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Poems by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von

o Admonition

o After Sensations A song

o Alexis and Dora

o Anniversary Song

o Another A song

o Answers in a Game of Questions

o Antiques 19 poems

o Apparent Death A song

o April A song

o Ariel

o Ariel's Song

o Art

o As broad as it's long

o At Midnight Hour A song

o Authors

o Autumn Feelings A song

o Ballad of the banished and returning Count A ballad

o Beauteous Flower, The A ballad

o Beautiful Night, The A song

o Before a Court of Justice A ballad

o best, The

o Blindman's Buff

o Bliss of Absence, The A song

o Bliss of Sorrow, The A song

o Boundaries of Humanity, The

o Brackenburg's Song

o Bride of Corinth, The

o Bridegroom, The A song

o Burial

o Buyers, The

o By the River (1798) A song

o By the River (1821)

o Calm at Sea

o Cat-Pie

o Celebrity

o Charade (Sonnet)

o Chorus of Angels

o Chorus of Spirits

o Chorus of Spirits 1

o Christel

o Christmas Box (Sonnet), The

o Clara's Song (From Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship)

o Comfort in Tears A song

o Constancy in Change A song

o Convert, The A song

o Coptic Song A song

o Country Schoolmaster, The

o Courage

o Coy One, The

o Critic, The

o Dance of Death, The A ballad

o Death - Lament of the noble Wife of Asan Aga

o Death of the Fly, The

o Declaration of War

o Dedication (From Faust)

o Departure (Sonnet)

o Destruction of Magdeburg, The A song

o Different Emotions on the same Spot

o Different Threats A song

o Dilettante and the Critic, The

o Doubters and the Lovers (Sonnet), The

o Eagle and Dove, The

o Effects at a distance A ballad

o Epilogue to Schiller's Song of the Bell

o Epiphanias A song

o Epitaph

o Epochs (Sonnet), The

o Ergo Bibamus! A song

o Erl-King, The A ballad

o Erotica Romana

o Ever and Everywhere A song

o Exchange, The A poem

o Explanation of an antique Gem

o Faithful Eckart A ballad

o Faithless Boy, The A ballad

o Farewell A song

o Farewell (1767) A song

o Finnish Song

o First Loss A song

o First Walpurgis-Night, The A cantata

o Fisherman, The A ballad

o Flower-Salute A song

o Food in Travel (Sonnet)

o Fool's Epilogue, The

o For Ever

o Fortune of War A song

o Found

o Fox and Crane, The

o Fox and Huntsman, The

o Freebooter, The A song

o Friendly Meeting (Sonnet), The

o Frogs, The

o From an Album of 1604

o From the Mountain A song

o From the Sorrows of Young Werther

o Ganymede

o Garden Scene

o General Confession A song

o Genial Impulse

o German Parnassus, The

o Gipsy Song

o Goblet, The

o God and the Bayadere, The (a ballad)

o God, Soul, and World A collection of 3 poems

o Godlike, The

o Goldsmith's Apprentice, The

o Growth (Sonnet)

o Hans Sachs' Poetical Mission

o Happiness and Vision A song

o Happy Couple, The

o Heathrose, The

o Hermann and Dorothea An epic poem in nine cantos

o Human Feelings

o Hunter's Even-Song, The

o Idyll A cantata

o In a Word (Sonnet)

o In Summer

o Johanna Sebus A ballad

o Joy

o Joy and Sorrow A song

o June A song

o King of Thule, The A ballad

o L'Envoi

o Legend

o Legend of the Horseshoe, The

o Liebetraut's Song (From Gotz von Berlichingen)

o Like and Like

o Lily's Menagerie

o Lines on seeing Schiller's Skull

o Living Remembrance A song

o Longing A song

o Love's Distresses

o Lover in all Shapes

o Loving One once more (Sonnet), The

o Loving One Writes (Sonnet), The

o Magic Net, The

o Mahomet's Song

o Maid of the Mill's Repentance, The A ballad

o Maid of the Mill's Treachery, The A ballad

o Maiden Speaks (Sonnet), The

o Maiden Wishes A song

o March A song

o Margaret at her Spinning-Wheel

o Margaret's Song

o May A song

o May Song (1775) A song

o May Song (1812) A song

o Mignon A ballad

o Minstrel, The A ballad

o Misanthrope, The A song

o Mischievous Joy A song

o Morning Lament

o Motives A song

o Mountain Castle, The A song

o Mountain Village, The

o Musagetes, The

o Muses' Son, The A song

o My Goddess

o My grief no mortals know

o My only Property

o Neither this nor that

o Nemesis (Sonnet)

o New Amadis, The

o New Love, New Life A song

o Next Year's Spring A song

o Night Song A song

o Night Thoughts A song

o November Song A song

o Old Age

o On the Divan

o On the Lake A song

o On the New Year

o Open Table A song

o Page and the Miller's Daughter, The

o Parable, A

o Pariah, The 3 poems

o Paulo post futuri

o Petition A song

o Plan the Muses entertained, A

o Playing at Priests

o Poetry

o Premature Spring A song

o Presence A song

o Preservation

o Prologue in Heaven

o Prometheus

o Prosperous Voyage, The

o Proverbs

o Proximity

o Proximity of the Beloved One A song

o Pupil in Magic, The A ballad

o Rat-catcher, The A ballad

o Reciprocal

o Reciprocal Invitation to the Dance

o Reckoning A song

o Remembrance of the Good, The

o Restless Love A song

o Rinaldo A cantata

o Rollicking Hans A song

o Roman Elegies

o Royal Prayer

o Rule of Life, The

o Rules for Monarchs

o same, expanded, The

o Scene the last (From Iphigenia in Tauris)

o Sea-Voyage, The

o Self-Deceit

o She Cannot End (Sonnet)

o Shepherd's Lament, The

o Should e'er the loveless day remain

o Sicilian Song

o Sing no more in mournful tones

o Sir Curt's Wedding Journey A ballad

o Soldier's Consolation, The

o Song of Fellowship

o Song of the Fates

o Songs

o Sound, sweet song

o Spinner, The A ballad

o Spirit Song over the Waters

o Spirit's Salute, The A song

o Spring Oracle, The

o Stork's Vocation, The

o Such, such is he who pleaseth me A song

o Swiss Song

o Symbol, A

o Symbols

o Table Song

o Tame Xenia

o Thoughts on Jesus Christ's descent into Hell

o Threatening Signs

o Three Odes to my Friend

o Three Palinodias 3 poems

o To a Golden Heart that he wore round his neck A song

o To Belinda A song

o To Charlotte

o To Father Kronos

o To his Coy One

o To Lida A song

o To Lina A song

o To Luna A song

o To Mignon

o To Originals

o To the Chosen One A song

o To the Distant One

o To the Grasshopper. After Anacreon

o To the kind Reader

o To the Moon A song

o To the rising full Moon A song

o Traveller and the Farm-Maiden, The A ballad

o Treasure-digger, The A ballad

o Trilogy of Passion 3 poems

o True Enjoyment A song

o Valediction

o Vanitas! vanitatum vanitas! A song

o Venetian Epigrams

o Violet, The

o Visit, The

o Walking Bell, The A ballad

o Wanderer's Night-song, The A song

o Wanderer's Storm Song, The

o Warning (Sonnet), The

o Way To Behave, The

o Wedding

o Wedding Night, The A song

o Wedding Song A ballad

o Welcome and Farewell A poem

o West-Eastern Divan (43 poems)

o When I was still a youthful Wight

o When the Fox dies, his Skin counts

o WHO gives himself to Solitude

o Who never eat with tears his bread

o Who'll buy Gods of love? A song

o Winter Journey over the Hartz Mountains

o With a golden Necklace A song

o With a painted Ribbon A song

o Wont and Done A song

o Wrangler, The

o Yelpers, The

o Youth and the Millstream, The A ballad