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Red Rooney: The Last of the Crew

By R. M. Ballantyne


Title:     Red Rooney: The Last of the Crew
Author: R. M. Ballantyne

Table of Content

1. Chapter 1. The Last Of The Crew
2. Chapter 2. Describes A Rescue And A Happy Family
3. Chapter 3. Our Hero And His Friends Become Familiar
4. Chapter 4. Okiok Becomes Simple But Deep...
5. Chapter 5. Plots And Counter-Plots Already
6. Chapter 6. Angut And Rooney Hold Converse On Many Things
7. Chapter 7. Treats Of Cross-Purposes And Difficulties
8. Chapter 8. Mrs. Okiok's Little Evening Party
9. Chapter 9. Shows That The Wise Are A Match For The Wicked, And Exhibits Tumbler And Pussi In Danger
10. Chapter 10. Red Rooney Becomes A Spectacle And Then A President
11. Chapter 11. The Hairy Ones Feast...
12. Chapter 12. Combines Story-Telling...
13. Chapter 13. Mischief Hatching
14. Chapter 14. Solemn And Mysterious Doings Are Brought To A Violent Close
15. Chapter 15. A Great Singing Duel Interrupted By A Catastrophe
16. Chapter 16. The Rebellion Of The Worm...
17. Chapter 17. Tells Of Despair And A Wild Pursuit
18. Chapter 18. A Terrible Encounter...
19. Chapter 19. Spring Returns--Kayak Evolutions...
20. Chapter 20. The Chase Continued And Disastrously Interrupted
21. Chapter 21. Shows A Gloomy Prospect...
22. Chapter 22. A Brief But Singular Voyage...
23. Chapter 23. Describes A Most Amazing Surprise, And Treats Of Hans Egede
24. Chapter 24. Escape From Present Danger...
25. Chapter 25. The Eskimo Encampment...
26. Chapter 26. Tells Of Men Whose Actions End In Smoke...
27. Chapter 27. A Strange Meeting Strangely Interrupted
28. Chapter 28. A Capture, Flight, Surprise, And Rescue
29. Chapter 29. Conclusion

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