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Poems by Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon


Leprohon, Rosanna Eleanor

o Abraham's Sacrifice

o After The Ball

o Afternoon In July, An

o Alain's Choice

o Ash-Wednesday

o Autumn Evening At Murray Bay, An

o Autumn Winds

o Beneath The Snow

o Blind Man Of Jericho, The

o Bound For California

o Boy's Appeal, The

o Boy's Hopes, A

o Bride Of A Year, The

o Canadian Snow-Fall, A

o Canadian Summer Evening, A

o Charles VII And Joan Of Arc At Rheims

o Child's Dream, The

o Child's Treasures, A

o Choice Of Sweet Shy Clare, The

o Clouds That Promise A Glorious Morrow, The

o Come, Tell Me Some Olden Story

o Cornelia's Jewels

o Death Of The Pauper Child, The

o Earth's Moments Of Gloom

o Emigrant's Address To America, The

o Emigrants' Monument At Point St. Charles, The

o Fall Of The Leaf, The

o Far West Emigrant

o Few Short Years From Now, A

o Final Reckoning, The

o Flirtation

o Flowers And Stars

o Four Wishes, The

o Garden Of Gethsemane, The

o Girl Martyr, The

o Girl's Day Dream And Its Fulfilment, A

o Given And Taken

o Harry (Engaged To Be Married) To Charley (Who Is Not)

o Harvests

o Hunter And His Dying Steed, The

o Huron Chief's Daughter, The

o Husband And Wife

o In Memory Of The Late G. C. Of Montreal

o Jacques Cartier's First Visit To Mount Royal

o Lady Of Rathmore Hall, The

o Looking Forward

o Magdalen At The Madonna's Shrine, The

o Maple Tree, The

o Mater Christianorum, Ora Pro Nobis!

o Maude, A Ballad Of The Olden Time

o Modern Courtship, A

o Moonlight Reveries

o My Thoughts To-Night

o Mystical Rose, Pray For Us!

o Nature's Music

o Old Towers Of Mount Royal Or Ville Marie, The

o On Some Rose Leaves Brought From The Vale Of Cashmere

o On The Death Of The Same Reverend Nun, The Venerable Mother St. Madeleine, Ten Y

o Our Canadian Woods In Early Autumn

o Our Mountain Cemetery

o Our Saviour And The Samaritan Woman At The Well

o Our Saviour's Boyhood

o Parting Soul And Her Guardian Angel, The

o Plea For Our Northern Winters, A

o Purification, The

o Recollect Church, The

o Red Rock Camp; A Tale Of Early Colorado

o Reflective And Elegiac Poem On Hon. James B. Clay, Of Ashlands, Kentucky

o Rejoicings After The Battle Of Inkerman

o Rich And Poor

o River Saguenay, The

o Sea-Shore Musings

o Shepherdess Of The Arno, The

o Sister M. B.'s Arrival In Montreal, 1654

o Soldier's Death, The

o St. Francis Of Borgia By The Coffin Of Queen Isabel

o St. Ignatius Loyola At The Chapel Of Our Lady Of Montserrat

o Stable Of Bethlehem, The

o Sunset Thoughts Of A Dying Girl, The

o Ten Lepers, The

o Time's Changes In A Household

o To A Beautiful Child On Her Birthday, With A Wreath Of Flowers

o To A Young Girl With An Album

o To A Young Mother On The Birth Of Her First-Born Child

o To My First Born

o To The Soldiers Of Pius Ninth

o Touching Ceremony, A

o Transplanted Rose Tree, The

o Tribute To The Memory Of The Rev. Sister

o Tryst Of The Sachem's Daughter, The

o Two Birth Nights, The

o Vesper Hour, The

o Village Girl And Her High Born Suitor, The

o Virgin of Bethlehem

o Voices Of The Death Chamber, The

o Voices Of The Hearth

o Welcome To Our Canadian Spring

o Welcome to the Month of Mary, A

o When Will It End?

o Whispers Of Time, The

o White Canoe, The

o White Maiden And The Indian Girl, The

o Winter In Canada

o Wood Fairy's Well, The

o Worldly Death-Bed, A

o Wreath Of Forest Flowers, The

o Young Greek Odalisque, The

o Young Novice, The