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Poems by Adelaide Anne Procter


Procter, Adelaide Anne

o Angel Of Death, The

o Angel's Bidding, The

o Angel's Story, The

o Be Strong

o Because

o Beyond

o Borrowed Thoughts

o Bride's Dream, The

o Carver's Lesson, The

o Chain, A

o Changeling, A

o Changes

o Chant, A

o Cleansing Fires

o Comfort

o Comforter, A

o Contrast, A

o Cradle Song Of The Poor, The

o Crown Of Sorrow, A

o Dark Side, The

o Dead Past, A

o Discouraged

o Doubting Heart, A

o Dream, A

o Dream-Life

o Echoes

o Envy

o Evening Hymn

o Expectation

o False Genius, A

o Farewell, A

o Fidelis

o First Sorrow, A

o For The Future

o Friend Sorrow

o Give

o Give Me Thy Heart

o Give Place

o God's Gifts

o Golden Days

o Golden Gate, The

o Golden Words

o Grief

o Hearts

o Home At Last

o Home-Sickness

o Homeward Bound

o Hours

o Hush

o Ideal, An

o If Thou Couldst Know

o Illusion

o In The Wood

o Incompleteness

o Inner Chamber, The

o Judge Not

o King And Slave

o Knight Errant, A

o Lament For The Summer, A

o Legend Of Bregenz, A

o Legend Of Provence, A

o Lesson Of The War (1855), The

o Letter, A

o Life And Death

o Life In Death And Death In Life

o Light And Shade

o Linger, Oh, Gentle Time

o Listening Angels

o Little Longer, A

o Lost Chord, A

o Love Token, A

o Maximus

o Murmurs

o My Journal

o My Picture

o My Picture Gallery

o My Will

o Never Again

o New Mother, A

o Now

o One By One

o Optimus

o Our Dead

o Over The Mountain

o Parting, A

o Past And Present

o Peace Of God, The

o Phantoms

o Philip And Mildred

o Pictures In The Fire

o Pilgrims, The

o Present, The

o Recollections

o Remembrance Of Autumn, A

o Requital, The

o Rest

o Rest At Evening

o Retrospect, A

o Returned--"Missing" (Five Years After)

o Sailor Boy, The

o Sent To Heaven

o Settlers, The

o Shadow, A

o Shining Stars

o Sowing And Reaping

o Spring

o Storm, The

o Story Of The Faithful Soul, The

o Strive, Wait, And Pray

o Student, A

o Thankfulness

o Three Evenings In A Life

o Three Roses

o Three Rulers, The

o Tomb In Ghent, A

o Too Late

o Treasures

o Triumph Of Time, The

o True Honours

o True Or False

o Tryst With Death, A

o Two Interpreters, The

o Two Loves

o Two Spirits (1855), The

o Two Worlds

o Tyrant And The Captive, The

o Unexpressed

o Unknown Grave, The

o Unseen

o Vision, A

o Voice Of The Wind, The

o Voices Of The Past

o Waiting

o Warning, A

o Warrior To His Dead Bride, The

o Wayside Inn, The

o Wind, The

o Wishes

o Woman's Answer, A

o Woman's Last Word, A

o Woman's Question, A

o Words