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The San Francisco calamity by earthquake and fire

By Charles Morris


Title:     The San Francisco calamity by earthquake and fire
Author: Charles Morris

Table of Content

1. Chapter 1. San Francisco And Its Terrific Earthquake
2. Chapter 2. The Demon Of Fire Invades The Stricken City
3. Chapter 3. Fighting The Flames With Dynamite
4. Chapter 4. The Reign Of Destruction And Devastation
5. Chapter 5. The Panic Flight Of A Homeless Host
6. Chapter 6. Facing Famine And Praying For Relief
7. Chapter 7. The Frightful Loss Of Life And Wealth
8. Chapter 8. Wonderful Record Of Thrilling Escapes
9. Chapter 9. Disaster Spreads Over The Golden State
10. Chapter 10. All America And Canada To The Rescue
11. Chapter 11. San Francisco Of The Past
12. Chapter 12. Life In The Metropolis Of The Pacific
13. Chapter 13. Plans To Rebuild San Francisco
14. Chapter 14. The Earthquake Wave Felt Round The Earth
15. Chapter 15. Vesuvius Devastates The Region Of Naples
16. Chapter 16. The Great Lisbon And Calabrian Earthquakes
17. Chapter 17. The Charleston And Other Earthquakes Of The United States
18. Chapter 18. The Volcano And The Earthquake, Earth's Demons Of Destruction
19. Chapter 19. Theories Of Volcanic And Earthquake Action
20. Chapter 20. The Active Volcanoes Of The Earth
21. Chapter 21. The Famous Vesuvius And The Destruction Of Pompeii
22. Chapter 22. Eruptions Of Vesuvius, Etna And Stromboli
23. Chapter 23. Skaptar Jokull And Hecla, The Great Icelandic Volcanoes
24. Chapter 24. Volcanoes Of The Philippines And Other Pacific Islands
25. Chapter 25. The Wonderful Hawaiian Craters And Kilauea's Lake Of Fire
26. Chapter 26. Popocatapetl And Other Volcanoes Of Mexico And Central America
27. Chapter 27. The Terrible Eruption Of Krakatoa
28. Chapter 28. Mount Pelee And Its Harvest Of Death
29. Chapter 29. St. Vincent Island And Mont Soufriere In 1812
30. Chapter 30. Submarine Volcanoes And Their Work Of Island Building
31. Chapter 31. Mud Volcanoes, Geysers, And Hot Springs

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