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Ingelow, Jean

o 'If I Forget Thee, O Jerusalem'

o Above The Clouds

o Afternoon At A Parsonage

o Ancient Chess King, An

o Arrow-Slit, An

o At One Again

o Australian Bell-Bird, The

o Bees And Other Fellow-Creatures

o Beginning, The

o Binding Sheaves

o Birthday Walk, A

o Bridegroom To His Bride, The

o Brothers, And A Sermon

o Cold And Quiet

o Comfort In The Night

o Compensation

o Cottage In A Chine, A

o Courting Song, A

o Days Without Alloy, The

o Dead Year, A

o Dear Is The Lost Wife To A Lone Man's Heart

o Defton Wood

o Divided

o Dora

o Dreams That Came True, The

o Echo And The Ferry

o Failure

o Fairy Woman's Song, The

o Fancy

o Feathers And Moss

o Four Bridges, The

o Give Us Love And Give Us Peace

o Gladys And Her Island

o Gleaning Song, A

o Gypsy's Selling Song, The

o High Tide On The Coast Of Lincolnshire, The

o Honors

o In The Nursery

o Jesus, The Lamb Of God

o Kismet

o Laurance

o Leaves Of Lign Aloes, The

o Letter L, The

o Letters On Life And The Morning

o Like A Laverock In The Lift

o Lily And A Lute, A

o Long White Seam, The

o Looking Down

o Loss And Waste

o Love

o Love's Thread Of Gold

o Lover Pleads, The

o Lovers At The Lake Side

o Maid-Martyr, The

o Mariner's Cave, The

o Married Lovers

o Mary Of Magdala

o Measureless Gulfs Of Air Are Full Of Thee [hymn], The

o Midsummer Night, Not Dark, Not Light

o Monitions Of The Unseen, The

o Morn Of Guilt, An Hour Of Doom, A

o Mother Showing The Portrait Of Her Child, A

o Nature, For Nature's Sake

o Not In Vain I Waited

o Now Winter Past, The White-Thorn Bower

o O Night Of Nights!

o Old Wife's Song, An

o On A Picture

o On The Borders Of Cannock Chase

o On The Rocks By Aberdeen

o Perdita

o Persephone

o Poems Written On The Deaths Of Three Lovely Children

o Preludes To A Penny Reading

o Promising

o Reflections

o Remonstrance

o Requiescat In Pace!

o Reverie, A

o Rosamund

o Sailing Beyond Seas

o Scholar And Carpenter

o Sea Song, A

o Shepherd Lady, The

o Sledge Bells

o Sleep

o Sleep And Time

o Sleep Of Sigismund, The

o Snow Mountain, A

o Snowdrop Monument (in Lichfield Cathedral), The

o Song For A Babe

o Song For The Night Of Christ's Resurrection

o Song In Three Parts

o Song Of Margaret

o Song Of The Going Away

o Songs Of Seven

o Songs Of The Night Watches: Concluding Song Of Dawn

o Songs Of The Night Watches: Introductory--Evening

o Songs Of The Night Watches: Morning Watch, The

o Songs Of The Night Watches: The First Watch

o Songs Of The Night Watches: The Middle Watch

o Songs On The Voices Of Birds: A Poet In His Youth, And The Cuckoo-Bird

o Songs On The Voices Of Birds: A Raven In A White Chine

o Songs On The Voices Of Birds: Introduction. Child And Boatman

o Songs On The Voices Of Birds: Sand Martins

o Songs On The Voices Of Birds: Sea-Mews In Winter Time

o Songs On The Voices Of Birds: The Nightingale Heard By The Unsatisfied Heart

o Songs On The Voices Of Birds: The Warbling Of Blackbirds

o Songs With Preludes: Dominion

o Songs With Preludes: Friendship

o Songs With Preludes: Lamentation

o Songs With Preludes: Regret

o Songs With Preludes: Wedlock

o Speranza

o Star's Monument, The

o Story Of Doom, A

o Strife And Peace

o Such As Have Not Gold To Bring Thee

o Supper At The Mill

o Sweet Are His Ways Who Rules Above

o Thick Orchards All In White [hymn]

o Thou Hast Been Alway Good To Me

o Thou That Sleepest Not Afraid

o Thou Wert Far Off And In The Sight Of Heaven [hymn]

o Though All Great Deeds

o To ----

o Two Margarets, The

o Vine-Arbour In The Far West, A

o Wedding Song, A

o Weeping And Wailing Needs Must Be

o Wendover

o White Moon Wasteth, The

o Winstanley

o Winter Song, A

o Wishing

o With A Diamond

o Wooing Song, A

o Work

o Would I, To Save My Dear Child?