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The Plant-Lore & Garden-Craft of Shakespeare

By Henry Nicholson Ellacombe


Title:     The Plant-Lore & Garden-Craft of Shakespeare
Author: Henry Nicholson Ellacombe

Table of Content


Part 1. The Plant-Lore Of Shakespeare
1. Aconitum, Almond, Aloes
2. Anemone, Apple, Apricots
3. Ash, Aspen, Bachelor's Button, Balm, Balsam, Or Balsamum
4. Barley, Barnacles, Bay Trees
5. Beans, Bilberry, Birch
6. Blackberries, Box, Brier
7. Broom, Bulrush, Burdock And Burs
8. Burnet, Cabbage, Camomile,
9. Carnations, Carraways, Carrot
10. Cedar, Cherry, Chestnuts
11. Clover, Cloves, Cockle
12. Coloquintida, Columbine, Cork
13. Corn, Cowslip, Crow-Flowers
14. Crown Imperial, Cuckoo-Buds And Flowers, Currants
15. Cypress, Daffodils, Daisies
16. Darnel, Dates, Dead Men's Fingers, Dewberries, Dian's Bud
17. Docks, Dogberry, Ebony, Eglantine
18. Elder, Elm, Eringoes
19. Fennel, Fern, Figs
20. Filberts, Flags, Flax, Flower-De-Luce
21. Fumiter, Fumitory, Furze, Garlick, Ginger
22. Gooseberries, Gorse Or Goss, Gourd, Grasses
23. Harebell, Harlocks, Hawthorns
24. Hazel, Heath, Hebenon Or Hebona, Hemlock
25. Hemp, Holly, Holy Thistle
26. Honeysuckle, Hyssop, Insane Root
27. Ivy, Kecksies, Knot-Grass
28. Lady-Smocks, Lark's Heels, Laurel, Lavender
29. Leek, Lemon, Lettuce, Lily
30. Lime, Ling, Locusts, Long Purples
31. Mace, Mallows, Mandragora, Or Mandrakes
32. Marigold, Marjoram, Mast
33. Medlar, Mints, Mistletoe, Moss
34. Mulberries, Mushrooms, Mustard
35. Myrtle, Narcissus, Nettles
36. Nutmeg, Oak, Oats
37. Olive, Onions, Orange
38. Oxlips, Palm Tree
39. Pansies, Parsley, Peach
40. Pear, Peas
41. Pepper, Pine, Pig-Nuts
42. Pinks, Piony, Plane
43. Plantain, Plums, With Damsons And Prunes, Pomegranate
44. Poppy, Potato, Primrose
45. Pumpion, Radish
46. Raisins, Reeds, Rhubarb
47. Rice, Roses
48. Rosemary, Rue, Rush, Rye
49. Saffron, Samphire, Savory
50. Sedge, Senna, Speargrass, Stover
51. Strawberry, Sugar, Sycamore
52. Thistle, Thorns, Thyme, Turnips
53. Vetches, Vines, Violets
54. Walnut, Wheat, Willow
55. Wormwood, Yew

Part 2. The Garden-Craft Of Shakespeare
1. Chapter 1. Flowers, Blossoms, And Buds
2. Chapter 2. Gardens
3. Chapter 3. Gardeners
4. Chapter 4. Gardening Operations
5. Chapter 5. Garden Enemies

1. Appendix 1. The Daisy: Its History, Poetry, And Botany
2. Appendix 2. The Seasons Of Shakespeare's Plays
3. Appendix 3. Names Of Plants
4. Index Of Plays (Plants In Plays)

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