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Poems by Thomas Moore


Moore, Thomas

o "If" And "Perhaps"

o "Living Dog" And "The Dead Lion", The

o 'Tis All For Thee

o 'Tis Gone, And For Ever

o 'Tis Sweet To Think

o 'Tis The Last Rose Of Summer

o 'Twas One Of Those Dreams

o Advertisement

o After The Battle

o Alarming Intelligence!

o Alciphron: A Fragment

o All In The Family Way - A New Pastoral Ballad

o All That's Bright Must Fade

o Almighty God!

o Alone In Crowds To Wander On

o Amatory Colloquy Between Bank And Government

o Anacreontic [Friend Of My Soul, This Goblet Sip]

o Anacreontic [I filled to thee, to thee I drank]

o Anacreontic [Press the grape, and let it pour]

o Anacreontic [She never looked so kind before]

o Anacreontic [To A Plumassier]

o And Doth Not A Meeting Like This

o Angel Of Charity

o Animal Magnetism

o Anne Boleyn

o Announcement Of A New Grand Acceleration Company

o Announcement Of A New Thalaba

o Annual Pill, The

o Anticipated Meeting Of The British Association In The Year 1836

o As A Beam O'er The Face Of The Waters May Glow

o As Down In The Sunless Retreats

o As Slow Our Ship

o As Vanquished Erin

o Ask Not If Still I Love

o Aspasia

o At Night

o At The Mid Hour Of Night

o Avenging And Bright

o Awake, Arise, Thy Light Is Come

o Awful Event

o Ballad For The Cambridge Election

o Ballad Stanzas

o Beauty And Song

o Before The Battle

o Behold The Sun

o Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms

o Bird, Let Loose, The

o Black And Blue Eyes

o Blue Love Song - To Miss-----, A

o Boat Glee

o Boy Of The Alps, The

o Boy Statesman, The

o Bright Be Thy Dreams

o Bright Moon

o Bring The Bright Garlands Hither

o Brunswick Club, The

o But Who Shall See

o By That Lake, Whose Gloomy Shore

o Calm Be Thy Sleep

o Canadian Boat Song, A

o Canonization Of Saint Butterworth, The

o Captain Rock In London

o Case Of Libel, A

o Catalogue, The

o Cephalus And Procris

o Characterless, A

o Cherries [A Parable], The

o Child's Song From A Masque

o Church Extension

o Cloris And Fanny

o Cocker, On Church Reform

o Come Not, Oh Lord

o Come O'er The Sea

o Come, Chase That Starting Tear Away

o Come, Play Me That Simple Air Again

o Come, Rest In This Bosom

o Come, Send Round The Wine

o Come, Ye Disconsolate

o Common Sense And Genius

o Consultation, The

o Copy Of An Intercepted Despatch

o Corn And Catholics

o Corrected Report Of Some Late Speeches, A

o Correspondence Between A Lady And Gentleman

o Corruption, And Intolerance

o Cotton And Corn [A Dialogue]

o Country Dance And Quadrille

o Crystal-Hunters, The

o Cupid And Psyche

o Cupid Armed

o Cupid's Lottery

o Curious Fact, A

o Dance Of Bishops;or, The Episcopal Quadrille, The

o Dawn Is Breaking O'er Us, The

o Day Of Love, The

o Day-Dream, The

o Dear Fanny

o Dear Harp Of My Country

o Dear? Yes

o Desmond's Song

o Devil Among The Scholars, The

o Dialogue Between A Sovereign And A One Pound Note

o Dick * * * *

o Did Not

o Do Not Say That Life Is Waning

o Dog-Day Reflections

o Donkey And His Panniers [A Fable], The

o Dost Thou Remember

o Dream, A

o Dream Of Antiquity, A

o Dream Of Hindostan, A

o Dream Of Home, The

o Dream Of The Two Sisters, The

o Dream Of Those Days, The

o Dreaming For Ever

o Dreams

o Drink Of This Cup

o Drink To Her

o Duke Is The Lad, The

o Dying Warrior, The

o East Indian, The

o Echo

o Elegiac Stanzas [Though sorrow long has worn my heart]

o Elegiac Stanzas [When wearied wretches sink to sleep]

o Enigma

o Epigram Dialogue Between A Dowager & Her Maid On Night Of Lord Yarmouth's Fete

o Epigram [Dialogue between Catholic Delegate and Duke of Cumberland]

o Epigram [I Never Gave A Kiss (says Prue)]

o Epigram [What news to-day?]

o Epilogue Written For Lady Dacre's Tragedy Of Ina

o Epistle From Captain Rock To Lord Lyndhurst

o Epistle From Erasmus On Earth To Cicero In The Shades

o Epistle From Henry Of Exeter To John Of Tuam

o Epistle From Tom Crib To Big Ben

o Epistle Of Condolence From A Slave-Lord, To A Cotton-Lord

o Epitaph On A Tuft-Hunter

o Erin! The Tear And The Smile In Thine Eyes

o Erin, Oh Erin

o Euthanasia Of Van, The

o Eveleen's Bower

o Evening Gun, The

o Evenings In Greece

o Exile, The

o Expostulation To Lord King, An

o Extract [Yet, Even Here, Tho' Fiction Rules The Hour]

o Extracts From The Diary Of A Politician

o Fable 1 - The Dissolution Of The Holy Alliance

o Fable 2 - The Looking-Glasses

o Fable 3 - The Torch Of Liberty

o Fable 4 - The Fly And The Bullock

o Fable 5 - Church And State

o Fable 6 - The Little Grand Lama

o Fable 7 - The Extinguishers

o Fable 8 - Louis Fourteenth's Wig

o Fairest! Put On Awhile

o Fall Of Hebe [A Dithyrambic Ode], The

o Fallen Is Thy Throne

o Fancy

o Fancy Fair, The

o Fanny, Dearest

o Fare Thee Well, Thou Lovely One!

o Farewell! But Whenever You Welcome The Hour

o Farewell, Theresa!

o Fear Not That, While Around Thee

o Fill The Bumper Fair

o Flourish Of Trumpets

o Flow On, Thou Shining River

o Fly Not Yet

o Fools' Paradise

o For Thee Alone

o Forget Not The Field

o Fortune-Teller, The

o Fragment

o Fragment Of A Character

o Fragment Of A Mythological Hymn To Love

o Fragments Of College Exercises

o From Life Without Freedom

o From The Greek Of Meleager

o From The High Priest Of Apollo To A Virgin Of Delphi

o From The Hon. Henry ----, To Lady Emma ----

o From This Hour The Pledge Is Given

o Fudge Family In Paris, The

o Fudges In England, The

o Garland I Send Thee, The

o Gayly Sounds The Castanet

o Gazel

o Gazelle, The

o Genius And Criticism

o Genius Of Harmony, An Irregular Ode, The

o Ghost Of Miltiades, The

o Ghost Story, A

o Glad New Day, The Christmas poem

o Go Forth To The Mount

o Go Where Glory Waits Thee

o Go, Let Me Weep

o Go, Now, And Dream

o Go, Then--'tis Vain

o Grand Dinner Of Type And Co.

o Grecian Girl's Dream Of The Blessed Islands, The

o Greek Air

o Guess, Guess

o Halcyon Hangs O'er Ocean, The

o Hark! 'tis The Breeze

o Hark! The Vesper Hymn Is Stealing

o Harp That Once Thro' Tara's Halls, The

o Has Sorrow Thy Young Days Shaded

o Hat Versus Wig

o Hear Me But Once

o Her Last Words, At Parting

o Here At Thy Tomb

o Here Sleeps The Bard

o Here's The Bower

o Here, Take My Heart

o Hero And Leander

o High-Born Ladye, The

o Hip, Hip, Hurra!

o Homeward March, The

o Hope Comes Again

o Horace, Ode I. Lib. III - A Fragment

o Horace, Ode XI. Lib. II

o Horace, Ode XXII. Lib. I

o Horace, Ode XXXVIII. Lib. I - A Fragment

o How Dear To Me The Hour

o How Happy, Once

o How Lightly Mounts The Muse's Wing

o How Oft Has The Banshee Cried

o How Oft, When Watching Stars

o How Shall I Woo?

o How To Make A Good Politician

o How To Make One's Self A Peer

o How To Write By Proxy

o Hush, Hush!

o Hush, Sweet Lute

o Hymn Of A Virgin Of Delphi, At The Tomb Of Her Mother

o Hymn Of Welcome After The Recess, A

o I Love But Thee

o I Saw From The Beach

o I Saw The Moon Rise Clear

o I Saw Thy Form In Youthful Prime

o I Wish I Was By That Dim Lake

o I'd Mourn The Hopes

o I've A Secret To Tell Thee

o If In Loving, Singing

o If Thou Wouldst Have Me Sing And Play

o If Thou'lt Be Mine

o Ill Omens

o Imitation

o Imitation Of Catullus

o Imitation Of The Inferno Of Dante

o Impromptu [upon Being Obliged To Leave A Pleasant Party]

o Impromptu, After A Visit To Mrs. ----, Of Montreal

o Impromptu, On Leaving Some Friends

o In Myrtle Wreaths

o In The Morning Of Life

o Incantation [from The New Tragedy Of "The Brunswickers"]

o Incantation [Sung by the Bubble Spirit ], An

o Inconstancy

o Indian Boat, The

o Insurrection Of The Papers, The

o Intended Tribute

o Invitation To Dinner

o Irish Antiquities

o Irish Peasant To His Mistress, The

o Irish Slave, The

o Is It Not Sweet To Think, Hereafter

o It Is Not The Tear At This Moment Shed

o Joke Versified, A

o Joys Of Youth, How Fleeting!

o Keep Those Eyes Still Purely Mine

o King Crack And His Idols

o Kiss, The

o Lake Of The Dismal Swamp - A Ballad, The

o Lalla Rookh A BOOK OF POEMS

o Lament For The Loss Of Lord Bathurst's Tail

o Language Of Flowers, The

o Late Scene At Swanage, A

o Late Tithe Case

o Latest Accounts From Olympus

o Lay His Sword By His Side

o Leaf And The Fountain, The

o Legacy, The

o Legend Of Puck The Fairy, The

o Les Hommes Automates

o Lesbia Hath A Beaming Eye

o Let Erin Remember The Days Of Old

o Let Joy Alone Be Remembered Now

o Let's Take This World As Some Wide Scene

o Letter From Larry O'branigan To The Rev. Murthagh O'Mulligan

o Light Sounds The Harp

o Like Morning, When Her Early Breeze

o Like One Who, Doomed

o Limbo Of Lost Reputations, The

o Lines On The Death Of Joseph Atkinson, Esq., Of Dublin

o Lines On The Death Of Mr. Perceval

o Lines On The Death Of Sheridan

o Lines On The Departure Of Lord Castlereagh And Stewart For The Continent

o Lines On The Entry Of The Austrians Into Naples, 1821

o Lines Written At The Cohos, Or Falls Of The Mohawk Kiver

o Lines Written In A Storm At Sea

o Lines Written On Leaving Philadelphia

o Literary Advertisement

o Little Man And Little Soul

o Long Years Have Past

o Lord Henley And St. Cecilia

o Lord Wellington And The Ministers

o Lord, Who Shall Bear That Day

o Love Alone

o Love And Hope

o Love And Hymen

o Love And Marriage

o Love And Reason

o Love And The Novice

o Love And The Sun-Dial

o Love And Time

o Love Is A Hunter-Boy

o Love Thee, Dearest? Love Thee?

o Love Thee?

o Love's Light Summer-Cloud

o Love's Victory

o Love's Young Dream

o Love, Wandering Thro' The Golden Maze

o Loves Of The Angels, The

o Lusitanian War-Song

o Lying

o Mad Tory And The Comet, The

o Magic Mirror, The

o Meeting Of The Ships, The

o Meeting Of The Waters, The

o Melologue Upon National Music, A

o Memorabilia Of Last Week

o Merrily Every Bosom Boundeth

o Millennium Suggested By The Late Work Of The Reverend Mr. Irving "On Prophecy", The

o Mind Not Tho' Daylight

o Minstrel-Boy, The

o Missing

o Moral Positions

o Morality

o Mountain Sprite, The

o Mr. Roger Dodsworth

o Musical Box, The

o Musings

o Musings Of An Unreformed Peer

o My Birth-Day

o My Gentle Harp

o My Harp Has One Unchanging Theme

o My Heart And Lute

o My Mopsa Is Little

o Natal Genius, The

o Nature's Labels

o Nay, Tell Me Not, Dear

o Ne'er Ask The Hour

o Ne'er Talk Of Wisdom's Gloomy Schools

o Nets And Cages

o New Costume Of The Ministers, The

o New Creation Of Peers

o New Grand Exhibition Of Models Of The Two Houses Of Parliament

o New Hospital For Sick Literati

o New-Fashioned Echoes

o News For Country Cousins

o Night Dance, The

o Night Thought, A

o Nights Of Music

o No, Not More Welcome

o No--Leave My Heart To Rest

o Nonsense

o Not From Thee

o Notions On Reform

o Numbering Of The Clergy, The

o O Say, Thou Best And Brightest

o O'Donohue's Mistress

o Occasional Address For The Opening Of The New Theatre

o Occasional Epilogue

o Ode To A Hat

o Ode To Don Miguel

o Ode To Ferdinand

o Ode To The Goddess Ceres

o Ode To The Sublime Porte

o Ode To The Woods And Forests

o Odes Of Anacreon

o Odes To Nea

o Oft, In The Stilly Night

o Oh Banquet Not

o Oh Fair! Oh Purest!

o Oh For The Swords Of Former Time!

o Oh The Shamrock

o Oh Thou Who Dry'st The Mourner's Tear

o Oh! Blame Not The Bard

o Oh! Breathe Not His Name

o Oh! Doubt Me Not

o Oh! Had We Some Bright Little Isle Of Our Own

o Oh! Think Not My Spirits Are Always As Light

o Oh, Arranmore, Loved Arranmore

o Oh, Call It By Some Better Name

o Oh, Come To Me When Daylight Sets

o Oh, Could We Do With This World Of Ours

o Oh, Days Of Youth

o Oh, Do Not Look So Bright And Blest

o Oh, Guard Our Affection

o Oh, No--Not Even When First We Loved

o Oh, Soon Return

o Oh, Teach Me To Love Thee

o Oh, The Sight Entrancing

o Oh, Ye Dead!

o On A Squinting Poetess

o On Music

o On The Death Of A Friend

o On The Death Of A Lady

o One Bumper At Parting

o One Dear Smile

o Origin Of The Harp, The

o Our First Young Love

o Paddy's Metamorphosis

o Parallel, The

o Parody Of A Celebrated Letter

o Parting Before The Battle, The

o Pastoral Ballad, A

o Peace And Glory

o Peace Be Around Thee

o Peace To The Slumberers!

o Peace, Peace To Him That's Gone!

o Periwinkles And The Locusts [A Salmagundian Hymn], The

o Petition Of The Orangemen Of Ireland, The

o Philosopher Aristippus: To A Lamp, The

o Pilgrim, The

o Police Reports - Case Of Imposture

o Poor Broken Flower

o Poor Wounded Heart

o Pretty Rose-Tree, The

o Prince's Day, The

o Proposals For A Gynaecocracy

o Quick! We Have But A Second

o Reason, Folly, And Beauty

o Recent Dialogue

o Rector And His Curate; Or, One Pound Two, The

o Reflection At Sea, A

o Reflections

o Reinforcements For Lord Wellington

o Religion And Trade

o Remember The Time

o Remember Thee

o Remonstrance

o Resemblance, The

o Resolutions

o Reuben And Rose

o Reverend Pamphleteer - A Romantic Ballad, The

o Rhymes On The Road: Extract 01. View Of The Lake Of Geneva From The Jura

o Rhymes On The Road: Extract 02. Fate Of Geneva In The Year 1782

o Rhymes On The Road: Extract 03. Fancy And Truth--Hippomenes And Atalanta. Mont B

o Rhymes On The Road: Extract 04. Milan--The Picture Gallery

o Rhymes On The Road: Extract 05. Padua--Fancy And Reality

o Rhymes On The Road: Extract 06. The Fall Of Venice Not To Be Lamented

o Rhymes On The Road: Extract 07. Venice--Lord Byron's Memoirs, Written By Himsel

o Rhymes On The Road: Extract 08. Venice--Female Beauty At Venice

o Rhymes On The Road: Extract 09. Venice

o Rhymes On The Road: Extract 10. Mantua--Verses Of Hippolyta To Her Husband

o Rhymes On The Road: Extract 11. Florence

o Rhymes On The Road: Extract 12. Florence

o Rhymes On The Road: Extract 13. Rome--Reflections: Conspiracy of Rienzi

o Rhymes On The Road: Extract 14. Rome--Fragment Of A Dream...

o Rhymes On The Road: Extract 15. Rome--Mary Magdalen...

o Rhymes On The Road: Extract 16. Les Charmettes

o Rhymes On The Road: Introductory Rhymes

o Rich And Rare Were The Gems She Wore

o Ring, The

o Ring [a Tale], The

o Rings And Seals

o Rival Topics

o Rondeau

o Rose Of The Desert

o Round The World Goes

o Row Gently Here

o Russian Lover, The

o Sad Case, A

o Sail On, Sail On

o Sale Of Cupid

o Sale Of Loves, The

o Sale Of The Tools, The

o Say, What Shall Be Our Sport To-Day?

o Say, What Shall We Dance?

o Scene From A Play, Acted At Oxford, Called "Matriculation"

o Sceptic, A Philosophical Satire, The

o Scepticism

o See, The Dawn From Heaven

o Shall The Harp Then Be Silent

o She Is Far From The Land

o She Sung Of Love

o Shield, The

o Shine Out, Stars!

o Should Those Fond Hopes

o Shrine, The

o Silence Is In Our Festal Halls

o Since First Thy Word

o Sing, Sweet Harp

o Sing--Sing--Music Was Given

o Sinking Fund Cried, The

o Sir Andrew's Dream

o Sketch Of The First Act Of A New Romantic Drama

o Slumber, Oh Slumber

o Snake, The

o Snow Spirit, The

o So Warmly We Met

o Some Account Of The Late Dinner To Dan

o Song Of A Hyperborean

o Song Of Fionnuala, The

o Song Of Hercules To His Daughter

o Song Of Innisfail

o Song Of O'ruark, Prince Of Breffni, The

o Song Of Old Puck

o Song Of The Battle Eve

o Song Of The Box, The

o Song Of The Church

o Song Of The Departing Spirit Of Tithe

o Song Of The Evil Spirit Of The Woods

o Song Of The Nubian Girl (from The Epicurean)

o Song Of The Olden Time, The

o Song Of The Poco-Curante Society

o Song Of The Two Cupbearers

o Song [Fly From The World, O Bessy! To Me]

o Song [Have You Not Seen The Timid Tear]

o Song [If I Swear By That Eye, You'll Allow]

o Song [Mary, I Believed Thee True]

o Song [Take Back The Sigh, Thy Lips Of Art]

o Song [The Wreath You Wove, The Wreath You Wove]

o Song [Think On That Look Whose Melting Ray]

o Song [When Time Who Steals Our Years Away]

o Song [Where Is The Heart That Would Not Give]

o Song [Why Does Azure Deck The Sky?]

o Song: On The Birthday Of Mrs. ----

o Sound The Loud Timbrel

o Sovereign Woman

o Spanish Air.--"Ya Desperto"

o Spanish Chorus

o Speculation, A

o Speech On The Umbrella Question

o Spring And Autumn

o St. Jerome On Earth [First Visit]

o St. Jerome On Earth [Second Visit]

o St. Senanus And The Lady

o Stanzas

o Stanzas From The Banks Of The Shannon

o Stanzas Written In Anticipation Of Defeat

o Steerman's Song, The

o Still Thou Fliest

o Still When Daylight

o Still, Like Dew In Silence Falling

o Stranger, The

o Study From The Antique, A

o Sublime Was The Warning

o Summer Fete, The

o Summer Webs, The

o Sunday Ethics [A Scotch Ode]

o Surprise, The

o Sweet Innisfallen

o Swiss Air.--"Ranz Des Vaches"

o Sylph's Ball, The

o Sympathy

o Take Back The Virgin Page

o Take Hence The Bowl

o Tear, The

o Tell Her, Oh, Tell Her

o Tell-Tale Lyre, The

o Temple To Friendship, A

o Thee, Thee, Only Thee

o Then First From Love

o Then, Fare Thee Well

o There Are Sounds Of Mirth

o There Comes A Time

o There Is A Bleak Desert

o There's Something Strange

o They Know Not My Heart

o They May Rail At This Life

o They Met But Once

o They Tell Me Thou'rt The Favored Guest

o This Life Is All Checkered With Pleasures And Woes

o This World Is All A Fleeting Show

o Tho' 'Tis All But A Dream

o Tho' Humble The Banquet

o Tho' Lightly Sounds The Song I Sing

o Tho' The Last Glimpse Of Erin With Sorrow I See

o Those Evening Bells

o Thou Art, O God

o Thou Bidst Me Sing

o Thou Lovest No More

o Thoughts On Mischief

o Thoughts On Patrons, Puffs, And Other Matters

o Thoughts On Tar Barrels

o Thoughts On The Late Destructive Propositions Of The Tories

o Thoughts On The Present Government Of Ireland

o Three Doctors, The

o Tibullus To Sulpicia

o Time I've Lost In Wooing, The

o To .... ... [And Hast Thou Marked The Pensive Shade]

o To .... ... [Die When You Will, You Need Not Wear]

o To .... ... [Never mind how the pedagogue proses]

o To .... ... [On Seeing Her With A White Veil And A Rich Girdle]

o To .... ... [The world has just begun to steal]

o To ...... ['tis Time, I Feel, To Leave Thee Now]

o To ...... [Come, Take Thy Harp--'tis Vain To Muse]

o To ...... [Remember him thou leavest behind]

o To ...... [Sweet Lady, Look Not Thus Again]

o To ...... [That wrinkle, when first I espied it]

o To ...... [When I Loved You, I Can't But Allow]

o To ...... [With all my soul, then, let us part]

o To .......'s Picture

o To ......., 1801

o To A Boy, With A Watch

o To A Lady

o To A Lady - On Her Singing

o To Cara, After An Interval Of Absence

o To Cara, On The Dawning Of A New Year's Day

o To Caroline, Viscountess Valletort

o To Cloe

o To George Morgan, Esq. Of Norfolk, Virginia

o To His Serene Highness The Duke Of Montpensier

o To James Corry On His Making Me A Present Of A Wine Strainer

o To Joseph Atkinson, Esq, A

o To Julia Weeping

o To Julia [I Saw The Peasant's Hand Unkind]

o To Julia [in Allusion to Some Illiberal Criticisms]

o To Julia [Mock me no more with Love's beguiling dream]

o To Julia [On Her Birthday]

o To Julia [Though Fate, My Girl, May Bid Us Part]

o To Ladies' Eyes

o To Lady Heathcote, On An Old Ring Found At Tunbridge-Wells

o To Lady Holland

o To Lady Jersey On Being Asked To Write Something In Her Album

o To Lord Viscount Strangford

o To Miss ......

o To Miss Moore

o To Miss Susan Beckford [on Her Singing]

o To Mrs. --- On Her Beautiful Translation Of Voiture's Kiss

o To Mrs. ...... On Some Calumnies Against Her Character

o To Mrs. ......[To See Thee Every Day That Came]

o To Mrs. Bl---- [written In Her Album]

o To Mrs. Henry Tighe, On Reading Her "Psyche"

o To My Mother

o To Phillis

o To Rosa [And Are You Then A Thing Of Art]

o To Rosa [Is the song of Rosa mute?]

o To Rosa [Like one who trusts to summer skies]

o To Rosa [Say, Why Should The Girl Of My Soul Be In Tears]

o To Rosa [The wisest soul, by anguish torn]

o To Sir Hudson Lowe

o To The Boston Frigate, On Leaving Halifax For England

o To The Editor Of "The Morning Chronicle"

o To The Fire-Fly

o To The Flying-Fish

o To The Honorable W. R. Spencer

o To The Invisible Girl

o To The Lady Charlotte Rawdon

o To The Large And Beautiful Miss......

o To The Lord Viscount Forbes

o To The Marchioness Dowager Of Donegall

o To The Rev. Charles Overton, Curate of Romaldkirk

o To The Reverend ---- [One Of The Sixteen Requisitionists Of Nottingham]

o To The Ship In Which Lord Castlereagh Sailed For The Continent

o To Thomas Hume, Esq., M. D.

o To Weave A Garland For The Rose

o To-Day, Dearest! Is Ours

o Tory Pledges

o Tout Pour La Tripe

o Translation From The Gull Language

o Translations From Catullus

o Triumph Of Bigotry

o Triumphs Of Farce, The

o Turf Shall Be My Fragrant Shrine, The

o Twin'st Thou With Lofty Wreath Thy Brow?

o Two Loves, The

o Twopenny Post-Bag

o Unbind Thee, Love

o Up, Sailor Boy, 'tis Day

o Valley of the Nile (From The Epicurean), The

o Variety

o Verses To The Poet Crabbe's Inkstand

o Vision, A

o Vision Of Philosophy, A

o Voice, The

o Wake Thee, My Dear

o Wake Up, Sweet Melody

o Wandering Bard, The

o War Against Babylon

o War Song

o Warning, A

o Watchman, The

o We May Roam Through This World

o Weep Not For Those

o Weep On, Weep On

o Weep, Children Of Israel

o Wellington Spa, The

o Were Not The Sinful Mary's Tears

o What Shall I Sing Thee?

o What The Bee Is To The Floweret

o What's My Thought Like?

o When Abroad In The World

o When Cold In The Earth

o When First I Met Thee

o When First That Smile

o When He, Who Adores Thee

o When Love Is Kind

o When Love Was A Child

o When Love, Who Ruled

o When Midst The Gay I Meet

o When Night Brings The Hour

o When On The Lip The Sigh Delays

o When The First Summer Bee

o When The Sad Word

o When The Wine-Cup Is Smiling

o When Thou Art Nigh

o When Thou Shalt Wander

o When Through The Piazzetta

o When To Sad Music Silent You Listen

o When Twilight Dews

o Whene'er I See Those Smiling Eyes

o Where Are The Visions

o Where Is The Slave

o Where Is Your Dwelling, Ye Sainted?

o Where Shall We Bury Our Shame?

o While Gazing On The Moon's Light

o While History's Muse

o Who Is The Maid?

o Who'll Buy My Love-Knots?

o Why Does She So Long Delay?

o Wind Thy Horn, My Hunter Boy

o Wine-Cup Is Circling, The

o With Moonlight Beaming

o Wo! Wo!

o Woman

o Wonder, The

o World Was Husht, The

o Wreath And The Chain, The

o Wreath The Bowl

o Wreaths For The Ministers

o Write On, Write On

o Written In A Commonplace Book, Called "The Book Of Follies"

o Written In The Blank Leaf Of A Lady's Commonplace Book

o Written On Passing Deadman's Island

o Yes, Yes, When The Bloom

o You Remember Ellen

o Young Indian Maid, The

o Young Jessica

o Young May Moon, The

o Young Muleteers Of Grenada, The

o Young Rose, The

o Youth And Age