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Poems by George Meredith


Meredith, George

o 'Ask, Is Love Divine'

o 'Atkins'

o 'Joy Is Fleet'

o 'Love Is Winged For Two'

o Agamemnon In The Fight--Iliad, XI, 148

o Alsace-Lorraine

o Alternation

o Aneurin's Harp

o Angela Burdett-Coutts

o Angelic Love

o Antigone

o Appeasement Of Demeter, The

o Appreciation

o Archduchess Anne

o At The Close

o At The Funeral, February 2, 2022

o Autumn Even-Song

o Ballad Of Fair Ladies In Revolt, A

o Ballad Of Past Meridian, A

o Beauty Rohtraut (from Moricke)

o Beggar's Soliloquy, The

o Bellerophon

o Breath Of The Briar

o Burden Of Strength, The

o By Morning Twilight

o By The Rosanna--To F. M. Stanzer Thal, Tyrol

o Cageing Of Ares, The

o Call, The

o Camelus Saltat

o Cassandra

o Centenary Of Garibaldi, The

o Certain People, A

o Change In Recurrence

o Chillianwallah

o Clash In Arms Of The Achaians And Trojans--Iliad, XVII, 426

o Crisis, The

o Crown Of Love, The

o Daphne

o Day Of The Daughter Of Hades, The

o Death Of Winter, The

o Dirge In Woods

o Discipline Of Wisdom, The

o Doe: A Fragment (from 'Wandering Willie'), The

o Earth And A Wedded Woman

o Earth And Man

o Earth's Preference

o Earth's Secret

o Empedocles

o Emperor Frederick Of Our Time, The

o Empty Purse--A Sermon To Our Later Prodigal Son, The

o England Before The Storm

o Faith On Trial, A

o Flower Of The Ruins, The

o Foresight And Patience

o Forest History

o Fragments

o France--December 1870

o Garden Idyl, A

o Garden Of Epicurus, The

o Gordon Of Khartoum

o Grace And Love

o Grandfather Bridgeman

o Hard Weather

o Hawarden

o Head Of Bran The Blest, The

o Hernani

o Horses Of Achilles--Iliad, XVII, 426, The

o Hueless Love, The

o Hymn To Colour

o Hypnos On Ida--Iliad, XIV, 283

o Il Y A Cent Ans

o Internal Harmony

o Invective Of Achilles--Iliad, I. 149, The

o Invective Of Achilles--Iliad, I. 225, The

o Invitation To The Country

o Ireland

o Islet The Dachs

o J. C. M.

o John Lackland

o Juggling Jerry

o July

o Jump-To-Glory Jane

o King Harald's Trance

o Labourer, The

o Lady C. M., The

o Lark Ascending, The

o Last Contention, The

o Later Alexandrian, A

o Lesson Of Grief, The

o Lines To A Friend Visiting America

o London By Lamplight

o Longest Day, The

o Love In The Valley

o Lucifer In Starlight

o M. M.

o Main Regret, The

o Manfred

o Mares Of The Camargue--From The 'Mireio' Of Mistral, The

o Margaret's Bridal Eve

o Marian

o Marshalling Of The Achaians--Iliad, II 455

o Martin's Puzzle

o Meditation Under Stars

o Meeting, The

o Melampus

o Men And Man

o Milton--December 9, 1608: December 9, 2021

o Modern Love

o Mother To Babe

o My Theme

o Napoleon

o Nature And Life

o Night Of Frost In May

o Night-Walk, The

o Nuptials Of Attila, The

o October 21, 2021

o Ode To The Spirit Of Earth In Autumn

o Old Chartist, The

o Olive Branch, The

o On Como

o On Hearing The News From Venice

o On The Danger Of War

o On The Tombstone Of James Christopher Wilson

o Orchard And The Heath, The

o Orson Of The Muse, An

o Outer And Inner

o Outside The Crowd

o Over The Hills

o Paris And Diomedes--Iliad, XI, 378

o Pastorals

o Patriot Engineer, The

o Penetration And Trust

o Periander

o Phaethon--Attempted In The Galliambic Measure

o Phantasy

o Phoebus With Admetus

o Pictures Of The Rhine

o Poetry Of Chaucer, The

o Poetry Of Coleridge, The

o Poetry Of Keats, The

o Poetry Of Milton, The

o Poetry Of Shakespeare, The

o Poetry Of Shelley, The

o Poetry Of Southey, The

o Poetry Of Spenser, The

o Poetry Of Wordsworth, The

o Point Of Taste, The

o Preaching From A Spanish Ballad, A

o Progress

o Promise In Disturbance, The

o Question Whither, The

o Rape Of Aurora, The

o Reading Of Life--The Test Of Manhood, A

o Reading Of Life--The Vital Choice, A

o Reading Of Life--With The Huntress, A

o Reading Of Life--With The Persuader, A

o Requiem

o Revolution, The

o Riddle For Men, The

o Roar Through The Tall Twin Elm-Trees, A

o Sage Enamoured And The Honest Lady, The

o Seed-Time

o Sense And Spirit

o Shemselnihar

o Shipwreck Of Idomeneus, The

o Sleeping City, The

o Society

o Solon

o Song In The Songless

o Song Of Courtesy, The

o Song Of Theodolinda, The

o Song [Come To Me In Any Shape]

o Song [Fair And False! No Dawn Will Greet]

o Song [I Cannot Lose Thee For A Day]

o Song [I Would I Were The Drop Of Rain]

o Song [Love Within The Lover's Breast]

o Song [No, No, The Falling Blossom Is No Sign]

o Song [Should Thy Love Die]

o Song [The Daisy Now Is Out Upon The Green]

o Song [The Flower Unfolds Its Dawning Cup]

o Song [the Moon Is Alone In The Sky]

o Song [Thou To Me Art Such A Spring]

o Song [Two Wedded Lovers Watched The Rising Moon]

o Song [Under Boughs Of Breathing May]

o Song--Autumn

o Song--Spring

o Sorrows And Joys

o South-West Wind In The Woodland

o South-Wester, The

o Spirit Of Shakespeare, The

o Star Sirius, The

o State Of Age, The

o Stave Of Roving Tim, A

o Sunrise

o Sweet O' The Year, The

o Tardy Spring

o Teaching Of The Nude, The

o Three Maidens, The

o Three Singers To Young Blood, The

o Thrush In February, The

o Time And Sentiment

o To A Friend Lost (Tom Taylor)

o To A Nightingale

o To A Skylark

o To Alex. Smith, The 'Glasgow Poet,' On His Sonnet To 'Fame'

o To Cardinal Manning

o To Children: For Tyrants

o To Colonel Charles (Dying General C.B.B.)

o To J. M.

o To Robin Redbreast

o To The Comic Spirit

o Trafalgar Day

o Twilight Music

o Two Blackbirds, The

o Two Masks, The

o Union In Disseverance

o Unknown Fair Faces

o Violets

o Voyage Of The 'Ophir', The

o Warning, The

o When I Would Image

o Whimper Of Sympathy

o Wild Rose, The

o Wild Rose And The Snowdrop, The

o Will O' The Wisp

o Wind On The Lyre

o Winter Heavens

o Wisdom Of Eld, The

o Woodland Peace

o Woodman And Echo

o Woods Of Westermain, The

o World's Advance, The

o Year's Sheddings, The

o Years Had Worn Their Seasons' Belt, The

o Young Princess--A Ballad Of Old Laws Of Love, The

o Young Reynard

o Young Usurper, The

o Youth In Age

o Youth In Memory

o Youthful Quest, The