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Poems by Christina Georgina Rossetti


Rossetti, Christina Georgina

o "A Bruised Reed Shall He Not Break"

o "A Helpmeet For Him"

o "Behold A Shaking"

o "Behold The Man!"

o "Consider The Lilies Of The Field"

o "For Thine Own Sake, O My God"

o "Hollow-Sounding And Mysterious"

o "I Will Arise"

o "I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes Unto The Hills"

o "If Thou Sayest, Behold, We Knew It Not"

o "Immurata" Sister, An

o "It Is Finished"

o "Italia, Io Ti Saluto!"

o "Love Is Strong As Death"

o "Luscious And Sorrowful"

o "No, Thank You, John"

o "Of Him That Was Ready To Perish"

o "One Foot On Sea, And One On Shore"

o "Summer Is Ended"

o "Take Care Of Him"

o "The Love Of Christ Which Passeth Knowledge"

o "The Master Is Come, and Calleth For Thee"

o "There Is A Budding Morrow In Midnight"

o "They Desire A Better Country"

o "When My Heart Is Vexed, I Will Complain"

o Advent

o After Communion

o After Death (Sonnet)

o After This The Judgment

o All Saints

o Amen

o Amor Mundi

o Another Spring

o Apple Gathering, An

o At Home

o At Last

o Autumn

o Autumn Violets

o Ballad Of Boding, A

o Beauty Is Vain

o Better Resurrection, A

o Birchington Churchyard

o Bird Or Beast?

o Bird Raptures

o Bird Song, A

o Bird's-Eye View, A

o Birthday, A

o Bitter For Sweet

o Bourne, The

o Boy Johnny

o Brandons Both

o Bride Song, A

o Brother Bruin

o Buds And Babies

o By The Sea

o By The Waters Of Babylon

o Candlemas Dialogue, A

o Child's Talk In April

o Chill, A

o Christian And Jew

o Christmas Carol, A

o Christmas Carols

o Confluents

o Consider

o Convent Threshold, The

o Daughter Of Eve, A

o Days Of Vanity

o De Profundis

o Dead Before Death (Sonnet)

o Dead Hope

o Death-Watches

o Descent From The Cross, The

o Despised And Rejected

o Dirge, A

o Dost Thou Not Care?

o Dream-Land

o Dream-Love

o Easter Carol, An

o Echo

o End, An

o Enrica, 1865

o Eve

o Exultate Deo

o Farm Walk, A

o Fata Morgana

o First Spring Day, The

o Fisher-Wife, A

o Fluttered Wings

o Freaks Of Fashion

o From House To Home

o From Sunset To Star Rise

o German-French Campaign 1870-1871, The

o Ghost's Petition, The

o Goblin Market

o Golden Glories

o Golden Silences

o Gone Forever

o Good Friday

o Green Cornfield, A

o Grown And Flown

o He And She

o Hope Carol, A

o Hour And The Ghost, The

o If Only

o In The Round Tower At Jhansi, June 8, 2022

o In The Willow Shade

o Jessie Cameron

o Johnny

o Key-Note, The

o L. E. L.

o Lambs Of Grasmere, 1860, The

o Later Life: A Double Sonnet Of Sonnets

o Life And Death

o Life's Parallels, A

o Long Ago Christmas poem

o Long Barren

o Love From The North

o Love Lies Bleeding

o Lowest Place, The

o Lowest Room, The

o Maggie A Lady

o Maiden May

o Maiden-Song

o Mariana

o Martyr: The Vigil of the Feast, A

o Martyrs' Song

o Mary Magdalene And The Other Mary

o Maude Clare

o May

o Memento Mori

o Memory

o Mirage

o Mirrors Of Life And Death

o Monna Innominata: A Sonnet of Sonnets

o Months: A Pageant, The

o Mother Country

o My Dream

o My Friend

o My Sister's Sleep Christmas poem

o Noble Sisters

o October Garden, An

o Old And New Year Ditties

o Old-World Thicket, An

o On The Wing (Sonnet)

o Once For All

o One Certainty (Sonnet)

o One Day

o One Sea-Side Grave

o Paradise

o Passing And Glassing

o Pastime

o Patience Of Hope

o Pause Of Thought, A

o Peal Of Bells, A

o Playing At Soldiers

o Poor Ghost, The

o Portrait, A

o Prince's Progress, The

o Prodigal Son, A

o Queen Of Hearts, The

o Remember (Sonnet)

o Rest (Sonnet)

o Resurgam

o Rose Plant In Jericho, A

o Royal Princess, A

o Saints And Angels

o Shall I Forget?

o Shut Out

o Sleep At Sea

o Smile And A Sigh, A

o Soeur Louise De La Misericorde

o Somewhere Or Other

o Song Of Flight, A

o Song: O roses for the flush of youth

o Song: Oh What Comes Over The Sea

o Song: She Sat And Sang Alway

o Song: Two Doves Upon The Selfsame Branch

o Song: When I Am Dead, My Dearest

o Songs In A Cornfield

o Sonnets Are Full Of Love, And This My Tome

o Sound Sleep

o Spring

o Spring Quiet

o Summer

o Summer Wish, A

o Sweet Death

o Symbols

o Tempus Fugit

o Testimony, A

o Thread Of Life, The

o Three Enemies, The

o Three Seasons

o Till To-Morrow

o To-Day's Burden

o Touching "Never"

o Twice

o Twilight Calm

o Twilight Night

o Under The Rose

o Until The Day Break

o Up-Hill

o Vanity Of Vanities (Sonnet)

o Venus' Looking-Glass

o Weary In Well-Doing

o What Would I Give?

o What's In A Name?

o Who Shall Deliver Me?

o Why?

o Wife To Husband

o Winter Rain

o Winter: My Secret

o Wintry Sonnet, A

o World (Sonnet), The

o Year's Windfalls, A

o Yet A Little While