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Chicot the Jester

By Alexandre Dumas


Title:     Chicot the Jester
Author: Alexandre Dumas

Table of Content

1. Chapter 1. The Wedding Of St. Luc
2. Chapter 2. How It Is Not Always He Who Opens The Door, Who Enters The House
3. Chapter 3. How It Is Sometimes Difficult To Distinguish A Dream From The Reality
4. Chapter 4. How Madame De St. Luc Had Passed The Night
5. Chapter 5. How Madame De St. Luc Passed The Second Night Of Her Marriage
6. Chapter 6. Le Petit Coucher Of Henri III
7. Chapter 7. How, Without Any One Knowing Why, The King Was Converted...
8. Chapter 8. How The King Was Afraid Of Being Afraid
9. Chapter 9. How The Angel Made A Mistake And Spoke To Chicot...
10. Chapter 10. How Bussy Went To Seek For The Reality Of His Dream
11. Chapter 11. M. Bryan De Monsoreau
12. Chapter 12. How Bussy Found Both The Portrait And The Original
13. Chapter 13. Who Diana Was
14. Chapter 14. The Treaty
15. Chapter 15. The Marriage
16. Chapter 16. The Marriage
17. Chapter 17. How Henri III Traveled...
18. Chapter 18. Brother Gorenflot
19. Chapter 19. How Chicot Found Out That It Was Easier To Go In Than Out Of The Abbey
20. Chapter 20. How Chicot, Forced To Remain In The Abbey...
21. Chapter 21. How Chicot Learned Genealogy
22. Chapter 22. How M. And Madame De St. Luc Met With A Traveling Companion
23. Chapter 23. The Old Man
24. Chapter 24. How Remy-Le-Haudouin Had...
25. Chapter 25. The Father And Daughter
26. Chapter 26. How Brother Gorenflot Awoke, And The Reception He Met With At His Convent
27. Chapter 27. How Brother Gorenflot Remained Convinced...
28. Chapter 28. How Brother Gorenflot Traveled Upon An Ass...
29. Chapter 29. How Brother Gorenflot Changed His Ass For A Mule...
30. Chapter 30. How Chicot And His Companion Installed Themselves At The Hotel...
31. Chapter 31. How The Monk Confessed The Advocate...
32. Chapter 32. How Chicot Used His Sword
33. Chapter 33. How The Duc D'anjou Learned That Diana Was Not Dead
34. Chapter 34. How Chicot Returned To The Louvre...
35. Chapter 35. What Passed Between M. De Monsoreau And The Duke
36. Chapter 36. Chicot And The King
37. Chapter 37. What M. De Guise Came To Do At The Louvre
38. Chapter 38. Castor And Pollux
39. Chapter 39. Which It Is Proved That Listening Is The Best Way To Hear
40. Chapter 40. The Evening Of The League
41. Chapter 41. The Rue De La Ferronnerie
42. Chapter 42. The Prince And The Friend
43. Chapter 43. Etymology Of The Rue De La Jussienne
44. Chapter 44. How D'epernon Had His Doublet Torn...
45. Chapter 45. Chicot More Than Ever King Of France
46. Chapter 46. How Chicot Paid A Visit To Bussy, And What Followed
47. Chapter 47. The Chess Of M. Chicot, And The Cup And Ball Of M. Quelus
48. Chapter 48. The Reception Of The Chiefs Of The League
49. Chapter 49. How The King N Axed...
50. Chapter 50. Eteocles And Polynices
51. Chapter 51. How People Do Not Always Lose Their Time By Searching Empty Drawers
52. Chapter 52. Ventre St. Gris
53. Chapter 53. The Friends
54. Chapter 54. Bussy And Diana
55. Chapter 55. How Bussy Was Offered Three Hundred Pistoles For His Horse...
56. Chapter 56. The Diplomacy Of The Duc D'anjou
57. Chapter 57. The Ideas Of The Duc D'anjou
58. Chapter 58. A Flight Of Angevins
59. Chapter 59. Roland
60. Chapter 60. What M. De Monsoreau Came To Announce
61. Chapter 61. How The King Learned The Flight Of His Beloved Brother...
62. Chapter 62. How, As Chicot And The Queen Mother Were Agreed...
63. Chapter 63. In Which It Is Proved That Gratitude Was One Of St. Luc's Virtues
64. Chapter 64. The Project Of M. De St. Luc
65. Chapter 65. How M. De St. Luc Showed M. De Monsoreau The Thrust...
66. Chapter 66. In Which We See The Queen-Mother...
67. Chapter 67. Little Causes And Great Effects
68. Chapter 68. How M. De Monsoreau Opened And Shut His Eyes...
69. Chapter 69. How M. Le Duc D'anjou Went To Meridor...
70. Chapter 70. The Inconvenience Of Large Litters And Narrow Doors
71. Chapter 71. What Temper The King Was In When St. Luc Reappeared At The Louvre
72. Chapter 72. In Which We Meet Two Important Personages...
73. Chapter 73. Diana's Second Journey To Paris
74. Chapter 74. How The Ambassador Of The Duc D'anjou Arrived At The Louvre...
75. Chapter 75. Which Is Only The End Of The Preceding One
76. Chapter 76. How M. De St. Luc Acquitted Himself...
77. Chapter 77. In What Respect M. De St. Luc Was More Civilized...
78. Chapter 78. The Precautions Of M. De Monsoreau
79. Chapter 79. A Visit To The House At Les Tournelles
80. Chapter 80. The Watchers
81. Chapter 81. How M. Le Duc D'anjou Signed, And After Having Signed, Spoke
82. Chapter 82. A Promenade At The Tournelles
83. Chapter 83. In Which Chicot Sleeps
84. Chapter 84. Where Chicot Wakes
85. Chapter 85. The Fete Dieu
86. Chapter 86. Which Will Elucidate The Previous Chapter
87. Chapter 87. The Procession
88. Chapter 88. Chicot The First
89. Chapter 89. Interest And Capital
90. Chapter 90. What Was Passing Near The Bastile...
91. Chapter 91. The Assassination
92. Chapter 92. How Brother Gorenflot Found Himself More...
93. Chapter 93. Where Chicot Guesses Why D'epernon Had Blood On His Feet...
94. Chapter 94. The Morning Of The Combat
95. Chapter 95. The Friends Of Bussy
96. Chapter 96. The Combat
97. Chapter 97. The End

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