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History Of Friedrich II of Prussia [Books I - XIV]

By Thomas Carlyle


Title:     History Of Friedrich II of Prussia [Books I - XIV]
Author: Thomas Carlyle

Table of Content

Book 1. Frederick The Great--Birth And Parentage--1712
1. Chapter 1. Proem: Friedrich's History From The Distance We Are At
2. Chapter 1.1. Friedrich Then, And Friedrich Now
3. Chapter 1.2. Eighteenth Century
4. Chapter 1.3. English Prepossessions
5. Chapter 1.4. Encouragements, Discouragements
6. Chapter 2. Friedrich's Birth
7. Chapter 3. Father And Mother: The Hanoverian Connection
8. Chapter 4. Father's Mother
9. Chapter 5. King Friedrich I

Book 2. Of Brandenburg And The Hohenzollerns. 928-1417
1. Chapter 1. Brannibor: Henry The Fowler
2. Chapter 2. Preussen: Saint Adalbert
3. Chapter 3. Markgraves Of Brandenburg
4. __ End Of The First Shadowy Line
5. __ Second Shadowy Line
6. __ Substantial Markgraves: Glimpse Of The Contemporary Kaisers
7. Chapter 4. Albert The Bear
8. Chapter 5. Conrad Of Hohenzollern; And Kaiser Barbarossa
9. __ Conrad Has Become Burggraf Of Nurnberg (A.D. 1170)
10. __ Of The Hohenzollern Burggraves Generally
11. Chapter 6. The Teutsch Ritters Or Teutonic Order
12. __ Head Of Teutsch Order Moves To Venice
13. __ Teutsch Order Itself Goes To Preussen
14. __ The Stuff Teutsch Ritters Were Made Of. Conrad Of Thuringen: Saint Elizabeth; Town Of Marburg
15. Chapter 7. Margraviate Of Culmbach: Baireuth, Anspach
16. __ Burggraf Friedrich 3 And The Anarchy Of Nineteen Years
17. __ Kaiser Rudolf And Burggraf Friedrich III
18. Chapter 8. Ascanier Markgraves In Brandenburg
19. __ Of Berlin City
20. __ Markgraf Otto IV., Or Otto With The Arrow
21. Chapter 9. Burggraf Friedrich IV
22. __Contested Elections In The Reich: Kaiser Albert I.; After Whom Six Non-Hapsburg Kaisers
23. __ Of Kaiser Henry VII. And The Luxemburg Kaisers
24. __ Henry's Son Johann Is King Of Bohemia; And Ludwig The Bavarian, With A Contested Election, Is Kaiser
25. Chapter 10. Brandenburg Lapses To The Kaiser
26. Chapter 11. Bayarian Kurfursts In Brandenburg
27. __ A Resuscitated Ascanier; The False Waldemar
28. __ Margaret With The Pouch-Mouth
29. Chapter 12. Brandenburg In Kaiser Karl's Time; End Of The Bavarian Kurfursts
30. __ End Of Resuscitated Waldemar; Kurfurst Ludwig Sells Out
31. __ Second, And Then Third And Last, Of The Bavarian Kurfursts In Brandenburg
32. Chapter 13. Luxemburg Kurfursts In Brandenburg
33. Chapter 14. Burggraf Friedrich VI
34. __ Sigismund Is Kurfurst Of Brandenburg, But Is King Of Hungary Also
35. __ Cousin Jobst Has Brandenburg In Pawn
36. __ Brandenburg In The Hands Of The Pawnbrokers; Rupert Of The Pfalz Is Kaiser
37. __ Sigismund, With A Struggle, Becomes Kaiser
38. __ Brandenburg Is Pawned For The Last Time
39. __ The Seven Intercalary Or Non-Hapsburg Kaisers

Book 3. The Hohenzollerns In Brandenburg. 1412-1718
1. Chapter 1. Kurfurst Friedrich I
2. Chapter 2. Matinees Du Roi De Prusse
3. Chapter 3. Kurfurst Friedrich II
4. Chapter 4. Kurfurst Albert Achilles, And His Successor
5. __ Johann The Cicero Is Fourth Kurfurst, And Leaves Two Notable Sons
6. Chapter 5. Of The Baireuth-Anspach Branch
7. __ Two Lines In Culmbach Or Baireuth-Anspach: The Gera Bond Of 1598
8. __ The Elder Line Of Culmbach: Friedrich And His Three Notable Sons There
9. __ Friedrich's Second Son, Margraf George Of Anspach
10. Chapter 6. Hochmeister Albert, Third Notable Son Of Friedrich
11. Chapter 7. Albert Alcibiades
12. Chapter 8. Historical Meaning Of The Reformation
13. Chapter 9. Kurfurst Joachim I
14. __ Of Joachim's Wife And Brother-In-Law
15. Chapter 10. Kurfurst Joachim II
16. __ Joachim Gets Co-Infeftment In Preussen
17. __ Joachim Makes "Heritage-Brotherhood" With The Duke Of Liegnitz
18. Chapter 11. Seventh Kurfurst, Johann George
19. Chapter 12. Of Albert Friedrich, The Second Duke Of Preussen
20. __ Of Duke Albert Friedrich's Marriage: Who His Wife Was, And What Her Possible Dowry
21. __ Margraf George Friedrich Comes To Preussen To Administer
22. Chapter 13. Ninth Kurfurst, Johann Sigismund
23. __ How The Cleve Heritage Dropped, And Many Sprang To Pick It Up
24. __ The Kaiser's Thoughts About It, And The World's
25. Chapter 14. Symptoms Of A Great War Coming
26. __ First Symptom; Donauworth, 1608
27. __ Second Symptom
28. __ Symptom Third: A Dinner-Scene At Dusseldorf, 1613: Spaniards And Dutch Shoulder Arms In Cleve
29. __ Symptom Fourth, And Catastrophe Upon The Heels Of It
30. __ What Became Of The Cleve-Julich Heritage, And Of The Preussen One
31. Chapter 15. Tenth Kurfurst, George Wilhelm
32. Chapter 16. Thirty-Years War
33. __ Second Act, Or Epoch, 1624-1629. A Second Uncle Put To The Ban, And Pommern Snatched Away
34. __ Third Act, And What The Kurfurst Suffered In It
35. Chapter 17. Duchy Of Jagerndorf
36. __ Duke Of Jagerndorf, Elector's Uncle, Is Put Under Ban
37. Chapter 18. Friedrich Wilhelm, The Great Kurfurst, Eleventh Of The Series
38. __ Became Of Pommern At The Peace; Final Glance Into Cleve-Julich
39. __ The Great Kurfurst's Wars: What He Achieved In War And Peace
40. Chapter 19. King Friedrich I Again
41. __ How Austria Settled The Silesian Claims
42. __ His Real Character
43. Chapter 20. Death Of King Friedrich I
44. __ The Twelve Hohenzollern Electors
45. __ Genealogical Diagram: The Two Culmbach Lines

Book 4. Friedrich's Apprenticeship, First Stage. 1713-1728
1. Chapter 1. Childhood: Double Educational Element
2. __ First Educational Element, The French One
3. Chapter 2. The German Element
4. __ Of The Dessauer, Not Yet "Old"
5. Chapter 3. Friedrich Wilhelm Is King
6. Chapter 4. His Majesty's Ways
7. Chapter 5. Friedrich Wilhelm's One War
8. __ The Devil In Harness: Creutz The Finance-Minister
9. Chapter 6. The Little Drummer
10. Chapter 7. Transit Of Czar Peter
11. Chapter 8. The Crown-Prince Is Put To His Schooling
12. Chapter 9. Wusterhausen
13. Chapter 10. The Heidelberg Protestants
14. __ Of Kur-Pfalz Karl Philip: How He Got A Wife Long Since, And Did Feats In The World
15. __ Karl Philip And His Heidelberg Protestants
16. __ Friedrich Wilhelm's Method;--Proves Remedial In Heidelberg
17. __ Prussian Majesty Has Displeased The Kaiser And The King Of Poland
18. Chapter 11. On The Crown-Prince's Progress In His Schooling
19. __ The Noltenius-And-Panzendorf Drill-Exercise
20. Chapter 12. Crown-Prince Falls Into Disfavor With Papa
21. Chapter 13. Results Of The Crown-Prince's Schooling

Book 5. Double-Marriage Project, And What Element It Fell Into. 1723-1726
1. Chapter 1. Double-Marriage Is Decided On
2. __ Queen Sophie Dorothee Has Taken Time By The Forelock
3. __ Princess Amelia Comes Into The World
4. __ Friedrich Wilhelm's Ten Children
5. Chapter 2. A Kaiser Hunting Shadows
6. __ Imperial Majesty On The Treaty Of Utrecht
7. __ Imperial Majesty Has Got Happily Wedded
8. __ Imperial Majesty And The Termagant Of Spain
9. __ Imperial Majesty's Pragmatic Sanction
10. __ Third Shadow: Imperial Majesty's Ostend Company
11. Chapter 3. The Seven Crises Or European Travail-Throes
12. __ Congress Of Cambrai
13. __ Congress Of Cambrai Gets The Floor Pulled From Under It
14. __ France And The Britannic Majesty Trim The Ship Again: How Friedrich Wilhelm Came Into It. Treaty Of Hanover, 1725
15. __ Travail-Throes Of Nature For Baby Carlos's Italian Apanage; Seven In Number
16. Chapter 4. Double-Marriage Treaty Cannot Be Signed
17. Chapter 5. Crown-Prince Goes Into The Potsdam Guards
18. __ Of The Potsdam Giants, As A Fact
19. __ Friedrich Wilhelm's Recruiting Difficulties
20. __ Queen Sophie's Troubles: Grumkow With The Old Dessauer, And Grumkow Without Him
21. Chapter 6. Ordnance-Master Seckendorf Crosses The Palace Esplanade
22. Chapter 7. Tobacco-Parliament
23. __ Of Gundling, And The Literary Men In Tobacco-Parliament
24. Chapter 8. Seckendorf's Retort To Her Majesty

Book 6. Double-Marriage Project, And Crown-Prince, Going Adrift Under The Storm-Winds. 1727-1730
1. Chapter 1. Fifth Crisis In The Kaiser's Spectre-Hunt
2. __ Crown-Prince Seen In Dryasdust's Glass, Darkly
3. Chapter 2. Death Of George I
4. __ His Prussian Majesty Falls Into One Of His Hypochondriacal Fits
5. Chapter 3. Visit To Dresden
6. __ The Physically Strong Pays His Counter-Visit
7. __ Of Princess Whilhelmina's Four Kings And Other Ineffectual Suitors
8. Chapter 4. Double-Marriage Project Is Not Dead
9. __ Crown-Prince Friedrich Writes Certain Letters
10. __ Double-Marriage Project Re-Emerges In An Official Shape
11. __ His Majesty Slaughters 3,602 Head Of Wild Swine
12. __ Falls Ill, In Consequence; And The Double-Marriage Cannot Get Forward
13. Chapter 5. Congress Of Soissons, Sixth Crisis In The Spectre-Hunt
14. Chapter 6. Imminency Of War Or Duel Between The Britannic And Prussian Majesties
15. __ Cause First: The Hanover Joint-Heritages, Which Are Not In A Liquid State
16. __ Cause Second: The Troubles Of Mecklenburg
17. __ Causes Third And Fourth:--And Cause Fifth, Worth All The Others
18. __ Troubles Of Mecklenburg, For The Last Time
19. __ One Nussler Settles The Ahlden Heritages; Sends The Money Home In Boxes
20. Chapter 7. A Marriage: Not The Double-Marriage: Crown-Prince Deep In Trouble
21. __ Crown-Prince's Domesticities Seen In A Flash Of Lightning
22. Chapter 8. Crown-Prince Getting Beyond His Depth In Trouble
23. Chapter 9. Double-Marriage Shall Be Or Shall Not Be
24. __ Wilhelmina To Be Married Out Of Hand. Crisis First: England Shall Say Yes Or Say No
25. __ Dubourgay Strikes A Light For The English Court
26. __ Wilhelmina To Be Married Out Of Hand. Crisis Second: England Shall Have Said No
27. __ Wilhelmina To Be Married Out Of Hand. Crisis Third: Majesty Himself Will Choose
28. __ How Friedrich Prince Of Baireuth Came To Be The Man, After All
29. __ Double-Marriage, On The Edge Of Shipwreck, Flies Off A Kind Of Carrier-Pigeon, Or Noah's-Dove, To England, With Cry For Help

Book 7. Fearful Shipwreck Of The Double-Marriage Project
1. Chapter 1. England Sends The Excellency Hotham To Berlin
2. __ Majesty And Crown-Prince With Him Make A Run To Dresden
3. __ How Villa Was Received In England
4. __ Excellency Hotham Arrives In Berlin
5. Chapter 2. Language Of Birds: Excellency Hotham Proves Unavailing
6. __ A Peep Into The Nosti-Grumkow Correspondence Caught Up In St. Mary Axe
7. __ The Hotham Despatches
8. __ His Majesty Gets Sight Of The St.-Mary-Axe Documents; But Nothing Follows From It
9. __ St. Peter's Church In Berlin Has An Accident
10. Chapter 3. Camp Of Radewitz
11. Chapter 4. Excellency Hotham Quits Berlin In Haste
12. Chapter 5. Journey To The Reich
13. Chapter 6. Journey Homewards From The Reich; Catastrophe On Journey Homewards
14. __ Catastrophe On Journey Homewards
15. Chapter 7. Catastrophe, And Majesty, Arrive In Berlin
16. __ Scene At Berlin On Majesty's Arrival
17. Chapter 8. Sequel To Crown-Prince And Friends
18. Chapter 9. Court-Martial On Crown-Prince And Consorts
19. __ Crown-Prince In Custrin
20. __ Sentence Of Court-Martial
21. __ Katte's End, 6th November, 1780

Book 8. Crown-Prince Reprieved: Life At Custrin
1. Chapter 1. Chaplain Muller Waits On The Crown-Prince
2. Chapter 2. Crown-Prince To Repent And Not Perish
3. __ Crown-Prince Begins A New Course
4. Chapter 3. Wilhelmina Is To Wed The Prince Of Baireuth
5. Chapter 4. Criminal Justice In Preussen And Elsewhere
6. __ Case Of Schlubhut
7. __ Case Of The Criminal-Collegium Itself
8. __ Skipper Jenkins In The Gulf Of Florida
9. __ Baby Carlos Gets His Apanage
10. Chapter 5. Interview Of Majesty And Crown-Prince At Custrin
11. __ Grumkow's "Protokoll" Of The 15th August, 1731; Or Summary Of What Took Place At Custrin That Day
12. __ Schulenburg's Three Letters To Grumkow, On Visits To The Crown-Prince, During The Custrin Time
13. __ His Majesty's Building Operations
14. Chapter 6. Wilhelmina's Wedding

Book 9. Last Stage Of Friedrich's Apprenticeship: Life In Ruppin. 1732-1736
1. Chapter 1. Princess Elizabeth Christina Of Brunswick-Bevern
2. __ Who His Majesty's Choice Is; And What The Crown-Prince Thinks Of It
3. __ Duke Of Lorraine Arrives In Potsdam And In Berlin
4. __ Betrothal Of The Crown-Prince To The Brunswick Charmer, Niece Of Imperial Majesty, Monday Evening, 10th March, 1732
5. Chapter 2. Small Incidents At Ruppin
6. Chapter 3. The Salzburgers
7. Chapter 4. Prussian Majesty Visits The Kaiser
8. Chapter 5. Ghost Of The Double-Marriage Rises; To No Purpose
9. __ Session Of Tobacco-Parliament, 6th December, 1732
10. Chapter 6. King August Meditating Great Things For Poland
11. Chapter 7. Crown-Prince's Marriage
12. Chapter 8. King August Dies; And Poland Takes Fire
13. __ Poland Has To Find A New King
14. __ Of The Candidates; Of The Conditions. How The Election Went
15. __ Poland On Fire; Dantzig Stands Siege
16. Chapter 9. Kaiser's Shadow-Hunt Has Caught Fire
17. __ Subsequent Course Of The War, In The Italian Part Of It
18. __ Course Of The War, In The German Part Of It
19. Chapter 10. Crown-Prince Goes To The Rhine Campaign
20. __ Glimpse Of Lieutenant Chasot, And Of Other Acquisitions
21. __ Crown-Prince's Visit To Baireuth On The Way Home
22. Chapter 11. In Papa's Sick-Room; Prussian Inspections: End Of War

Book 10. At Reinsberg. 1736-1740
1. Chapter 1. Mansion Of Reinsberg
2. __ Of Monsieur Jordan And The Literary Set
3. Chapter 2. Of Voltaire And The Literary Correspondences
4. Chapter 3. Crown-Prince Makes A Morning Call
5. Chapter 4. News Of The Day
6. __ Of Berg And Julich Again; And Of Luiscius With The One Razor
7. Chapter 5. Visit At Loo
8. __ Crown-Prince Becomes A Freemason; And Is Harangued By Monsieur De Bielfeld
9. __ Seckendorf Gets Lodged In Gratz
10. __ The Ear Of Jenkins Re-Emerges
11. Chapter 6. Last Year Of Reinsberg; Journey To Preussen
12. __ Pine's Horace; And The Anti-Machiavel
13. __ Friedrich In Preussen Again; At The Stud Of Trakehnen. A Tragically Great Event Coming On
14. Chapter 7. Last Year Of Reinsberg: Transit Of Baltimore And Other Persons And Things
15. __ Bielfeld, What He Saw At Reinsberg And Around
16. __ Turk War Ends; Spanish War Begins. A Wedding In Petersburg
17. Chapter 8. Death Of Friedrich Wilhelm

Book 11. Friedrich Takes The Reins In Hand. Jun.-Dec., 1740
1. Chapter 1. Phenomena Of Friedrich's Accession
2. __ Friedrich Will Make Men Happy: Corn-Magazines
3. __ Abolition Of Legal Torture
4. __ Will Have Philosophers About Him, And A Real Academy Of Sciences
5. __ And Every One Shall Get To Heaven In His Own Way
6. __ Free Press, And Newspapers The Best Instructors
7. __ Intends To Be Practical Withal, And Every Inch A King
8. __ Behavior To His Mother; To His Wife
9. __ No Change In His Father's Methods Or Ministries
10. Chapter 2. The Homagings
11. __ Friedrich Accepts The Homages, Personally, In Three Places
12. Chapter 3. Friedrich Makes An Excursion, Not Of Direct Sort Into The Cleve Countries
13. __ Friedrich Strikes Off To The Left, And Has A View Of Strasburg For Two Days
14. __ Friedrich Finds M. De Maupertuis; Not Yet M. De Voltaire
15. Chapter 4. Voltaire's First Interview With Friedrich
16. __ Particulars Of First Interview, On Severe Scrutiny
17. __ What Voltaire Thought Of The Interview Twenty Years Afterwards
18. __ What Voltaire Thought Of The Interview At The Time
19. Chapter 5. Affair Of Herstal
20. __ How The Herstallers Had Behaved To Friedrich Wilhelm
21. __ Friedrich Takes The Rod Out Of Pickle
22. __ What Voltaire Thought Of Herstal
23. Chapter 6. Returns By Hanover; Does Not Call On His Royal Uncle There
24. Chapter 7. Withdraws To Reinsberg, Hoping A Peaceable Winter
25. __ Wilhelmina's Return-Visit
26. __ Unexpected News At Reinsberg
27. Chapter 8. The Kaiser's Death
28. Chapter 9. Resolution Formed At Reinsberg In Consequence
29. __ Mystery In Berlin, For Seven Weeks, While The Preparations Go On; Voltaire Visits Friedrich To Decipher It, But Cannot
30. __ View Of Friedrich Behind The Veil
31. __ Excellency Botta Has Audience; Then Excellency Dickens, And Others: December 6th, The Mystery Is Out
32. __ Masked Ball, At Berlin, 12th-13th December

Book 12. First Silesian War, Awakening A General European One, Begins. December, 1740-May, 1741
1. Chapter 1. Of Schlesien, Or Silesia
2. __ Historical Epochs Of Schlesien;--After The Quads And Marchmen
3. Chapter 2. Friedrich Marches On Glogau
4. __ Friedrich At Crossen, And Still In His Own Territory, 14th-16th December;--Steps Into Schlesien
5. __ What Glogau, And The Government At Breslau, Did Upon It
6. __ March To Weichau (Saturday, 17th, And Stay Sunday There); To Milkau (monday, 19th); Get To Herrendorf, Within Sight Of Glogau, December 22d
7. Chapter 3. Problem Of Glogau
8. __ What Berlin Is Saying; What Friedrich Is Thinking
9. __ Jordan To The King (successively From Berlin,--Somewhat Abridged.)
10. __ Schwerin At Liegnitz; Friedrich Hushes Up The Glogau Problem, And Starts With His Best Speed For Breslau
11. Chapter 4. Breslau Under Soft Pressure
12. __ King Enters Breslaw; Stays There, Gracious And Vigilant, Four Days (jan. 2d-6th, 1741)
13. Chapter 5. Friedrich Pushes Forward Towards Brieg And Neisse
14. __ Friedrich Comes Across To Ottmachau; Sits There, In Survey Of Neisse, Till His Cannon Come
15. Chapter 6. Neisse Is Bombarded
16. __ Browne Vanishes In A Slight Flash Of Fire
17. Chapter 7. At Versailles, The Most Christian Majesty Changes His Shirt, And Belleisle Is Seen With Papers
18. __ Of Belleisle And His Plans
19. Chapter 8. Phenomena In Petersburg
20. Chapter 9. Friedrich Returns To Silesia
21. __ Skirmish Of Baumgarten, 27th February, 1741
22. __ Aspects Of Breslau
23. __ Austria Is Standing To Arms
24. __ The Young Dessauer Captures Glogau (March 9th); The Old Dessauer, By His Camp Of Gottin (April 2d), Checkmates Certain Designing Persons
25. __ Friedrich Takes The Field, With Some Pomp; Goes Into The Mountains,--But Comes Fast Back
26. Chapter 10. Battle Of Mollwitz
27. __ Of Friedrich's Disappearance Into Fairyland, In The Interim; And Of Maupertuis's Similar Adventure
28. Chapter 11. The Bursting Forth Of Bedlams: Belleisle And The Breakers Of Pragmatic Sanction
29. __ Who Was To Blame For The Austrian-Succession War?
30. __ How Belleisle Made Visit To Teutschland; And There Was No Fit Henry The Fowler To Welcome Him
31. __ Downbreak Of Pragmatic Sanction; Manner Of The Chief Artists In Handling Their Covenants
32. __ Concerning The Imperial Election (Kaiserwahl) That Is To Be: Candidates For Kaisership
33. __ Teutschland To Be Carved Into Something Of Symmetry, Should The Belleisle Enterprises Succeed
34. __ Belleisle On Visit To Friedrich; Sees Friedrich Besiege Brieg, With Effect
35. Chapter 12. Sorrows Of His Britannic Majesty
36. __ No. 1. Snatch Of Parliamentary Eloquence By Mr. Viner (19th April, 1741)
37. __ No. 2. Constitutional Historian On The Phenomenon Of Walpole In England
38. __No. 3. Of The Spanish War, Or The Jenkins's-Ear Question
39. __ Succinct History Of The Spanish War, Which Began In 1739; And Ended--When Did It End?
40. Chapter 13. Small-War: First Emergence Of Ziethen The Hussar General Into Notice

Book 13. First Silesian War, Leaving The General European One Ablaze All Round, Gets Ended. May, 1741-July, 1742
1. Chapter 1. Britannic Majesty As Paladin Of The Pragmatic
2. __ Cunctations, Yet Incessant And Ubiquitous Endeavorings, Of His Britannic Majesty (1741-1743)
3. Chapter 2. Camp Of Strehlen
4. __ Excellency Hyndford Has His First Audience (Camp Of Mollwitz, May 7th); And Friedrich Makes A Most Important Treaty,--Not With Hyndford
5. __ Excellency Robinson Busy In The Vienna Hofrath Circles, To Produce A Compliance
6. __ Excellency Robinson Has Audience Of Friedrich (Camp Of Strehlen, 7th August, 1741)
7. Chapter 3. Grand Review At Strehlen: Neipperg Takes Aim At Breslau, But Another Hits It
8. Chapter 4. Friedrich Takes The Field Again, Intent On Having Neisse
9. Chapter 5. Klein-Schnellendorf: Friedrich Gets Neisse, In A Fashion
10. __ Excellency Hyndford Brings About A Meeting At Klein-Schnellendorf (9th October, 1741)
11. __ Friedrich Takes Neisse By Sham Siege (Capture Not Sham); Gets Homaged In Breslau; And Returns To Berlin
12. Chapter 6. New Mayor Of Landshut Makes An Installation Speech
13. Chapter 7. Friedrich Purposes To Mend The Klein-Schnellendorf Failure: Fortunes Of The Belleisle Armament
14. __ The French Safe In Prag; Kaiserwahl Just Coming On
15. __ Broglio Has A Bivouac Of Pisek; Khevenhuller Looks In Upon The Donau Conquests
16. Chapter 8. Friedrich Starts For Moravia, On A New Scheme He Has
17. Chapter 9. Wilhelmina Goes To See The Gayeties At Frankfurt
18. __ Wilhelmina At The Coronation
19. __ The Duchess Dowager Of Wurtemberg, Returning From Berlin Favors Us With Another Visit
20. Chapter 10. Friedrich Does His Moravian Expedition Which Proves A Mere Moravian Foray
21. __ Iglau Is Got, But Not The Magazine At Iglau
22. __ The Saxons Think Iglau Enough; The French Go Home
23. __ Friedrich Submerges The Moravian Countries; But Cannot Brunn, Which Is The Indispensable Point
24. __ The Saxons Have No Cannon For Brunn; High Resolution Taken At Vienn: Friedrich Quits The Moravian Enterprise
25. Chapter 11. Nussler In Neisse, With The Old Dessauer And Walrave
26. __ How Nussler Happened To Be In Neisse, May, 1742
27. Chapter 12. Prince Karl Does Come On
28. Chapter 13. Battle Of Chotusitz
29. Chapter 14. Peace Of Breslau

Book 14. The Surrounding European War Does Not End. August, 1742-July, 1744
1. Chapter 1. Friedrich Resumes His Peaceable Pursuits
2. __ Settles The Silesian Boundaries, The Silesian Arrangements; With Manifest Profit To Silesia And Himself
3. __ Opening Of The Opera-House At Berlin
4. __ Friedrich Takes The Waters At Aachen, Where Voltaire Comes To See Him
5. Chapter 2. Austrian Affairs Are On The Mounting Hand
6. __War-phenomena In The Western Parts: King George Tries, A Second Time, To Draw His Sword; Tugs At It Violently, For Seven Months (February-October, 1742)
7. __ How Duc D'harcourt, Advancing To Reinforce The Oriflamme, Had To Split Himself In Two; And Become An "Army Of Bavaria," To Little Effect
8. __ How Belleisle, Returning From Dresden Without Co-Operation Found The Attack Had Been Done. Prag Expecting Siege
9. __ Concerning The Italian War Which Simultaneously Went On, All Along
10. __ Scene, Roads Of Cadiz, October, 1741: By What Astonishing Artifice This Italian War Did, At Length, Get Begun
11. __ Other Scene, Bay Of Naples, 19th-20th August, 1742: King Of Two Sicilies (Baby Carlos That Was), Having Been Assisting Mamma, Is Obliged To Become Neutral In The Italian War
12. __ The Siege Of Prag Contimes. A Grand Sally There
13. __ Maillebois Marches, With An "Army Of Redemption", To Relieve Prag; Joined By The Comte De Saxe; Above 50000 Strong
14. __ Prince Karl And The Grand-Duke, Hearing Of Maillebois, Go To Meet Him (September 14th); And The Siege Of Prag Is Raised
15. __ Maillebois Army Of Redemption Cannot Redeem At All;--Has To Stagger Southward Again; And Becomes An "Army Of Bavaria," Under Broglio
16. __ Voltaire Has Been On Visit At Aachen, In The Interim,--His Third Visit To King Friedrich
17. __ Three Letters Of Voltaire, Dated Brussels, 10th Sept. 1742
18. Chapter 3. Carnival Phenomena In War-Time
19. __ Retreat From Prag; Army Of The Oriflamme, Bohemian Section Bohemian Section Of It, Makes Exit
20. __ A Glance At Vienna, And Then At Berlin
21. __ Voltaire, At Paris, Is Made Immortal By A Kiss
22. Chapter 4. Austrian Affairs Mount To A Dangerous Height
23. __ Britannic Majesty, With Sword Actually Drawn, Has Marched Meanwhile To The Frankfurt Countries, As "Pragmatic Army;" Ready For Battle And Treaty Alike
24. __ Friedrich Has Objections To Pragmatic Army. Of Friedrich's Many Endeavors To Quench This War, By "Union Of Independent German Princes"
25. Chapter 5. Britannic Majesty Fights His Battle Of Dettingen; And Becomes Supreme Jove Of Germany, In A Manner
26. __ Battle Of Dettingen
27. __ Britannic Majesty Holds His Conferences Of Hanau
28. __ Hungarian Majesty Answers, In The Diet, That French Declaration, "Make Peace, Good People; I Wish To Be Out Of It!"--In An Ominous Manner
29. __ Britannic Majesty Goes Home
30. Chapter 6. Voltaire Visits Friedrich For The Fourth Time
31. __ Friedrich Visits Baireuth: On A Particular Errand;--Voltaire Attending, And Privately Reporting
32. Chapter 7. Friedrich Makes Treaty With France; And Silently Gets Ready
33. Chapter 8. Perfect Peace At Berlin, War All Round
34. __ The Succession In Russia, And Also In Sweden, Shall Not Be Hostile To Us: Two Royal Marriages, A Russian And A Swedish, Are Accomplished At Berlin, With Such View
35. __ Glance At The Belligerent Powers; Britannic Majesty Narrowly Misses An Invasion That Might Have Been Dangerous
36. __ The Young Duke Of Wurtemberg Gets A Valedictory Advice; And Pollnitz A Ditto Testimonial (February 6th; April 1st, 1744)
37. __ Two Conquests For Prussia, A Gaseous And A Solid: Conquest First, Barberina The Dancer
38. __ Conquest Second Is Ost-Friesland, Of A Solid Nature

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