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A poem by Madison Julius Cawein

The Alcalde's Daughter

Title:     The Alcalde's Daughter
Author: Madison Julius Cawein [More Titles by Cawein]

The times they had kissed and parted
That night were over a score;
Each time that the cavalier started,
Each time she would swear him o'er,

"Thou art going to Barcelona!--
To make Naxera thy bride!
Seduce the Lady Yoena!--
And thy lips have lied! have lied!

"I love thee! I love thee, thou knowest!
And thou shalt not give away
The love to my life thou owest;
And my heart commands thee stay!--

"I say thou hast lied and liest!--
For where is there war in the state?--
Thou goest, by Heaven the highest!
To choose thee a fairer mate.

"Wilt thou go to Barcelona
When thy queen in Toledo is?
To wait on the haughty Yoena,
When thou hast these lips to kiss?"

And they stood in the balcony over
The old Toledo square:
And weeping she took for her lover
A red rose out of her hair.

And they kissed farewell; and higher
The moon made amber the air:
And she drew for the traitor and liar
A stiletto out of her hair....

When the night-watch lounged through the quiet
With the stir of halberds and swords,
Not a bravo was there to defy it,
Not a gallant to brave with words.

One man, at the corner's turning,
Quite dead. And they stoop or stand--
In his heart a dagger burning,
And a red rose crushed in his hand.

[The end]
Madison Julius Cawein's poem: Alcalde's Daughter