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Poems by Joseph Victor Scheffel


Scheffel, Joseph Victor

o Ahasuerus, The Song Of The Wandering Jew from "Gaudeamus!"--Heidelberg

o Asphaltum from "Gaudeamus!"--Humorous Poems

o Basalt, The from "Gaudeamus!"--Humorous Poems

o Bibesco from "Gaudeamus!"--Heidelberg

o Boulder, The from "Gaudeamus!"--Humorous Poems

o Brigand Song from "Gaudeamus!"--Heidelberg

o By The Border from "Gaudeamus!"--Humorous Poems

o Cloister Cellar Master's, The from "Gaudeamus!"--Humorous Poems

o Comet, The from "Gaudeamus!"--Humorous Poems

o Der Enderle Von Ketsch from "Gaudeamus!"--Humorous Poems

o Die Zwei Freunde from "Gaudeamus!"--Heidelberg

o From The German Gipsy from "Gaudeamus!"--Heidelberg

o Granite from "Gaudeamus!"--Humorous Poems

o Guano Song from "Gaudeamus!"--Humorous Poems

o Heinz Von Stein from "Gaudeamus!"--Heidelberg

o Herring, The from "Gaudeamus!"--Heidelberg

o Hesiod from "Gaudeamus!"--Humorous Poems

o Hildebrand And Hadubrand from "Gaudeamus!"--Humorous Poems

o Holy Coat At Treves, The from "Gaudeamus!"--Heidelberg

o Ichthyosaurus, The from "Gaudeamus!"--Humorous Poems

o Jolly Brother, The from "Gaudeamus!"--Heidelberg

o Last Postillion, The from "Gaudeamus!"--Heidelberg

o Last Trousers, The from "Gaudeamus!"--Heidelberg

o Martin's Goose, The from "Gaudeamus!"--Heidelberg

o Maulbronn Fugue, The from "Gaudeamus!"--Humorous Poems

o Megatherium, The from "Gaudeamus!"--Humorous Poems

o Modern Greek from "Gaudeamus!"--Humorous Poems

o Number Eight from "Gaudeamus!"--Heidelberg

o Old Assyrian--Jonah from "Gaudeamus!"--Humorous Poems

o Page, The from "Gaudeamus!"-- the Rodenstein Ballads

o Pawning, The from "Gaudeamus!"-- the Rodenstein Ballads

o Perkeo from "Gaudeamus!"--Heidelberg

o Pile Builder, The from "Gaudeamus!"--Humorous Poems

o Pumpus Of Perusia from "Gaudeamus!"--Humorous Poems

o Rambambo from "Gaudeamus!"--Heidelberg

o Return Home, The from "Gaudeamus!"--Heidelberg

o Rodenstein from "Gaudeamus!"-- the Rodenstein Ballads

o Rodenstein And The Priest from "Gaudeamus!"-- the Rodenstein Ballads

o Song Of The Travelling Students from "Gaudeamus!"--Humorous Poems

o Song Of The Widow, Clara Bakethecakes, The from "Gaudeamus!"--Heidelberg

o Student's Dress-Coat, The from "Gaudeamus!"--Heidelberg

o Tazzelworm, The from "Gaudeamus!"--Humorous Poems

o Teutoburger Battle, The from "Gaudeamus!"--Humorous Poems

o Three Villages, The from "Gaudeamus!"-- the Rodenstein Ballads

o To The Reader from "Gaudeamus!"--Heidelberg

o Two Friends, The from "Gaudeamus!"--Heidelberg

o Welcome, The from "Gaudeamus!"-- the Rodenstein Ballads

o Wild Army, The from "Gaudeamus!"-- the Rodenstein Ballads

o Wine Of Sixty-Five from "Gaudeamus!"--Heidelberg