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A poem by Jared Barhite

The Difference

Title:     The Difference
Author: Jared Barhite [More Titles by Barhite]

I have scanned the roll of teachers,
Have noted the Aarons and Hurs
Who have stayed education's Moses,
And removed the cumbrous bars
That environed its anxious spirit,
And bowed down its life with cares.

I have counted them all over,
Have analyzed heart and brain,
Have watched them in daily labor
That I might some key obtain
To unlock the magical power,
By which some supremely reign.

I have listened with ear enraptured,
Have caught the gleam of the eye,
Have felt the glow of emotion
When bright corruscations fly
From mental touch and fervor,
That prompted others to try.

The soul knows no fire so warming,
No light so fervent and true,
As the glow of the living presence
Of one of the noble few
Who counts her pain but pleasure,
If good she may only do.

A teacher who knows her subjects
And has much of didactic art,
Will present the truths of science
To the youthful mind and heart,
In ways so apt and skillful
They will never more depart,

But will gather strength and beauty
With every day and hour,
Until they become a fortress--
An irresistible power
To dispel the gloom of doubting
That oft o'er the mind may lower.

No truth is learned by mere telling,
The mind must conceive and apply;
There is inspiration, knowledge,
In one's own discovery
That lead to efforts and struggles
For a greater mastery.

Herein lies the power of teaching:
A systemized method to do
That reaches the understanding,
And leads on to fields anew,
Where Thought shall be the head master,
And Truth shall Error subdue;

A heart that is wholly given
To leading the youthful mind,
To discover the powers and virtues
They within themselves shall find,
And mould them into actions
Progressive, strong, refined;

A spirit that sees in the being
A gift from God unto man,
That must live on thro' all ages,
Though influenced by some plan
That here has been determined,
But God shall hereafter scan;

A tongue that is but the voicing
Of a heart aflame with its cause,
That speaks of science and morals
From a knowledge of their laws;
That speeds the true and worthy,
But bids all deception pause;

A judgment so wisely balanced
As to know what must be done
To avoid the indiscretions
Into which so many run,
Of telling, instead of leading,
Till the victory has been won.

* * * * *

In reckoning the moral stock
Of any man or woman,
It is but right to recollect
That all of us are human;
If heart be true, the body frail,
And honestly he's striven,
Tho' oft a brother's plans may fail,
He ought to be forgiven.

[The end]
Jared Barhite's poem: Difference