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Henley, William Ernest

o 'Lady' from "Hawthorn and Lavender with Other Verses"--London Types--VII

o 'Liza from "Hawthorn and Lavender with Other Verses"--London Types--VI

o 'The Chief' from "Poems"--In Hospital--Poem XV

o After from "Poems"--In Hospital--Poem VI

o Allegro Maestoso from "Poems"--London Voluntaries--Poem V

o Andante Con Moto from "Poems"--London Voluntaries--Poem II

o Anterotics from "Poems"--In Hospital--Poem XXVI

o Apparition from "Poems"--In Hospital--Poem XXV

o Arabian Nights' Entertainments from "Poems"

o As Like The Woman As You Can from "Poems"--Rhymes and Rhythms--IX

o At Queensferry--To W. G. S. from "Poems"--Bric-a-Brac

o Attadale West Highlands from "Poems"--Bric-a-Brac

o Ave Caeser! from "Poems"--In Hospital--Poem XIV

o Back-View from "Poems"--Bric-a-Brac

o Ballade (Double Refrain) Of Midsummer Days And Nights from "Poems"--Bric-a-Brac

o Ballade (Double Refrain) Of Youth And Age from "Poems"--Bric-a-Brac

o Ballade Made In The Hot Weather from "Poems"--Bric-a-Brac

o Ballade Of A Toyokuni Colour-Print from "Poems"--Bric-a-Brac

o Ballade Of Dead Actors from "Poems"--Bric-a-Brac

o Ballade Of Truisms from "Poems"--Bric-a-Brac

o Barmaid from "Hawthorn and Lavender with Other Verses"--London Types--XIII

o Beef-Eater from "Hawthorn and Lavender with Other Verses"--London Types--IV

o Before from "Poems"--In Hospital--Poem IV

o Beside The Idle Summer Sea from "Poems"--Bric-a-Brac

o Blithe dreams arise to greet us from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem XXVIII

o Bluecoat Boy from "Hawthorn and Lavender with Other Verses"--London Types--VIII

o Bring Her Again, O Western Wind from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem XIII

o Bus-Driver from "Hawthorn and Lavender with Other Verses"--London Types--I

o Casualty from "Poems"--In Hospital--Poem XIII

o Children: Private Ward from "Poems"--In Hospital--Poem XVIII

o Clinical from "Poems"--In Hospital--Poem XI

o Croluis from "Poems"--Bric-a-Brac

o Crosses And Troubles A-Many Have Proved Me from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem XLVII

o Dedication--To My Wife from "Poems"

o Desolate Shore, A from "Poems"--Rhymes and Rhythms--III

o Discharged from "Poems"--In Hospital--Poem XXVIII

o Double Ballade Of Life And Fate from "Poems"--Bric-a-Brac

o Double Ballade Of The Nothingness Of Things from "Poems"--Bric-a-Brac

o Drum-Major from "Hawthorn and Lavender with Other Verses"--London Types--XI

o Enter Patient from "Poems"--In Hospital--Poem I

o Envoy--To Charles Baxter from "Poems"

o Epicedia from "Hawthorn and Lavender with Other Verses"

o Epilogue from "Poems"

o Epilogue [from "Hawthorn and Lavender with Other Verses"] from "Hawthorn and Lavender with Other Verses"

o Etching from "Poems"--In Hospital--Poem XII

o Fill A Glass With Golden Wine from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem VII

o Flower-Girl from "Hawthorn and Lavender with Other Verses"--London Types--XII

o Fresh From His Fastnesses from "Poems"--Rhymes and Rhythms--XIV

o Friends . . . Old Friends . . . from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem XLIII

o From A Window In Princes Street from "Poems"--Bric-a-Brac

o From The Brake The Nightingale from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem XLV

o Full Sea Rolls And Thunders, The from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem XXIV

o Gods Are Dead, The from "Poems"--Bric-a-Brac

o Grave from "Poems"--London Voluntaries--Poem I

o Gulls In An Aery Morrice from "Poems"--Rhymes and Rhythms--XI

o Hawker from "Hawthorn and Lavender with Other Verses"--London Types--III

o Hawthorn And Lavender from "Hawthorn and Lavender with Other Verses"--London Types

o Here They Trysted, Here They Strayed from "Poems"--Rhymes and Rhythms--XXIII

o House-Surgeon from "Poems"--In Hospital--Poem XVI

o I Am The Reaper from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem V

o I Gave My Heart To A Woman from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem XXXVI

o I. M. To R. T. Hamilton Bruce (1846-1899) from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem IV

o If It Should Come To Be from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem XLIV

o In Fisherrow from "Poems"--Bric-a-Brac

o In Memoriam: George Warrington Steevens from "Hawthorn and Lavender with Other Verses"

o In Memoriam: Reginae Dilectissimae Victoriae from "Hawthorn and Lavender with Other Verses"

o In Memoriam: Thomas Edward Brown from "Hawthorn and Lavender with Other Verses"

o In The Dials from "Poems"--Bric-a-Brac

o In The Placid Summer Midnight from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem XXVI

o In The Waste Hour from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem XLVI

o In The Year That's Come And Gone, Love, His Flying Feather from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem XXV

o Interior from "Poems"--In Hospital--Poem III

o Interlude from "Poems"--In Hospital--Poem XVII

o It Came With The Threat Of A Waning Moon from "Poems"--Rhymes and Rhythms--IV

o Kate-a-Whimsies, John-a-Dreams from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem XXX

o Lady-Probationer from "Poems"--In Hospital--Poem IX

o Largo E Mesto from "Poems"--London Voluntaries--Poem IV

o Last Post from "Hawthorn and Lavender with Other Verses"

o Late Lark Twitters From The Quiet Skies, A from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem XXXV

o Let Us Be Drunk from "Poems"--Bric-a-Brac

o Life Is Bitter from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem II

o Life-Guardsman from "Hawthorn and Lavender with Other Verses"--London Types--II

o Love blows as the wind blows from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem XXXIV

o Midsummer Midnight Skies from "Poems"--Rhymes and Rhythms--X

o Mounted Police from "Hawthorn and Lavender with Other Verses"--London Types--IX

o Music from "Poems"--In Hospital--Poem XXIII

o News-Boy from "Hawthorn and Lavender with Other Verses"--London Types--X

o Nightingale has a Lyre of Gold, The from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem XVIII

o Nocturn from "Poems"--In Hospital--Poem XXVII

o Not To The Staring Day from "Poems"--Rhymes and Rhythms--XXIV

o O, Gather Me The Rose from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem III

o O, Have You Blessed, Behind The Stars from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem XXXI

o O, Time And Change, They Range And Range from "Poems"--Rhymes and Rhythms--XIX

o On The Way To Kew from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem XXXVIII

o One with the ruined sunset from "Poems"--Rhymes and Rhythms--VI

o Operation from "Poems"--In Hospital--Poem V

o Or Ever The Knightly Years Were Gone from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem XXXVII

o Orientale from "Poems"--Bric-a-Brac

o Past Was Goodly Once, And Yet, When All Is Said, The from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem XXXIX

o Pastoral from "Poems"--In Hospital--Poem XXII

o Praise The Generous Gods For Giving from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem VI

o Prologue from "Poems"--Rhymes and Rhythms

o Romance from "Poems"--In Hospital--Poem XXI

o Sands Are Alive With Sunshine, The from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem XVII

o Sandwich-Man from "Hawthorn and Lavender with Other Verses"--London Types--V

o Scherzando from "Poems"--London Voluntaries--Poem III

o Scrubber from "Poems"--In Hospital--Poem XIX

o Sea Is Full Of Wandering Foam, The from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem X

o Shadow Of Dawn, The from "Poems"--Rhymes and Rhythms--XX

o She Sauntered By The Swinging Seas from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem XXVII

o Skies Are Strown With Stars, The from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem XXIII

o Some Starlit Garden Grey With Dew from "Poems"--Rhymes and Rhythms--XII

o Song Of The Sword--To Rudyard Kipling, The from "Poems"

o Space And Dread And The Dark from "Poems"--Rhymes and Rhythms--XVI

o Spirit Of Wine, The from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem XLI

o Spring, My Dear, The from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem XL

o Staff-Nurse: New Style from "Poems"--In Hospital--Poem X

o Staff-Nurse: Old Style from "Poems"--In Hospital--Poem VIII

o Suicide from "Poems"--In Hospital--Poem XXIV

o Surges Gushed And Sounded, The from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem XX

o There Is A Wheel Inside My Head from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem XV

o There's A Regret from "Poems"--Rhymes and Rhythms--VII

o Three Prologues from "Hawthorn and Lavender with Other Verses"

o Time And The Earth from "Poems"--Rhymes and Rhythms--VIII

o To D. H. from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem XXXII

o To Me At My Fifth-Floor Window from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem XII

o To My Mother from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem I

o To R. L. S. from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem XIX

o To W. R. [Madam Life's a piece in bloom] from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem IX

o To W. R. [Thick is the darkness] from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem XI

o Tree, Old Tree Of The Triple Crook from "Poems"--Rhymes and Rhythms--XVII

o Trees And The Menace Of Night from "Poems"--Rhymes and Rhythms--XXII

o Under A Stagnant Sky from "Poems"--Rhymes and Rhythms--XIII

o Vigil from "Poems"--In Hospital--Poem VII

o Visitor from "Poems"--In Hospital--Poem XX

o Waiting from "Poems"--In Hospital--Poem II

o Wan Sun Westers, Faint And Slow, The from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem XIV

o Ways Are Green With The Gladdening Sheen, The from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem XXXIII

o Ways Of Death Are Soothing And Serene, The from "Poems"--Bric-a-Brac

o We Are The Choice Of The Will: God, When He Gave The Word from "Poems"--Rhymes and Rhythms--II

o We Flash Across The Level from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem XXI

o We Shall Surely Die from "Poems"--Bric-a-Brac

o We'll Go No More A-Roving By The Light Of The Moon from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem VIII

o West A Glimmering Lake Of Light, The from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem XXII

o What Have I Done For You from "Poems"--Rhymes and Rhythms--XXV

o What Is To Come We Know Not from "Poems"--Bric-a-Brac

o When The Wind Storms By With A Shout, And The Stern Sea-Caves from "Poems"--Rhymes and Rhythms--XXI

o When You Are Old from "Poems"--Bric-a-Brac

o When You Wake In Your Crib from "Poems"--Rhymes and Rhythms--XVIII

o Where Forlorn Sunsets Flare And Fade from "Poems"--Rhymes and Rhythms--I

o While the west is paling from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem XVI

o Why, My Heart, Do We Love Her So? from "Poems"--Rhymes and Rhythms--V

o Wink From Hesper, Falling, A from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem XLII

o You Played And Sang A Snatch Of Song from "Poems"--Rhymes and Rhythms--XV

o Your Heart Has Trembled To My Tongue from "Poems"--Echoes--Poem XIX