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The Black Prophet: A Tale Of Irish Famine

By William Carleton


Title:     The Black Prophet: A Tale Of Irish Famine
Author: William Carleton

Table of Content

1. Chapter 1. Glendhu, Or The Black Glen; Scene Of Domestic Affection
2. Chapter 2. The Black Prophet Prophesies
3. Chapter 3. A Family On The Decline--Omens
4. Chapter 4. A Dance, And Double Discovery
5. Chapter 5. The Black Prophet Is Startled By A Black Prophecy
6. Chapter 6. A Rustic Miser And His Establishment
7. Chapter 7. A Panorama Of Misery
8. Chapter 8. A Middle Man And Magistrate--Master And Man
9. Chapter 9. Meeting Of Strangers--Mysterious Dialogue
10. Chapter 10. The Black Prophet Makes A Disclosure
11. Chapter 11. Pity And Remorse
12. Chapter 12. Famine, Death, And Sorrow
13. Chapter 13. Sarah's Defence Of A Murderer
14. Chapter 14. A Middleman Magistrate Of The Old School, And His Clerk
15. Chapter 15. A Plot And A Prophecy
16. Chapter 16. Mysterious Disappearance Of The Tobacco-Box
17. Chapter 17. National Calamity--Sarah In Love And Sorrow
18. Chapter 18. Love Wins The Race From Profligacy
19. Chapter 19. Hanlon Secures The Tobacco-Box.--Strange Scene At Midnight
20. Chapter 20. Tumults--Confessions Of Murder
21. Chapter 21. Condy Datton Goes To Prison
22. Chapter 22. Re-Appearance Of The Box--Friendly Dialogue Between Jimmy Branighan And The Pedlar
23. Chapter 23. Darby In Danger--Nature Triumphs
24. Chapter 24. Rivalry
25. Chapter 25. Sarah Without Hope
26. Chapter 26. The Pedlar Runs A Close Risk Of The Stocks
27. Chapter 27. Sarah Ill--Mave Again, Heroic
28. Chapter 28. Double Treachery
29. Chapter 29. A Picture Of The Present--Sarah Breaks Her Word
30. Chapter 30. Self-Sacrifice--Villany
31. Chapter 31. A Double Trial--Retributive Justice
32. Chapter 32. Conclusion

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