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Poems by Eliza Lee Cabot Follen


Follen, Eliza Lee Cabot

o "By Faith Ye Are Saved" Hymn

o "Hope In God" Hymn

o "I Will Arise And Go To My Father" Hymn

o "Suffer Little Children To Come Unto Me" Hymn

o "The Lord Is My Strength" Hymn

o "The Spirit Giveth Life" Hymn

o "Thy Will Be Done" Hymn

o Annie's Garden from 'Little Songs'

o Autumn Hymn

o Baby's Birthday, The from 'Little Songs'

o Billy Rabbit To Mary Fable

o Butterflies Are Pretty Things from 'Little Songs'

o Charley And His Father Song

o Charlie Boy from 'Little Songs'

o Child At Her Mother's Grave, The Song

o Child's Song Song

o Children In Slavery Song

o Cocks And Hens from 'Little Songs'

o Ding Dong! Ding Dong! from 'Little Songs'

o Do You Guess It Is I? from 'Little Songs'

o Dog And The Cat, The Duck And The Rat, The from 'Little Songs'

o Evening Hymn

o Evening Hymn [Before I close my eyes to-night] Hymn

o Evening Hymn [Thou, from whom we never part] Hymn

o Evening Prayer [Great Source of being] Hymn

o Evening Prayer [Thou, from whom we never part]

o Failure And Success Hymn

o Farm Yard, The from 'Little Songs'

o Fiddlededee from 'Little Songs'

o Frolic In The Snow from 'Little Songs'

o God Is Good Hymn

o Good Boy's Hymn On Going To Bed, The Hymn

o Good Moolly Cow, The from 'Little Songs'

o Guess What I Have Heard Song

o Happiness Song

o Her Voyage Is At An End Song

o Home-Sickness Song

o Honest Bird, The Fable

o Hymn For A Little Boy Hymn

o Hymn [It was my Heavenly Father's love] Hymn

o Hymn [Praise To God! O Let Us Raise]

o Hymn [Will God, Who Made The Earth And Sea]

o It Can't Be So from 'Little Songs'

o It Is A Pleasant Day from 'Little Songs'

o James And His Mother from 'Little Songs'

o Kitty In The Basket from 'Little Songs'

o Learned Fred Fable

o Lines Written At Midnight Hymn

o Little Boy's Good Night, The from 'Little Songs'

o Little Boy's Good-Night, The Song

o Little Boy's May Day Song, The from 'Little Songs'

o Little Boy's May-Day Song, The Song

o Little Mary from 'Little Songs'

o Little Roland Fable

o Little Slave's Wish, The Song

o Little Spring, The Song

o Lord's Day, The Hymn

o Lullaby, The from 'Little Songs'

o Master Johnny Going To Ride from 'Little Songs'

o Ministry Of Pain, The Hymn

o Monkeys And The Bears, The Fable

o My Little Doll Rose from 'Little Songs'

o New Moon, The

o Nothing But Ba-A from 'Little Songs'

o O, Look At The Moon from 'Little Songs'

o Old And New Shoes, The Fable

o Old Nursey from 'Little Songs'

o On Prayer Hymn

o On The Death Of A Young Companion Song

o Pin, Needle, And Scissors, The Fable

o Poor Man, The from 'Little Songs'

o Remember The Slave Song

o Ringely Ringely from 'Little Songs'

o Robinson Crusoe's Hymn Hymn

o Sabbath Day Hymn

o Sabbath Is Here, The Song

o Shepherd's Sabbath-Song, The Song

o Soliloquy Fable

o Song For A Company Of Children from 'Little Songs'

o Song For An Infant School Song

o Spring Song

o Stars And The Babies, The from 'Little Songs'

o Stop! Stop! Pretty Water from 'Little Songs'

o Summer, The Song

o Sun Is Up, The from 'Little Songs'

o Swing Swong from 'Little Songs'

o Thanks For A Pleasant Day Song

o Three Little Kittens, The from 'Little Songs'

o To A Beautiful Girl Song

o To A Butterfly Song

o To A Fountain Song

o To Good Resolutions Song

o To Nature Song

o To Spring Song

o Trusty Learning Abc from 'Little Songs'

o Walter And His Dog from 'Little Songs'

o We Never Part From Thee Hymn

o When Evening Is Come from 'Little Songs'

o Work And Play from 'Little Songs'