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Willy Reilly

By William Carleton


Title:     Willy Reilly
Author: William Carleton

Table of Content

Preface To The Second Edition
1. Chapter 1. An Adventure And An Escape
2. Chapter 2. The Cooleen Baum
3. Chapter 3. Daring Attempt Of The Red Rapparee
4. Chapter 4. His Rival Makes His Appearance, And Its Consequences
5. Chapter 5. The Plot And The Victims
6. Chapter 6. The Warning--An Escape
7. Chapter 7. An Accidental Incident Favorable To Reilly
8. Chapter 8. A Conflagration--An Escape--And An Adventure
9. Chapter 9. A Prospect Of Bygone Times
10. Chapter 10. Scenes That Took Place In The Mountain Cave
11. Chapter 11. The Squire's Dinner And His Guests
12. Chapter 12. Sir Robert Meets A Brother Sportsman
13. Chapter 13. Reilly Is Taken, But Connived At By The Sheriff
14. Chapter 14. Reilly Takes Service With Squire Folliard
15. Chapter 15. More Of Whitecraft's Plots And Pranks
16. Chapter 16. Sir Robert Ingeniously Extricates Himself Out Of A Great Difficulty
17. Chapter 17. Awful Conduct Of Squire Folliard
18. Chapter 18. Something Not Very Pleasant For All Parties
19. Chapter 19. Reilly's Disguise Penetrated
20. Chapter 20. The Rapparee Secured
21. Chapter 21. Sir Robert Accepts Of An Invitation
22. Chapter 22. The Squire Comforts Whitecraft In His Affliction
23. Chapter 23. The Squire Becomes Theological And A Proselytizer, But Signally Fails
24. Chapter 24. Jury Of The Olden Time
25. Chapter 25. Reilly Stands His Trial

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