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The Black Baronet; or, The Chronicles Of Ballytrain

By William Carleton


Title:     The Black Baronet; or, The Chronicles Of Ballytrain
Author: William Carleton

Table of Content

1. Chapter 1. A Mail-Coach By Night, And A Bit Of Moonshine
2. Chapter 2. The Town And Its Inhabitants
3. Chapter 3. Pauden Gair's Receipt How To Make A Bad Dinner A Good One
4. Chapter 4. An Anonymous Letter
5. Chapter 5. Sir Thomas Gourlay Fails In Unmasking The Stranger
6. Chapter 6. Extraordinary Scene Between Fenton And The Stranger
7. Chapter 7. The Baronet Attempts By Falsehood
8. Chapter 8. The Fortune-Teller--An Equivocal Prediction
9. Chapter 9. Candor And Dissimulation
10. Chapter 10. A Family Dialogue--And A Secret Nearly Discovered
11. Chapter 11. The Stranger's Visit To Father Macmalum
12. Chapter 12. Crackenfudge Outwitted By Fenton
13. Chapter 13. The Stranger's Second Visit To Father M'mahon
14. Chapter 14. Crackenfudge Put Upon A Wrong Scent
15. Chapter 15. Interview Between Lady Gourlay And The Stranger
16. Chapter 16. Conception And Perpetration Of A Diabolical Plot Against Fenton
17. Chapter 17. A Scene In Jemmy Trailcudgel's
18. Chapter 18. Dunphy Visits The County Wicklow
19. Chapter 19. Interview Between Trailcudgel And The Stranger
20. Chapter 20. Interview Between Lords Cullamore, Dunroe, And Lady Emily
21. Chapter 21. A Spy Rewarded
22. Chapter 22. Lucy At Summerfield Cottage
23. Chapter 23. A Lunch In Summerfield Cottage
24. Chapter 24. An Irish Watchhouse In The Time Of The "Charlies"
25. Chapter 25. The Police Office
26. Chapter 26. The Priest Returns Sir Thomas's Money And Pistols
27. Chapter 27. Lucy Calls Upon Lady Gourlay, Where She Meets Her Lover
28. Chapter 28. Innocence And Affection Overcome By Fraud And Hypocrisy
29. Chapter 29. Lord Dunroe's Affection For His Father
30. Chapter 30. A Courtship On Novel Principles
31. Chapter 31. The Priest Goes Into Corbet's House Very Like A Thief
32. Chapter 32. Discovery Of The Baronet's Son
33. Chapter 33. The Priest Asks For A Loan Of Fifty Guineas
34. Chapter 34. Young Gourlay's Affectionate Interview With His Father
35. Chapter 35. Lucy's Vain But Affecting Expostulation With Her Father
36. Chapter 36. Contains A Variety Of Matters
37. Chapter 37. Dandy's Visit To Summerfield Cottage
38. Chapter 38. An Unpleasant Disclosure To Dunroe
39. Chapter 39. Fenton Recovered--The Mad-House
40. Chapter 40. Lady Gourlay Sees Her Son
41. Chapter 41. Denouement

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