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Mother Carey's Chicken: Her Voyage to the Unknown Isle

By George Manville Fenn


Title:     Mother Carey's Chicken: Her Voyage to the Unknown Isle
Author: George Manville Fenn

Table of Content

1. Chapter 1. How Mark Strong Wanted To Go
2. Chapter 2. How Billy Widgeon Brought A Letter
3. Chapter 3. How First-Mate Gregory Did Not Like Dogs
4. Chapter 4. How There Was An Unwelcome Passenger
5. Chapter 5. How Bruff Showed He Had A Nose
6. Chapter 6. How Mark Strong Made Friends
7. Chapter 7. How Mark Had A Surprise
8. Chapter 8. How Captain Jack Came On Deck
9. Chapter 9. How The Stowaway Stowed Himself
10. Chapter 10. How Bruff Sounded The Alarm
11. Chapter 11. How Jack Proved To Be An Impostor
12. Chapter 12. How Mark First Tasted Jungle
13. Chapter 13. How There Was A Startling Surprise
14. Chapter 14. How The Major Showed Himself To Be A Man O' War
15. Chapter 15. How The Crew Of The "Black Petrel" Were In Sore Straits
16. Chapter 16. How Mark Passed A Bad Night
17. Chapter 17. How Men Fight For Life
18. Chapter 18. How The Major Gave His Advice
19. Chapter 19. How There Was Another Enemy To Fight
20. Chapter 20. How They Fell In With Greater Peril
21. Chapter 21. How Help Came In Time Of Need
22. Chapter 22. How The Watch Heard A Noise
23. Chapter 23. How Billy Widgeon Was Damped
24. Chapter 24. How Mark Strong Passed A Bad Night
25. Chapter 25. How The Awful Roar Was Canvassed
26. Chapter 26. How Mark And The Major Saw Signs
27. Chapter 27. How Mark Encountered A Savage
28. Chapter 28. How Mark Found Something That Was Not Game
29. Chapter 29. How Jack Did Not Appreciate A Storm
30. Chapter 30. How Mark Saw The Sea-Serpent
31. Chapter 31. How They Entered Crater Bay
32. Chapter 32. How That Fish Meant Mischief, And Became Meat
33. Chapter 33. How The Circumnavigators Rested And Heard News
34. Chapter 34. How Billy Widgeon Went Somewhere
35. Chapter 35. How The Sulphur Cavern Was Found
36. Chapter 36. How Mark And Billy Widgeon Went Wrong
37. Chapter 37. How Mark Sought The Clue
38. Chapter 38. How Mark And Billy Found A Strange Bed
39. Chapter 39. How The Roaring Spot Was Found
40. Chapter 40. How The Roar Proved To Be--A Roar
41. Chapter 41. How There Was No Peace On The Beautiful Isle
42. Chapter 42. How They Struggled To Crater Bay
43. Chapter 43. How Hope Revived Like A Sunshine Gleam
44. Chapter 44. How Matters Got To The Worst
45. Chapter 45. How Nature Seemed A Foe
46. Chapter 46. How Safety Was Won
47. Chapter 47. How They Sought Mother Carey's Chicken, And She Was Gone

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