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Poems by Alfred Lord Tennyson


Tennyson, Alfred Lord English Poet Laureate, great poet

o "Love Thou Thy Land, With Love Far-Brought..."

o "Of Old Sat Freedom On The Heights..."

o "You Ask Me Why, Tho' Ill At Ease..."

o 'How' And The 'Why', The

o 'None

o 1865-1866

o Adeline

o Amphion

o Anacreontics

o Arrival, The

o Audley Court

o Aylmer's Field

o Balin and Balan (from Idylls of the King collection)

o Ballad Of Oriana, The

o Beggar Maid, The

o Blackbird, The

o Boadicea (Experiments)

o Break, Break, Break.. from 'Beauties of Tennyson'

o Britons, Guard Your Own

o Brook, The from 'Beauties of Tennyson'

o Burial Of Love, The

o Cambridge

o Character, A

o Charge Of The Light Brigade, The from 'Beauties of Tennyson'

o Choric Song

o Chorus [The Varied Earth, The Moving Heaven]

o Circumstance

o Claribel - A Melody

o Come Not, When I Am Dead..

o Coming of Arthur, The from 'Idylls of the King collection'

o Conclusion

o Day-Dream, The

o Death Of The Old Year, The

o Dedication, A

o Dedication (Idylls of the King) from 'Idylls of the King collection'

o Departure, The

o Deserted House, The

o Dirge, A

o Dora

o Dream Of Fair Women, A

o Dream Of Fair Women [lines that were suppressed], A

o Dualisms

o Dying Swan, The

o Eagle {fragment}, The

o Edward Gray

o Edwin Morris; Or, The Lake

o Eleaenore

o English War Song

o Enoch Arden

o Epic, The Christmas poem

o Farewell, A from 'Beauties of Tennyson'

o Fatima

o Flower, The

o From "Enoch Arden" [But Enoch yearn'd to see her face again] from 'Beauties of Tennyson'

o From "Enoch Arden" [The Mountain Wooded To The Peak, The Lawns] from 'Beauties of Tennyson'

o From "Harold" from 'Beauties of Tennyson'

o From "Locksley Hall" from 'Beauties of Tennyson'

o From "The May Queen" from 'Beauties of Tennyson'

o From "The Princess" from 'Beauties of Tennyson'

o From "The Revenge" from 'Beauties of Tennyson'

o Gardener's Daughter; Or, The Pictures, The

o Gareth and Lynette from 'Idylls of the King collection'

o Gate And A Field Half Ploughed, A

o Geraint and Enid (from Idylls of the King collection)

o Germ Of 'Maud', The

o God Bless Our Prince And Bride!

o Godiva

o Golden Year, The

o Goose, The

o Grandmother, The

o Grasshopper, The

o Greek: Ohi Rheontes

o Grief at Christmas, A

o Guinevere from 'Idylls of the King' collection

o Hands All Round

o Hendecasyllabics (Experiments)

o Hero To Leander

o Hesperides, The

o Holy Grail, The from 'Idylls of the King' collection

o In Memoriam

o In Quantity - Milton - (Experiments)

o In the Valley of Cauteretz

o Isabel

o Islet, The

o L'envoi

o Lady Clara Vere De Vere

o Lady Clare

o Lady Clare [Lord Ronald courted Lady Clare]

o Lady Of Shalott, The

o Lancelot and Elaine from 'Idylls of the King' collection

o Last Tournament, The

o Lilian

o Locksley Hall

o Lord Of Burleigh, The

o Lost Hope

o Lotos-Eaters, The

o Lotos-Eaters [lines that were suppressed], The

o Love

o Love And Death

o Love And Duty

o Love And Sorrow

o Love, Pride And Forgetfulness

o Mablethorpe

o Madeline

o Margaret

o Mariana

o Mariana In The South

o Marriage of Geraint, The from 'Idylls of the King collection'

o May Queen, The

o Merlin and Vivien (from Idylls of the King collection)

o Mermaid, The

o Merman, The

o Miller's Daughter, The

o Moral

o Morte D'arthur, The

o Move Eastward, Happy Earth..

o Mystic, The

o National Song

o New Timon And The Poets, The

o New-Year's Eve

o Northern Farmer

o O Darling Room

o O Sad No More! O Sweet No More

o Ode sung at the Opening of the International Exhibition

o Ode To Memory

o Oenone

o Palace Of Art, The

o Passing of Arthur, The from 'Idylls of the King' collection

o Pelleas and Ettarre (from Idylls of the King collection)

o Poet, The

o Poet's Mind, The

o Poet's Song, The

o Princess, The

o Recollections Of The Arabian Nights

o Requiescat

o Revival, The

o Ring Out, Wild Bells from 'Beauties of Tennyson'

o Ringlet, The

o Rosalind

o Sailor Boy, The

o Sea Dreams

o Sea-Fairies, The

o Second Song - To The Same

o Sir Galahad

o Sir Launcelot And Queen Guinevere

o Sisters, The

o Skipping-Rope, The

o Sleeping Beauty, The

o Sleeping Palace, The

o Song From "Maud" [Come into the garden, Maud] from 'Beauties of Tennyson'

o Song From "Maud" [Go not, happy day] from 'Beauties of Tennyson'

o Song From "Maud" [See What A Lovely Shell] from 'Beauties of Tennyson'

o Song From "The Princess" [As thro' the land at eve we went] from 'Beauties of Tennyson'

o Song From "The Princess" [Sweet And Low, Sweet And Low] from 'Beauties of Tennyson'

o Song From "The Princess" [The splendor falls on castle-walls] from 'Beauties of Tennyson'

o Song [A Spirit haunts the year's last hours]

o Song [Every Day Hath Its Night]

o Song [Home They Brought Him Slain With Spears], The

o Song [I' the glooming light]

o Song [The Golden Apple, The Golden Apple, The Hallowed Fruit,]

o Song [The Lintwhite And The Throstlecock]

o Song [Who Can Say]

o Song.--The Owl

o Sonnet To J. M. K.

o Sonnet [Blow Ye The Trumpet, Gather From Afar]

o Sonnet [Check Every Outflash, Every Ruder Sally]

o Sonnet [Could I Outwear My Present State Of Woe]

o Sonnet [Me My Own Fate To Lasting Sorrow Doometh]

o Sonnet [Oh, Beauty, Passing Beauty! Sweetest Sweet!]

o Sonnet [Shall The Hag Evil Die With The Child Of Good]

o Sonnet [The Palid Thunderstricken Sigh For Gain]

o Sonnet [There Are Three Things That Fill My Heart With Sighs]

o Sonnet [Though Night Hath Climbed Her Peak Of Highest Noon]

o Specimen of a Translation of the Iliad in Blank Verse

o St. Agnes

o St. Simeon Stylites

o Suggested By Reading An Article In A Newspaper

o Talking Oak, The

o Tears Of Heaven, The

o Timbuctoo

o Tithonus

o To ---- [Sainted Juliet! dearest name!]

o To A Lady Sleeping

o To Christopher North

o To E. L., On His Travels In Greece

o To J. S.

o To the Queen [O loyal to the royal in thyself] from 'Idylls of the King' collection

o To The Queen [Revered, beloved--O you that hold]

o To---- [Clear-headed friend, whose joyful scorn]

o To---- [You might have won the Poet's name]

o To----- [I send you here a sort of allegory]

o Two Voices, The

o Ulysses

o Vision Of Sin, The

o Voyage

o Walking To The Mail

o Welcome to Alexandra, A

o What Time I Wasted Youthful Hours

o Where Is The Giant Of The Sun, Which Stood - A Fragment

o Will Waterproof's Lyrical Monologue