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Poems by Joseph Crosby Lincoln


Lincoln, Joseph Crosby

o "Aunt 'Mandy"

o "Jim"

o "Sary Emma's Photygraphs"

o "September Mornin's"

o "Sister's Best Feller"

o "Takin' Boarders"

o "The Evenin' Hymn"

o "The Fift' Ward J'int Debate"

o "The Little Feller's Stockin'"

o "The Reg'lar Army Man"

o "The Widder Clark"

o "Yap"

o Ant And The Grasshopper, The

o At Eventide

o Ballad Of Mccarty's Trombone, The

o Ballade Of The Dream-Ship, The

o Best Spare Room, The

o Birds'-Nesting Time

o Bullfrog Serenade, The

o Circle Day

o Cod-Fisher, The

o College Training, A

o Croaker, The

o Crushed Hero, A

o Cuckoo Clock, The

o Fireman O'Rafferty

o Friday Evening Meetings

o Grandfather's "Summer Sweets"

o Hand-Organ Ball, The

o Hezekiah's Art

o His New Brother

o In Mother's Room

o Life's Paths

o Life-Saver, The

o Light-Keeper, The

o Little Bare Feet

o Little Old House By The Shore, The

o Matildy's Beau

o May Memories

o Mayflower, The

o Meadow Road, The

o Midsummer

o Minister's Wife, The

o My Old Gray Nag

o Ninety-Eight In The Shade

o November's Come

o O'reilly's Billy-Goat

o Old Carryall, The

o Old Daguerreotypes, The

o Old Sword On The Wall, The

o Old-Fashioned Garden, The

o Our First Fire-Crackers

o Parson's Daughter, The

o Popular Song, The

o Rainy Day, A

o School-Committee Man, The

o Sermon Time

o Sister Simmons

o Song Of The Sea, The

o Story-Book Boy, The

o Summer Nights At Grandpa's

o Sunday Afternoons

o Sunday-School Picnic, The

o Sunset-Land

o Surf Along The Shore, The

o Susan Van Doozen

o Thanksgiving Dream, A

o Through The Fog

o Tin Peddler, The

o Village Oracle, The

o Wasted Energy

o Watchers, The

o When Nathan Led The Choir

o When Papa's Sick

o When The Minister Comes To Tea

o When The Tide Goes Out

o Wind's Song, The

o Winter Nights At Home, The