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A poem by Jared Barhite

The Teacher's Soliloquy

Title:     The Teacher's Soliloquy
Author: Jared Barhite [More Titles by Barhite]

And so another week has gone,
And I once more am left alone
Within my silent room;
My mind is worn by fervent care,
And, languishing, it needs repair
For duties yet to come.

From all the cares which come on me
I cannot be entirely free
Thro' all this mortal life;
But cares imported from abroad
Make much more ponderous the load,
And cause more bitter strife.

With patient labor, day by day,
I work along this toilsome way
Intent on doing good;
My pupils' hearts I would inspire
With noble thoughts and strong desire
For intellectual food.

I note the various schemes and arts,
As prompted by the different hearts,
They lead to different deeds.
As deeds and hearts will correspond,
By observation it is found
There should be different meeds.

The wish made known for some will do,
And some a gentle frown would rue
And feel extremely sad;
While others need a sterner look,
A reprimand, or sharp rebuke,
And sometimes e'en the rod.

Most gladly would I hail the day
When children cheerfully obey,
(If e'er that day shall come,)
But ere that happy day I see,
A reformation there must be
In government at home.

And what is my reward for all
This watchful care and earnest toil
To train the youthful mind?
From Ignorance it draws a curse--
Though pocket hold a puny purse--
Yet one reward I find--

To see the young prepared for life
And launched upon the outward strife
Of its tempestuous sea,
And know that I have trained that mind,
With noble thought that heart refined,
Is rich reward for me.

When all life's lessons have been taught,
And my own soul with love is fraught
For earnest, striving man,
Perhaps an understanding Lord
Will proffer as a great reward,
Redemption through His plan.

* * * * *

A beautiful vision I sometimes see,
That stands in the distance and smiles upon me;
It points with a finger of radiance bright,
To the fleeting shades of departing night.
I would gladly know if this scene designed
To be a true type of the human mind,
When the mists and clouds of dark ignorance,
Shall into the realms of the unknown advance.

[The end]
Jared Barhite's poem: Teacher's Soliloquy