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Poems by Henry Kirk White


White, Henry Kirk

o "I'm Pleased, And Yet I'm Sad"

o April [sonnet]

o As Thus Oppressed With Many A Heavy Care [sonnet]

o Athanatos

o Awake, Sweet Harp Of Judah, Wake [hymn]

o Ballad [be Hush'd, Be Hush'd, Ye Bitter Winds], A

o Canzonet

o Childhood

o Christiad, The

o Christmas Day

o Clifton Grove

o Commencement Of A Poem On Despair

o Description Of A Summer's Eve

o Elegy Occasioned By The Death Of Mr. Gill

o Epigram On Robert Bloomfield

o Eve Of Death, The

o Fragment Of An Eccentric Drama

o Fragment Of An Ode To The Moon

o Fragment [Loud Rage The Winds Without.--The Wintry Cloud]

o Fragment [Oh! Thou Most Fatal Of Pandora's Train]

o Fragment [The Western Gale]

o Fragments

o Genius - A Ode

o Give Me A Cottage On Some Cambrian Wild [sonnet]

o Gondoline - A Ballad

o Hymn For Family Worship, A

o Inscription For A Monument To The Memory Of Cowper

o Lines On Reading The Poems Of Warton

o Lines Supposed To Be Spoken By A Lover

o Lines Written In Wilford Churchyard On Recovery From Sickness

o Lines Written On A Survey Of The Heavens

o Lines [Go To The Raging Sea, And Say, "Be Still!"]

o Lines [Yes, My Stray Steps Have Wander'd, Wander'd Far]

o Lullaby Of A Female Convict To Her Child The Night Previous To Execution, The

o Melody

o Misfortune [sonnet]

o Music

o My Own Character

o My Study

o Nelsoni Mors

o O Lord, My God, In Mercy Turn [hymn], The

o Ode Addressed To H. Fuseli, Esq. On Seeing Engravings From His Designs

o On Being Confined To School One Pleasant Morning In Spring

o On Disappointment

o On Hearing The Sounds Of An Aolian Harp [sonnet]

o On The Death Of Dermody The Poet

o On Whit-Monday

o Pastoral Song, A

o Prostitute, The

o Quick O'er The Wintry Waste Dart Fiery Shafts [sonnet]

o Recantatory, In Reply To The Foregoing Elegant Admonition [sonnet]

o Savoyard's Return, The

o Shipwrecked Solitary's Song To The Night, The

o Softly, Softly Blow, Ye Breezes [song]

o Solitude

o Song By Waller

o Sonnet Supposed To Be Written By The Unhappy Poet Dermody In A Storm

o Sonnet To A Taper

o Sonnet To Capel Lofft, Esq

o Sonnet To Consumption

o Sonnet To My Mother

o Sonnet To The Moon

o Sonnet Written At The Grave Of A Friend

o Star Of Bethlehem A Christmas poem

o Supposed To Have Been Addressed By A Female Lunatic To A Lady [sonnet]

o Sweet To The Gay Of Heart Is Summer's Smile [sonnet]

o Thanatos

o Thy Judgments, Lord, Are Just; Thou Lovest To Wear [sonnet]

o Time

o To A Friend

o To A Friend In Distress

o To An Early Primrose

o To Contemplation [Come, pensive sage, who lovest to dwell]

o To Contemplation [Thee do I own, the prompter of my joys]

o To Love

o To Midnight

o To My Lyre

o To The Earl Of Carlisle, K. G

o To The Genius Of Romance

o To The Harvest Moon

o To The Herb Rosemary

o To The Morning

o To The Muse

o To The River Trent [sonnet]

o To The Wind, At Midnight

o To Thought

o Verses [Thou Base Repiner At Another's Joy]

o Verses [When pride and envy, and the scorn]

o Wandering Boy - A Song, The

o What Art Thou, Mighty One! And Where Thy Seat? [sonnet]

o When I Sit Musing On The Chequer'd Past [sonnet]

o Winter Traveller [sonnet], The

o Wonderful Juggler - A Song, The

o Written In The Prospect Of Death

o Ye Unseen Spirits, Whose Wild Melodies [sonnet]

o Yes, 'Twill Be Over Soon.--This Sickly Dream [sonnet]