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Rivers of Ice

By R. M. Ballantyne


Title:     Rivers of Ice
Author: R. M. Ballantyne

Table of Content

1. Chapter 1. The Rover's Return
2. Chapter 2. The Seaman Takes The "Cabin" By Surprise And Storm
3. Chapter 3. Difficulties Among The Social Summits
4. Chapter 4. Shows How The Captain Came To An Anchor...
5. Chapter 5. In Which Several Important Matters Are Arranged...
6. Chapter 6. A Lesson Taught And Learned
7. Chapter 7. The Great White Mountain
8. Chapter 8. Introduces The Reader To Various Personages...
9. Chapter 9. A Solid Stream
10. Chapter 10. The First Excursion
11. Chapter 11. The Pursuit Of Science Under Difficulties
12. Chapter 12. In Which Gillie Is Sagacious, An Excursion Is Undertaken...
13. Chapter 13. Shows What Dangers May Be Encountered In The Pursuit Of Art And Science
14. Chapter 14. The Grand Ascent Begun
15. Chapter 15. The Grand Ascent Continued And Completed
16. Chapter 16. Tells How Lewis Distinguished Himself
17. Chapter 17. Danger And Death On The Glacier
18. Chapter 18. A Mystery Cleared Up
19. Chapter 19. Mountaineering In General
20. Chapter 20. Records A Serious Event
21. Chapter 21. Down In The Moraine At Last
22. Chapter 22. Mysterious Proceedings Of The Captain And Gillie
23. Chapter 23. The Captain Surprises His Friends In Various Ways...
24. Chapter 24. In Which Tremendous Forces Come To The Captain's Aid
25. Chapter 25. An Unexpected Gem Found
26. Chapter 26. The Denouement
27. Chapter 27. The Last

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