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A poem by Jared Barhite

Duty Done

Title:     Duty Done
Author: Jared Barhite [More Titles by Barhite]

A duty done is victory won,
E'en though in the doing,
Efforts may fail to bring avail
In lines we are pursuing.

Nothing is lost whate'er the cost,
When efforts made are noble,
Beyond the sky acts never die,
And honor's crown is double.

Right cannot fail, but must prevail,
If noble be the motive;
Heaven is nigher if we aspire
With hearts sincere and votive.

Much strength we gain when we maintain
A truth for truth's sake solely;
A mighty power guides effort's hour
And stamps its cause as holy.

If honest heart act well its part,
And ask the aid of heaven
Its feeblest word will be so heard
That succor will be given.

It matters not how low our lot
We rise by honest trial;
No effort made for needed aid
E'er met complete denial.

The soul expands when it demands
A right for self and others,
And darkest night has ray of light
For honest helpful brothers.

A noble soul spurns the control
Would bind in servile fetters;
No chains can bind God-given mind
Inspired by love and letters.

An earnest will can ne'er be still
Though oft its hopes be baffled,
It will succeed though victims bleed
And die upon the scaffold.

Loud shout and sing, "Crown Effort King,"
And let the watchword be
This earnest prayer heard everywhere,
"God and Humanity."

A duty done is victory won,
For strength comes by the doing;
There's no retreat, there's no defeat,
If right we are pursuing.

[The end]
Jared Barhite's poem: Duty Done