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Lawrence, D. H. David Herbert Lawrence, English author

o "And Oh--That The Man I Am Might Cease To Be--"

o "She Said As Well To Me"

o After Many Days

o After The Opera

o All Souls

o Anxiety

o Apprehension

o Argument

o At The Window

o Attack, The

o Autumn Rain

o Autumn Sunshine

o Baby Asleep After Pain, A

o Baby Running Barefoot, A

o Bad Beginning, A

o Ballad Of A Wilful Woman

o Ballad Of Another Ophelia

o Birdcage Walk

o Birth Night

o Bitterness Of Death

o Blue

o Bombardment

o Both Sides Of The Medal

o Bread Upon The Waters

o Bride, The

o Brooding Grief

o Brother And Sister

o Coming Awake

o Craving For Spring

o Debacle

o December Night

o Discipline

o Discord In Childhood

o Dissolute

o Doe At Evening, A

o Dolor Of Autumn

o Don Juan

o Dreams Nascent

o Dreams Old

o Drunk

o Elegy

o Elegy_

o Elysium

o Embankment At Night: Charity

o Embankment At Night: Outcasts

o End, The

o Enkindled Spring, The

o Epilogue

o Everlasting Flowers

o Excursion

o Fireflies In The Corn

o Firelight And Nightfall

o First Morning

o Flapper

o Flat Suburbs, S.W., In The Morning

o Forsaken And Forlorn

o Frohnleichnam

o From A College Window

o Frost Flowers

o Giorno Dei Morti

o Gipsy

o Gloire De Dijon

o Going Back

o Green

o Grey Evening

o Guards!

o Hands Of The Betrothed, The

o Heimweh

o History

o Humiliation

o Hyde Park At Night: Clerks

o Hymn To Priapus

o I Am Like A Rose

o In A Boat

o In Church

o In The Dark

o In Trouble And Shame

o Inheritance, The

o Intime

o Irony

o Lady Wife

o Last Hours

o Last Words To Miriam

o Letter From Town: On A Grey Evening In March

o Letter From Town: The Almond Tree

o Liaison

o Listening

o Little Town At Evening, The

o Loggerheads

o Lotus Hurt By The Cold

o Love Song, A

o Love Storm

o Malade

o Manifesto

o Martyr A La Mode

o Mating

o Misery

o Monologue Of A Mother

o Moonrise

o Mutilation

o Mystery

o Mystic Blue, The

o Narcissus

o New Heaven And Earth

o New Year's Eve

o New Year's Night

o Next Morning

o Nonentity

o North Country, The

o Nostalgia

o Obsequial Ode

o On That Day

o On The Balcony

o On The March

o One Woman To All Women

o Palimpsest Of Twilight

o Paradise Re-Entered

o Parliament Hill In The Evening

o Passing Bell, A

o Patience

o People

o Perfidy

o Phantasmagoria

o Piano

o Piccadilly Circus At Night: Street-Walkers

o Prophet, The

o Punisher, The

o Quite Forsaken

o Rabbit Snared In The Night

o Reading A Letter

o Reproach

o Restlessness

o River Roses

o Rondeau Of A Conscientious

o Rose Of All The World

o Roses On The Breakfast Table

o Ruination

o Scent Of Irises

o School On The Outskirts

o Sea, The

o Seven Seals

o Shades

o She Looks Back

o Sickness

o Sigh No More

o Silence

o Sinners

o Snap-Dragon

o Song Of A Man Who Has Come Through

o Song Of A Man Who Is Not Loved

o Sorrow

o Spiritual Woman, A

o Spring Morning

o Street Lamps

o Study

o Submergence

o Suburbs On A Hazy Day

o Sunday Afternoon In Italy

o Tarantella

o Tease

o Thief In The Night

o Tommies In The Train

o Tortoises A book of poems

o Town

o Troth With The Dead

o Twenty Years Ago

o Two Wives

o Two-Fold

o Under The Oak

o Valentine's Night

o Virgin Mother, The

o Virgin Youth

o War-Baby

o Wedlock

o Week-Night Service

o Why Does She Weep?

o Wild Common, The

o Winter Dawn

o Winter In The Boulevard

o Winter's Tale, A

o Winter-Lull

o Young Wife, A

o Youth Mowing, A