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Morris, George Pope

o "The Dog-Star Rages"

o 'Tis Now The Promised Hour

o Address For The Benefit Of Henry Placide

o Address For The Benefit Of James Sheridan Knowles

o Address For The Benefit Of William Dunlap

o Au Revoir

o Bacchanal, The

o Ball-Room Belle, The

o Beam Of Devotion, The

o Bessy Bell

o Boat-Song

o Champions Of Liberty

o Chieftain's Daughter, The

o Colonel, The

o Come To Me In Cherry-Time

o Cottager's Welcome, The

o Croton Ode, The

o Day Is Now Dawning, The

o Deliver Us From Evil

o Deserted Bride, The

o Dismissed, The

o Dream Of Love, The

o Epigram [On Hearing That Morse Did Not "Invent" The Telegraph]

o Epigram [On Reading Grim's Attack Upon Clinton]

o Epitaph

o Evergreen, The

o Exile To His Sister, The

o Fallen Brave, The

o Fare The Well, Love

o Flag Of Our Union, The

o Fragment Of An Indian Poem

o Funeral Hymn

o Grounds For Divorce

o Hero Of The Revolution, A

o Hero's Legacy, The

o Hunter's Carol, The

o I Love The Night

o I Love Thee Still

o I'm With You Once Again

o In Memory Of Charles H. Sandford

o In Memory Of John W. Francis, Jr

o Janet Mcrea

o Jeannie Marsh

o King Cotton

o Lady Of England

o Land Of Washington, The

o Land-Ho!

o Legend Of The Mohawk, A

o Life In The West

o Lines After The Manner Of Olden Time

o Lines On A Poet

o Lines On The Burial Of Mrs. Mary L. Ward, At Dale Cemetery

o Lisette

o Look From Thy Lattice, Love

o Lord Of The Castle

o Love In Exile

o Love Thee, Dearest!

o Lucy

o Main-Truck; Or, A Leap For Life, The

o Margaretta

o Mary

o Masonic Hymn

o Master's Song, The

o May-Queen, The

o Millionaire, The

o Miniature, The

o Missing Ship, The

o Music

o My Bark Is Out Upon The Sea

o My Lady Waits For Me

o My Mother's Bible

o My Woodland Bride

o National Anthem

o Nature's Nobleman - A Fragment

o Near The Lake

o New-York In 1826

o Not Married Yet!

o O'er The Mountains

o Oh, Boatman, Haste!

o Oh, Think Of Me!

o Oh, This Love!

o Oh, Would That She Were Here!

o On The Death Of Mrs. Jessie Willis

o Only Thine

o Origin Of Yankee Doodle, The

o Parody, A

o Pastor's Daughter, The

o Poetry

o Prairie On Fire, The

o Retort, The

o Rhyme And Reason

o Rock Of The Pilgrims, The

o Rosabel

o Seasons Of Love, The

o Seventy-Six

o She Loved Him

o Silent Grief

o Sister's Appeal - A Fragment, The

o Soldier's Welcome Home, The

o Song Of Marion's Men

o Song Of The Reapers

o Song Of The Sewing-Machine

o Song Of The Troubadour

o Songs Of Home, The

o St. Agnes' Shrine

o Stag-Hunt, The

o Star Of Love, The

o Starlight Recollections

o Suitors, The

o Sweep's Carol, The

o Sword And The Staff, The

o Sycamore Shade, The

o Temperance Song

o Thank God For Pleasant Weather

o Thou Hast Woven The Spell

o Thy Will Be Done

o To My Absent Daughter

o To The Evening Star

o Twenty Years Ago

o Tyrant Sway, The

o Union

o Up The Hudson

o Venetian Serenade

o Wall-Street Lyric, A

o Walter Gay

o Washington's Monument

o We Part For Ever

o We Were Boys Together

o Wearies My Love?

o Welcome And Farewell, The

o Welcome Home

o Well-A-Day!

o Western Refrain

o What Can It Mean?

o When Other Friends

o Where Hudson's Wave

o Whip-Poor-Will, The

o Will Nobody Marry Me?

o Willie

o Woman

o Woodman, Spare That Tree!

o Words

o Years Ago