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Poems by John Freeman


Freeman, John

o "The Light That Never Was On Sea Or Land"

o "The Men Who Loved The Cause That Never Dies"

o Absence

o Against The Cold Pale Sky

o Alde, The

o All That I Was I Am

o Alone And Cold

o Answer, The

o Ash, The

o At Evening's Hush

o At The Dock

o Beam, The

o Beechwood

o Beyond The Barn

o Body, The

o Bright Rider, The

o Brightness, The

o Bring Your Beauty

o But Most Thy Light

o Call, The

o Candle, The

o Caves, The

o Chair, The

o Change [A Late And Lonely Figure Stains The Snow]

o Change [Just as this wood, cast on the snaky fire]

o Childhood calls

o Comfortable Light

o Creeper, The

o Crowns, The

o Dark And Strange

o Dark Chestnut

o Dark Fire, The

o Dark Night Of The Mind, The

o Darksome Nightingale, The

o Delight

o Discovery

o Earth To Earth

o Enemies, The

o England's Enemy

o English Hills

o Escape, The

o Evening Beauty: Blackfriars

o Evening Sky, The

o Eyes

o Fair And Brief

o Fair Eve

o Fall, The

o Fear [Surely I must have ailed]

o Fear [There was a child that screamed]

o Fire, The

o First House, The

o First Love

o Flute, The

o Foreboding

o From Piccadilly In August

o From Wear To Thames

o Fugitive, The

o Fulfilment

o Full Tide, The

o Glass, The

o Grasses

o Hallo!

o Hands

o Happiness

o Happy Death

o Happy Is England Now

o Haunted Shadow, The

o Hector

o Holy Mountains, The

o Home For Love

o Homecoming

o Hounds, The

o Human Music, The

o I Have Never Loved You Yet

o I Heard A Voice Upon The Window Beat

o I Will Ask

o Idiot, The

o Image, The

o Imagination

o In That Dark Silent Hour

o In The Lane

o In Those Old Days

o Inevitable Change

o It Was The Lovely Moon

o Judgment Day

o Justification

o Kestrel, The

o Kite, The

o Lambourn Town

o Lamp, The

o Last Hours

o Last Time, The

o Let Honour Speak

o Lighting The Fire

o Lime Tree, The

o Listening

o Loneliness

o Lonely Airs

o Memorial

o Merrill's Garden

o More Than Sweet

o Mouse, The

o Music Comes

o Native Country, The

o Nearness

o Night Watch, The

o Nightfall

o No More Adieu

o Not With These Eyes

o November Skies

o Nowhere, Everywhere

o O Hide Me In Thy Love

o Old Fires

o On A Piece Of Silver

o Once There Was Time

o Other House, The

o Out Of The East

o Perversities

o Physician, The

o Pigeons, The

o Pond, The

o Prayer To My Lord

o Presage Of Victory

o Queens

o Rapture

o Recovery

o Red House, The

o Return, The

o Revisitation

o Sailing Of The "Glory"

o Scatter The Silver Ash Like Snow

o Second Flood, The

o Shade, The

o Shadows

o Shock, The

o Silvery One, The

o Slaves, The

o Sleep

o Sleeping Sea

o Smoke

o Snare, The

o Snows

o Some Hurt Thing

o Song Of The Forest, The

o Stars

o Stars In Their Courses, The

o Stay

o Stone Trees

o Stones

o Streets, The

o Strife

o Sweet England

o Swing, The

o Take Care, Take Care

o Talk

o Ten O'clock And Four O'clock

o Ten O'clock No More

o Thorn, The

o Thrush Sings, The

o Thy Hill Leave Not

o Time From His Grave

o To My Mother

o To The Heavenly Power

o Tossing Mountains, The

o Travelling

o Tree, The

o Under The Linden Branches

o Undying, The

o Unloosening, The

o Unpardoned

o Unthrift, The

o Unuttered, The

o Valley, The

o Vision And Echo

o Visit, The

o Waiting

o Waits, The

o Wakers, The

o Waking

o Walking At Eve

o Wanderer, The

o Weaver Of Magic, The

o When Childhood Died

o Who Is It That Answers?

o Wild Heart

o Wilder Music

o Winds, The

o Wisdom And A Mother

o Wish, The

o Wonder

o Wren, The

o Yew, The

o You That Were

o Your Shadow