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Poems by J. C. Manning


Manning, J. C.

o "I Will"

o "I'd Choose To Be A Nightingale"

o "Mmewn Cof Anwyl"

o "Ring Down The Curtain"

o "The Shadow Of The Cross"

o A. R. (Died April 21st, 1865)

o Aeolus And Aurora: Giving A Little Information As To The Music Of The Gods

o Against The Stream

o Beautiful Barbara

o Beautiful Wales

o Belfry Old, The

o Breaking On The Shore

o Bridal Simile, A

o Broken Model: To One Who Well Deserved The Strictures, The

o Brooklet's Ambition, The

o Brotherly Love

o Careful When You Find A Friend

o Castles In The Air

o Change

o Character, A

o Christmas Anticipations

o Christmas Is Coming

o Couplet: On A Pauper Whose Wealth Grew Faster Than His Manners

o Curates And Colliers, On Reading In A Comic Paper

o Daisy May: A Story Of Christmastide

o Dawn And Death

o Dear Mother I'm Thinking Of Thee

o Death In Life: A True Story

o Death Of Saul

o Disraeli

o Down In The Dark: The Ferndale Colliery Explosion

o E. H. R. (Died November 30th, 1867)

o Echoes From The City

o Eleanor: Died On Her Wedding Day

o Elegiac

o Elegiac Stanzas On The Death Of Mrs. Pascoe St. Leger Grenfell

o Elegy On The Death Of A Little Child

o Elegy On The Late Crawshay Bailey, Esq.

o England And France (Written During The Crimean War)

o Epigram On A Welshwoman's Hat

o Faith In Love

o Fall Of Sebastopol

o False As Fair

o Filial Ingratitude, A Fable

o Floating Away

o Floral Fable, A

o Foolish Bird, A

o Forsaken

o Fragment, A

o Golden Tresses

o Gone Before

o Gone! , On Hearing Of The Death Of Two Infant Children Of An Esteemed Friend

o Griefs Untold

o Gwalia Deg

o Had I A Heart

o Hazard In Love

o Heads And Hearts

o Heart Links

o Henry Bath (Died October The 14th, 1864)

o Heroes Of Alma, The

o Heron And The Weather-Vane, A Fable, The

o Hold Your Tongue

o Hope For The Best

o Household Spirit, The

o Humility Oppressed

o Hurrah For The Rifle Corps

o I Could Not Love Thee More Sonnet

o I Would My Love

o Impromptu: On An Inveterate Spouter

o Impromptu: On Being Asked By A Lady To Write A Verse In Her Album

o Impromptu: On The Death Of Thomas Kneath, Teacher Of Navigation, At Swansea

o In Dreams

o In Memoriam

o Kind Word, A Smile, Or A Kiss, A

o Last Rose Of Summer, The

o Law Versus Theology: On An Eminent County Court Judge

o Life Dreams

o Lilybell

o Lines, Accompanying A Purse Given To A Friend On His Birthday

o Lost!

o Love Walks With Humanity Yet

o Love's Incongruities

o Love's Influence

o Love's Mutability

o Love's Wiles

o Magdalene

o Maid Of The War, The

o Man's Destiny

o Mary (Died May 30th, 1860)

o Misguiding Appearances

o Monody On The Death Of Mrs. Nicholl Carne

o Mother's Advice, A

o Mother's Love, A

o My Mother's Portrait

o Nash Vaughan Edwardes Vaughan; A Monody

o Nature's Heroes

o Never More

o New Year's Bells

o Oak To The Ivy, The

o Ode: On The Death Of A Friend, A Young Surgeon, Who Died From Fever

o On Being Asked My Opinion Upon The Matter To Which It Refers Sonnet:

o On The Death Of A Friend

o On The Death Of The Rev. Canon Jenkins, Vicar Of Aberdare

o On The Marriage Of Miss Elizabeth Mary Nicholl Carne

o Orator And The Cask, A Fable, The

o Palm Sunday In Wales

o Pause! - On The Hesitation Of The Czar To Force A Passage Of The Danube

o Poet's Troubles, The

o Poetic Proverbs

o Retribution [A spider once wove a right marvellous net]

o Retribution [O that the wretchedness entailed by sin]

o Riddle, A

o Sacrificial: The Execution Of Two Greek Sailors At Swansea

o Sebastopol Is Won

o Shadows In The Fire

o Simile, A

o Sleeping In The Snow

o Song Of The Silken Shroud

o Song Of The Strike

o Song Of The Worker

o St. Valentine's Eve

o Stanzas: Written At Tunbbridge Wells

o Stanzas: Written In The Shadow Of A Very Dark Cloud

o Starling And The Goose, A Fable, The

o Sunrise In The Country

o Sympathy

o Telegraph Post, A Fable, The

o Test Of The Stick, The

o They Tell Me Thou Art Faithless, Love [song]

o Three Graces, The

o Three Mirrors, A Fable, The

o To A Fly: Burned By A Gas-Light

o To A Friend

o To A Royal Mourner

o To Clara

o To Lord Derby

o To Louisa: When A Year Old

o True Philanthropy

o Truthfulness

o Two Clocks, A Fable, The

o Two Sparrows, A Fable, The

o Two Trees, A Fable, The

o University For Wales, A

o Unrequited

o Unrequited Affection

o Upward Strivings

o Value Of Adversity

o Vase And The Weed: A Plea For The Bible, The

o Venus And Astery, A Legend Of The Gods

o Vicarious Martyrs: Written & Sent As A Valentine To My Hen-Pecked Schoolmaster

o Vine And The Sunflower, A Fable, The

o Virgin Purity

o Wales To "Punch"

o Wanted: A Wife

o Welcome!

o Welsh Language: To Friend "Caradawc" of Abergavenny, The

o With The Rain

o Withered Rose, The

o Wrecked In Sight Of Home

o Wrecks Of Life

o Written After Reading A Biography Of The Duke Of Beaufort

o Written In The Prayer Book Of A Young Lady Who Had Jilted Her Lover