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A poem by Jared Barhite

The Tree Of State

Title:     The Tree Of State
Author: Jared Barhite [More Titles by Barhite]

[The Maple was chosen by vote of the children in the schools of N. Y. State as the State Tree, and the Rose as the State Flower. Nature's Tribute, The Rose, and The Golden Rod were written at the request of the State Department of Public Instruction of N. Y. and sent to the schools of the State for Arbor Day use. Nature's Tribute was set to music.]

Tree of our state and emblem of neatness,
Beauty and grace abide in thy form;
Not in thy blood alone courses a sweetness,
Thy ev'ry unfolding is suavity born.

Down in the vale where cowslips are growing,
Where violets breathe thro' sweet scented lips,
Where brook o'er the bright pebbly bottom is flowing,
And bee of the nectar of columbine sips.

A monarch it stands of regnative power,
In a graceful symmetrical pose;
Whose arms weave a fairy, majestical bower
Where wood-nymphs their beauty disclose.

Its beautiful leaf of silvery sheen,
And the grandeur it gives to the grove,
Proclaim to th' world it of forest is queen,
And most worthy our heart's purest love.

Honor we maple as type of all neatness,
Yielding protection, beauty, and grace;
None of its rivals boast of such sweetness,
None can in typical form fill its place.

May th' state be as pure in motive and plan,
As the maple from evil is free.
May every son of the state, as a man
Take his type from the pure maple tree.

Then hale be the state, and hail to the tree!
And each halo of glory shall last
Till from all tumult our state will be free,
And no stain on her honor be cast.

This tree be our care, our state's honored prize.
May virtue and glory assemble,
And bid every man in dignity rise
Till the tree of our state he resemble.

[The end]
Jared Barhite's poem: Tree Of State