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The Adventures of Peter Pan (Peter Pan and Wendy)

By James Matthew Barrie


Title:     The Adventures of Peter Pan (Peter Pan and Wendy)
Author: James Matthew Barrie

Table of Content

1. Chapter 1 - Peter Breaks Through
2. Chapter 2 - The Shadow
3. Chapter 3 - Come Away, Come Away!
4. Chapter 4 - The Flight
5. Chapter 5 - The Island Come True
6. Chapter 6 - The Little House
7. Chapter 7 - The Home Under The Ground
8. Chapter 8 - The Mermaid's Lagoon
9. Chapter 9 - The Never Bird
10. Chapter 10 - The Happy Home
11. Chapter 11 - Wendy's Story
12. Chapter 12 - The Children Are Carried Off
13. Chapter 13 - Do You Believe In Faries?
14. Chapter 14 - The Pirate Ship
15. Chapter 15 - "Hook Or Me This Time"
16. Chapter 16 - The Return Home
17. Chapter 17 - When Wendy Grew Up

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Name: John McPartlan _____ [Date: 11/30/05]
Subject: Peter Pan comments

Review/comment: Thank you, once again, readbookonline. Your facility is wonderful and I can heartily recommend to your readers to read "Peter Pan". It is a timeless story, best shared with a younger reader for its enchantment. Only the heartless cannot shed a tear at the reading of the final lines. But do yourself a favour and take your time savouring the magic of the adventures of Wendy and her siblings. We are forever young at heart.

Name: David _____ [Date: 7/30/07]
Subject: Time flies

Review/comment: I read this at 53 years old and it must be 45 years since I either read or heard this story, so the references to forgetting and the passing of time are very much to the point.

Name: _____ [Date: 8/25/08]

Review/comment: This first chapter is awesome!!!

Name: Anonymous _____ [Date: 12/10/08]
Title: Peter..

Review/comment: I have only seen the Disney Movie when I was little and now I am in high school and for literature they required us to read this. And I think it is stunning! I wish I would have read this a little earlier. But better late than never. I am so thankful for this website as my libary didn't have it. Thank you!

Name: Amy G _____ [Date: 5/05/09]
Title: Avid book reader
Subject: How did I make it so long?

Review/comment: I don't know how I ever made it so long without reading this book! A lot of the classics have somehow passed by the way-side with the tought that I've seen this movie or that by Disney. I'm so glad the wonderful people at ReadBookOnLine.net have taken the initiative to make these available online.