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Poems by Laurence Hope


Hope, Laurence

o "Golden Eyes"

o "In The Early, Pearly Morning": Song by Valgovind

o "Less Than The Dust"

o "Lost Delight"

o "Love Lightly"

o "Surface Rights"

o "To The Unattainable"

o Adoration

o Afridi Love

o Aloe, The

o Among The Rice Fields

o Ashore

o Atavism

o Back To The Border

o Bride, The

o Cactus Thicket, The

o Camp Follower's Song, Gomal River

o Convert, The

o Deserted Gipsy's Song: Hillside Camp

o Disappointment

o Dying Prince, The

o Early Love

o Famine Song

o Fancy

o Farewell

o Fate Knows No Tears

o Feroke

o Feroza

o First Lover, The

o First Wife, The

o From Behind The Lattice

o Garden By The Bridge, The

o Garden Of Kama: Kama The Indian Eros, The

o Hira-Singh's Farewell To Burmah

o His Rubies: Told By Valgovind

o Hut, The

o I Arise And Go Down To The River

o I Shall Forget

o Jungle Flower, The

o Kashmiri Song

o Kashmiri Song By Juma

o Khan Zada's Song On The Hillside

o Khristna And His Flute

o Kotri, By The River

o Lalila, To The Ferengi Lover

o Lallji My Desire

o Lament Of Yasmini, The Dancing-Girl, The

o Lines By Taj Mahomed

o Listen, Beloved

o Mahomed Akram's Appeal To The Stars

o Malaria

o Malay Song

o Marriage Thoughts: By Morsellin Khan

o Masters, The

o Memory

o Middle-Age

o My Desire

o My Paramour Was Loneliness

o Nay, Not To-Night

o Net Of Memory, The

o No Rival Like The Past

o Oh, Unforgotten And Only Lover

o Ojira, To Her Lover

o On Pilgrimage

o On The City Wall

o Palm Trees By The Sea

o Plains, The

o Prayer

o Protest: By Zahir-U-Din

o Rao Of Ilore, The

o Regret Of The Ranee In The Hall Of Peacocks, The

o Reminiscence Of Mahomed Akram

o Request

o Reverie Of Mahomed Akram At The Tamarind Tank

o Reverie Of Ormuz The Persian

o Reverie: Zahir-U-Din

o Rice Was Under Water, The

o Rice-Boat, The

o Rutland Gate

o Sampan Song

o Sea Song

o Sher Afzul

o Shivratri (The Night Of Shiva)

o Singer, The

o Song By Gulbaz

o Song Of Faiz Ulla

o Song Of Jasoda

o Song Of Khan Zada

o Song Of Ramesram Temple Girl

o Song Of Taj Mahomed

o Song Of The Colours: By Taj Mahomed

o Song Of The Devoted Slave

o Song Of The Parao (Camping-Ground)

o Song Of The Peri

o Starlight

o Story By Lalla-Ji, The Priest

o Story Of Lilavanti

o Story Of Udaipore: Told By Lalla-Ji, The Priest

o Sunstroke

o Teak Forest, The

o Temple Dancing Girl, The

o There Is No Breeze To Cool The Heat Of Love

o This Month The Almonds Bloom At Kandahar

o Though In My Firmament Thou Wilt Not Shine

o Thoughts: Mahomed Akram

o Three Songs Of Zahir-U-Din

o Till I Wake

o To M. C. N.

o To The Hills!

o To The Unattainable: Lament Of Mahomed Akram

o Tom-Toms, The

o Two Songs By Sitara, Of Kashmir

o Unanswered

o Unforgotten

o Valgovind's Boat Song

o Valgovind's Song In The Spring

o Vayu the Wind

o Verse By Taj Mahomed

o Verses [You Are My God, And I Would Fain Adore You]

o Verses: Faiz Ulla

o When Love Is Over

o Window Overlooking The Harbour, The

o Wings

o Written In Cananore

o Yasin Khan

o Yasmini

o Youth

o Zira: In Captivity