

o Preparing For Old Age

o Psychology Of A Religious Revival

o Reflections On Progress

o Sergeant, The

o Society's Saviors

o Spirit Of Man, The

o Spirit Of The Age, The

o Sympathy, Knowledge And Poise

o Time And Chance

o Week-Day, Keep It Holy, The

o Work And Waste

Hume, David
Essay(s) by Hume, David

Hunt, Leigh

o Getting Up On Cold Mornings

o Maid-Servant, The

o Old Gentleman, The

o Old Lady, The

Huxley, Thomas Henry
Essay(s) by Huxley, Thomas Henry

Inge, William Ralph
Essay(s) by Inge, William Ralph

Ives, Charles

o "Essays Before a Sonata"

Jackson, Helen Hunt

o "Boys Not Allowed"

o After-Supper Talk

o Apostle Of Beauty, The

o Awkward Age, The

o Breaking The Will

o Children In Nova Scotia

o Children's Parties

o Choice Of Colors

o Companion For The Winter, A

o Correlation Of Moral Forces, The

o Day With A Courteous Mother, A

o Death-Bed Repentance

o Descendants Of Nabal, The

o English Lodging-Houses

o Fine Art Of Smiling, The

o Friends Of The Prisoners

o Genius For Affection, A

o Half An Hour In A Railway Station

o Hysteria In Literature

o Inhumanities Of Parents--Corporal Punishment, The

o Inhumanities Of Parents--Needless Denials, The

o Inhumanities of Parents--Rudeness, The

o King's Friend, The

o Learning To Speak

o Margin

o Private Tyrants

o Rainy Days

o Ready-To-Halts, The

o Reign Of Archelaus, The

o Republic Of The Family, The

o Simple Bill Of Fare For A Christmas Dinner, A

o Wet The Clay

James, Henry

o American Volunteer Motor-Ambulance Corps In France, The

o Contemporary Notes On Whistler vs. Ruskin

o France

o Limitations Of Dickens, The

o Long Wards, The

o Matthew Arnold's Essays

o Mr. Kipling's Early Stories

o Mr. Walt Whitman

o Note On John Burroughs, A

o Novels Of George Eliot, The

o On A Drama Of Mr. Browning

o Poetry Of George Eliot, The

o Poetry Of William Morris, The

o Refugees In Chelsea

o Swinburne's Essays

o Tennyson's Drama

o Within The Rim

James, William
Essay(s) by James, William

Jefferies, Richard
Essay(s) by Jefferies, Richard

Jerome, Jerome K

o Adventuress, The

o Are Early Marriages A Mistake?

o Are We As Interesting As We Think We Are?

o Child, The

o Clocks

o Comic Lovers, The

o Comic Man, The

o Creatures That One Day Shall Be Men

o Detective, The

o Do We Lie A-Bed Too Late?

o Do Writers Write Too Much?

o Does The Young Man Know Everything Worth Knowing?

o Dreams

o Evergreens

o Good Old Man, The

o Hero, The

o Heroine, The

o How Many Charms Hath Music, Would You Say?

o How To Be Happy Though Little

o How To Solve The Servant Problem

o Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow

o Irishman, The

o Is The American Husband Made Entirely Of Stained Glass

o Lawyer, The

o On The Art Of Making Up One's Mind

o On The Care And Management Of Women

o On The Delights And Benefits Of Slavery

o On The Disadvantage Of Not Getting What One Wants

o On The Exceptional Merit Attaching To The Things We Meant To Do

o On The Inadvisability Of Following Advice

o On The Minding Of Other People's Business

o On The Motherliness Of Man

o On The Nobility Of Ourselves

o On The Playing Of Marches At The Funerals Of Marionettes

o On The Preparation And Employment Of Love Philtres

o On The Time Wasted In Looking Before One Leaps

o Ought Stories To Be True?

o Peasants, The

o Sailor, The

o Servant Girl, The

o Shall We Be Ruined By Chinese Cheap Labour?

o Should Married Men Play Golf?

o Should Soldiers Be Polite?

o Should We Say What We Think, Or Think What We Say?

o Should Women Be Beautiful?

o Villain, The

o What Mrs. Wilkins Thought About It

o When Is The Best Time To Be Merry?

o White Man's Burden! Need It Be So Heavy?, The

o Why Didn't He Marry The Girl?

o Why We Hate The Foreigner

Johnson, E. Pauline
Essay(s) by Johnson, E. Pauline

Johnson, Samuel
Essay(s) by Johnson, Samuel

Joly, John
Essay(s) by Joly, John

Jordan, William George
Essay(s) by Jordan, William George

Karpeles, Gustav
Essay(s) by Karpeles, Gustav

Keable, Robert
Essay(s) by Keable, Robert

King, Richard

o "Butters", The

o "Family Skeletons"

o "Glorious Dead", The

o Abraham Lincoln

o Age That Dyes

o Always The Personal Note

o Aristocracy And Democracy

o Autumn Determination

o Autumn Sowing

o Away--Far Away!

o Awful Warnings

o Backward And Forward

o Bad-Tempered People

o Beginnings

o Blind Man's Problem, The

o Book-Borrowing Nearly Always Means Book-Stealing

o Books And The Blind

o Children

o Christmas

o Clergymen

o Dreams

o Dreams And Reality

o Dreariness Of One Line Of Conduct, The

o Duty

o Enthralling Out-Of-Reach, The

o Faith

o Faith Reached Through Bitterness And Loss

o Farewells!

o February

o Few, The

o Futile Thought, The

o Glut Of The Ornamental, The

o Government Of The Future, The

o Great And The Really Great, The

o Happy Discontent, The

o How I Came To Make "History"!

o How To Help

o Humanity

o I Wonder If . . .

o If Age Only Practised What It Preached!

o Inane And Unimaginative, The

o It's Oh, To Be Out Of England--Now That Spring Is Here!

o Life

o Life's Great Adventure

o London Season, The

o Love "Mush"

o Love Of God

o Might-Have-Been, The

o Modern Clothes

o Mountain Paths

o My Escape And Some Others

o Mysticism And The Practical Man

o Need To Remember, The

o Neglected Art Of Eating Gracefully, The

o New Year, The

o On Getting Away From Yourself

o On Going "To The Dogs"

o On Reality In People

o One Of The Minor Tragedies

o Other People's Books

o Our "Secret Escapes"

o Our Irritating Habits

o Over The Fireside

o Polite Conversation

o Polite Masks

o Pompous Pride In Literary "Lions"

o Question, The

o Reconstruction

o Relations

o Responsibility

o Road To Calvary, The

o School For Wives, A

o Seaside Piers

o Sense Of Universal Pity, A

o Spiritualism

o Sweeping Assertions From Particular Instances

o Their Failure

o Things Which Are Not Dreamed Of In Our Philosophy, The

o Travel (life)

o Travel (life--change of scene)

o Tub-Thumpers

o Two Lives

o Two Passions, The

o Types Of Tub-Thumpers

o Unholy Fear, The

o Unimpassioned English, The

o Unlucky In Little Things

o Visitors

o Wallpapers

o What You Really Reap

o When?

o Will To Faith, The

o Wives

o Women In Love

o Work

o Work In The East-End

Kingsley, Charles

o "A Mad World, My Masters"

o Air-Mothers, The

o Alexander Smith And Alexander Pope

o Ancient Civilisation

o Burns And His School

o Chalk-Stream Studies

o Charm Of Birds, A

o Fens, The

o Frederick Denison Maurice. In Memoriam

o From Ocean To Sea

o Froude's History of England

o George Buchanan, Scholar

o Grots And Groves

o Heroism

o Hours With The Mystics

o How To Study Natural History

o My Winter Garden

o Natural Theology Of The Future, The

o Nausicaa In London: Or, The Lower Education Of Woman

o North Devon

o On Bio-Geology

o On English Composition

o On English Literature

o Phaethon: Loose Thoughts For Loose Thinkers

o Plays and Puritans

o Poetry Of Sacred And Legendary Art, The

o Rondelet, The Huguenot Naturalist

o Science

o Science Of Health, The

o Stage As It Was Once, The

o Study Of Natural History For Soldiers, The

o Superstition

o Tennyson

o Thoughts In A Gravel-Pit

o Thoughts On Shelley And Byron

o Thrift

o Tree Of Knowledge, The

o Two Breaths, The

o Vesalius The Anatomist

o Woman's Work In A Country Parish

o Women And Politics

Lamb, Charles

o All Fools' Day

o Amicus Redivivus

o Bachelor's Complaint Of The Behaviour Of Married People, A

o Barbara S----

o Barrenness Of The Imaginative Faculty In The Productions Of Modern Art

o Blakesmoor In H-----Shire

o Captain Jackson

o Chapter On Ears, A

o Child Angel, A Dream, The

o Christ's Hospital Five And Thirty Years Ago

o Complaint Of The Decay Of Beggars In The Metropolis, A

o Convalescent, The

o Death-Bed, A

o Detached Thoughts On Books And Reading

o Dissertation Upon Roast Pig, A

o Distant Correspondents

o Dream-Children; A Reverie

o Ellistoniana

o Genteel Style In Writing, The

o Grace Before Meat

o Imperfect Sympathies

o Mackery End, In Hertfordshire

o Masque of Days, A

o Modern Gallantry

o Mrs. Battle's Opinions On Whist

o My First Play

o My Relations

o New Year's Eve

o Newspapers Thirty-Five Years Ago

o Old Actors (London Magazine, April, 1822), The

o Old Actors (London Magazine, October, 1822), The

o Old And The New Schoolmaster, The

o Old Benchers Of The Inner Temple, The

o Old China

o Old Margate Hoy, The

o On Some Of The Old Actors

o On Some Of The Old Actors (London Magazine, Feb., 1822)

o On The Acting Of Munden

o On The Artificial Comedy Of The Last Century

o Oxford In The Vacation

o Poor Relations

o Popular Fallacies

o Praise Of Chimney-Sweepers, The

o Preface, By A Friend Of The Late Elia

o Quaker's Meeting, A

o Sanity Of True Genius

o Some Sonnets Of Sir Philip Sydney

o South-Sea House, The

o Stage Illusion

o Superannuated Man, The

o To The Shade Of Elliston

o Tombs In The Abbey, The

o Two Races Of Men, The

o Valentine's Day

o Wedding, The

o Witches, And Other Night-Fears

Lang, Andrew

o Essays in Little

o Old Friends - Essays in Epistolary Parody

Le Gallienne, Richard

o 'Genius' Superstition, The

o About The Securities

o Anarchy In A Library

o Answer Of The Rose, The

o Apollo's Market

o Apparition Of Youth, The

o Arbitrary Classification Of Sex, The

o Bible And The Butterfly, The

o Blessedness Of Woman, The

o Boom In Yellow, The

o Borrowed Sovereign, A

o Brown Roses

o Bulls In China-Shops

o Burial Of Romeo And Juliet, The

o Christmas Meditation, A

o Conspiracy Of Silence, A

o Death And Two Friends; A Dialogue

o Devils On The Needle, The

o Donkey That Loved A Star, The

o Dramatic Art Of Life, The

o English Countryside, The

o Eye Of The Beholder, The

o Fallacy Of A Nation, The

o Forbes-Robertson: An Appreciation, The

o Fractional Humanity

o Good Bishop Valentine

o Great Merry-Go-Round, The

o Greatness Of Man, The

o Haunted Restaurant, The

o Imperishable Fiction

o Irrelevant People

o Lack Of Imagination Among Millionaires, The

o Last Call, The

o Letter To An Unsuccessful Literary Man

o Life In Inverted Commas

o Little Ghost In The Garden, The

o London--Changing And Unchanging

o Man Behind The Pen, The

o Many Faces--The One Dream, The

o Measure Of A Man, The

o Memory Of Frederic Mistral, A

o Modern Aids To Romance

o Modern Saint Francis, A

o Mystery Of "fiona Macleod", The

o New Pyramus And Thisbe, The

o October Vagabonds

o Old American Tow-Path, An

o On Loving One's Enemies

o On Re-Reading Walter Pater, A

o Passing Away Of The Editor, The

o Passing Of Mrs. Grundy, The

o Pathetic Flourish, The

o Persecutions Of Beauty, The

o Philosophy Of 'Limited Editions', The

o Plea For The Old Playgoer, A

o Poet In The City, A

o Poets And Publishers

o Psychology Of Gossip, The

o Sandra Belloni's Pinewood

o Seaport In The Moon, A

o Seventh-Story Heaven, A

o Snows Of Yester-Year, The

o Spirit Of The Open, The

o Spring By Parcel Post

o Spring Morning, A

o Tavern Night, A

o Transferable Lives

o Two Wonderful Old Ladies

o Vanishing Roads

o Variations Upon Whitebait

o Viragoes Of The Brain

o White Soul

o Woman As A Supernatural Being

o Woman's Half-Profits, The

Leacock, Stephen
Essay(s) by Leacock, Stephen

Lecky, Edward Hartpole
Essay(s) by Lecky, Edward Hartpole

Lee, Vernon

o About Leisure

o Acquaintance With Birds

o Against Talking

o Blame Of Portraits, The

o Chapelmaster Kreisler

o Cherubino, A Psychological Art Fancy

o Child In The Vatican, The

o Coming Back

o Cook-Shop And The Fowling-Place, The

o Dialogue On Poetic Morality, A

o Faustus And Helena

o Garden Of Life, The

o Going Away

o Hanging Gardens - Valedictory, The

o Hearing Music

o Hotel Sitting-Room, A

o In Praise Of Courtship

o In Praise Of Governesses

o In Praise Of Old Houses

o In Praise Of Silence

o In Umbria, A Study Of Artistic Personality

o Knowing One's Mind

o Lie Of The Land, The

o Limbo

o Losing One's Train

o Making Presents

o My Bicycle And I

o New Friends And Old

o Old Italian Gardens

o On Going To The Play

o On Modern Travelling

o Orpheus And Eurydice

o Other Friendships

o Postscript Or Apology

o Puzzles Of The Past

o Ravenna And Her Ghosts

o Reading Books

o Receiving Letters

o Ruskinism, The Would-Be Study Of A Conscience

o Stage Jewel, A

o Tuscan Midsummer Magic

Lever, Charles

o Decline Of The Drama

o Decline Of Whist, The

o Foreign Clubs

o Friend Of Gioberts: Being A Reminiscence Of Seventeen Years Ago, A

o Gambling For The Million

o Garibaldi

o Garibaldi's Worshippers

o Grumble, A

o Hint For C. S. Examiners, A

o Intoxicating Liquors Bill, The

o Italian Law And Justice

o Italian Traits And Characteristics

o Linguists

o Masterly Inactivity, A

o Myself

o New Hansard, A

o New Investment, A

o Of Our Brothers Beyond The Border

o Of Some Old Dogs In Office

o Old Conjurors And The New, The

o On Climbing Boys

o One Of Our "Two Puzzles"

o Organ Nuisance And Its Remedy, The

o Pensions For Governors

o R. N. F. The Great Chevalier D'industrie Of Our Day

o Rule Nisi, The

o Something About Solferino And Ships

o Strange Man's Sorrow, The

o Stranger At The Croce Di Malta, The

Linton, E. Lynn
Essay(s) by Linton, E. Lynn

London, Jack Prolific American author, novelist, short story writer

o Class Struggle (speech), The

o How I Became a Socialist

o Question of the Maximum (A speech), The

o Review, A

o Revolution and Other Essays

o Scab (Speech), The

o Tramp (Speech), The

o Wanted: A New Law of Development (speech)

Lowell, James Russell

o Abraham Lincoln

o American Tract Society, The

o Among My Books - First Series

o Among My Books - Second Series

o E Pluribus Unum

o Election In November, The

o Function Of The Poet And Other Essays, The

o General Mcclellan's Report

o Life of Poe

o McClellan Or Lincoln?

o My Garden Acquaintance

o Pickens-And-Stealin's Rebellion, The

o President On The Stump, The

o Rebellion: Its Causes And Consequences, The

o Reconstruction

o Scotch The Snake, Or Kill It?

o Seward-Johnson Reaction, The

Lowry, Helen Bullitt
Essay(s) by Lowry, Helen Bullitt

Lucas, E. V.
Essay(s) by Lucas, E. V.

Lynd, Robert

o Anatole France

o Art of Letters, The

o Betting Man, The

o Cats

o Confessions

o Daredevil Barber, The

o Decline And Fall Of Hell, The

o Defence Of Critics, A

o Eggs: An Easter Homily

o Enter The Spring

o Futurists, The

o Going To The Derby

o Heart Of Mr Galsworthy, The

o Herring Fleet, The

o Hum Of Insects, The

o Humour Of Hoaxes, The

o Humours Of Murder, The

o In The Train

o Intellectual Side Of Horse-racing, The

o June

o Juror In Waiting, A

o May

o Morals Of Beans, The

o Most Curious Animal, The

o New Year Prophecies

o Old and New Masters

o Old Indifference, The

o On Being Shocked

o On Black Cats

o On Cheerful Readers

o On Christmas

o On Coincidences

o On Demagogues

o On Disasters

o On Feeling Gay

o On Good Resolutions

o On Indignation

o On Knowing The Difference

o On Seeing A Joke

o On The Beauty Of Statistics

o Pleasures Of Ignorance, The

o Rights Of Murder, The

o Sea, The

o Sin Of Dancing, The

o Spring Fashions

o St G. B. S. And The Bishop

o Stupidity

o Suspicion

o Terrors Of Politics, The

o This Blasted World

o Thoughts At A Tango Tea

o Three-Halfpenny Bit, The

o Virtue

o Waste

o Weeds: An Appreciation

o Why We Hate Insects

Mabie, Hamilton Wright

o Character

o Concentration

o Consummation

o Ease Of Mood

o Educational Attitude, The

o Fellowship

o Freedom From Self-Consciousness

o General Training

o Imagination In Work, The

o Larger Education, The

o Liberation

o Man In The Work, The

o Pain Of Youth, The

o Play Of The Imagination, The

o Recreation

o Relaxation

o Securing Right Conditions

o Sharing The Race-Fortune

o Special Training

o Tool Or Man?

o Ultimate Aim, The

o Ultimate Test, The

o Work And Pessimism

o Work As Self-Expression

o Year Of Wandering, The

Macaulay, Thomas Babington

o Barere

o Burleigh And His Times

o Civil Disabilities Of The Jews

o Diary and Letters of Madame D'Arblay, The

o Earl Of Chatham, The

o Francis Bacon

o Frederic The Great

o Gladstone On Church And State

o Hallam's History

o Horace Walpole

o John Bunyan

o John Hampden

o Leigh Hunt's Comic Dramatists of the Restoration

o Life And Writings Of Addison, The

o Lord Clive

o Lord Holland

o Machiavelli

o Milton

o Moore's Life Of Lord Byron

o Mr. Robert Montgomery

o Ranke's History Of The Popes

o Samuel Johnson

o Sir James Mackintosh

o Sir William Temple

o Southey's Colloquies

o War Of The Succession In Spain

o Warren Hastings

o William Pitt, Earl Of Chatham

Maccoll, Canon
Essay(s) by Maccoll, Canon

MacDonald, George

o Art Of Shakspere, As Revealed By Himself, The

o Browning's "Christmas Eve"

o Elder Hamlet, The

o Essays On Some Of The Forms Of Literature

o History And Heroes Of Medicine, The

o Hope of the Gospel

o Imagination: Its Functions And Its Culture, The

o On Polish

o Sermon, A

o Shelley

o Sketch Of Individual Development, A

o St. George's Day, 1564

o True Christian Ministering

MacDowell, Edward
Essay(s) by MacDowell, Edward

Macleod, Norman
Essay(s) by Macleod, Norman

Macphail, Andrew
Essay(s) by Macphail, Andrew

Maeterlinck, Maurice

o After The Victory

o Belgium's Flag Day

o Dead Do Not Die, The

o Death

o Edith Cavell

o Evolution Of Mystery, The

o For Poland

o Heroism

o Hostage Cities, The

o Hour Of Destiny, The

o In Italy

o In Memoriam

o King Albert

o Kingdom Of Matter, The

o Life of the Bee, The

o Life Of The Dead, The

o Luck

o Might Of The Dead, The

o Mystery Of Justice, The

o On Rereading Thucydides

o On The Death Of A Little Soldier

o Our Friend the Dog

o Past, The

o Pro Patria: I

o Pro Patria: III

o Pro Patria:II

o Supernatural Communications In War-Time

o To Save Four Cities

o Unknown Guest, The

o War And The Prophets, The

o When The War Is Over

o Will Of Earth, The

o Wisdom and Destiny

Masson, David
Essay(s) by Masson, David

Matthews, Brander

o Americanisms And Briticisms

o As To "American Spelling"

o Centenary Of Fenimore Cooper, The

o Ignorance And Insularity

o Literary Independence Of The United States, The

o Of A Novel Of M. Zola's

o Of Mark Twain's Best Story

o Of Two Latterday Humorists

o Of Women's Novels

o Three American Essayists

o Whole Duty Of Critics, The

McClymont, James R.
Essay(s) by McClymont, James R.

Meredith, George
Essay(s) by Meredith, George

Meynell, Alice
Essay(s) by Meynell, Alice

Milne, A. A.

o "Who's Who"

o Acacia Road

o At The Bookstall

o Burlington Arcade, The

o By The Sea

o Case For The Artist, The

o Charm Of Golf, The

o Chase, The

o Children's Plays

o Christmas Games

o Christmas Number, A

o Complete Dramatist, The

o Daffodils

o Day At Lord's, A

o Declined With Thanks

o Diary Habit, The

o Digression, A

o Doubtful Character, A

o Etiquette Of Escape, The

o Experts

o Few Tricks For Christmas, A

o Fires Of Autumn, The

o Fixtures And Fittings

o For A Wet Afternoon

o Friend Of Man, The

o Future, The

o Game Of Kings, The

o Geographical Research

o Getting Things Done

o Going Out To Dinner

o Golden Fruit

o Goldfish

o Happiest Half-Hours Of Life, The

o Haunted House, A

o High Finance

o Hint For Next Christmas, A

o Holiday Problem, The

o Honour Of Your Country, The

o Household Book, A

o Ideal Author, The

o Intellectual Snobbery

o Label, The

o Largest Circulation, The

o London Garden, A

o Lord Mayor, The

o Lost Masterpiece, A

o Lunch

o Man Of Property, A

o Mathematical Mind, The

o Melodrama

o Midsummer Day

o My Library

o Natural Science

o No Flowers By Request

o Not Guilty

o On Going Into A House

o Ordnance Map, An

o Our Learned Friends

o Path To Glory, The

o Pleasure Of Writing, The

o Pond, The

o Problem In Ethics, A

o Profession, The

o Public Opinion

o Question Of Form, A

o Record Lie, The

o Road To Knowledge, The

o Robinson Tradition, The

o Round The World And Back

o Saturday To Monday

o Secret Papers

o Seventeenth-Century Story, A

o Signs Of Character

o Slice Of Fiction, A

o Smoking As A Fine Art

o Some Old Companions

o State Lotteries

o State Of The Theatre, The

o Superstition

o Thoughts On Thermometers

o Train Of Thought, A

o Unfairness Of Things, The

o Village Celebration, A

o Watson Touch, The

o Wedding Bells

o Word For Autumn, A

Mitchell, S. Weir

o Fat and Blood: Treatment of Certain Forms of Neurasthenia and Hysteria

Mitford, Mary Russell

o Copse, The

o Country Pictures

o Cowslip-Ball, The

o Dell, The

o Fall Of The Leaf, The

o First Primrose, The

o Hannah Bint

o Hard Summer, The

o Nutting

o Old House At Aberleigh, The

o Shaw, The

o Violeting

o Visit, The

o Walks In The Country

o Whitsun-Eve

o Wood, The


o Against Idleness

o All Things Have Their Season

o Ceremony Of The Interview Of Princes, The

o Consideration Upon Cicero, A

o Cowardice The Mother Of Cruelty

o Custom Of The Isle Of Cea, A

o Defence Of Seneca And Plutarch

o Letters Of Montaigne, The

o Nine And Twenty Sonnets Of Estienne De La Boitie

o Not To Communicate A Man's Honour

o Not To Counterfeit Being Sick

o Observation On The Means To Carry On A War According To Julius Caesar

o Of A Monstrous Child

o Of A Saying Of Caesar

o Of Age

o Of Ancient Customs

o Of Anger

o Of Books

o Of Cannibals

o Of Cato The Younger

o Of Coaches

o Of Conscience

o Of Constancy

o Of Cripples

o Of Cruelty

o Of Custom, And That We Should Not Easily Change A Law Received

o Of Democritus And Heraclitus

o Of Diversion

o Of Drunkenness

o Of Experience

o Of Fear

o Of Friendship

o Of Giving The Lie

o Of Glory

o Of Idleness

o Of Ill Means Employed To A Good End

o Of Judging Of The Death Of Another

o Of Liars

o Of Liberty Of Conscience

o Of Managing the Will

o Of Moderation

o Of Names

o Of One Defect In Our Government

o Of Pedantry

o Of Physiognomy

o Of Posting

o Of Prayers

o Of Presumption

o Of Profit And Honesty

o Of Prognostications

o Of Quick Or Slow Speech

o Of Recompenses Of Honour

o Of Repentance

o Of Sleep

o Of Smells

o Of Solitude

o Of Sorrow

o Of Sumptuary Laws

o Of The Affection Of Fathers To Their Children

o Of The Arms Of The Parthians

o Of the Art of Conference

o Of The Battle Of Dreux

o Of The Custom Of Wearing Clothes

o Of The Education Of Children

o Of The Force Of Imagination

o Of The Inconstancy Of Our Actions

o Of The Inconvenience Of Greatness

o Of The Inequality Amongst Us

o Of The Most Excellent Men

o Of The Parsimony Of The Ancients

o Of The Punishment Of Cowardice

o Of The Resemblance Of Children To Their Fathers

o Of The Roman Grandeur

o Of The Uncertainty Of Our Judgment

o Of The Vanity Of Words

o Of Three Commerces

o Of Three Good Women

o Of Thumbs

o Of Vain Subtleties

o Of Vanity

o Of Virtue

o Of War Horses, Or Destriers

o Proceeding Of Some Ambassadors, A

o Story Of Spurina, The

o That A Man Is Soberly To Judge Of The Divine Ordinances

o That Fortune Is Oftentimes Observed To Act By The Rule Of Reason

o That It Is Folly To Measure Truth And Error By Our Own Capacity

o That Men Are Justly Punished For Being Obstinate In The Defence Of A Fort

o That Men Are Not To Judge Of Our Happiness Till After Death

o That Men By Various Ways Arrive At The Same End

o That Our Affections Carry Themselves Beyond Us

o That Our Desires Are Augmented By Difficulty

o That Our Mind Hinders Itself

o That The Hour Of Parley Is Dangerous

o That The Intention Is Judge Of Our Actions

o That The Profit Of One Man Is The Damage Of Another

o That The Relish For Good And Evil Depends In Great Measure Upon The Opinion

o That The Soul Expends Its Passions Upon False Objects, Where The True Are Wantin

o That To Study Philosophy Is To Learn To Die

o That We Are To Avoid Pleasures, Even At The Expense Of Life

o That We Laugh And Cry For The Same Thing

o That We Taste Nothing Pure

o To-Morrow's A New Day

o Upon Some Verses Of Virgil

o Use Makes Perfect

o Various Events From The Same Counsel

o Whether The Governor Of A Place Besieged Ought Himself To Go Out To Parley

Moore, George Augustus

o Alderman In Art, The

o Art And Science

o Art Patrons

o Artistic Education In France And England

o Camera In Art, The

o Chavannes, Millet, And Manet

o Claude Monet

o Failure Of The Nineteenth Century, The

o Great Artist, A

o Ingres

o Ingres And Corot

o Long Ago In Italy

o Monet, Sisley, Pissaro, And The Decadence

o Mr. Burne-Jones And The Academy

o Mr. Mark Fisher

o Mr. Steer's Exhibition

o Nationality In Art

o New Art Criticism, The

o New English Art Club, The

o Orchid By Mr. James, An

o Organisation Of Art, The

o Our Academicians

o Picture Dealers

o Portrait By Mr. Sargent, A

o Religiosity In Art

o Royalty In Art

o Sex In Art

o Some Japanese Prints

o Whistler

o Whistler Album, The

More, Hannah
Essay(s) by More, Hannah

Morley, Christopher
Essay(s) by Morley, Christopher

Morley, John
Essay(s) by Morley, John

Morris, William

o Essay On Printing, An

o The Ideal Book

Nevinson, Henry W.
Essay(s) by Nevinson, Henry W.

Newcomb, Simon
Essay(s) by Newcomb, Simon

Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm
Essay(s) by Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm

Nye, (Edgar W. Nye) Bill
Essay(s) by Nye, (Edgar W. Nye) Bill

O'Brien, Barry R.
Essay(s) by O'Brien, Barry R.

O'Brien, Frederick
Essay(s) by O'Brien, Frederick

Osgood, Samuel
Essay(s) by Osgood, Samuel

Pater, Walter
Essay(s) by Pater, Walter

Pearson, Francis B.
Essay(s) by Pearson, Francis B.

Peattie, Elia W.

o Fame

o Friendship

o Night

o Remorse

o Solitude

o Travel

Perry, Bliss
Essay(s) by Perry, Bliss

Essay(s) by Plutarch,

Poe, Edgar Allan Famous major American poet, short-story writer, novelist

o Old English Poetry

o Philosophy of Furniture

o Poetic Principle, The

Pope, Alexander Well known Bristish poet, writer, greatest poet of The 19 Century

o Grand Elixir, The

o No. 378 [from The Spectator]

o No. 408 [from The Spectator]

Powys, John Cowper
Essay(s) by Powys, John Cowper

Quiller-Couch, Arthur Thomas

o "Robinson Crusoe"

o "The Passionate Pilgrim"

o "Trilby"

o Alexander William Kinglake

o Attitude Of The Public Towards Letters, The

o Bjornsterne Bjornson

o Bow-Wow

o C.S.C. And J.K.S.

o Case Of Bookstall Censorship, A

o Charles Reade

o Chaucer

o Club Talk

o Excursionists In Poetry

o Externals

o From a Cornish Window

o Henry Kingsley

o Ibsen's "Peer Gynt"

o Lawrence Sterne

o M. Zola

o Morning With A Book, A

o Mr. Anthony Hope

o Mr. George Moore

o Mr. Hall Caine

o Mr. John Davidson

o Mr. Stockton

o Mr. Swinburne's Later Manner

o Mrs. Margaret L. Woods

o Of Seasonable Numbers

o Paradise Of Choice, The

o Poetry

o Poets On Their Own Art

o Poor Little Penny Dreadful, The

o Popular Conception Of A Poet, The

o Robert Louis Stevenson

o Samuel Daniel

o Scott And Burns

o Selection

o Shakespeare's Lyrics

o Thomas Carew

o William Browne

Reed, Myrtle
Essay(s) by Reed, Myrtle

Repplier, Agnes

o "Greatest Of These Is Charity", The

o Benefactor, The

o Chill Of Enthusiasm, The

o Condescension Of Borrowers, The

o Customary Correspondent, The

o Estranging Sea, The

o Girl Graduate, The

o Goodness And Gayety

o Grocer's Cat, The

o Mission Of Humour, The

o Nervous Strain, The

o Question Of Politeness, A

o Temptation Of Eve, The

o Travellers' Tales

Rhodes, James Ford
Essay(s) by Rhodes, James Ford

Rhys, Grace
Essay(s) by Rhys, Grace

Riley, James Whitcomb

o Dialect In Literature

Rinehart, Mary Roberts

o Isn't That Just Like a Man!

o Why I Believe In Scouting For Girls

Roberts, Charles G. D.
Essay(s) by Roberts, Charles G. D.

Roberts, Morley

o Across The Bidassoa

o American Shipmasters

o At Las Palmas

o Blue Jays And Almonds

o Books In The Great West

o By The Fraser River

o Day In Capetown, A

o Glory Of The Morning, The

o Graduate Beyond Seas, A

o In A Sailors' Home

o In Corsica

o International Socialist Congress, An

o My Friend El Toro

o Near Mafeking

o Old And New Days In British Columbia

o On A Volcanic Peak

o On The Matterhorn

o Pondicherry Boy, A

o Railroad Wars

o Round The World In Haste

o Sheep And Sheep-Herding

o Snow-Grind, A

o Some Portuguese Sketches

o Talk With Kruger, A

o Terracina Road, The

o Texas Animals

o Tramps

o Trout Fishing In British Columbia And California

o Veldt, Plain And Prairie

o Visit To R. L. Stevenson, A

o Watch-Night Service In San Francisco, A

Roe, Edward Payson

o Home Acre, The

Rolland, Romain
Essay(s) by Rolland, Romain

Runciman, James

o "Raising The Level Of Amusements"

o "Sport"

o "Vanity Of Vanities"

o Are We Wealthy?

o Bad Company

o Behind The Veil

o British Festival, The

o Colour-Blindness In Literature

o Concerning People Who Know They Are Going Wrong

o Dandies

o Death

o Decline Of Literature, The

o Degraded Men

o Disasters At Sea

o Discipline

o Drink

o Equality

o Ethics Of The Drink Question, The

o Ethics Of The Turf, The

o Fading Year, The

o Fraternity

o Friendship

o Gamblers

o Genius And Respectability

o Going A-Walking

o Good Company

o Happy Marriages

o Hopeless Poor, The

o Ill-Assorted Marriages

o Journalism

o Letter-Writers

o Liberty

o Little Sermon On Failures, A

o Little Wars

o Lost Days

o Midsummer Days And Midsummer Nights

o On Writing Oneself Out

o People Who Are "Down"

o Pets

o Public And Private Morality: Past And Present

o Quiet Old Towns

o Refinement Of "Sporting" Cruelty, A

o Rhapsody Of Summer, A

o Scoundrels

o Sea, The

o Seasonable Nonsense

o Shrews

o Slang

o Social Influence Of The "Bar", The

o Sorrow

o Stage-Children

o Surfeit Of Books, The

o Values Of Labour, The

o Voyaging At Sea

o Waifs And Strays

o War

Ruskin, John

o Elements Of Drawing In Three Letters To Beginners, The

o Fiction, Fair and Foul

o Munera Pulveris: Six Essays On The Elements Of Political Economy

o On the Old Road Volume 1 (of 2)

o On the Old Road Volume 2 (of 2)

o Pre-Raphaelitism

o Two Paths, The

Russell, Bertrand A great philosopher, 1950 Nobel Laureate in Literature

o Analysis of Mind, The

o Free Man's Worship, A

o Knowledge By Acquaintance And Knowledge By Description

o Mathematics And The Metaphysicians

o Mysticism And Logic

o On Scientific Method In Philosophy

o On The Notion Of Cause

o Place Of Science In A Liberal Education, The

o Political Ideals

o Problems of Philosophy

o Relation Of Sense-Data To Physics, The

o Study Of Mathematics, The

o Ultimate Constituents Of Matter, The

Russell, George William
Essay(s) by Russell, George William

Saintsbury, George
Essay(s) by Saintsbury, George

Schiller, Frederich
Essay(s) by Schiller, Frederich

Schopenhauer, Arthur
Essay(s) by Schopenhauer, Arthur

Shakespeare, William English poet, playwright, great writer

o Hamlet's Advice To The Players

Sharp, Dallas Lore

o "Mux"

o Birds From A City Roof

o Calico And The Kittens

o Christmas Tree, The

o Dragon Of The Swale, The

o Dustless-Duster, The

o Fields Of Fodder, The

o Going Back To Town

o Hills Of Hingham, The

o Honey Flow, The

o Hunting Of The Woodchuck, The

o Ice Crop, The

o Leafing

o Little Foxes, The

o Marsh, The

o Mere Beans

o Open Fire, The

o Our Calendar

o Pair Of Pigs, A

o Pilgrim From Dubuque, A

o Racoon Creek

o Seed Catalogues

o Sparrow Roost, The

o Spring Ploughing

o Three Sermons

Sharp, William
Essay(s) by Sharp, William

Shaw, George Bernard 1925 Nobel Prize winner, Irish playwright

o Maxims for Revolutionists

o Treatise on Parents and Children, A

Shelley, Percy Bysshe

o Defence Of Poetry, A

o On Life In A Future State

o On Love

o On The Literature, The Arts, And The Manners Of The Athenians: A Fragment

o On The Punishment Of Death: A Fragment

o On The Symposium, Or Preface To The Banquet Of Plato: A Fragment

o Speculations On Metaphysics

Sigourney, Lydia H.
Essay(s) by Sigourney, Lydia H.

Smith, Alexander

o Books And Gardens

o Christmas

o Dreamthorp

o Geoffrey Chaucer

o Lark's Flight, A

o Men Of Letters

o Of Death And The Fear Of Dying

o On The Importance Of A Man To Himself

o On The Writing Of Essays

o On Vagabonds

o Shelf In My Bookcase, A

o William Dunbar

Smith, David Nichol
Essay(s) by Smith, David Nichol

Smith, Goldwin
Essay(s) by Smith, Goldwin

Smith, Sydney
Essay(s) by Smith, Sydney

Spencer, Herbert
Essay(s) by Spencer, Herbert

Steele, Richard
Essay(s) by Steele, Richard

Stevenson, Robert Louis Scottish novelist, poet, and essayist

o "A Penny Plain And Twopence Coloured"

o Aes Triplex

o Apology For Idlers, An

o Books Which Have Influenced Me

o Character Of Dogs, The

o Child's Play

o Christmas Sermon, A

o College Magazine, A

o College Papers

o Crabbed Age And Youth

o Criticisms

o Day After To-morrow, The

o Edinburgh Picturesque Notes

o El Dorado

o English Admirals, The

o Essays of Travel

o Father Damien

o Genesis Of 'The Master Of Ballantrae', The

o Gossip On Romance, A

o Great North Road, The

o Inland Voyage, An

o Lay Morals

o Memories and Portraits

o Morality Of The Profession Of Letters, The

o Mountain Town in France - A Fragment - 1879, A

o My First Book: 'Treasure Island'

o Note On Realism, A

o On Some Technical Elements Of Style In Literature

o On The Enjoyment Of Unpleasant Places

o Ordered South, An

o Pan's Pipes

o Pentland Rising, The

o Plea For Gas Lamps, A

o Prayers Written At Vailima

o Preface To 'The Master Of Ballantrae'

o Sketches

o Some Portraits By Raeburn

o Talk And Talkers

o Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes

o Virginibus Puerisque

o Walking Tours

Stone, J. M.
Essay(s) by Stone, J. M.

Stowe, Harriet Beecher

o "Woman, Behold Thy Son!"

o Art And Nature

o Aunt Mary

o Bodily Religion: A Sermon On Good Health

o Canal Boat, The

o Cathedral, The

o Children

o Cookery

o Dress, Or Who Makes The Fashions

o Earthly Care A Heavenly Discipline

o Economy

o Economy Of The Beautiful, The

o Elder's Feast - A Tradition Of Laodicea, The

o Family Talk On Reconstruction, A

o Feeling

o Frankness

o Home Religion

o Homekeeping Versus Housekeeping

o How Do We Know?

o How Shall We Be Amused

o How Shall We Entertain Our Company

o How To Make Friends With Mammon

o Is Woman A Worker

o Lady Who Does Her Own Work, The

o Little Edward

o Little Fred, The Canal Boy

o Love Versus Law

o Mrs. A. And Mrs. B.; or, What She Thinks About It

o New Year, The

o New-Year's Gift, The

o Noble Army Of Martyrs, The

o Old Father Morris; A Sketch From Nature

o Old Meeting House, The

o Old Oak Of Andover - A Revery, The

o Our House

o Our Wood Lot In Winter

o Raking Up The Fire

o Ravages Of A Carpet, The

o Sabbath, The

o Scene In Jerusalem, A

o Seamstress, The

o Servants

o Tea Rose, The

o Transition, The

o Trials Of A Housekeeper

o What Are The Sources Of Beauty In Dress

o What Can Be Got In America

o What Is A Home

o What Will You Do With Her? Or, The Woman Question

o Which Is The Liberal Man?

o Woman's Sphere

Sumner, William Graham
Essay(s) by Sumner, William Graham

Swift, Jonathan Irish writer, satirist, Dean Swift (Dean of St. Patrick's Cathedral from 1713 to 1745)

o Art Of Political Lying, The

o Hints towards an essay on conversation

o Meditations Upon A Broomstick

o Modest Proposal, A

o Pulpit Eloquence ["The Tatler," No. 66]

o Thoughts on various subjects

Swinnerton, Frank
Essay(s) by Swinnerton, Frank

Symons, Arthur
Essay(s) by Symons, Arthur

T. T.
Essay(s) by T. T.,

Taylor, Benjamin
Essay(s) by Taylor, Benjamin

Taylor, Jeremy
Essay(s) by Taylor, Jeremy

Thackeray, William Makepeace

o Roundabout Papers

Thomas, Edward
Essay(s) by Thomas, Edward

Thompson, Francis
Essay(s) by Thompson, Francis

Thoreau, Henry David

o Autumnal Tints

o Landlord, The

o Natural History Of Massachusetts

o Night And Moonlight

o On the Duty of Civil Disobedience

o Plea for Captain John Brown, A

o Succession Of Forest Trees, The

o Walk To Wachusett, A

o Walking

o Wild Apples

o Winter Walk, A

Thring, Henry
Essay(s) by Thring, Henry

Thurston, R. B.
Essay(s) by Thurston, R. B.

Tinsley, Henry C.
Essay(s) by Tinsley, Henry C.

Titcomb, Timothy
Essay(s) by Titcomb, Timothy

Tolstoy, Leo

o Life In The Country

o On Labor and Luxury

o On The Significance Of Science And Art

o To Women

Tomlinson, Henry Major
Essay(s) by Tomlinson, Henry Major

Torrey, Bradford
Essay(s) by Torrey, Bradford

Towne, Charles Hanson
Essay(s) by Towne, Charles Hanson

Trollope, Anthony

o How To Ride To Hounds

o Hunting Farmer, The

o Lady Who Rides To Hounds, The

o Man Who Hunts And Does Like It, The

o Man Who Hunts And Doesn't Like It, The

o Master Of Hounds, The

o The Hunting Parson

o The Man Who Hunts And Never Jumps

Trotzky, Leon
Essay(s) by Trotzky, Leon

Turner, Frederick Jackson
Essay(s) by Turner, Frederick Jackson

Twain, Mark Famous American author, humorist, novelist, lecturer

o As Concerns Interpreting

o At the Shrine of St. Wagner

o Bee, The

o Concerning Tobacco

o Death of Jean, The

o Essays on Paul Bourget

o Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offences

o How to Make History Dates Stick

o In Defense of Harriet Shelley

o Is Shakespeare Dead?

o Memorable Assassination, The

o On the Decay of the Art of Lying

o Scrap of Curious History, A

o Simplified Alphabet, A

o Taming the Bicycle

o Turning-Point of My Life, The

o What Is Man?

o William Dean Howells

Van Dyke, Henry

o Americanism of Washington, The

o Christmas-Giving And Christmas-Living

o Fisherman's Luck and Some Other Uncertain Things

o Little Rivers, A Book Of Essays In Profitable Idleness

Van Vechten, Carl
Essay(s) by Van Vechten, Carl

Warner, Charles Dudley

o "Equality"

o "H.H." In Southern California

o "Old Soldier", The

o A-Hunting Of The Deer

o Advent Of Candor, The

o Altruism

o American Man, The

o American Newspaper

o Art Of Governing

o Art Of Idleness, The

o Attraction Of The Repulsive, The

o Backlog Studies

o Beautiful Old Age, A

o Born Old And Rich

o Born With An "Ego"

o Broad A, The

o Burden Of Christmas, The

o Camping Out

o Can A Husband Open His Wife's Letters?

o Cap And Gown, The

o Certain Diversities Of American Life

o Character Study (Old Phelps), A

o Chewing Gum

o Climate And Happiness

o Clothes Of Fiction, The

o Deadly Diary, The

o Dinner-Table Talk

o Directoire Gown, The

o Does Refinement Kill Individuality?

o Education Of The Negro, The

o Electric Way, The

o England

o English Volunteers During The Late Invasion, The

o Fashions In Literature

o Fight With A Trout, A

o Frocks And The Stage

o Give The Men A Chance

o Giving As A Luxury

o How I Killed A Bear

o How Spring Came In New England

o Indeterminate Sentence: What Shall Be Done With The Criminal Class?, The

o Interesting Girls

o Is There Any Conversation

o Island Of Bimini, The

o June

o Juventus Mundi

o Leisure Class, A

o Life-Saving And Life Prolonging Art, The

o Literary Copyright

o Literature And The Stage

o Locoed Novelist, A

o Loss In Civilization, The

o Lost In The Woods

o Love Of Display

o Modern Fiction

o Mystery Of The Sex, The

o Nathan Hale--1887

o Naturalization

o New Feminine Reserve, The

o Newspaper-Made Man, The

o Night In The Garden Of The Tuileries, A

o Novel And The Common School, The

o Our President

o People For Whom Shakespeare Wrote, The

o Pilgrim, And The American Of Today--1892, The

o Pursuit Of Happiness, The

o Red Bonnet, The

o Relation Of Literature To Life, The

o Repose In Activity

o Responsibility Of Writers, The

o Rose And Chrysanthemum

o Shall Women Propose?

o Simplicity

o Social Clearing-House

o Social Screaming

o Some Causes Of The Prevailing Discontent

o Tall Girl, The

o Tendency Of The Age, A

o Thoughts Suggested By Mr. Froude's "Progress"

o Truthfulness

o Value Of The Commonplace

o Weather And Character

o What Is Your Culture To Me?

o What Some People Call Pleasure

o Whistling Girl, The

o Wilderness Romance, A

o Women In Congress

o Women--Ideal And Real

Washburn, Lemuel K.
Essay(s) by Washburn, Lemuel K.

Wells, H. G. Herbert George Wells, English Writer

o Certain Personal Matters

o Englishman Looks at the World, An

White, Stewart Edward

o Canon, The

o Coast Ranges, The

o Foot-Hills, The

o Giant Forest, The

o Golden Trout, The

o Inferno, The

o Lure Of The Trail, The

o Main Crest, The

o On Camp Cookery

o On Cowboys

o On Equipment

o On Going Out

o On Horses

o On How To Go About It

o On Seeing Deer

o On Tenderfeet

o On The Wind At Night

o Pines, The

o Ridge Trail, The

o Trail, The

o Trout, Buckskin, And Prospectors

o Valley, The

Whittier, John Greenleaf

o Beautiful, The

o Black Men in The Revolution and War of 1812, The

o Charms And Fairy Faith

o Conflict With Slavery, The

o Criticism

o Daniel O'Connell

o England under James II

o First Day In Lowell

o Governor Endicott

o Inner Life, The

o John Winthrop

o Lighting Up, The

o Magicians And Witch Folk

o Old Portraits and Modern Sketches

o Personal Sketches and Tributes

o Pope Night

o Scottish Reformers, The

o The border war of 1708

o The Great Ipswich Fright

o The Pilgrims of Plymouth

o Training, The

o World's End, The

Wiggin, Kate Douglas (Also known as Kate Douglas Riggs)

o Children's Rights: A book of nursery logic

Wilde, Oscar Irish author,poet

o American invasion, The

o Anglo-Indian's Complaint, An

o Art And The Handicraftsman

o Art at Willis's rooms

o Beauties of Bookbinding, The

o Close of the Arts and Crafts, The

o Critic as Artist, The

o De Profundis

o Decay of Lying: An Observation, The

o English Poetesses

o English Renaissance Of Art, The

o Ethics of Journalism, The

o Grosvenor Gallery, 1877, The

o House Decoration

o House of Pomegranates, A

o Keats's Sonnet on Blue

o L'envoi

o Lecture To Art Students

o Letter To Joaquin Miller

o Letters on Dorian Gray

o London Models

o Miscellaneous Aphorisms

o More Radical Ideas Upon Dress Reform

o Mr Morris on Tapestry

o Mr Whistler's Ten O'Clock

o Mrs. Langtry as Hester Grazebrook

o Pen, Pencil, and Poison

o Poems In Prose

o Printing and Printers

o Puppets And Actors

o Relation of Dress to Art. A Note in Black and White on Mr. Whistler's Lecture, The

o Reviews

o Rise of Historical Criticism, The

o Sculpture At the Arts and Crafts

o Selected Prose of Oscar Wilde

o Shorter Prose Pieces

o Soul of Man under Socialism, The

o Tomb of Keats, The

o Truth of Masks - A Note On Illusion, The

o Unity of the Arts. A Lecture and a Five O'Clock, The

o Women's Dress

Williston, Timothy
Essay(s) by Williston, Timothy

Wister, Owen

o Pentecost Of Calamity, The

Wodehouse, P G British-American humorist, novelist

o Agonies Of Writing A Musical Comedy, The

o Alarming Spread Of Poetry, The

o In Defense Of Astigmatism

o My Battle With Drink

o My Life As A Dramatic Critic

o New Advertising, The

o On The Writing Of Lyrics

o Past Theatrical Season, The

o Photographers And Me

o Plea For Indoor Golf, A

o Secret Pleasures Of Reginald, The

o Some Aspects Of Game-Captaincy

o Unfinished Collection, An

Woollcott, Alexander
Essay(s) by Woollcott, Alexander

Wordsworth, William

o Upon Epitaphs

Wren, Jenny

o On Afternoon Tea

o On Bills

o On Children And Dogs

o On Christmas

o On Concerts

o On Dancing

o On Dress

o On Love

o On Politics

o On The Country

o On Town

o On Watering Places

Wright, J. W.
Essay(s) by Wright, J. W.

Yeats, William Butler

o At Stratford-On-Avon

o Autumn Of The Body, The

o Banjo Player, A

o Black And The White Arrows, The

o Body Of The Father Christian Rosencrux, The

o Celtic Element In Literature, The

o Concerning Saints And Artists

o Edmund Spenser

o Emotion Of Multitude

o Galway Plains, The

o Happiest Of The Poets, The

o Has The Drama Of Contemporary Life A Root Of Its Own

o His Mistress's Eyebrows

o Holy Places, The

o In The Serpent's Mouth

o Ireland And The Arts

o J. M. Synge And The Ireland Of His Time

o John Shawe-Taylor

o Last Gleeman, The

o Looking-Glass, The

o Magic

o Moods, The

o Musician And The Orator, The

o Per Amica Silentia Lunae

o Personality And The Intellectual Essences

o Philosophy Of Shelley's Poetry, The

o Play Of Modern Manners, The

o Poetry And Tradition

o Praise Of Old Wives' Tales, The

o Preface To The First Edition Of John M. Synge's Poems And Translations

o Prophet, Priest And King

o Religious Belief Necessary To Symbolic Art

o Return Of Ulysses, The

o Reveries over Childhood and Youth

o Speaking To The Psaltery

o Subject Matter Of Drama, The

o Symbolism In Painting

o Symbolism Of Poetry, The

o Synge And The Ireland Of His Time

o Theatre, The

o Thinking Of The Body, The

o Thoughts On Lady Gregory's Translations

o Tower On The Apennine, A

o Tragic Theatre, The

o Tree Of Life, The

o Two Kinds Of Asceticism, The

o What Is 'Popular Poetry'?

o Why The Blind Man In Ancient Times Was Made A Poet

o William Blake And His Illustrations To the Divine Comedy>

o William Blake And The Imagination

Yonge, Charlotte M.
Essay(s) by Yonge, Charlotte M.

Zangwill, Israel

o "Looking Backward"

o Aberdeen

o Abolition Of Catalogues, The

o Abolition Of Money, The

o Antwerp

o Art In England

o Artistic Temperament, The

o Attack Of Alliteration, An

o Authors And Publishers

o Bohemia And Verlaine

o Broadstairs And Ramsgate

o Budapest

o Capital

o Chicago

o Choice Of Parents, The

o Chosen Peoples

o Concerning General Elections

o Counterblaste To James I, A

o Credit

o Creed Of Despair, The

o Critics And People

o Day In Town, A

o Death And Marriage

o Diaries

o Discount Farce, The

o Edinburgh

o Fiesole And Florence

o Fireworks

o Franchise Farce, The

o Ghost-Stories

o Glasgow

o Great Unhung, The

o Haslemere

o Humorous, The

o In Defence Of Gambling

o Indecency On The English Stage

o Indestructibles, The

o Influence Of Names, The

o London Season, The

o Long Lives

o Love In Life And Literature

o Martyrs

o Men And Bookmen

o Modern Myth-Making

o Moonshine

o Mouse Who Died, The

o On Finishing A Book

o On Tobacco

o Opinions Of The Young Fogey

o Paris

o Pater And Prose

o Penalties Of Fame, The

o Philosophy Of Topsy-Turveydom, The

o Photography and Realism

o Privileges Of Poverty, The

o Profession Of Charity, The

o Prop Of Letters, The

o Realistic Novel, The

o Salvation For The Seraphim

o Slapton Sands

o Small Boy, The

o Social Bugbears

o Societies To Found

o Somewhere Else

o Table-Talk

o Theory Of Table-Turning, A

o Truly Rural

o Truth--Local And Temporal

o Tuning Up

o Valedictory

o Venice

o Ventnor

o Vision Of The Burden Of Man, A

Essay(s) by Zitkala-Sa,

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