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Titles begin with Z

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(Genre abbreviations:
f/n: Fiction or novel
s: Short story
e: Essay
p: Poem
d/c: Play, drama or comedy
n: Nonfiction)

"Zut-Ski" The Problem Of A Wicked Feme Sole (s) by Bret-Harte
Z. Marcas (s) by Honore-de-Balzac
Zacchaeus (p) by George-MacDonald
Zadig The Babylonian (s) by Voltaire
Zaether Dale, The (e) by Hans-Christian-Andersen
Zaida, The Mysterious Prophetess Of The Golden Orient (s) by Edith-Nesbit
Zanoni (f/n) by Edward-Bulwer-Lytton
Zara, The Bather (p) by Victor-Hugo
Zehru Of Xollar (s) by Hal-K.-Wells
Zeila (a Story From A Star) (p) by Abram-Joseph-Ryan
Zen (s) by Jerome-Bixby
Zenas Witt (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Zenith (p) by Frances-Ridley-Havergal
Zenobia And Longinus (s) by Charles-Morris
Zeppelin's Passenger, The (f/n) by E.-Phillips-Oppenheim
Zermatt: To The Matterhorn (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Zero (s) by Barry-Pain
Zicci: A Tale (f/n) by Edward-Bulwer-Lytton
Zilpha Marsh (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Zingarella, La (p) by Eric-Mackay
Zinotchka (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Zion (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Zira: In Captivity (p) by Laurence-Hope
Ziska, The Blind Warrior (s) by Charles-Morris
Zlatovlaska The Golden-Haired, The Story Of Yirik And The Snake (s) by Parker-Fillmore
Zoee, The Nuthatch (e) by Elizabeth-Brightwen
Zola (p) by Edwin-Arlington-Robinson
Zola Controversy, The (e) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Zoo, The (p) by Mary-Carolyn-Davies
Zoroaster (p) by Charles-Hamilton-Musgrove
Zoroaster (f/n) by F.-Marion-Crawford
Zucca, The (p) by Percy-Bysshe-Shelley
Zulalie (p) by Eric-Mackay
Zuleika Dobson (f/n) by Max-Beerbohm
Zut (s) by Guy-Wetmore-Carryl
Zwei Konige Auf Orkadal [from The German] (p) by George-Augustus-Baker
Zyps Of Zirl (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein