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A Monk of Fife

By Andrew Lang


Title:     A Monk of Fife
Author: Andrew Lang

Table of Content

1. Chapter I - How This Book Was Written, And How Norman Leslie Fled Out Of Fife
2. Chapter II - How Norman Leslie Met Noiroufle THE Cordelier, Called Brother Thomas In Religion: And Of Miracles Wrought By Brother Thomas
3. Chapter III - What Befell Outside Of Chinon Town
4. Chapter IV - In What Company Norman Leslie Entered Chinon; And How He Demeaned Himself To Take Service
5. Chapter V - Of The Fray On The Drawbridge At Chinon Castle
6. Chapter VI - How Norman Leslie Escaped Out Of Chinon Castle
7. Chapter VII - Concerning The Wrath Of Elliot, And The Jeopardy Of Norman Leslie
8. Chapter VIII - Of Certain Quarrels That Came On The Hands Of Norman Leslie
9. Chapter IX - Of The Winning Of Elliot
10. Chapter X - How Norman Leslie Was Out Of All Comfort
11. Chapter XI - How Madame Catherine Of Fierbois Wrought A Miracle For A Scot, Ang How Norman Rode To The Wars
12. Chapter XII - How The Maid Came To Orleans, And Of The Dolorous Stroke That First She Struck In War
13. Chapter XIII - Of The Fighting At Les Augustins And The Prophecy OF The Maid
14. Chapter XIV - Of The Fighting At The Bridge, And Of The Prize Won By Norman Leslie From The River
15. Chapter XV - How Norman Leslie Was Absolved By Brother Thomas
16. Chapter XVI - How Sorrow Came On Norman Leslie, And Joy Thereafter
17. Chapter XVII - How Elliot Lost Her Jackanapes
18. Chapter XVIII - How Elliot's Jackanapes Was Seen At The King's Crowning
19. Chapter XIX - How Norman Leslie Rode Again To The Wars
20. Chapter XX - Concerning The Maid And The Birds
21. Chapter XXI - How A Hundred Scots Set Forth To Take Paris Town
22. Chapter XXII - How Norman Leslie Fared In Paris Town
23. Chapter XXIII - How Elliot's Jackanapes Came Home
24. Chapter XXIV - How The Maid Heard Ill Tidings From Her Voices, And Of The Silence Of The Birds
25. Chapter XXV - Of The Onfall At Pont L'eveque, And How Norman Leslie Was Hurt
26. Chapter XXVI - How, And By Whose Device, The Maid Was Taken At Compiegne
27. Chapter XXVII - How Norman Leslie Fared In Compiegne, With The End Of that Leaguer
28. Chapter XXVIII - How The Burgundians Hunted Hares, With The End Of That Hunting
29. Chapter XXIX - showeth How Very Noble Was The Duke Of Burgundy
30. Chapter XXX - How Norman Leslie Took Service With The English
31. Chapter XXXI - How Norman Leslie Saw The Maid In Her Prison
32. Chapter XXXII - The End Of This Chronicle
33. Appendix A - Norman's Miracle
34. Appendix B - Elliot's Ring
35. Footnotes

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