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Poems by Edward Thomas


Thomas, Edward

o "Home"

o Adlestrop

o After Rain

o After You Speak

o Ambition

o And You, Helen

o April

o As The Team's Head-Brass

o Ash Grove, The

o Aspens

o At Poet's Tears [song]

o Barn, The

o Barn And The Down, The

o Beauty

o Birds' Nests

o Bridge, The

o Bright Clouds

o Brook, The

o But These Things Also

o Cat, A

o Celandine

o Chalk-Pit, The

o Cherry Trees, The

o Child In The Orchard, The

o Child On The Cliffs, The

o Clouds That Are So Light, The

o Cock-Crow

o Combe, The

o Cuckoo, The

o Dark Forest, The

o Digging [TO-DAY I think]

o Digging [WHAT matter makes my spade for tears or mirth]

o Dream, A

o Early One Morning

o February Afternoon

o Fifty Faggots

o First Known When Lost

o For These

o Gallows, The

o Gentleman, A

o Glory, The

o Gone, Gone Again

o Good-Night

o Green Roads, The

o Gypsy, The

o Haymaking

o Head And Bottle

o Health

o Hollow Wood, The

o Home [NOT the end: but there's nothing more]

o Home [OFTEN I had gone this way before]

o House And Man

o How At Once

o Huxter, The

o I Built Myself A House Of Glass

o I Never Saw That Land Before

o If I Should Ever By Chance

o If I Were To Own

o In Memoriam (Easter, 1915)

o Interval

o It Rains

o It Was Upon

o July

o Liberty

o Lights Out

o Like The Touch Of Rain

o Lob

o Lofty Sky, The

o Long Small Room, The

o Lovers

o Man And Dog

o Manor Farm, The

o March

o March The Third

o May 23

o Melancholy

o Mill-Pond, The

o Mill-Water, The

o Mountain Chapel, The

o New House, The

o New Year, The

o No One Cares Less Than I

o November

o October

o Old Man

o Old Song [I WAS not apprenticed...], An

o Old Song [The Sun Set, The Wind Fell, The Sea], An

o Other, The

o Out In The Dark

o Over The Hills

o Owl, The

o Parting

o Path, The

o Penny Whistle, The

o Private, A

o Rain

o Roads

o Sedge-Warblers

o She Dotes

o Sheiling, The

o Sign-Post, The

o Snow

o Some Eyes Condemn

o Source, The

o Sowing

o Sun Used To Shine, The

o Swedes

o Tale, A

o Tall Nettles

o Tears

o That Girl's Clear Eyes

o Thaw

o There Was A Time

o There's Nothing Like The Sun

o These Things That Poets Said

o This Is No Case Of Petty Right Or Wrong

o Thrush, The

o To-Night

o Trumpet, The

o Two Houses

o Two Pewits

o Under The Woods

o Unknown, The

o Unknown Bird, The

o Wasp Trap, The

o What Shall I Give?

o What Will They Do?

o When First

o When He Should Laugh

o When We Two Walked

o Will You Come?

o Wind And Mist

o Women He Liked

o Word, The

o Words