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A poem by James Avis Bartley

Adieu To Emory

Title:     Adieu To Emory
Author: James Avis Bartley [More Titles by Bartley]

Adieu to thee, Emory! adieu to thee now!
There is grief in my spirit, there's gloom on my brow,
I have left the sweet scenes where I knelt at thy shrine,
O Learning! thy wreath with my name to entwine.

Adieu to the scenes where, when study was o'er,
And the toil of the mind was remembered no more;
I roamed o'er the mountains, forgetful, afar,
'Neath the light of the beautiful Evening Star.

Like the light of that star--like a splendor on high--
Like a Heavenly Dream that was born in the sky--
Bright Poesy burst on my pathway even there,
And a rainbow of Beauty encircled the air.

Ah! she shone with a brilliance more dazzling and strong,
Than e'er to a child of the earth could belong;
And her pinions that waved through the rose-scented air,
Had a tint that was brighter than thought can declare.

Yet adieu to thee, Emory,--thy scenes I regret;
In a far distant scene, I may think of them yet;
Fond Fancy may roam o'er thy mountains again,
And love them as freshly and warmly as then.

Yet, the tears gush unbidden, when breathing adieu,--
With the change of our years, our hearts are changed too!
And, haply, the world, with its coldness, will chill
My feelings at length, as bleak winter the rill.

Adieu to thy scenes, adieu to thee now!
There is grief in my spirit--there is gloom on my brow--
Though Fancy may paint all thy beauty once more,
The days that have flitted, she cannot restore.

[The end]
James Avis Bartley's poem: Adieu To Emory