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Asiatic Breezes: Students on The Wing

By Oliver Optic


Title:     Asiatic Breezes: Students on The Wing
Author: Oliver Optic

Table of Content

1. Chapter 1. Preparing To Outwit The Enemy
2. Chapter 2. Harmony Disturbed, But Happily Restored
3. Chapter 3. A Momentous Secret Revealed
4. Chapter 4. The Position Of The Three Steamers
5. Chapter 5. Louis Belgrave Has Some Misgivings
6. Chapter 6. A Stormy Night Run To Cape Arnauti
7. Chapter 7. The Belligerent Commander Of The Maud
8. Chapter 8. The Lecture On The Island Of Cyprus
9. Chapter 9. A Most Impudent Proposition
10. Chapter 10. "Just Before The Battle, Mother"
11. Chapter 11. An Expedient To Escape The Enemy
12. Chapter 12. The Battle Fought, The Victory Won
13. Chapter 13. The Catastrophe To The Fatime
14. Chapter 14. The Consultation In The Pilot-House
15. Chapter 15. The Arrival Of The Guardian-Mother
16. Chapter 16. The Report Of The Battle Of Khrysoko
17. Chapter 17. The Inside History Of The Voyage
18. Chapter 18. A Brief History Of The Suez Canal
19. Chapter 19. The Journey Of The Children Of Israel
20. Chapter 20. The Last Of Captain Mazagan
21. Chapter 21. The Conference On The Suez Canal
22. Chapter 22. The Canal And Its Suggestions
23. Chapter 23. The Mysterious Arab In A New Suit
24. Chapter 24. The Toy Of The Transit Manager
25. Chapter 25. A Visit To The Springs Of Moses
26. Chapter 26. The Various Routes To Mount Sinai
27. Chapter 27. The Conference On The Promenade
28. Chapter 28. The Ancient Kingdoms Of The World
29. Chapter 29. View Of Mount Sinai In The Distance
30. Chapter 30. Some Account Of Mohammed The Prophet
31. Chapter 31. The Rise And Progress Of Islamism
32. Chapter 32. The Agent Of The Parsee Merchants
33. Chapter 33. A Disappointment To Captain Scott
34. Chapter 34. The Suspicious White Steamer At Aden
35. Chapter 35. General Newry's Magnificent Yacht
36. Chapter 36. An Almost Miraculous Conversion

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