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Peck's Sunshine

By George W. Peck


Title:     Peck's Sunshine
Author: George W. Peck

Table of Content

1. Female Doctors Will Never Do
2. Crossman's Goat
3. A Mean Trick
4. A Female Knight Of Pythias
5. The Telescope Fish-Pole Cane
6. An Arm That Is Not Reliable
7. Bounced From Church For Dancing
8. Police Searching Women
9. About Hell
10. Unscrewing The Top Of A Fruit Jar
11. Buttermilk Bibbers
12. An Aesthetic Female Club Busted
13. Fooling With The Bible.
14. Colored Concert Troupes
15. Couldn't Get Away From Him
16. Dogs And Human Beings
17. Arthur Will Keep A Cow
18. Shall There Be Hugging In The Parks?
19. The Bob-Tailed Badger
20. Cannibals And Cork Legs
21. The Ministerial Pugilists
22. Music On The Waters
23. Woman-Dozing A Democrat
24. A Lively Train Load
25. How Sharper Than A Hound's Tooth
26. A Sewing Machine Given To The Boss Girl
27. Don't Appreciate Kindness
28. Religion And Fish
29. A Doctor Of Laws
30. The Difference In Horses
31. Addicted To Limburg Cheese
32. Terrible Time On The Cars
33. Changed Satchels
34. The Naughty But Nice Church Choir
35. Sense In Little Bugs
36. Summer Resorting
37. The Gospel Car
38. Incidents At The Newhall House Fire
39. The Way Women Boss A Pillow
40. The Deadly Paper Bag
41. The Virginia Duel
42. The Difference
43. Spurious Tripe
44. A Case Of Paralysis
45. Male And Female Mashing
46. The Uses Of The Paper Bag
47. The New Coal Stove
48. A Cold, Cheerless Ride
49. Some Talk About Monopolies
50. A Bald-Headed Man Most Crazy
51. Accidents And Incidents At Theatres
52. All About A Sandwich
53. Goodwill And Compassion
54. The Female Burglar
55. The Girl That Was Hugged To Death
56. Our Christian Neighbors Have Gone
57. The Sudden Fire-Works At Racine
58. Young Fools Who Marry
59. Large Mouths Are Fashionable
60. Looking For A Mooley Cow
61. The Harmful Hammock
62. Boys And Circuses
63. A Trying Situation
64. The Kind Of A Doctor To Have
65. They Don't Know What They Abe Talking About
66. A Kansas Cyclone
67. How Jeff Davis Was Captured
68. Those Bold, Bad Drummers.
69. Angels Or Eagles
70. An Accident All Abound
71. Prize Fighting And Mormonism
72. Misdeal In A Sleeping Car
73. Paralysis In A Theatre
74. The Queerest Name
75. Church Keno
76. The Advent Preacher And The Balloon
77. The Cause Of Rheumatism
78. How A Grocery Man Was Maimed
79. Camp Meeting In The Dark Of The Moon
80. Another View Of The Cask
81. The Pious Deacon And The Worldly Cow
82. The Question Of Cats
83. The Knight And The Bridal Chamber
84. The House Girl Race
85. The Trouble Mr. Storey Has
86. Tragedy On The Stage
87. The Mistake About It
88. The Man From Dubuque
89. The Giddy Girls Quarrel
90. Don't Leave Your Gum Around.
91. The Way To Name Children
92. About Railroad Conductors
93. A Hot Box At A Picnic
94. Broke Up A Prayer Meeting
95. Shooting On Sunday, With The Mouth
96. A Washington Surprise Party
97. The Difference In Clothes
98. A Temperance Lecture That Hurt
99. Bravery Of Mrs. Garfield
100. Illustrating The Assassination
101. The Infidel And His Silver Mine
102. The Great Monopolies
103. Another Dead Failure
104. Our Blue-Coated Dog Poisoners
105. And He Rose Up And Spake
106. Got In The Wrong Pew
107. Palace Cattle Cars
108. Duck Or No Dinner
109. The Guinea Pig
110. Failure Of A Solid Institution

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