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The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana

By Vatsyayana


Title:     The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana
Author: Vatsyayana

Table of Content


Part 1. The Vatsyayana Sutra
1. Chapter 1. Introductory Preface
2. Chapter 2. On The Acquisition Of Dharma, Artha And Kama
3. Chapter 3. On The Arts And Sciences To Be Studied
4. Chapter 4. The Life Of A Citizen
5. Chapter 5. About The Kinds Of Women Resorted To By The Citizens...

Part 2. Of Sexual Union
1. Chapter 1. Kinds Of Sexual Union
2. Chapter 2. Of The Embrace
3. Chapter 3. On Kissing
4. Chapter 4. On Pressing, Or Marking, Or Scratching With The Nails
5. Chapter 5. On Biting, And The Means To Be Employed...
6. Chapter 6. Of The Different Ways Of Lying Down...
7. Chapter 7. Of The Various Modes Of Striking...
8. Chapter 8. About Women Acting The Part Of A Man...
9. Chapter 11. Of The Auparishtaka Or Mouth Congress
10. Chapter 10. Of The Way How To Begin And How To End...

Part 3. About The Acquisition Of A Wife
1. Chapter 1. On Marriage
2. Chapter 2. Of Creating Confidence In The Girl
3. Chapter 3. On Courtship...
4. Chapter 4. About Things To Be Done Only By The Man...
5. Chapter 5. On Certain Forms Of Marriage

Part 4. About A Wife
1. Chapter 1. On The Manner Of Living Of A Virtuous Woman...
2. Chapter 2. On The Conduct Of The Elder Wife Towards The Other Wives...

Part 5. About The Wives Of Other Men
1. Chapter 1. Of The Characteristics Of Men And Women
2. Chapter 2. About Making Acquaintance With The Woman...
3. Chapter 3. Examination Of The State Of A Woman's Mind
4. Chapter 4. About The Business Of A Go-Between
5. Chapter 5. About The Love Of Persons In Authority...
6. Chapter 6. About The Women Of The Royal Harem...

Part 6. About Courtesans
1. Introductory Remarks
2. Chapter 1. Of The Causes Of A Courtesan Resorting To Men...
3. Chapter 2. Of Living Like A Wife
4. Chapter 3. Of The Means Of Getting Money...
5. Chapter 4. About Re-Union With A Former Lover
6. Chapter 5. Of Different Kinds Of Gain
7. Chapter 6. Of Gains And Losses...

Part 7. About The Means Of Attracting Others To Yourself
1. Chapter 1. On Personal Adornment...
2. Chapter 2. Of The Ways Of Exciting Desire...

1. Concluding Remarks

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