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Poems by Edith Nesbit


Nesbit, Edith

o "And The Rains Descended And The Floods Came"

o "Inasmuch As Ye Did It Not . . . "

o "Out Of The Fulness Of The Heart The Mouth Speaketh"

o Accession

o After Death

o Age To Youth

o Appeal

o As It Is

o At Parting [AND you could leave me now]

o At Parting [Go, since you must, but, Dearest, know]

o At The Gate

o At The Last

o Beatific Vision, The

o Beech Tree, The

o Before Winter

o Birthday Talk For A Child

o Bridal Eve

o Chagrin D'amour

o Champion, The

o Chloe

o Cold is the earth, the flowers below from 'All Round the Year'

o Confession, The

o Daisies, The

o Day Of Judgment, The

o De Profundis

o Death

o Death Of Agnes, The

o December Rose, The

o Derniere Robe De Soi, La

o Despair

o Despot, The

o Destroyer, The

o Egoists, The

o En Tout Cas

o Enchanted Garden, The

o Eternal, The

o Faith

o Farewell, A

o Fear

o Fields Of Flanders, The

o Fire, The

o For Dolly--Who Does Not Learn Her Lessons

o For Dorothy, 18th August, 1900 - A Parting

o From The Italian

o From The Portuguese

o From The Tuscan

o Garden Refused, The

o Gift Of Life, The

o Gratitude

o Gretna Green

o Home-Coming, The

o Hop Picking from 'All Round the Year'

o Hope

o In Absence

o In Age

o In Hospital

o In Memory Of Saretta Deakin

o In The People's Park

o In The Shallows

o In Trouble

o Incompatibilities

o Invocation [COME to-night in a dream to-night,]

o Invocation [The Spirit of Darkness...]

o Island, The

o Jilted Lover To His Mother, The

o Last Betrayal, The

o Last Bright Relic Of The Moon's Full Gold, The from 'All Round the Year'

o Last Defeat, The

o Least Possible, The

o Love And Life

o Lower Room, The

o Magic

o Magic Flower, The

o Magic Ring, The

o Maiden's Prayer, The

o March Violets from 'All Round the Year'

o Mary Of Magdala

o May Day

o May Song

o Mother Song

o Mother's Prayer, The

o Mummy Wheat

o Nest, The

o New Dispensation, The

o Old Dispensation, The

o Old Magic, The

o Onlooker, The

o Parting, A

o Philosophy

o Poem: The Point Of View: II

o Poet To His Love, The

o Point Of View: I, The

o Poor Man's Guest, The

o Possession

o Prayer For The King's Majesty, A

o Prayer In Time Of War

o Prodigal Son, The

o Prodigal's Return, The

o Questions

o Raison D'etre

o Renunciation

o Retro Sathanas

o Return, The

o Saturday Song

o Sea-Shells

o Second Nature

o Silence

o Skylark, The

o Song ["Love Me Little, Love Me Long,"]

o Song [I Hear The Waves To-Night]

o Song [Now The Spring Is Waking,]

o Song [The Summer Down The Garden Walks]

o Song [The Sunshine Of Your Presence Lies]

o Spring In War-Time

o St. Valentine's Day

o Star, The

o Stolen God--Lazarus To Dives, The

o Summer Song

o Surrender

o Temptation, The

o The Lover To His Lass from 'All Round the Year'

o The Swans Along The Water Glide from 'All Round the Year'

o These Little Ones

o Things That Matter, The

o Three Kings, The

o To A Child

o To Her: In Time Of War

o To Iris

o To One Who Pleaded For Candour In Love

o To Rosamund

o To Vera, Who Asked A Song

o Touchstone, The

o Tree Of Knowledge, The

o True Love And New Love

o Values

o Vault--After Sedgmoor, The

o Veil Of Maya, The

o Via Amoris

o Way Of Love, The

o Wedding Day

o What O'clock from 'All Round the Year'

o Whirligig Of Time, The

o White Magic

o Will To Live, The

o Windflowers

o Winter

o Work