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Poems by Thomas Hood


Hood, Thomas

o "As It Fell Upon A Day"

o "I'm Not A Single Man"

o Address To The Steam Washing Company, An

o Agricultural Distress: A Pastoral Report

o Angler's Farewell, The

o Anticipation

o Assistant Drapers' Petition, The

o Autumn: The Autumn is old

o Autumn: The Autumn Skies Are Flush'd With Gold

o Bachelor's Dream, The

o Ballad: It Was Not In The Winter

o Ballad: She's Up And Gone, The Graceless Girl

o Ballad: Sigh On, Sad Heart, For Love's Eclipse

o Ballad: Spring it is cheery

o Bianca's Dream: A Venetian Story

o Birthday Verses

o Black Job, A

o Bridge Of Sighs, The

o Carelesse Nurse Mayd, The

o China-Mender, The

o Compass, With Variations, The

o Craniology

o Death's Ramble

o Death-Bed, The

o Demon-Ship, The

o Departure Of Summer, The

o Desert-Born, The

o Domestic Asides; Or, Truth In Parentheses

o Domestic Didactics, By An Old Servant

o Domestic Poems

o Dream Of Eugene Aram, The

o Drowning Ducks, The

o Duel: A Serious Ballad, The

o Elm Tree, The

o Epping Hunt, The

o Etching Moralised

o Exile, The

o Fair Ines

o Fairy Tale [On Hounslow Heath And Close Beside The Road], A

o Faithless Nelly Gray A humorous poem

o Faithless Nelly Gray: A Pathetic Ballad

o Faithless Sally Brown

o Fall, The

o False Poets And True

o Flowers

o Flying Visit, A

o Forge, The

o Forlorn Shepherd's Complaint, The

o Forsaken, The

o Fox And The Hen: A Fable, The

o Friendly Address To Mrs. Fry In Newgate, A

o Ghost: A Very Serious Ballad, The

o Given Back On Christmas Morn

o Green Man, The

o Haunted House, The

o Her Moral

o Her Pedigree

o Hero And Leander

o Hit Or Miss

o Huggins And Duggins Pastoral, After Pope

o Hymn To The Sun

o I Love Thee

o I Remember, I Remember

o Irish Schoolmaster, The

o John Day - A Pathetic Ballad

o Key: A Moorish Romance, The

o Lady's Dream, The

o Lament For The Decline Of Chivalry

o Last Man, The

o Lay Of Real Life, A

o Lay Of The Laborer, The

o Lear

o Lee Shore, The

o Letter Of Remonstrance

o Lieutenant Luff

o Lines

o Lines On Seeing My Wife And Two Children Sleeping In The Same Chamber

o Lines To A Lady

o Lines To Mary: Old Bailey Ballads

o Lost Heir, The

o Lycus The Centaur

o Mary's Ghost: A Pathetic Ballad

o Mary: A Sea-Side Sketch, The

o Mermaid Of Margate, The

o Midnight

o Morning Meditations

o No! A humorous poem

o Ode On A Distant Prospect Of Clapham Academy

o Ode To Captain Paery

o Ode To Joseph Grimaldi, Senior

o Ode To Melancholy

o Ode To Mr. Graham

o Ode To Rae Wilson, Esq.

o Ode To Richard Martin, Esq.

o Ode To Sir Andrew Agnew, Bart

o Ode To The Advocates For The Removal Of Smith-Field Market

o Ode To The Great Unknown

o Ode To The Moon

o Ode To W. Kitchener, M.D.

o Ode: Autumn

o Open Question., An

o Our Village

o Parthian Glance, A

o Pauper's Christmas Carol, The

o Plain Direction, A

o Plea Of The Midsummer Fairies, The

o Poacher: A Serious Ballad, The

o Poet's Portion, The

o Progress Of Art, The

o Public Dinner, A

o Queen Mab

o Reminiscences of a Sentimentalist A humorous poem

o Report From Below!, A

o Retrospective Review, A

o Rural Felicity

o Ruth

o Sailor's Apology For Bow-Legs, A

o Sally Simpkin's Lament; Or, John Jones's Kit-Cat-Astrophe

o Sea Of Death: A Fragment, The

o Serenade

o Shooting Pains

o Singular Exhibition At Somerset House, A

o Song Of The Shirt, The

o Song: O Lady, Leave Thy Silken Thread

o Song: The Stars Are With The Voyager

o Song: There Is Dew For The Flow'ret

o Sonnet For The 14th Of February

o Sonnet To An Enthusiast

o Sonnet To Ocean

o Sonnet Written In A Volume Of Shakspeare

o Sonnet Written In Keats' "Endymion"

o Sonnet: By Ev'ry Sweet Tradition Of True Hearts

o Sonnet: Death

o Sonnet: Love, Dearest Lady, Such As I Would Speak

o Sonnet: My Heart Is Sick With Longing, Tho' I Feed

o Sonnet: On Receiving A Gift

o Sonnet: Silence

o Sonnet: The World Is With Me, And Its Many Cares

o Sonnet: To My Wife

o Stag-Eyed Lady: A Moorish Tale, The

o Stanzas: Farewell, Life! My Senses Swim

o Stanzas: Is There A Bitter Pang For Love Removed

o Storm At Hastings, And The Little Unknown, A

o Supper Superstition: A Pathetic Ballad, The

o Sweeps Complaint, The

o Tale Of A Trumpet, A

o Those Evening Bells

o Tim Turpin: A Pathetic Ballad

o Time, Hope, And Memory

o To ---- [I Gaze Upon A City]

o To ---- [Welcome, Dear Heart, And A Most Kind Good-Morrow]

o To A Child Embracing His Mother

o To A Cold Beauty

o To A False Friend

o To A Sleeping Child

o To An Absentee

o To Fancy

o To Henrietta, On Her Departure For Calais

o To Hope

o To My Daughter

o True Story, A

o Two Peacocks Of Bedfont, The

o Two Swans: A Fairy Tale, The

o University Feud, The

o Verses In An Album

o Volunteer, The

o Water Lady, The

o Water Peri's Song, The

o Waterloo Ballad, A

o Wee Man: A Romance, The

o Widow, The

o Workhouse Clock: An Allegory, The