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Mackay, Charles

o "And God Said, Let There Be Light!" Sacred Melody

o "The Lass Who Vowed To Love Me"

o 'Tis Sweet, In The Shade Of The Lofty Trees Ballad

o Alder Tree, The

o Appeal To Paris, An from "Voices From The Crowd"

o Aurora

o Beech Tree, The

o Boar-Hunters' Song, The

o Chorus Of Guardian Spirits

o Cleon And I from "Voices From The Crowd"

o Constancy

o Cool Breeze Of Summer's Eve

o Coronach, Or Death-Wail

o Days Of Yore, The

o Dove Of Noah, The Sacred Melody

o Epitaph

o Eternal Justice from "Voices From The Crowd"

o Evening

o Falling Stars, The

o German Drinking Song

o Gipsy Chaunt

o Graves Of Our Fathers, The Indian Song

o Greenwood Tree, The

o He Carved His Name Upon The Tree Ballad

o Hunters, The Indian Song

o Hymn For The Dead Sacred Melody

o If I Were A Voice

o Isle Of Truth, The

o Lay Of An Exile, The

o Let Us Alone from "Voices From The Crowd"

o Light Is Love Without Esteem

o Little Moles, The from "Voices From The Crowd"

o Lorenzo Pines In Dungeon Gloom Ballad

o Lump Of Gold, The

o Maiden Of Rhine, The

o Maiden Pale, The Indian Song

o Maniacs Song To The Wind, The

o Mariners' Prayer, During A Storm Sacred Melody

o Mirth

o Moonlight Dance, The

o Mowers, The from "Voices From The Crowd"

o North Countrie, The

o Northern Star, The

o On The Capitulation Of Warsaw, September 1831

o Our Saviours Lamentation Over Jerusalem Sacred Melody

o Phamtoms Of St. Sepulchre, The from "Voices From The Crowd"

o Pilgrims Dog, The

o Prayer Of Adam Alone In Paradise, The

o Repentance Sacred Melody

o Reproach

o Resignation Sacred Melody

o Reveries

o Reveries--Night

o Said I To Myself, Said I from "Voices From The Crowd"

o Saul And David Sacred Melody

o Solitude

o Song Of An Emigrant, The

o Song Of The Mountaineers, The

o Song To The Evening Star

o Song To The Germans

o Song To The Harvest Moon

o Spring Song

o Storm Sacred Melody

o Sycamore Tree, The

o The Green Bay Tree

o Thoughts from "Voices From The Crowd"

o To An Eagle

o To Romance

o To The Winds

o Under The Holly Bough Christmas poem

o Vintagers' Song To The Sun

o War Song Indian Song

o Wassail

o Will O' The Wisp, The

o Winter

o Wishing Gate, The Ballad

o Wood-Nymph, The

o Wooing