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A poem by Jared Barhite

My Room In Boyhood's Days

Title:     My Room In Boyhood's Days
Author: Jared Barhite [More Titles by Barhite]

After forty years.

Sacred these walls wherein I find
Myself inclosed once more;
Here in youth's pride my ardent mind
On nightly tasks would pore.

Sweet were these tasks, for mental power
Comes with each duty done;
And ray of light charmed midnight's hour
When thought its victory won.

Oft did the battle seem severe,
Sometimes defeat seemed nigh,
But pride and love must persevere
When all our powers we try.

Struggles bring a development
That will not brook defeat;
Within us dwells an element
That makes just contest sweet.

If barriers in our mental path
Stand like a sullen foe,
Summon the soul, in righteous wrath
Strike a decisive blow,

And spare not till the victory
Puts ignorance to flight;
And let the battle-cry e'er be
Science and Truth and Right!

Such victories, when fairly won,
Put slaughter's field to shame,
And Honor's self shall place upon
Such victors, wreaths of fame.

O happy hours within these walls,
But happier far to me
Is the expanded mind which calls
Deep thought, best liberty.

That mental power which sees the world
As beauty, grace, and art,
Wherein God's loveliness unfurled,
Speaks to a living heart,

And leads it tenderly to see
The harmony of laws
Which unifies immensity,
And tells of the First Cause,

Yields greater solace, richer lore,
Than books alone can give;
For mind and soul form the great power
By which we act and live.

The wealth that dignifies mankind
Is not in bonds and stocks,
But in rich thoughts, noble, refined,
Needing no bars nor locks.

When man for manhood more shall strive,
And less for greed and gain,
The humble poor may nobly live,
And feel not hunger's pain.

These walls are sacred unto me,
For thought here learned to soar
And build the ark of liberty
I love, exalt, adore.

[The end]
Jared Barhite's poem: My Room In Boyhood's Days