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A poem by Jared Barhite

Lake George, N. Y.

Title:     Lake George, N. Y.
Author: Jared Barhite [More Titles by Barhite]

Beautiful, beautiful Horicon!
Over thy waters so blue,
Sunshine and shadow in silence flit on,
Painting fresh scenes on the ecstatic view.

Blue are the skies that kiss the green tops
Of sentinel mountains grand,
Pure are the waters descending in drops,
Or rushing in torrents from mountain to strand.

Like emerald crowns thy islands rise,
And mirrored back are doubly seen
Gray rocks of the mountains, the cloud-flecked skies,
Gorgeous adornments, and fringes of green.

Silent and wild are the fairy shores
Save song of the warbling bird,
Or the glen wherein the cataract roars,
Or the pine tree's branch by strong breezes stirred.

When sunset purples the dark ravine
And throws crimson on thy breast,
Soft-tinged are the hues that e'er lie between
Thy shores and the peaks that rise in the west.

I see in my fancy days long past,
I hear the brave soldier's song,
The bugle that summoned hosts at its blast,
Whose notes died in echoes the green shores along.

I see in the past ten-thousand oars,
And a thousand boats so grand,
As they leave the marge of thy southern shores
To meet the French foes of Montcalm's command.

I see Abercrombie grandly brave
With his fifteen thousand men,
Glide swiftly, silently over the wave
To contest from which many came not again.

Beautiful, beautiful Horicon!
How changed is the scene to-day,
The pageant of war and carnage is gone
Thy waters now bear the light-hearted and gay.

* * * * *

Who loves devoutly Nature wild,
And sees in her a Master's hand,
Will seldom be a wayward child
Though foul temptations round him stand.
Magnetic forces draw him back
From following low and slavish ways,
His soul revolts at the attack
That foe of Nature--Vice, displays.

[The end]
Jared Barhite's poem: Lake George, N. Y.