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Lamb, Charles

o "Brevis Esse Laboro"

o "Suffer Little Children, And Forbid Them Not, To Come Unto Me"

o Acrostic Against Acrostics, An

o Acrostic, To A Lady Who Desired Me To Write Her Epitaph

o Angel Help

o Anger

o Ape, The

o As When A Child On Some Long Winter's Night

o Ballad Noting The Difference Of Rich And Poor, A

o Ballad Singers, The Translations from the Latin of Vincent Bourne

o Ballad [The Clouds Are Blackening...]

o Beasts In The Tower, The

o Beggar-Man, The

o Birth-Day Thought, A

o Blindness

o Boy And Snake, The

o Boy And The Sky-Lark, The A fable

o Boy, The Mother, And The Butterfly, The

o Breakfast

o Broken Doll, The

o Brother's Reply, The

o Butterfly, The

o Carlagnulus

o Charity

o Cheap Gifts: A Sonnet

o Childhood

o Choosing A Name

o Choosing A Profession

o Christening, The

o Cleanliness

o Clock Striking

o Coffee Slips, The

o Composed At Midnight

o Confidant, The

o Conquest Of Prejudice

o Crumbs To The Birds

o David

o David In The Cave Of Adullam

o Dessert, The

o Dick Strype; Or, The Force Of Habit

o Discontent And Quarrelling

o Dramatic Fragment

o Duty Of A Brother, The

o End Of May, The

o Envy

o Epigrams

o Epilogue To An Amateur Performance of "Richard II"

o Epilogue To Godwin's Tragedy Of "Antonio"

o Epilogue To Henry Siddons' Farce, "Time's A Tell-Tale"

o Epilogue To Kenney's Farce, "Debtor And Creditor"

o Epilogue To Sheridan Knowles' Comedy, "The Wife"

o Epitaph On A Dog Translations from the Latin of Vincent Bourne

o Existence, Considered In Itself, No Blessing

o Eyes

o Fairy, The

o Family Name, The

o Fancy Employed On Divine Subjects

o Farewell To Tobacco, A

o Feigned Courage

o Female Orators, The Translations from the Latin of Vincent Bourne

o First Leaf Of Spring, The

o First Of April, The

o First Tooth, The

o Force Of Habit, The

o Free Thoughts On Several Eminent Composers

o Gipsy's Malison [sonnet], The

o Godlike, The

o Going Into Breeches

o Going Or Gone [epicedium]

o Good Temper

o Grandame, The

o Great Grandfather, The

o Harmony In Unlikeness [sonnet]

o Hercules Pacificatus

o Hester

o Home Delights

o House-Keeper, The Translations from the Latin of Vincent Bourne

o Hypochondriacus

o If From My Lips Some Angry Accents Fell

o In My Own Album

o In Tabulam Eximii Pictoris B. Haydoni

o In The Album Of A Clergyman's Lady

o In The Album Of A French Teacher

o In The Album Of A Very Young Lady

o In The Album Of Catherine Orkney

o In The Album Of Edith S[outhey]

o In The Album Of Lucy Barton

o In The Album Of Miss ------

o In The Album Of Miss Daubeny

o In The Album Of Mrs. Jane Towers

o In The Album Of Rotha Q[uillinan]

o In The Autograph Book Of Mrs. Sergeant W------

o Incorrect Speaking

o Journey From School And To School, The

o King And Queen Of Hearts, The

o Lame Brother, The

o Leisure [sonnet]

o Lines Addressed To Lieut. R.W.H. Hardy

o Lines Addressed, From London, To Sara And S.T.C.

o Lines For A Monument

o Lines On The Celebrated Picture By Lionardo Da Vinci

o Lines Suggested By A Sight Of Waltham Cross

o Living Without God In The World

o Lord Of Life Shakes Off His Drowsihed [sonnet], The

o Love Will Come

o Love, Death, And Reputation A fable

o Magpye's Nest Or A Lesson Of Docility, The A fable

o Memory

o Men And Women, And The Monkeys, The A fable

o Methinks How Dainty Sweet It Were, Reclin'd

o Mille Viae Mortis

o Mimic Harlequin, The

o Moderation In Diet

o Motes In The Sun-Beams

o My Birth-Day

o Neatness In Apparel

o New-Born Infant, The

o Newton's Principia Translations from the Latin of Vincent Bourne

o Nonsense Verses

o Nurse Green

o Nursing

o O! I Could Laugh To Hear The Midnight Wind

o Offer, The

o Old Familiar Faces, The

o On A Deaf And Dumb Artist Translations from the Latin of Vincent Bourne

o On A Picture Of The Finding Of Moses By Pharaoh's Daughter

o On A Projected Journey

o On A Sepulchral Statue Of An Infant Sleeping Translations from the Latin of Vincent Bourne

o On An Infant Dying As Soon As Born

o On Being Asked To Write In Miss Westwood's Album

o On Seeing Mrs. K---- B----, Aged Upwards Of Eighty, Nurse An Infant

o On The Arrival In England Of Lord Byron's Remains

o On The Fast-Day

o On The Literary Gazette

o On The Lord's Prayer

o On The Sight Of Swans In Kensington Garden

o Orange, The

o Parental Recollections

o Parting Speech Of The Celestial Messenger To The Poet, The

o Peach, The

o Penny Pieces

o Pindaric Ode To The Tread Mill

o Prince Dorus, Or Flattery Put Out Of Countenance

o Prologue To Coleridge's Tragedy Of "Remorse"

o Prologue To Godwin's Tragedy Of "Faulkener"

o Prologue To Sheridan Knowles' Comedy, "The Wife"

o Queen Oriana's Dream

o Rainbow, The

o Reaper's Child, The

o Repentance And Reconciliation

o Reproof, The

o Ride, The

o Rival Bells, The Translations from the Latin of Vincent Bourne

o Rook And The Sparrows, The

o Royal Wonders, The

o Sabbath Bells, The

o Satan In Search Of A Wife

o Self-Enchanted, The

o She Is Going

o Sister's Expostulation On The Brother's Learning Latin, The

o Sisters, The

o Six Epitaphs On Ensign Peacock

o Sonnet To A Friend

o Sonnet To Mathew Wood, Esq

o Sonnet To Miss Burney

o Sparrow And The Hen, The

o Spartan Boy, The

o St. Crispin To Mr. Gifford [sonnet]

o Summer Friends

o Suum Cuique

o Text, The

o Thoughtless Cruelty

o Three Friends, The

o Three Graves, The

o Time And Eternity

o Time Spent In Dress

o Timid Grace Sits Trembling In Her Eye, A

o To A Celebrated Female Performer In The "Blind Boy" sonnet

o To A Friend On His Marriage

o To A River In Which A Child Was Drowned

o To A Young Friend [on Her 21st Birth-Day]

o To A Young Lady

o To A Young Lady, On Being Too Fond Of Music

o To Bernard Barton

o To C. Aders, Esq

o To Caroline Maria Applebee [an Acrostic]

o To Cecilia Catherine Lawton

o To Charles Lloyd

o To Charles Lloyd [An Unexpected Visitor]

o To Clara N[ovello]

o To David Cook Translations from the Latin of Vincent Bourne

o To Dora W[ordsworth]

o To D[orothy] A[sbury]

o To Emma Button

o To Esther Field

o To John Lamb, Esq

o To Joseph Vale Asbury

o To Louisa Morgan

o To Louisa M[artin], Whom I Used To Call "Monkey"

o To Margaret W----

o To Martin Charles Burney, Esq

o To Miss Kelly [sonnet]

o To Mrs. F[ield]

o To Mrs. Sarah Robinson

o To Mrs. Williams

o To My Friend The Indicator

o To M[ary] L[aetitia] F[ield]

o To M[ary] L[ocke]

o To R.S. Knowles, Esq.

o To R[otha] Q[uillinan]

o To Samuel Rogers, Esq

o To Samuel Rogers, Esq [sonnet]

o To Sarah James Of Beguildy

o To Sir James Mackintosh

o To S[arah] L[ocke]

o To S[arah] T[homas]

o To S[ophia] F[rend]

o To T. Stothard, Esq

o To T.L.H.

o To The Author Of Poems Published Under The Name Of Barry Cornwall

o To The Book

o To The Editor Of The "Every-Day Book"

o To The Poet Cowper

o Tomb Of Douglas, The

o Triumph Of The Whale, The

o Two Bees, The

o Two Boys, The

o Two Epitaphs On A Young Lady Who Lived Neglected And Died Obscure

o Un Solitaire

o Unbeloved, The

o Vision Of Repentance, A

o Was It Some Sweet Device Of Faery

o Wasps In A Garden

o We Were Two Pretty Babes, The Youngest She

o Weeding

o What Is An Album?

o What Is Fancy?

o When Last I Roved These Winding Wood-Walks Green

o Which Is The Favourite?

o Why Not Do It, Sir, To-Day?

o Wife's Trial; Or, The Intruding Widow, The A dramatic poem

o Witch, a Dramatic Sketch of the Seventeenth Century, The

o Work [sonnet]

o Written A Year After The Events

o Written At Cambridge [sonnet]

o Written In The First Leaf Of A Child's Memorandum-Book

o Written On Christmas Day, 1797

o Written On The Day Of My Aunt's Funeral

o Written Soon After The Preceding Poem

o Written Upon The Cover Of A Blotting Book

o Young Catechist, The

o Young Letter-Writer, The